tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLady Goodnight's Evil Sluts Pt. 03

Lady Goodnight's Evil Sluts Pt. 03


Bethany Thibodeau shrugged off her jacket, glad to be home after a long day treating wounded superheroes at the Roster's medical centre, which she ran. Once upon a time she'd been out on the streets fighting alongside them, as the masked heroine Panacea, using her powers in the field.

She didn't miss her old life nearly as much as she thought she would. She loved being able to come home at regular hours and spending quality time with Ray, her husband, and Ray Junior, their 3 year old son.

She glanced around their spacious married quarters and was pleased to see that there was a basket of freshly laundered clothes waiting to be put away and it looked as if Ray had even done the vacuuming. She smiled at the image of him, a superhero too, known as Cathode Ray, happily domesticated. It was just one of the many things she loved about him. Their marriage was about team work. Like her, he'd taken a sideways promotion, leaving the field and using his awesome psychometry powers to head up the Roster's Criminal Investigation Division.

His family had become his number one priority and had happily sacrificed his combat role for an office, regular hours and a less risky career path. He'd thrown himself into fatherhood, relishing the role and getting more satisfaction from that than battling evildoers day after day. He was getting pretty handy around the house too and Bethany was pleased to see he'd remembered to pick up some groceries.

She poured herself a glass of juice and went to investigate the muffled giggles emanating from the living room.

"ssshhh..." Ray whispered as his wife entered the room. He was completely hidden behind a wall of packing boxes, set up to resemble the Roster Tower, the building at the heart of the complex in Conurbia where the family lived.

"Ray? RJ?" Bethany glanced around, pretending not to know where the boys were hidden, despite the fact that her son was doing a poor job of hiding, popping his head up to watch his mommy look for them. "Oh, well, I guess they aren't here." She sighed, with a feigned shrug and started to leave.

"Here we are, mommy!" RJ yelled, toppling a cushion that had been acting as a buttress. He crawled out clutching his doudou, or blankie.

"Hey, Beb." Ray said, standing up and looking adorably sheepish. For a few seconds they ignored the kid clambering at their legs and kissed affectionately. Bethany smiled as she brushed a long strand of his dirty blonde hair away from his eyes. "How was your day?"

She loved his slight Louisiana accent, and she shivered as he put a strong arm around her middle and lifted up RJ with the other. "Hey Boo, you have fun with papa?" She said, kissing the top of her son's head. The little boy nodded and started to tell her all about what they'd done that day.


A short while later, RJ was quietly colouring in at the table and Bethany was fixing dinner. Or at least, she was trying to, her husband kept distracting her by kissing the back of her neck and generally getting in the way.

"Here, taste this.." She said, holding up a spoon.

"Hmmm...tastes good." Ray informed her. His wife was a great cook...as good in the kitchen as she was in the bedroom. He really was a lucky man. He got out of her way and went to help his son put away his stuff and lay the table.

He kept sneaking glances over at his wife, admiring the way she moved, deliberate and poised, the way her eyebrows would raise unconsciously as she thought of something. He never tired of watching her and the little things she did. She was from Boston and there'd been a few people who'd been surprised when they'd gotten together but they contented each other.

He'd first seen her during an attack by a swarm of nanoscarabs, her courage and fire so at odds with her dainty, elfin features. He'd been attracted by her strength of spirit as much as her physical attributes, though those were certainly appealing.

Contrary to most superheroes, he'd been a tad awkward around the opposite sex and it had taken him some time to actually build up the nerve to ask her out. Since then he'd gotten to know and cherish her body as well as her beautiful mind and sense of humour. He was laid back and easy-going but her get-up-and-go attitude complemented his and in their easy intimacy he'd opened up, feeling relaxed and comfortable around her.

"The higher-ups have asked me to meet with Senator Parkhurst tomorrow."

"Do you know what it's about?" Bethany enquired, pausing and unconsciously biting her lip. It was rather unusual for her husband to actually take a case now, rather than simply running the office.

"The Senator is a good friend of the Roster but it must be something big for them to want me to deal with it personally."

Deep down Bethany worried every time Ray took a case. They'd built up a happy, and more importantly safe, world around them now. With her experience on the taskforce she'd seen how quickly things could go bad.

Seeming to read her mind, but simply knowing her, Ray squeezed her hand as she served up the food. He wanted to reassure her; it hurt him whenever she was upset. "I don't deal with Priority A situations anymore, remember. It's probably nothing."


There was still a bit of time before his appointment with the Senator so Ray was going over the division's caseload with his assistant, Bobby. The fresh-faced teen was hardworking and eager but keen to finish his training and to get out there saving the world.

"You ask Robyn out yet?" Ray enquired. It was blatantly obvious to the whole world that the boy had feelings for the young girl who worked at the Roster's admin department. Some of the division were ribbing him about it but Ray's interest was just friendly concern. He liked the kid, he reminded him of himself at that age.

"Er no..." Bobby shifted nervously. He looked up to Ray and trusted him. That wasn't it. The guy was approachable and good-natured and had always given him good advice. "I just want her to know...how much I really like her..." He stammered, confiding in his mentor.

"Bobby!" Ray exclaimed with amused impatience. "She's an empath and even if she wasn't, she'd have to be blind not to notice the gooey eyes you make at her!"

Bobby laughed along with his boss. There was something laughable at the whole situation. He resolved right then and there to ask her out tonight. Ray's approval had been just what he needed.


There was a knock on the door and then Parkhurst entered without waiting for permission. He was a big man, muscle turned to fat, but carried it well. Ray had never met him in person but had caught some television appearances. His politics were a bit too far to the Right for Ray's liking but his support for the Roster of Superheroes had been unwavering.

The man was big and blusterous, clearly used to things going his own way and looking down on others. Today he seemed out of sorts. Sure he was good at hiding his unease but Ray, even without his psychic powers, was used to reading people.

"I'm being blackmailed." The senator said gruffly, without making any introductions or being asked to take a seat. He tossed a disk over Ray's desk and promptly lit his cigar.

Ray frowned as the smoke filled the room but said nothing. He rolled up his shirt sleeves and cold, electric blue sparks flared up, sparking harmlessly up and down his hands and forearms. Parkhurst scowled, his personal disgust at mutants and freaks never getting in the way of his politics.

"I'm a psychometrist. That means I have, amongst others, the ability to read people and objects through touch, discern their history, sometimes, but mostly not, their futures..."Ray trailed off, the other man was not paying him any attention, preferring to gaze out the window.

Ray shrugged and touched the DVD with his left hand, feeling his link with it stabilise and held out his other hand as it surged with psionic energy. He got his name, Cathode Ray, from the ability to convert his extrasensory perceptions into images, which he could project around him.

Slowly an image formed in the air over his desk, the picture quality as good as the latest HD technology. The image shifted, as the footage on the disk was projected.

Ray felt his cheeks redden as the sounds of sex filled the room and he realised he was watching the senator, bound and gagged, get ridden by a voluptuous young woman. Hastily, feeling tainted, he pulled his sinister hand from the disk and stopping the playback.

"I can certainly see why you wouldn't want anyone seeing this." He stated calmly. Inside he had mixed emotions. The senator was a married man and his lover in the tape was certainly not his wife. In his career he'd seen plenty of things that were wrong but adultery ranked up there. He couldn't even imagine cheating on Bethany.

"I never had sex with that woman." Parkhurst growled. "I'm not saying I've never fucked around but I've only ever been with women from a discrete...service..."

"That is you on the tape." Ray stated flatly. "Do you mind if....?" He continued gesturing to suggest touching Parkhurst's shoulder. The older man grunted his reluctant consent. This way Ray would be able to tell if he was lying. "You don't recognise the woman?"

"No. I have no idea who she is and have no idea how or when this...encounter...happened."

The man, however dislikeable, was telling the truth.


Shortly after the senator left, with Ray's every assurance that he'd get to the bottom for the matter, Bobby entered the office and found his boss looking at the image of the naked young woman.

"Geez, Mr Thibodeau..." The young man croaked, feeling his cheeks flush. He really should have knocked but he'd never walked in and found his boss looking at naked women before. He tried to stop his eyes wandering from the girl's face down to her lascivious body but he couldn't help himself.

Feeling caught doing something he shouldn't have been Ray cleared his throat and closed the image. Sure the girl was incredibly hot, but he didn't check out other women. Bethany was the only woman he wanted. "Her name is Hayley Duvall. Find out everything you can about her."


"You sure you don't want me to come with you, Mr Thibodeau?" Bobby enquired.

"No. I can handle a simple blackmail case. You and Robyn go out and have a good time." Ray ordered, a mock stern expression on his face.

When the young man had rushed out the door, his eager excitement apparent to all, Ray opened up the dossier on Hayley. The kid had done a good job gathering all the information, it wasn't his fault there wasn't much to go on.

He read that Hayley lived in a nice part of Conurbia and worked for von Trapp Inc, whatever that was. The details on the business were sketchy and Ray suspected it was a front for something. The suspicion only grew when he noticed that Intelligence had superficially linked the young woman with Gethsemane Leigh, a notorious supervillainess who worked for Lady Goodnight.

He glanced at his watch. It was only early afternoon. He had plenty of time to check out von Trapp Inc before he needed to pick up RJ from the crèche.


The company's building was small, and non-descript. The suspect worked here as the secretary and she'd greeted him politely before leading him to Miss von Trapp's office.

Ray couldn't help but notice that the girl was even more stunning in the flesh. It took all of his willpower not to check out her perfect round ass and long shapely legs as he walked behind her. He reminded himself that he was a happily married man and she was tied up in a criminal investigation.

"Miss von Trapp?" He said as she stood up to greet him. He estimated she was in her early thirties, close to his own age and as easily as attractive as Hayley, if not more so. Her long purple hair framed a stunning oval face, with wide dark eyes, flawless complexion and red bee-stung lips. Further down her large breasts were threatening to pop out of her tight white blouse and her waspish waist belied the curvaceousness of her hips.

"That's right, Honey von Trapp. Please feel free to call me Honey."

Ray swallowed. The way she said it made it sound like a pick up line. She held out her hand but Ray declined to take it, preferring to appear stoic and aloof. It was a cliché but it often worked.

She gestured for Hayley to leave but he raised his hand to stop her.

"I wonder if either of you know this man?" He asked, handing them a photo of Senator Parkhurst.

"No I don't think we do." Honey said after the most cursory glance.

Ray handed them another photo, this one clearly showing Hayley and the senator together. "I suppose you wouldn't know anything about someone trying to blackmail him? He asked, slightly smugly as the two shared a look. As a division head for the Roster Ray could make arrests, search premises etc on his own initiative. His suspicions confirmed to his own satisfaction he pulled out his cellphone and was about to call a team to take the pair away.

Perhaps he'd gotten rusty sitting behind a desk but when Honey lunged at him he was caught completely unawares. He had just enough time to summon his psionic energy to his hands, intending to, but not actually, focussing the static electricity into a forceshield, before she grabbed them.

The connection was made but as her hands gripped his something felt wrong. He was used to receiving information this way, drawing it inside him but now the flow was reversed. His head swam as the blue light of his power buzzed and coursed in the opposite direction.

He tried to pull away but couldn't.

"Ugghhh..." He grunted as he felt her mind at the edges of his. His vision wavered as images, too quick to process flooded his brain. He struggled to block her thoughts but he was retreating from his own consciousness against his will.

Suddenly it was all over. Just like that, as if nothing had happened.

Ray blinked and shook his head to clear his vision. He found himself staring back at his own reflection. That couldn't be right! Too stunned to move, he flinched as Hayley injected his body, no not his body, Honey's body with something. He was in her body and she was in his!

Hayley smiled evilly as Ray lost consciousness.


"He was still conscious. Normally they just blackout when you swap with them and sleep until you undo it!" Hayley cried, a trace of panic in her voice. "I thought you couldn't even do it to superheroes!"

"Hmmm..." Honey mused. Her assistant had raised some good points. This was indeed a most unusual matter of mind transference. "He has a particularly sensitive psychic talent. Our two gifts must have amplified the process. Here, help me get him into the hideout."

They lifted Ray, light as a feather in Honey's body and took it into their secret lair. Numerous men had fallen into their wicked schemes but none of them had been employed by the Roster so they took extra care to strap him down.

"It's strange. I have all of his memories. That's never happened before." Honey said, contemplatively. Ray's voice was gruff and deep, it made her feel strange to speak in someone else's voice. She glanced down at her new body and smiled evilly. Her targets were usually fat politicians. She'd never possessed one as good as this. It gradually dawned on her that the possibilities were endless.


"What are you doing?" Hayley asked as Honey/Ray swaggered over to the mirror.

Honey gazed at his reflection. He was very good looking. He had shoulder length blonde hair, tied in a loose ponytail, two strands failing loose either side of his handsome face. He had good features, she decided, just the right mix of angular ruggedness and softness.

She flexed his powerful arms, enjoying the way his biceps bulged beneath the fabric of his shirt. He was no muscle-bound hulk but definitely brawny and tall too. She turned left and right appraising her newly acquired stud as she started to unbutton his shirt.

Hayley had wondered over and was watching as Ray undressed. Honey could see her gaze devouring him. The girl's eyes trawled over his fit torso before growing bold enough to run her hands over his hairy chest, her fingers running through the dark gold curls that covered his pecs and six-pack.

"Shall we take a look?" Ray said, groping his crotch suggestively. The other men Honey had possessed had been for criminal enterprises but this fine specimen of manhood was arousing her. His cock was getting hard as she exercised her control over his body, having her bizarre way with him.

She undid his belt, slowly, enjoying Hayley's exasperated sighs. Eventually Ray unzipped his pants and unabashedly dropped them to the floor.

In the mirror Ray grinned roguishly, checking out the big package bulging in his briefs before he shoved them down and nine inches of hardening cock sprung out. He gripped his shaft and began to tug on it, swiftly making it grow to full stiffness.

"Wow, he's got a lovely big cock." Hayley offered.

Honey lifted his left hand, grinning as she saw the ring on his finger and an idea occurring to her.

"He's never cheated on his wife." She informed her accomplice as she accessed his memories. "He really loves her."

"Why don't we change all that?" Hayley growled, dropping to her knees.


Ray regained consciousness in Honey's restrained body and struggled against the bonds futilely. In his own body they'd have been no match for his enhanced superstrength but that was gone. He was captured and afraid, not used to feeling so helpless.

The sound of Hayley noisily gagging on his cock reached his ears and the full horror of the situation struck home. His hands were on the back of her head as she bobbed up and down, sucking his cock, fellating him with sloppy gusto.

"God...STOP!" Ray/Honey cried. The vows he'd spoken on his wedding day were gone as the slut slurped down his cock. He'd given his heart and his body to Bethany that day but these sluts didn't care.

"Mmmm...your married cock tastes so good." Hayley called over, enjoying the audience.

"Too bad you're missing out. Hayley's a very talented cocksucker." Honey/Ray yelled. "Don't deny it, the moment you saw her you wondered how her lips would feel wrapped around your cock, didn't you?"

"Fuck you!" Ray/Honey spat out emphatically. The sight was too weird for words and it was making doubt his own sanity. To make matters worse there was some truth to her words. When he'd first laid eyes on Hayley, for a brief second he had wondered what it would be like getting a blowjob from her. Honey was in his head and knew all about the brief lust he'd felt.

He averted his gaze as Hayley swallowed down his cock, burying her face in the hair at its base. He'd been faithful to Bethany and he wasn't even getting to enjoy the sensation of his first adulterous blowjob. The thought made him disgusted at himself but that small voice at the back of his mind wouldn't go away.

"Ohhhh God...yeah..." Honey/Ray moaned as Hayley nibbled on his low hanging balls, her fingernails digging into his meaty ass. Her other hand was jerking him off, his cock lubed up with her saliva and throbbing. Honey really admired this body's stamina and endurance; most guys would have cum by now given a sample of Hayley's oral skill.

"I know....ahhhh yeah...your wife never sucked you this good." Honey/Ray called over. "Deep down you always wished a dirty little slut like this would suck you off."

The helpless hero tried to ignore the words but they sunk into his mind. Honey knew him now, so intimately, all the impure thoughts he'd ever had, every fantasy he'd jacked off to. He knew all guys had them but he still felt ashamed.

"Fuck..." Ray cried, thrusting his hips, forcing his cock deeper into Hayley's eager mouth, her tongue roaming over his shaft and sensitive head. "Ray's always wanted to cum over a pair of big tits..."

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