tagLesbian SexLactating Lesbian Lady Ch. 4

Lactating Lesbian Lady Ch. 4

byTawny T©


Part I - Sandie discovered the wonderful world of Lesbian love thanks to her beautifully sensual Latin nanny, Rosita, who found in Sandie a sexually frustrated lactating mother. She drained Sandie's swollen, milk filled breasts, and relieved her sexual tensions with her skillful fingers and delightfully long and very talented tongue. She taught Sandie the pleasures of Lesbian love and they became passionate lovers. Sandie's husband discovered them; later, after a little persuasion he decided he had neglected her sex life too much. He bought tickets for all four for a vacation together.

Part II - They went to Hawaii as a loving couple, with her infant son, and Rosita, their naughty nanny. The four stayed in the same room and Rosita and Sandie made passionate love while her husband watched. Sandie and her husband resumed their lovemaking, but she and Rosita were lovers also, now with his enthusiastic blessings.

Back home Sandie's good friend Jamie, a new mother herself, came to visit while the husbands was away on business. Sandie tricked Jamie into letting her empty Jamie's overflowing, deliciously swollen, milk filled breasts in the restaurant bathroom. Jamie loved the sensation and they became lovers. Rosita joined the two lactating ladies, and both women sucked Jamie's breasts at the same time and made love to her. Jamie's twin sister was pregnant and Jamie promised to see if Sandie and Rosita couldn't join the two of them and possibly make love to Jamie's sister also.

Part III - Sandie, her baby, and sexy Rosita go to visit Jamie, and her twin Janie. All three mothers are lactating now, Janie with a new baby. Jamie tricks Janie and sucks her overflowing breasts in a restaurant restroom. Later Janie returns the favor and the two enjoy each other's milk. Jamie fingered her sister to a climax but the two did not make love together. Now with three lactating ladies in the same household Rosita, Sandie, and Jamie plan Jamie's seduction.

* * * * *

~ The story resumes ~

Janie had a sumptuous dinner for us, and after her cook and maid had left for the evening, we three took the babies for their feeding. What Janie didn't know is that Jamie and I both had fed our babies quite a bit of formula before dinner, so that our breasts were still rather full. We had sipped just a little milk from each other's breasts just before joining her, to whet our appetites for Janie's milk. It also elongated our nipples and made them hard and swollen for Janie's benefit.

We sat and talked quietly as the three babies sucked our breasts. Rosita sat and watched us innocently. Jamie and I had removed our nursing bras and let our blouses slip open exposing our full swollen breasts. Janie kept looking at my rather exposed breasts and I made it a subtle point of turning so she could get a good view of my turgid breasts and hard jutting nipples. I let little Jimmy suckle from only one breast, but naturally he wasn't very hungry. My other breast was so swollen and full it tended to leak. This was not lost to Janie. This was part of our plan.

"Oh, drats, my breast is leaking. Rosita get a towel for me will you, please." I said with a wink Janie couldn't see. Rosita came over, stood by me and blotted my nipple. "Janie, your sister tells me that she sucked your breast when you had an accident at the restaurant. She had the same kind of accident when she was at my house. I had to relieve the pressure in her breasts. I rather enjoyed the taste of her milk, and sucking her wonderful breast. Did you enjoy it too?" I asked her in a soft tone.

She blushed a little, but nodded her head. I continued, "I found the taste so delicious. She has such beautiful full breasts and I loved drinking from them. She likes emptying mine too. I'd love to see you two together. Would you mind?"

Janie looked a little startled. Jamie looked over at her and said, "Come on Sis, Sandie and I have tried each other's milk and really liked it. I didn't empty yours last night, I'm sorry, I should have. I enjoy it, don't you? Come on, fess up, you know you liked my lips sucking on your long nipples, don't you? I certainly know it really feels good to me!" Jamie said with a smile on her beautiful face.

Janie blushed and nodded. We changed the conversation topic so as not to get her too flustered. One by one we finished feeding the babies. Jamie and I finished first as we had cheated and fed ours formula. Rosita took them and left the room to put them down.

We didn't bother to cover our breasts and left our blouses open. Janie finished nursing her baby and the ever-helpful Rosita returned to take her sleeping baby and to put it down. Jamie went to her sister and kissed her cheek then knelt down and pulled her blouse aside and bent and took her long erect nipple and sucked it. I stood watching.

Jamie put her hand under her sister's full breast lifting it slightly and sucked the nipple. My pussy twitched watching the two women. There was something very erotic about seeing the twins together. I moved behind Jamie and removed her blouse completely. Janie's eyes were closed as her lovely sister sucked the delicious liquid from her breast. I could tell she was getting excited as her breathing became faster and she started squeezing her thighs together.

Without asking I moved to the other side and leaned down and kissed Janie's breast. Her eyes opened and I smiled up at her then kissed her cheek gently. She smiled at me, still a little flustered. I put my hand under her breast and lifted it. It was hot and heavy in my hand. I leaned in and took the long hard nipple between my lips and sucked it softly.

I sighed contentedly as her sweet delicious milk flowed into my mouth. So like her sister's milk. I stroked her breast gently. She had both of us sucking on her nipples at the same time. My pussy was soaked as I stroked her hot skin and drank from her sweet breast.

I looked across at Jamie and she winked at me. We sucked and stroked her, and Jamie slid a hand down and under her sister's skirt and stroked her satin thighs. Janie started to protest reaching down to stop her sister, but I took her hand and brought it to my mouth and kissed her fingers. I moved it down to my own breast and pressed it against my hot flesh. I squeezed her hand against my overflowing breast and my milk spurted out and over her palm. She looked into my eyes and closed hers in surrender.

Rosita came into the room just then, and smiled at the three of us. She quickly slid out of her clothes and came up and unfastened Jamie's and my skirts and pulled them down. Neither of us had worn panties. Janie had her eyes closed and didn't see this.

I stood up and leaned forward and placed my erect nipple against Janie's lips. I moved my breast from side to side caressing her lips. Her eyes popped open and she saw me nude before her. There was a look of confusion till she looked at Jamie and saw she was nude also. Her eyes went wider when she saw the beautiful Rosita in front of her also nude, her magnificent body glowing with health and vitality.

I slid my nipple across her slightly open lips again. She just looked at my breast, so close to her face. I caught my breast and squeezed and pulled on my nipple milking it. My hot milk flowed out and over her lips and ran down her chin. She hesitated a moment, then took my long hard nipple between her hot lips and sucked on it. I moaned as her lips pulled my milk into her mouth, relieving the fullness there. It felt so wonderful. Rosita took my place at Janie's breast and sucked it while she drank from mine.

My body obstructed Janie's vision, and Jamie moved from her breast and slid down between her thighs and spread them wider then moved back upward to suck her sister's nipple again. Janie seemed to relax more as the three of us gently worked on her body. She had two women sucking her breasts, pulling on the long swollen nipples and my breast was in her mouth as she sucked my hot milk out. Our hands stroked her body and we removed her nursing bra, the last bit of clothing covering her upper body. Jamie pulled back, worked her sister's panties off, than unfastened her buttoned skirt letting it open wide to give her full access to Janie's pussy.

Janie's body was surrounded by hot flesh, stroking hands, and lips sucking her breasts. I don't imagine she had ever felt anything like it in her life. Jamie's hands moved upward and parted her pussy lips and slid two knowing fingers up inside her sister's wet pussy. Rosita's talented hand moved downward and her finger found Janie's swollen clit and began to stroke and roll it.

She was lost. Her body had become one huge sensory organ as three knowing women stroked and seduced her. Our lips, tongues, hands, and fingers made love to her body, outside and inside, till she was moaning and crying out her passion. We redoubled our efforts and she screamed out as she exploded. Jamie's fingers flew in and out of her pussy and Rosita's fingers became a blur as she rolled the hard nubbin till Janie's body bowed upward and she cried out against my breast in a series of violent climaxes. The liquid sounds of Jamie's fingers pumping in and out of her pussy filled the room, blending in with our labored breathing and her sobs and moans of passion. Finally she collapsed, spent.

When she recovered she was almost speechless for a few minutes. We stroked her body softly, kissing her all over. Finally she smiled at us. "That was the most fantastic, most erotic thing that has ever happened to me. Jamie, Darling, I'll bet you were the instigator of this. Weren't you?"

"Well, I had a lot of help, my Sexy Sister. All three of us wanted to make love to you. We three have made love together and just wanted a fourth to make it an even number!" Jamie joked.

Janie finally managed to stand up and we lovingly surrounded her and removed her few remaining clothes. Beautifully naked, she motioned us into the master bedroom and we followed her delicious body willingly. I was behind and watched her lovely body, comparing rear views with her sexy sister. They were identical! Damn sexy!

In the bedroom I had them turn around and face us. Rosita and I stood with arms around each other marveling at the two beauties. Their full breasts were magnificent, rounded globes, a little low slung from the weight and fullness of motherhood. Their nipples were erect and thrusting out, their chocolate areolas perfect swollen cones setting off their magnificent breasts. Below, Jamie had a bare pussy while Janie had a slight covering of brown hair from her hospital shave. Both had slightly protruding inner lips that were delicious looking.

"You two are superb. Perfect twins." I said moving over to hug them. Rosita moved close, and we four hugged and kissed, then Jamie pulled her sister on the bed and laid her back.

"I have wanted to do this for so long. I was afraid you wouldn't want me to make love to you. I have dreamed about it so many times. Have you ever dreamed about making love to me, Sis?" Jamie asked kissing her sister. Her lovely twin nodded, blushing slightly that her secret desire was finally out in the open.

I pulled Rosita to me and we moved to one side of the bed, leaving the twins to discover and explore each other. Rosita got behind me and molded her hot body against mine. She kissed my neck, and her hand came around and cupped my breast, stroking it. My nipple was hard and her fingers pulled and rolled it. The sexy Latin vixen knew how to keep me hot. I looked down at my long nipple poking out, then looked at Janie and Jamie's beautifully hard and very erect nipples. A naughty thought ran through my mind. I'd love to have one of those rubbing against my clit. 'Mnn, hold that thought', I reminded myself.

As we watched the two, Jamie leaned down and kissed her sister gently. She slid her hand down to cup and mold her sister's full beautiful breast. It was not as swollen as before as we three had drained so much of her delicious milk, but we had not completely emptied it. Jamie squeezed her sister's breast gently, pulling on the nipple, and a couple of drops of her white milk flowed out and ran down the soft globe. Jamie leaned down and her pink tongue slid out and licked up the errant drop running down the alabaster slope leaving a gleaming trail.

My mouth watered, and I wanted Jamie to do it again so I could move over and lick it up. But if she had, I would have had to make myself resist. I wanted this moment to be just for the two sisters, their first time together.

Rosita behind me knew my feeling instinctively. Her warm hand cupped my breast and squeezed it. Drops of my hot milk formed on my elongated nipple and she took her finger and transferred it to my mouth. I pressed back against her savoring the taste of my own milk. I wanted to taste both beautiful sisters' milk, but knew I would have to wait. Rosita and I both wanted to witness their first incestuous Lesbian lovemaking.

The thought and sight, on porn tapes, of two women making love has always been so erotic and exciting to me, even before Rosita, but the reality of the two sisters making love added a new nasty-nice feeling to it now. Incest is powerful taboo and it makes it so much more devilishly delightful. A mortal sin! Perhaps that is why incest stories seem to be so popular. It really made Rosita and I hot watching the twin sisters about to make love together.

Janie's hands moved over her sister's body as she kissed and caressed her beautiful twin. Jamie licked her breasts all over leaving them gleaming with her saliva. She sucked the nipples finally, moving from one to the other, back and forth, pulling outward on the nipples with her lips, drawing them to harder points and making the precious milk flow into her mouth. The nipples slid from her sucking lips with a slight pop as she pulled back. The sight and sounds made my clit throb, as it was so sensuous. God, what a fantastic twosome they made.

Jamie moved up and kissed her sister and her fingers pulled her sister's lower lip down gently. Then she let some of the milk in her mouth flow out over the tip of her extended tongue. Janie shuddered visibly as her own milk flowed back into her mouth from her sister's lips. She took the tongue in between her lips and sucked it. My pussy tingled at the sight of it. Janie pulled her sister down against her and they kissed long and deeply, tongues fencing and thrusting. Watching two beautiful women kiss passionately, mouths open, pressing, tongues probing and flicking, is always so sexually seductive.

Rosita's hot body was pressed against mine and she surprised me by moving back slightly, pressing a finger inside her hot cavern and placing it into my mouth. I sucked her sweet tasty juices from it. It was her substitute for not being able to let me taste her milk. As we watched the two, I reciprocated and slid my finger deep inside my dripping pussy and held my finger back for her to lick it. She took my finger in her mouth and sucked on it, her tongue moving erotically over it. I felt my clit throb and swell as we teased each other. I knew that later her talented tongue would be flicking my clit. I reached back and pulled her splendid ass forward against my body. God, what a fantastic lover she was!

"Let me suck your milk!" Janie begged her sister. "I need to taste it again!"

I expect she thought Jamie would move up and offer her breasts, but Jamie surprised her sister by turning in the bed and moving over her on her hands and knees. Her full breasts hung over her sister's mouth and swayed sensuously as she moved. They hung down, firm, swollen melons, filled with milk, waiting for her sister's lips to suck them. The nipples were long brown spikes, the areolas twin bulging chocolate colored cones.

Janie lifted her head slightly and took a long brown nipple between her lips and began to suck. We watched her cheeks hollow as she sucked her sister's delicious milk. Jamie didn't waste any time and she moved her lips to her sister's full globes and sucked on her erect nipple.

Rosita reached around and fingered my wet pussy. I slid a hand back and found her hot tunnel and we lay watching, our fingers playing gently so as not to cum too soon. We wanted to watch the twins make love together. We weren't disappointed.

The two sisters sucked and licked each other's breasts for a very long time. It was so erotic to see the two identical women drawing milk from their twin's breasts. We knew that this was the first time for them to make love. Jamie was the first leave the soft breasts behind and kiss slowly downward moved over her sister, straddling her, kissing her belly and finally lower to her white thighs. Her tongue left gleaming wet trails down her sister's softly rounded belly.

Janie spread her thighs wider and Jamie kissed and licked her soft sensitive skin. Jamie got down on her elbows so her hands would be free and spread her sister's wet pussy lips wide. Janie moaned at the touch as her inner lips were pulled gently apart exposing her very core to her sister. Her head was now between her sister's thighs and her hands came up to pull Jamie's hips downward so she could reach the hot slit poised above her. Jamie lowered her hips toward her twin's waiting mouth.

Jamie teased her sister, licking her white velvet smooth thighs, teasing the soft sensitive skin at the juncture of her thighs. She moved close but did not touching her sister's spread pussy. She blew on the wide-open wet tunnel before her. I smiled as I saw goose bumps appear on Janie's body.

Janie could not stand her sister's teasing any longer, she grabbed her sister's hips and pulled downward, raising her head at the same time to bury her eager mouth against the wet, spread pussy above her. Jamie cried out at the unexpected contact. She had been the initiator, but now her sister made the first contact with her pussy. We watched as Janie moved her face up and down while she speared her sister's wet center with her tongue and her cheeks hollowed as she sucked hard.

Janie had never tasted any pussy juices except her own. She had experimented years before when she was growing up to see what it tasted like. When she masturbated and became very hot, she would run a finger inside herself then taste her own juices, and of course tasted her juices on her husband's cock while they were making love. She loved the taste of it.

This was so much more daring, sensual, nasty, licking her twin's pussy juices. This was delicious, hot, from a fantastically hot cavern, her sister's forbidden pussy. It was incestuous! Her body burned with lust now. We three women had broken down all her sexual barriers, and she now eagerly devoured the hot morsel before her, sucking, thrusting her tongue as deeply as she possibly could inside the wet hot cave.

It was Jamie's turn to cry out and she dropped her head down against her sister's open pussy. The two sisters were locked in an erotic 69. Jamie's head rocked up and down as she licked and sucked her sister's sweet pussy. She had wanted this for so long. She had lusted for her twin sister for years, wondering how it would be to make love to her loving duplicate. Now she found out. She sucked her sister's tasty juices out; thrust and slid her tongue as far as possible while the erotic odor of an aroused pussy filled her nostrils. Her head swam as their bodies writhed, and their heads wagged and nodded, both bodies hot with lust and desire.

Rosita and I fingered each other as we watched the erotic scene before us. I wanted to turn and attack Rosita's delicious pussy, but the sight of the twin sisters making love so close to us, was just too clit stimulating and enticing to miss a single moment of it. I rolled Rosita's firm clit slowly, gently, teasing her, but not taking her too far. Her knowing finger did the same to my aching clit. My mouth watered at the sight in front of me.

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