tagErotic HorrorLady of the Night Ch. 05

Lady of the Night Ch. 05


Frankenstein, What a strange choice of literature she picked, yet amazingly accurate. He thought to himself. He saw himself as a monster, but he doubted that she, or anyone else for that matter, noticed that side of him as he kept it hidden from the world. Even Mars had only seen it a few times in his seventy years of service.

He watched her silently for a few minutes before realizing how strange it was for someone from the White Chapel slum to be able to read. Just the fact that a small part of the female ton could read was a miracle. Most women, no matter whether they were high or lowborn, did not have such time for such frivolities.

He found himself wondering, and not for the first time, where she came from and who she really was as he walked over to his desk and pulled out his ledger to work out the household accounts for last month.

He had worked on the accounts for a few hours when he decided that enough was enough. He closed the ledger for the night and watched her. She was still deep within her book, he noticed with a grin, noting on how she was twirling a strand of raven black hair around her finger idly.

She mindlessly adjusted her dress as she turned the page, then seeming to realize that he watching her she looked at him as he sat behind his desk.

"Are you enjoying the book, Ma chère?"

"Yes, the idea she is relating of the loss of innocence is intriguing," then realizing she had said too much she blushed and looked at her feet.

He raised an eyebrow at the grasp of the literature she had and he walked over to her sitting next to her on the settee moving her hair behind her and kissed her neck, "There is more to you than meets they eye isn't there, chère?"

She looked at him, "You could say that Darien," her tone indicated that she did not wish to continue this line of conversation as she resumed reading her book.

"Who are you, Marcille? Are you a witch who has put her spell on me?" He purred into her ear as he nipped her ear.

She smiled looking up from her book her eyes becoming hazy with desire, "I am a witch no more than you are a vampire who has hypnotized me."

He stilled as she said this, and then when he realized she was kidding he walked around and sat beside her in companionable silence happy to just watch her read.

A knock on the door roused him from his observation of the light and shadow on her face, "Entréz," he responded looking toward the door.

Mars walked in and bowed to them, "Milord there is a messenger at the door for you," he said with a discreet glance at Marcille.

Darien got the hint immediately and got up, "I will be back shortly," he said as he walked though the door.

Darien closed the door quietly behind him before he looked at Mars fully.

"What is the matter Mars? I have never seen you so upset," he asked when he saw the look in his Valet's eyes.

Mars shook his head, "You better come and see for yourself, Milord," was all he would say as he led Darien to a seldom-used second study.

Darien followed him into the study and looked around as Mars light a candle.

"What is this about Mars?" He asked with mock urgency.

Mars walked over to a settee that had a blanket on it and pulled it back to reveal a man badly mutilated from multiple stab wounds.

"Is this Davidson?" Darien asked.

"It is Milord."

"What in the nine tiered side of Hades happened to him?" He asked as he bent down to see if the man was still alive.

"It's no use Milord; he was dead when he was found, no more than three miles from here."

"I did not expect such an end for him," Darien said sadly, "He was one of our best men."

"Aye, Milord that he was."

"Was there anything found around his body, a note or something?"

"No, Milord. He was discovered just as you see him. I think this was meant as note enough."
"In that case, it is well taken Mars. In the morning, I want you to send a note up to our old friend Benjamin. I want him to get a few of his men posted around here. I would feel more at ease when I am sure she is safe."
"Of course, Milord, I will do it first thing in the morning. Would you like me to have him post a guard on the young Lady as well?"

"No, Mars that will not be necessary. I do not want her to feel like a prisoner here. Just have one of the staff keep an eye on her while I am sleeping. That in combination with guards around the perimeter of the estate should keep her safe enough."

Mars bowed, "As you wish Milord."

Darien smiled then went back into the library where he found Marcille asleep, her head bowed into her book. He smiled and gently removed the book from her hands and set it on the table before he picked her up and carried her up to bed.

After he put her in a nightgown and slipped her beneath the covers, he found himself wondering, again, where this young Lady had come from. She obviously was not bred out of the gutter; her features were too refined for that. He finally acknowledged the fact that he was not going to get any answers from her while she slept, and left the room to go hunt.

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