tagTransgender & CrossdressersLady In The House Ch. 03

Lady In The House Ch. 03


Hot wet fluid suddenly soaked the tops of my thighs and the crotch of my panties. I felt stream after stream of his creamy seed shoot against my silken hosed thighs and being to slowly run down my legs. My crotch was soaked with hot sticky liquid and as I struggled to breathe I could smell the salty, slightly swampy smell that is associated with fresh semen.

Eddie had ejaculated against me. He slowed down his thrusts and slightly eased his grip on me. His spend had now invaded the layers of my panty and pantyhose and I could feel it warm and milky against my penis.

Eddie's hands slid up my body to my shoulders and he gently eased me back and lowered me to my feet. He looked down, pulled up my half-slip and smoothed down my dark blue skirt, the hem coming to rest against my sticky thighs. Then he did something that summarised in my mind how used I felt; he took a handful of my skirt and wiped his slowly deflating penis on it; the globs of semen and silvery seminal fluid staining the dark material as he cleaned himself on me.

"Not bad Michele," he chuckled, "Now clean yourself up sweetheart, you look a complete fucking Mess."

Part III

Carmel appeared as if from nowhere and took me by the hand. I was so shocked at what had happened that I just followed her instinctively, as I passed Eddie, clattering on my high heels, he reached out and spanked my arse.

"Have her ready in half an hour Carmel, I haven't finished with her tonight; not by a long shot."

"Oh, and tell Steve he can use for ten but he's not to fuck her, ok." Eddie bellowed down the corridor.

"Of course Eddie, you want the secretary thing again or you want her ready for bed?" Carmel asked.

"I think I'll have her fully dressed again; stockings this time though, I don't want to have to rip any more pantyhose to get what I want ok!" Eddie answered.

"Sure honey, I know what you like, she'll be ready for you in half an hour."

"And don't forget to tell Steve he can't fuck her, I don't want slops."

"Of course Eddie," Carmel smiled sweetly at Eddie, "Now come along Michele lets get you cleaned up honey," Carmel whispered dragging me down the corridor towards the bathroom on E Block.

"What's he on about?" I asked Carmel as we went into the bathroom and she led me to the sinks.

"Eddie is going to use you until you bore him, then you are going to be just one of us girls; a common prostitute hawking your pretty arse for Eddie; making him money and occasionally making him come." She sneered at me.

"Just get used to it; learn to like it!"

"Learn to like it!" I scoffed.

"Learn to like being dressed as woman and used by these poofters in this jail; you're fucking joking! I hurled at her.

Then I felt an enormous slap across my backside; the pain was excruciating.

"Oh god!" I moaned.

"No not god, just little old iron-bar Steve. Fucking hurts don't it; my steel bar crashing against your arse like that?"

"So you think I'm a 'poofter'; well I've got a another steel bar right here in my jeans honey and you've got about ten minutes to take care of it!"

It was Eddie's enforcer Steve, undoubtably he had heard Eddie say he could use me briefly and was wasting no time coming to claim his prize. I realised at once that fighting him would be futile and decided to let him take what he wanted. I had heard Eddie say he couldn't fuck me so I figured the best defence was attack. If I excited him enough maybe I could get him to orgasm against me just like Eddie had done. That was humiliating enough but I didn't want to consider any alternative.

I turned around and forced myself to move towards Steve and embrace him. I rubbed one nyloned thigh against his leg and reached up and kissed him. His breath was atrocious, I forced myself not to gag and pushed my tongue into his mouth and gave him a long kiss.

"Steve honey, you don't have to use that bar on me; lets just take care of the bar I can feel throbbing in the front of your jeans," I whimpered in what I hoped was a sexy parody of a seductive female.

"Oh but you don't understand Michele," he sneered, "its more fun to take what I want!"

Steve pulled me roughly to him and locked his lips on mine. At the same time his hand went to my skirt and yanked it up around my waist. He twisted his hands in the nylon of my slip and yanked it down around my knees and ground his body against mine. I felt his hard member pushing against me though the rough denim of his jeans.

Then Steve pushed me away to arm's length.

"Drop the skirt bitch'" he hissed.

"What?" I answered not understanding quite what was going on.


My head exploded with the force of the slap to my face; I thought my head had been knocked off.

"Don't you fucking mark her!" Carmel warned Steve.

"Well you tell that bitch, I ain't half as nice as Eddie so she better just take what's coming ok," Steve hissed at Carmel.

"Ok Steve, I think she gets it!" Carmel retorted.

"Well let's just make sure," Steve answered and then punched me in the stomach. I doubled over in pain completely winded.

"Right I'm wasting time, no more talk; just action. I tell you what to do and you do it bitch ok?"

I nodded as best I could, my face was on fire from the slap and I still couldn't breath.

"Skirt!" Steve demanded.

I put my hands to the waistband of my skirt and tugged it down around my ankles then stepped out of it along with my slip.

"Now my jeans!"

I stepped forward and tugged at Steve's belt.

"On you your fucking knees you stupid cunt!" Steve bellowed and brutally pushed me down.

Now my face was level with Steve's crotch and I reached out and undid his belt. I noticed again my manicured painted nails as I eased the zip of his fly down and snapped the button at the top of his jeans. As I eased the jeans down his legs a fetid aroma assaulted my nose and I noticed his putrid underwear.

"Stand!" Steve ordered.

I stood, tottering on my heels trying to recover my breath. Steve grabbed me and forced himself against me pushing his tongue deep into my mouth and pushing his hips against me. Carmel looked on at Michele; this attractive petite woman in heavy ruined makeup, dressed in her blouse and jacket but without her skirt, wearing torn and laddered hose and panties was teetering on her stylish black pumps as this jailhouse hooligan with fetid breath and stained boxers ravaged her.

I felt Steve reach between up and knew what he was up to. He was freeing his penis from his underwear as Eddie had done. I was still determined to get this over with as soon as possible and seized the initiative. As soon as I felt Steve's erect member against me I reached down and gently held it. I had never held another man's penis before and it felt tactile and spongy, I could feel the thick veins running along it. It also felt slick and warm. I commenced a slow stroking motion, easing my hand along the shaft and circling the enormous head. The cock was so thick that I couldn't grip its full girth in my hand.

Steve groaned, "Oh yeah bitch, you know what daddy likes."

He pushed me back slightly so he could see my painted nails trailing along his shaft as I wanked him. A thin thread of shimmering clear pre-come ran from the purple head of his penis across to my gauzy nyloned thigh. Steve reached out and rubbed my pantyhose thighs and then worked his way up to my panties. I stiffened as I felt his hand go inside my panties and begin to fumble about. I forced myself to relax otherwise I knew Steve would belt me again. Steve eventually found my thin soft cock nestled in the crotch of the sheer nylon panties and he began to free it from its little nylon prison.

I concentrated on slowly masturbating him to the best of my first-time ability. I gripped his member tightly and slowly squeezing and stroking as I worked my hand up and down his penis. He must be enjoying it I though, because he was just staring at my hand wanking him while one of his hands stroked my nyloned thighs and pantied crotch. As his other hand had finally freed my member, he began to squeeze it harder and harder. I just concentrated on getting this over with as soon as possible, the feel of his hand on my penis was vile.

I decided to move things along and pushed myself against him stroking his cock with firmer faster strokes. I lifted my head and kissed him, gently sliding my tongue along his gums and exploring his mouth, blocking out the awful taste of his breath. I guided his member against my pantyhosed thigh and rubbed it there, the underside of his cock with all those nerve endings rasping against the diaphanous nylon as my painted fingernails gently raked the top of his turgid cock.

I began to pump my leg up and down so that he was dry fucking me, similar to what Eddie had done. With my fingers stroking and squeezing in time with my humping leg I was hoping he would soon climax. He was groaning now and breathing heavy; his fetid breath puffing in my mouth. Combined with the meaty stench coming from his crotch I was ready to gag but kept control and tried harder to please him, kissing him deeper and stroking him harder.

Then he suddenly grabbed me by the shoulders and threw me back away from him. I stumbled back on my heels and my back crashed into one of the sinks, winding me again.

"Oh no you fucking bitch! You fucking cunt! I know what you're up to!" Steve roared.

"You're trying to get to come like this ain't you?"

"Well I ain't going to come in Eddie's leftovers. Get back here!"

I moved forward towards Steve warily. This parody of a secretary in a blonde wig, come-soaked and torn hose and panties, tottering on shiny black heels, dressed from the waist up in blouse and business jacket. What a sight!

Steve reached out and put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me to him. He kissed me deeply, forcing his tongue deep in my mouth. Then he eased his hands up to my shoulders and commenced to push me down.

'Oh God! I know what he wants,' I thought.

I dropped to my knees on the cold tiled bathroom floor and stared eye level at Steve's disgusting throbbing penis. He grabbed my head in both hands and pushed it forward so that the head of his cock was between my lipstick lips. He kept pushing but I couldn't open my mouth. The smell coming from his loins was fetid and I was sure that monstrous member would make me gag and vomit..

SLAP! I saw stars and the ringing in my ears blocked all other sounds. I started to cry and as I did Steve grabbed my head in both his hands and pushed his hard, throbbing cock into my mouth.

"You take this bitch, and don't bite or you're fucking dead!" Steve fumed.

He pushed the filthy thing into my mouth until he felt me start to gag and then commenced raping my face. That's the only way I can describe what he was doing to me. He held my head and raped it! He thrust his filthy, foul tasting, pulsing, penis in and out of my mouth. Besides the cheesy rancid taste there was also a sweet salty taste that I knew to be pre-come. My gag reflex was suppressed as long as he didn't drive his cock too deep into my throat, but it was so huge I couldn't breath.

Then I sensed Carmen beside me.

"Breath through you nose hun, breath your nose. He won't be long, I can tell he's nearly there."

Steve tightened his grip on my head and slammed me back and forth against his cock. He pulled me back until just my lips circled his plum coloured knob; then drove me against him as he thrust forward, forcing his turgid meat into my mouth. As a reflex I moved my tongue around the shaft and sensed his enjoyment. I was hoping he would come soon as every time his cockhead hit the back of my throat I had to gag. Then I realised the sick bastard was getting pleasure out of my gagging. Now he increased his attack on my virgin mouth and I tasted more and more of his pre-seminal fluid. He was groaning and panting.

"Yeah bitch, I'm coming whore, take this!"

He slammed forward hard and pushed my face into his groin and held it with two hands at the back of my head. His penis throbbed and erupted in my mouth and I felt the hot salty taste of his seed as it exploded from his glans. I started to gag and tried to force myself free as his semen flooded my mouth and slid down my throat.

"Take it bitch, take it!" Steve howled in his orgasm.

"OH Yeah baby, on your face yes! On your face!"

Steve pulled my face out his groin and held it close to his crotch with one hand; with the other he rubbed his still ejaculating penis all over my face. His ejaculate shot across my cheeks and landed on my eyelashes, a string of hot semen running across my face. Another spurt shot against my lips and up my nose. I felt stream after stream of semen scald my face and start to run down my neck. The thick gobbets of milky come smeared my cheeks, nose and lips. Looking out my eyes I could hardly see because of the ropes of hot come across my eyelids and lashes.

Steve's orgasm started to subside and he continued to rub his cock all over my face. He smeared his spend all over me, it combined with my lipstick and makeup to make a hot sticky film that covered my face. Steve stepped back and looked down at me, on my knees, may face covered in come, my clothes a mess and makeup mixed with semen, caking my face.

He reached out and grabbed a hand-full of my blonde hair and wiped his cock clean in it.

"Get this useless bitch cleaned up and dressed for Eddie; her night's only just started!" Steve sneered at Carmen as he turned his back and walked away zipping up his fly.

To be continued……………………

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Reply to the comment above, well that's the whole point, paradoxically the unwillingness guilt and conflict just makes the pleasure that much more sweet, maybe you don't get it, if he liked it straightmore...

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Unwanted blowjob

This chapter to be honest I wasn't wasn't even to my liking the character did not enjoy herself at all I could even picture myself as being her, that's what I do I get hot and bothered and become the charactermore...

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