tagLoving WivesLadies Book Club Ch. 03

Ladies Book Club Ch. 03


I had a nice room at the Radisson hotel close to my office. I set up the laptop, hooked up the camera and downloaded the video to an editing program. I didn't have to a lot, just to take out the pauses that were there. Not many pauses with her screaming for more cock, so her pussy, ass and mouth were not empty for long. I watched the video and listened to the audio through to be sure I had everything. Once I finished the editing, I burned the video on four DVD discs. One for the attorney, one for me and one for Adam if he wanted one. The fourth was for Alice when we surprised her with the divorce papers next Friday night.

I put a disc in the hotel DVD player and watched it. God, she was so hot, I had to remove my cock and masturbate watching all those cocks fucking into her body. Her screaming to be fucked harder and deeper made me cum. She was wanting sex, she was craving to be fucked and her climaxes were none I had ever heard. She acted like she hadn't had sex for years and was now making up for it with all the cocks she was taking.

I got a shower and then went to the restaurant for a light dinner. The waitress was cute and seemed to pay more attention to me than the other customers. After I ate, I ordered a Scotch rocks and just sat string it with my finger. I must have been in a trance when I heard, "Joan." I looked up to see my waitress smiling and I said, "I'm sorry, I didn't hear what you were saying."

She answered, "I said that my name was Joan and wanted to know if there was anything I could get you."

I said, "You are very sweet Joan. I'm sorry, I just have so much on my mind. After over fifteen years of marriage, I'm going to have to throw my wife out." Joan put her hand on mine and said, "I'm so sorry to hear that." And with a smile she turned and walked away. I signed the bill to be charged to my room with a nice tip for Joan, got up and went to my room.

I watched one of the other DVD's to make sure it burned without flaws. As the DVD was playing, I got undressed and was wearing only my shorts. Earlier, I had ordered a bottle of Scotch to be delivered to my room and when there was a knock, I was ready for another drink. I opened the door and was dumb struck to see Joan standing there with a bottle of fine Scotch. She was not in her waitress uniform. She saw the question in my eyes and said, "I got off work and heard that you ordered a bottle. Well, here it is."

She handed me the bottle and then asked, "I know you are depressed, would it help if I listened to your story. It might help if you told me why you are going to kick your wife out. After fifteen years, she had to do something real bad to ruin a loving relationship."

I thanked her and said, "Thank you, but I don't think I'm ready to spill my guts to a stranger." Joan then turned and started to walk away. I then said, "Wait, Joan, maybe it would be good to have a stranger listen, someone who might have an answer to the other side of the story."

Joan's eyes beamed, and with a smile said, "I won't take any sides and maybe I can rationalize another side. It may not be that bad. I would hate to see a fifteen year marriage come to an end."

"Yes," I said, "many good years, most being good, no, exceptional years. Please come in."

Joan came in and sat on the edge of the bed. I offered her a drink of Scotch and she said Scotch was not her drink. I checked the mini-bar and there was a bottle of wine. She accepted a glass of wine.

Joan saw the end of the DVD in the player, the usual gray screen with a 'replay' icon. She asked, "Did I interrupt a movie you were watching?"

I chuckled and said, "No, it's a video of most of the problem. I could say an ongoing problem. I took this video this afternoon and just finished editing it."

Joan asked, "Can I see it, it might clear up things without you ever telling me what the problem is."

I said, "Joan, this is embarrassing, what's on the DVD would embarrass you, me a little knowing you are looking at it, but mostly making me mad at my wife."

Joan said, "Let me be the judge of that. I don't embarrass very easily. It seems you have been in control of your anger up to now, so I don't think you would add to that anger by watching."

I said, "OK, it's your call. I'll shut it off is it bothers you." With that I presses replay on the player and sat in the easy chair.

The DVD began to play showing my wife entering the family room in only her panties with two black men following. I looked at Joan and she seemed to be comfortable with the situation. She was wearing a knee length dress and low heels. I didn't see signs of stockings, so I figured she was just a 'plain Jane'.

After both men had deposited their sperm into her and the other men began to show up, I saw Joan begin to squirm, crossing and uncrossing her legs. Her eyes were glued to the scenes before her and she began to suck her thumb. I could tell she was getting excited at one woman being fucked over and over by many men.

I then asked, "Should I turn it off, have you seen enough?"

Joan said, "No, No, I want to watch it. You said you made this video and that's your wife with all those men?"

I answered, "Yes, that's my loving wife of fifteen years. Getting gang banged and loving it."

Joan said, "That's so hot especially since she seems to be enjoying being used that way." She then asked, "Has she had sex with other men, like a threesome with you and another man?"

I said, "No, but we discussed the possibility. She has talked about it several times in the last couple of weeks. About having sex with one man, then two men with me there. I had told her that we needed to plan if this fantasy was going to become real. She agreed that I would be informed if she ever planned to have sex with another man. She said that if I wasn't part of the act, then she would feel that she was cheating on me. She kept telling me that she loved me and only me."


This shook me, I didn't remember hearing her screaming that when filming or editing

I jumped up and began to go to the DVD player, but Joan suddenly grabbed my arm and pulled me onto the bed. Joan quietly said in my ear, "You need to let her go, I can see that she is hurting you if you stay together. She won't stop being their whore."

She then rubbed her hand over my shorts and felt my hard cock. She said, "I know it makes you hard to see your wife being fucked. My boyfriend likes to watch me being fucked, he really gets turned on.

You had talked together and if it was just one or two men, then you would probably be willing to discuss the situation and forgive her for not letting you know she was going to have sex. You would then let her continue fucking those men. With this evidence, my advice is to let her go, divorce her because she will go back to them when given the chance. She is clearly cheating on you."

I knew she was right. I just laid there as she began to kiss my ear. I then heard, "YES, CUM IN MY PUSSY, LET ME HAVE ALL THAT BLACK BABY CUM. FUCK ME HARD, RAM YOUR COCK DEEP INTO ME, CUM INSIDE ME."

Now I felt Joan's hand pulling my cock out. I was hard and she immediately sucked me into her mouth. She was very good at sucking my cock deep into her throat. It didn't take long before I was spewing cum down her throat as I felt her throat muscles milking my cock. She pulled away and began to lick my cock clean. Then she said, "I couldn't take it anymore. Seeing all those cocks fucking into your wife made me hot. I'm sorry for getting so horny."

I said, "I'm sorry I let you see that DVD. I know my wife is now a whore and will be sold to black men. I also know that she wants their cum deep in her pussy. Now that my plan in working, I'm not as mad. Actually I'm beginning to get a kick out of my plan."

Joan asked what my plan was, and all I would tell her that I already got the divorce action on the way, the credit cards were cancelled in her name and our bank account is down to $200.00. I said that there was more, but it was going to be a secret until she is served with the divorce papers.

Joan gave me her phone number and told me that she would be happy to talk. She also said that she would tell her boyfriend of our meeting and he would not be mad, even if I had gone farther and fucked her.

I slept very sound the rest of the weekend. Monday morning Adam met me and asked why I was so chipper. I said my divorce plans were in place and Alice was in for a big surprise next Friday, the day after she gets gang banged again. I let Adam know that she would be served with the divorce papers Friday, plus I would give her the DVD's and pictures for her 'enjoyment', plus one other secret surprise.

Adam said that he had watched if Alice visited his neighbors again. But she didn't show up the rest of the weekend. I figured that she spent that time soaking in the tub to ease the swelling to her pussy and ass.

Monday night, I got home, unpacked my bag and put up the lap top computer. Alice was very joyful and asked me how my weekend job went. I couldn't help it, but I gave her a great big grin and then said, "Just great, better than I had expected."

That night, Alice tried everything to get me to fuck her. What I knew of my wife's activities, she wasn't going to have my seed. If she wanted seed, she needed to see her pimps. She kept hounding me but I just went to the den and worked on my computer until she gave up and went to bed. I waited an hour, then put my DVD into the player and watched her get well fucked and filled with the black baby seed she was screaming for. Yes, I got hard and jacked off, but I knew my seed would not go to her.

Tuesday and Wednesday nights were much the same, I claimed that with my promotion, I had too much work to do on my computer. By Wednesday night, Alice went to bed upset and crying. I really didn't give a shit that she was horny. With my plan, there was no way I would give her my cum.

Thursday, I went to work with a grin on my face. I contacted Adam and asked him if I could come to his house right after work. I wanted to set up my video equipment and wait for Alice to show up for her 'ladies book club' meeting, it would be the last time I would ever see her pussy or ass being filled with cum from her pimps and customers.

I didn't know if I was more excited to see her being gang banged or being served with the divorce papers.

Adam asked, "You have said what you planned, but what is this secret you won't reveal?" I said, "That will be revealed tomorrow just after she is served with the divorce papers."

Adam then said, "I sure would like to be there to see what this surprise is. Just to see her face when she is served will be classic in it self."

I thought for a minute and then said, "Why not, I don't see why you can't be there, you would be a witness to her divorce service. I will set it up as you are going to join us for dinner. Just don't expect having dinner after she is served, in fact you probably won't want to stay long after I expose my surprise."

I really didn't know what to expect. It could be from dropping to her knees and pleading my forgiveness, but after the surprise, I expect all hell will break loose. One thing I knew for sure, she will cry a lot knowing how much I despise her after how she lied and cheated on me. She will definitely know I no longer have any love or compassion for her.

I left work Thursday night and went to Adam's house to set up my video equipment. I had left a voice mail on Alice's cell phone. I told her to go to her 'ladies book club' as I would be about an hour late getting home. I just finished setting up my video equipment when we saw Alice, totally naked dance into that glass enclosed family room. There were two naked black men not far behind. She got on the padded table and spread her legs. I zoomed in and she already had cum running from her pussy. I'm sure since I wouldn't touch her all week, she attacked them to get fucked once inside the door. In my mind I saw her naked as the front door was opened and pulling them onto her on the floor.


She got her wish and in four hours, we counted thirty naked men fuck her over and over, and most probably more than twice. Alice and the padded table were coated with cum and pussy juices. When most of the customers left, the two brothers posed Alice on the table with her legs open and took pictures of the cum flowing from her cunt. Then they flipped her over and took pictures of the cum running from her ass. Alice didn't seem to be upset that they took pictures of her. She saw the pictures and smiled and asked them if they could call in more customers. Again they helped her up and helped her get dressed in a conservative dressto avoid questions from her husband...Oh, but I already know. For all I cared, she could come home naked with cum leaking from her pussy and ass.

I planned to get home long after Alice. I already knew she would be in the bath tub to eradicate the evidence of her pleasurable ordeal. I knew in the last week that she had amassed a supply of disposable douches to conceal her cheating. I am also sure that she made sure to give herself an enema, probably before and after.

As I suspected she was just getting out of the tub and drying walking into the bed room showing her body to me. Sorry, but I wasn't going to fall for the bait...no cock from me. I went straight to bed and it surprised me that when she began to fondle my cock, I didn't get hard. In fact I don't think my cock even twitched. She tried like hell, but couldn't get me aroused. She turned over in bed and cried herself to sleep.

Friday morning, I made coffee and humming to a tune on the radio when Alice came in in her robe. She looked haggard, like she had been fucked all night. I handed her a cup of coffee and began to leave.

Alice said, "I love you. I hope we can spend time together this weekend." I looked at her and said, "I plan to be home early. I don't plan to do any work this weekend." I left it at that and I knew Alice was thinking that I planned to fuck her to make up for the last two weeks. As I was walking out the door, Alice said, "I will plan to be home early too. I love you." I saw her blow me a kiss when getting in my car. Little did she know what her Friday evening and the rest of her life would be total hell.

I was antsy all day at work. Adam gave me a sly grin and asked if he was still invited to my party. "Sure, bud," I said, "Just be ready for any flying dishes or pans. I am not responsible for any injuries you incur." Adam chuckled and said, "It would be worth it just to see her face."

There was not much work for a Friday and the slack caused the time to drag. I knew the process server was due at 6 pm. Adam followed me home and as we entered, I announced to Alice that I invited Adam to dinner.

The look she gave me, I knew she was thinking her weekend was not going to be what she wanted. I already knew that as I smiled and walked into the kitchen. There was nothing cooking, so I asked Alice if she had planned dinner. Alice glared at me and softly said, "I was planning our special dinner would be in the bedroom."

I got a beer for Adam and we sat in the living room while waiting for 6 pm.

Alice began rummaging around in the kitchen, slamming cabinet doors and banging pots on the stove.

Right on time, the process server rang the bell. I went to the door and invited him in. Alice then gave me a very icy stare and asked, "How many people did you invite to dinner without informing me?"

I took Alice by the hand and led her back into the kitchen where I told her to sit down. The server walked up and handed her an envelope. She had a stunned look on her face and I answered her silent question. "Those are your divorce papers. Soon, you will be no longer be a MARRIED white whore for big black cock.

Alice's stare was boring right though me. My mention of whore caused her to freeze. Adam jumped in and walked the process served to the door and thanked him. He returned just as I was bringing Alice out of her coma like state.

I handed her the envelopes with the pictures Adam had taken. It took just a couple of those pictures for her mouth to fall open. I opened my lap top computer and began playing the DVD. She began to turn away, but I then went and held her head and said, "Bitch, you will look at this video, you will see it all the way through. I want you to see what a married white whore does at her 'ladies book club." It only took five minutes for for her to really begin to cry.

As I held her head to watch the video, she kept sobbing and saying, "But I love you, I don't want a divorce. I want to spend my life with you. Please, please don't leave me Bill, I will never even think of fucking another man for the rest of my life." I told her to save her breath, there was no pleading to stop the divorce.

After the video ended, she put her head down on the table and just cried. I then asked her what our plans were when I was promoted. She slowly lifted her head and said, "I...I don't remember."

"I'm surprised, it was originally your idea. Remember our plan after I got my promotion, you would go off the birth control and we would begin our family?"

With her puffy eyes, she began to cry again. Then I said, "I have a present for you". I handed her an early pregnancy test. She said, "What do I want with this, I'm on birth control pills."

I smiled and said, "Right after your first Thursday night 'ladies book club' actions and then the photographs a week ago, I went to the pharmacy to get this and to get a bottle of placebo pills. For the last two weeks, you haven't been taking birth control pills and I didn't fuck you those two weeks. I'm sure if you use the early home pregnancy test, you will find that you are going to have a black baby. After all, you were screaming for their black baby seed deep inside you."

The look on her face, she was red like a traffic light and the veins in her neck were bulging out and she clinched her fists. Adam began to back out of the kitchen. He knew she was capable of anything and I'm sure he was glad there wasn't a kitchen knife close.

I said, "I suggest that you move out tonight and move in with your two pimps. I'm sure they will keep your ass, pussy and stomach full of cum. I'm sure some of your customers will enjoy fucking a pregnant white women. Now, call your pimps and have them come and get you. I will be sure all your belongings will be waiting for you on the front lawn in the morning."

Yeah, like I predicted to Adam, the water dam really broke open and all hell was released.

When Alice attempted to throw a pot of flowers, I grabbed her and shoved her out the front door. She couldn't get into the garage to get her car, it wouldn't make any difference, I had her keys. She used her cell phone to make a call. In twenty minutes, a car with two black men came and that was the last I saw Alice.

She didn't turn up in court to contest the divorce. My attorney said she had called him on Tuesday and asked what she needed to do with the divorce papers, he told her to just sign them and return them to his office. If she didn't want the pictures and DVD shown in court, just sign and return the papers. For once in the last month, she listened to reason.

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