Lady V Pt. 04


Many thanks to editor Fafhrd Stormwind for his help in making this story an easier read.

Lady V Part #4
The Halloween Party

Diane had asked Lady V and I to judge a costume party at her house on the Saturday just before All Hallows Eve. The invitation had come in early September with some costume guidelines.

The guidelines were interesting. They were, 'As Bare As You Dare, by the Pair, from the Grocery Store'. The first two parts were easy to figure but the last part was explained on the bottom of the invitation.

All costumes, in order to be eligible for the prize money, had to come from the grocery store.

"What an interesting idea" I thought out loud to just myself. I wondered how creative some of these pairs could be.

Lady V, never one to miss a challenge, headed to the grocery store. She didn't even ask me to accompany here or for any input. So, I headed to a different grocery store to compile my own list of suggestions.

You know the drill on grocery stores. To eat healthy, stick to the outside walls. Since I wasn't shopping to eat, I cruised all of the isles. I had a good time with some of the items and excluded lots of others.

I didn't buy anything but did make some comments on my phone's note pad with hopes that I might need them soon.

Nothing happened for several weeks, but the thought of the party rolled through my brain often. It was just days before the party and I asked

Lady V about the costumes.

"Don't worry." she said with a smile. "I've got it covered".

"Well, are you going to share with me?" I replied.

"No. You get to be surprised too. Don't you trust me?" she quizzed.

"Yeah I trust you. I've seen your style and you always look good. Well actually, you look great. So it's not a matter of trust, I was just curious what you had planned and had hoped that you would include me in the planning."

Her smile evaporated and she looked genuinely taken back.

"I am so sorry. I didn't even think. I got so involved, I didn't think of you"

As she spoke, she put her hand on my bicep and looked like she had just lost her puppy.

This was the first time that I can remember that she has ever touched me. I wonder if the ER parking lot incident had anything to do with that. I did get a hug one time but that was it.

She continued," I just assumed that you wouldn't want to be involved in that, but I should have known better. You are a great friend and an anchor that I have grown to rely on. I've just known too many guys that wouldn't even wear a costume to a party let alone a party like this one."

I replied in my best John Wayne imitation voice, "Ah shucks, that's OK, ma'm".

She shot back, "No! It's not OK. I didn't include you to what could have been a fun project for both of us. I think sometimes I just take you for granted." Her disappointment with herself turned very quickly to resolve.

"If you will allow me this total lapse of confidence in you, I will make it up to you, promise. Deal?"

Her extended hand and the confidence in her voice was all it took for me to shake her hand and say,


It was a good day.

Party day had arrived and the weather was typical Phoenix fall evening. The day had been bright and sunny but the fire had gone out of the sun and the rays were just comfortable.

I arrived at the dungeon just ahead of Lady V and the other two couples that were riding with us. We were all nicely dressed and I quietly asked Kim and Dave if they knew what the costumes looked like. Neither one had a clue. They were told the costumes were already at the party.

The rental van was quiet and comfortable as we made our way toward Diane's Scottsdale home. Kim drove and we easily navigated the security gate and pulled up in front of Diane's estate. Real grass and trees. Almost like being back in Seattle.

We walked past two cars in the driveway and Lady V rang the bell.

The gargantuan front door was opened by Frankenstein himself.

He was a seven foot tall character that welcomed us and then invited us inside.

Diane herself, dressed in a smart looking linen outfit arrived and escorted us to the bar where several other well dressed couples sipped their drinks. First name introductions were made all around and the extent of the decorations became evident.

Diane must have spent a small bundle on decorations. They were cool. Spiders of all sizes, webs, skeletons, ghosts and goblins, black cats, pumpkins, corn stocks, you name it, everywhere. The scent of mulled wine hung lightly in the air and I was on sensory overload.

The doorbell chimed and Frankenstein dutifully opened the door and a few minutes later Diane ushered in The Twins.

Identical twins, identical jumpsuits, except one was Safety orange and the other was Safety Lime. Blonde, slender, curvy, cute, and animated as they ,arm in arm, made their way to the bar and accepted the introductions.

They knew the group that was there before us, but we, Lady V, myself, Kim and Nancy, Dave and Mary, were new and they seemed truly happy to make our acquaintances. They were Jennifer and Lynette.

A few minutes later two more couples arrived followed by another couple and three single ladies. Introductions and drinks all around. I was enjoying the party so much that I had forgotten that there was an additional element, the costumes.

Diane used a small brass bell to get everyone's attention. She addressed the festive crowd,

"Welcome to our Halloween party. We're going to change into our costumes now." She paused.

"Remember to eligible for prizes the costumes must have come from the grocery store. Judging will be done by Lady V and her escort Igor.

There will be NO bribing the judges, please."

"There are three categories. Best costume by the pair. Most daring, by the pair, and most creative, by the person. Decision of the judges is final."

"So that everyone has a chance for a grand entrance. We'll change by couples. Frankenstein has everyone's costume in a separate bag.

When I draw your name from the cauldron, get the bag with your name on it from Frankenstein and go down the hall and change. There are hangers for you clothes and closet space to hang them. Use the first or second door on your right."

With that, Diane stepped up to the cauldron and drew out a piece of paper. She unfolded the paper, and read her own name aloud.

She danced up to Frankenstein and was handed an elegant shopping bag with her name attached. She grabbed the bag and headed down the hall.

Frankenstein faced us and said,

"Please continue. Diane will return in a few moments."

The conversations resumed and Diane was moved to the back of my mind until Frank, aka Frankenstein, rang the small brass bell and announced, " Ladies and gentlemen, "May I present, Diane."

She came out of the hall wearing her costume.

It was a very mini length dress made entirely out of small pieces of cardboard boxes. The boxes had been stitched together to form a collage of color and pattern.

Everyone stopped and looked, OOOOd and Ahhhed, and then added a small polite round of applause.

She did a small curtsy and a little blush.

Diane thanked everyone and then stepped up to the cauldron and drew Nancy and Kim's names. They got their bag of costumes from Frank and headed down the hall.

The party resumed and in a few minutes Nancy and Kim returned and were announced by Frank,

"Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Nancy and Kim.

They had a bunch of ZipLoc bags, filled with signs of some sort, tied to strategic places. The OOOOh's and Ahhhhh's, the polite round of applause and Diane stepped up for another name draw.

"Deb, Debra and Debbie". (The three single ladies) They grabbed their drinks, the shopping bag and giggled their way down the hall.

As soon as they had disappeared, Diane drew another name from the cauldron, Lady V and Igor.

"This is going to be interesting", I muttered to myself as I headed toward Frank and Lady V to get our bag of costumes.

Lady V grabbed the bag and headed down the hall and into the first door.

I followed and closed the door. Lady V already had some costume parts out and laying on the bed. She handed me some material and used my arm to turn me around and said, " You face this way and dress and I'll be over here."

Damn, I thought at least I'd get a strip show out of the short one.

I undressed totally and used a hanger for my pants and shirt.

My costume was, a rice bag, a fuck'n rice bag, converted to a vest, skirt (kilt?) and an extra large jockstrap. The waist size was just right, but the tool room was big enough for a donkey dick and a couple of softballs. I guess real friends see you as "Bigger than life".

"OK", I thought kind of out loud,

"At least I'm not stark naked. But that means she isn't either. "

I turned around just as Lady V was facing me and slipping back into her sandals. She was wearing a mini dress that was also made out of an empty California Rice bag. It hung delicately on her little tits and extended down to about an inch below where the crotch of her panties would be. Being over six foot tall, I have a distinct disadvantage for panty spotting on short girls.

"You look good", she said upon straightening up to her full 5' 1" height.

"How do I look?" with palms up and a slight knees to the side dip.

"Hey, you always look good, your dress looks good too." I replied and continued,

"We look like bookends, 'cept I'd hold up more books than you, lightweight."

"Well I've probably read more books than you've ever held up, so give me a break. Are you ready?"

She was right about the books, I was ready to go and she ushered me out the door ahead of her in spite of my attempt at ladies first.

As we approached the end of the hall,

Frank said, in his best Count Dracula type voice," Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Lady V and Igor".

The Ohhhhhhs and Ahhhhhs, the round of applause as we stopped for our fans. Diane approached and said," I love your outfits."

We both replied with a "Thank you".

Diane reached into the cauldron and withdrew another name.

"Jane and Dick". A couple that we had just met.

So I just assumed they were traveling incognito and watched as they headed down the hall with their Macy's Bag.

Now this was the first time that I had seen Diane's costume/dress/apron from the back, and there was no back. It had a collection of cardboard pieces going up around her neck and an elastic piece across her waist in back, but nothing else except the yarn width thong that disappeared down between her sweet cheeks.

The cutout pieces of the front did not fit tightly together either. There were spaces between the squares, circles, triangles and other odd shapes that made up the dress. At second glance it looked almost 50% see-through.

"Nice ass", I muttered to myself without moving my lips.

Hell, you never know who can lip read.

A few minutes Frank announced,

"Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Jane and Dick." Dick and Jane arrived at the doorway and lots of Ohhhs and Ahhhs and clapping for them and their costumes. Fig leaves.

He had one large fig leaf covering his manly items and she had three very small fig leaves covering her treasures.

They smiled, gave each other a kiss and headed for the bar. There must have been glue or something holding up the fig leaves because there was nothing showing on either one's back side.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present Debra, Debbie and Deb".

The three ladies presented themselves to louder than usual reception because they wore only Saran wrap. It must have been only two wraps each around their hips and less around the boobies.

Turning front to back with hands up and out, they made quite an appealing sight. The Saran wrap hid nothing and the ladies were worth looking at. I was in love, times three.

Lady V had moved over to the bar and was refilling her wine when I noticed the back of her dress. If I leaned way down, I could almost see the bottoms of her ass cheeks, even from my height.

Since everybody was watching the three Debs, I nonchalantly moved over behind Lady V and bent over and lifted up the hem of her skirt.

NO panties. Nice ass.

I raised it up a bit further and she turned her head towards me and said,

" Is there something that you want?"

"Yes, I need to check and see what's under the rice bag." I said.

"You could just ask", she scolded.

"Yeah you're right, but some things a guy just needs to find out for himself."

As I continued to raise the back of her dress, she stood there, motionless, with a decanter in one hand and a half filled glass of wine in the other.

Way up at the top of her cute crack there was evidence of a minimal thong. It was light colored and did not show through the rice bag dress. I let the dress drop and stood up.

"Are you satisfied?" she said with a slight smile.

"From the back, what does the front look like?" I quizzed.

"I think you've already seen that part so don't push your luck, fella. Go keep your eyes on the Saran wrap ladies. They're much more interesting." She was smiling.

"Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Jennifer and Lynette" Frank's voice was an end to our conversation. The Twins appeared and were stunning. Flapper dresses, silver flapper dresses and one of them had on a Safety Orange wig and the other had a Safety Lime Green wig. And, they had sandals that matched their wigs. A couple of dance steps from that era, Charleston, Lindy I don't know, and I was in love again, times two.

I was going to enjoy a closer look at these two beauties for the judging.

The usual Ohhh's and "Ahhh's and a cheery round of applause. The dresses hung from around their necks and scooped into a back that was too narrow to cover any underwear or the top of their sweet cheeks.

Diane got ahead of me on the name draw and soon Frank said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present Leslie and Ron.

They were in Bikinis. Not very big ones either, but I couldn't tell what they were made of. His was more like a posing pouch and hers was just a couple of straps that held her pussy lips together.

He was trimmed really well and she had spent time with her Lady Gillette. Her top triangles just, I mean just covered her nipples.

The usual crowd response and almost immediately, Frank announced, "Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present Rhonda and Tim."

Rhonda was a short cute nicely curved blonde with a sweet smile and Tim was a bit taller and very muscular. They had matching black chaps, and vests that started life as plastic trash bags. They had used the drawstring tops of the bags to hold their chaps on.

Their modesty was preserved by some kind of mini stretch shorts. She had enough tit for two girls and they were almost covered by her cowboy style vest. One or both nipples always seemed to be peeking out to be viewed.

Frank, "Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Nikki and Brad."

Their costumes were, diapers, Pampers or Depends , I'm not much of an authority on that particular article from the grocery store. She had baby bottle nipples covering her nipples. There must have been some glue in there someplace too.

Decision of the Judges is Final

All of the guests were in their costumes and Lady V and I had the challenging task of choosing the winners for the costume prizes.

Diane announce three categories.

Best costume by the pair.

Most daring, by the pair, and most creative, by the person.

We were asked to have our selections made by 10:30 as a couple of the guests had to leave early.

We checked with Jane and Dick, they actually were Richard and Jane, and ask about the source of their Fig Leaves. They admitted that they were not from the grocery store and had no interest in the prize money, but did ask if it were possible to receive "honorable Mention", in the category of Most Daring.

Lady V said, "We'll see how things go."

Aside, I said to Lady V, "We could give every category an Honorable Mention, so that every couple or person is a winner of some sort."

She seemed to think that was a good idea, so we proceeded with that as our goal.

Rhonda and Tim were next to be interviewed, with their chaps and vests. It was quite clever how they had fashioned their "Cowboy/girl" portions. Those nicely shaped tits just kept showing out from the too small vest that Rhonda made no attempt to pull closed.

Their modesty covers had also come from the grocery store, but they were both Ladies style under ware, so Tim's cock and balls were scrunched up against his pelvis and showed as a huge bulge. He said that he spent most of the evening suffering from a hard-on causing his dick to just peer out of the top of the waist band. Rhonda apparently didn't help matters because she would reach down and tease his cock when she saw it getting soft.

Deb, Debra and Debbie were my vote for Most Daring by the pair, Ok so there were three of them, so what. They were happy to model their outfits and I was happy to look. Debra and Debbie were their real names and Martha assumed the name of Deb for the night just to be part of the D cup Team.

Nancy and Kim's ZipLoc bags were hanging on their fronts and her tits were easily viewed from the sides.

Her triangle tops had Condensed Milk labels inside and her other triangle had a Soft as Silk banner showing.

Kim's front had a Hot Dog label and both of their backsides had Buns.

The twins had the Flapper dresses. Lynette, had the Lime Green Wig and sandals so that was easy to remember her and Jennifer's wig and sandals were Safety Orange. Their dresses were made from cheese cloth and Cheetos bags that were turned inside out and cut to resemble fringe. The bags were then sown onto the cheesecloth. The mylar was too easily blown up, so there was a dot of glue on the bottom of each strip to weight it down. I wondered what the fuck they did with all of those Cheetos.

Upon close inspection, I could see the floor through the crack in Jennifer's shapely ass cheeks.

Lynette quietly said, "After you've announced the winners, come back and talk with me OK?" She put her hand on my forearm.

Clever lady, she knows the old adage about guys," I see and I forget, I touch and I remember."

I nodded and said, " I'd love to". I lightly touched her hand as I left to find Lady V.

We handed the list of winners and honorable mentions to Diane and I sought out Lady Lime Lynette.

She said that she needed some air, so we went outside by the pool, we sat on a concrete seat and she began, " I'm going to tell you about my favorite color and that will tell you something about me. And then I'd like you to do the same for me. That way we can get to know each other without just asking questions. OK?"

I said, "Sounds like a great way to start."

"My favorite color is Orange. The Orange that glows in the western sky at sunset, you know, the one on the Arizona Highways magazine." I have lived in Arizona all of my life and always, as a kid , thought the evening sky was so pretty. The evening was also a quiet time of the day and I loved it.

She stopped, and looked at me with a sweet smile.

"It must be my turn, so I want to tell you that my favorite color. Blue, not just any shade though, the Blue that is the planet Earth as seen from space. Now the white is part of the color combination , but my favorite is Earth Blue as seen from space. I shoulda been a pilot."

I paused and looked at her,

"My favorite place is...

"My favorite season is...

"My favorite movie is....

" I want to go to......

" I lost my husband.....

" I have two super grandkids....

We went back and forth for what seemed like an eternity and yet time passed quickly, until she slowly and deliberately reached up and cupped the back of my neck, stretched up and kissed me on the lips.

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