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Lalitha My Next Door Aunty


Dear Friends,

This is my first story in literotica.com. I am regular Member & Reader of this site for the past10 years. I never had an idea to write the story. Suddenly I want to change my attitude and I am going to write a real story and to entertain all I am going to write my real experience with my next-door Aunty. Though this is my First Story in this Site Please adjust if any Grammatical Mistakes.

I am ram and my age is 24 at that time. I use to go to my office by 10 and I will return by 5.30. Being working in a Local Area I use to return early to my home. In my adjacent House one Aunty came from Andhra and they had one Kid. Her name is Lalitha.

And Her Husband is working in a Private Concern he goes to office in the morning and he will return in the night sometimes-even midnight and they had a Huge Gap of 12 years in between them. That is the Only Place where I had Luck.

Halo Guys One thing I forget to tell about her. She had a Curling Hair. She had a Nice Eye brows. She always wears Sari. At that time her age is 28 and she look like 18 and she had a nice pair of Boobs and she looks terrific. She had a Excellent figure and I never seen such a Beautiful Married Lady.

Daily I use to cross Her House and her Kid will say halo and some time bye. This is my usual thing. But I had fear in approaching her. Though her Baby is close to me and she use to talk with my Mother.

Being a Neighbor I use to say Halo but my Inner feelings says "Be Ready Man- If U get a Chance Never Miss to Fuck". This is only thing my Mind says whenever I see her.

I don't have courage to talk with her directly so I made a plan instead of saying halo I asked where is your Husband and what time he will come to Home and what is her Holidays. And she replied and suddenly she asked what for u require those details.

I said simply I asked how you are spending your leisure time. After two days I asked whether u have any contact number. She gave her land-line Number.

After one week I contacted her but I don't have courage to talk with her. After two or three calls I said halo this is ram and she said I know that u r the only person who called me for the past two days and without speaking u r keeping the phone.

Then gradually we started talking and that evening she went for one Marriage reception and in that sari she looked like an Angel and I said that to her she is looking More Beautiful but I didn't get any reply from her. Further we had a break of three four days.

After fourth day she called my mobile and said Halo. It's a Big surprise for me and I got little bit of courage to proceed. After One week she said she is not fully satisfied with her Husband and her Sexual Life is Quite Boring. Suddenly I replied Please give me once Chance and try some thing different with me and then you can have a Happy & Sexy Life. After Long argument she agreed and she said she will allow me for only one time.

On that day, after her Husband left she called me and said Baby is sleeping u can come. And I went to her Home in the Morning 10 clock and I checked anyone is seeing. After entering her home she closed the Main door. Immediately I hugged her and placed the kiss on her Neck.

We have been kissing for almost ten minutes like a newly married couples. She is kissing me like an Wild Animal Though she is married and I am new to this. I don't know how to control and my tool. It stands like a Pole.

I removed her sari and Kissed on her Boobs over her Blouse. She had a different feeling and almost she is frozen with my activities. I removed all the clothes from her Body and she is Naked in front of me.

I am seeing she had neatly shaven her Pussy. For a second I don't know what to do. Now she starts undressing me. Now I kissed all over her Body except her Pussy. Where I placed my index finger and tickling. She is holding my tool and she giving the jerks and moving the foreskin front and back. I am in heaven. After fifteen minutes I mad her lie in the Bed and I have placed my head in between her Legs.

Now I started licking, kissing, and doing all the thing with my Tongue on her Pussy. She lost the Control and she started moaning. Suddenly she holded my Head tightly and she jerked and her pussy started pouring. I have licked all the liquid and I am keeping my head in the Pussy entrance. I can see the Satisfied feeling in her face. Still she is holding my Cock in her palm. And she is playing.

Now its her turn and she kept my tool in her mouth I can explode anytime but she is not in a position to hear this. Suddenly I cant control my urges and I came heavily in her Mouth she dranked all the cum and she said this is the first time I keeping the tool in my mouth and drinking the cum. She never had the tool of her Husband in her Mouth. This wording gave me more energy and I am ready for the second round.

Being a learner I am ready for the Next round and she is also ready and I placed my tool in the entrance of her pussy and it is like an hot oven. She holded me tightly with her Legs and I am fucking and increasing the speed.

Nearly it went for 20 minutes being the second time I am continuously fucking her in all the positions and finally I said I want to fuck from the back and she also agreed and I placed my tool in the entrance of the pussy and it went like an knife and keep fucking for the next 5 minutes and suddenly I got lot of pressure and I am going to explode and she also came for the 3rd time and we both came simultaneously and placed my fully body weight on her and I was very tired and I hugged her and I stayed in the bed for another one hour.

I stayed in the house till eight o'clock in the night and left to my home. Within that I fucked her 3 more times and exhausted.

After that Her Husband got a Railway Job and they left the Place and Settled in Chennai.

This is my real time Story how I fucked Lalitha my next-door Aunty. Based on your feedback only I am going to write further stories. Yours.

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by Anonymous09/24/17

Did she have hair in her pits? How was the smell? You could elaborate.

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