tagMind ControlLandlord Wants Sex Slaves

Landlord Wants Sex Slaves


My next story will be "How to Use Erotic Hypnosis" and will be in the How To category. Enjoy this story and vote. Fives are appreciated MH

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My name is Mike Black. It was now two years since I was divorced and I was frustrated. The mating game was too difficult. I decided I had to do something to help my sex life. I was a master hypnotist and I would use my talents. I bought a large house near the university and advertised for roomers. The house had seven bed rooms and a master suite. I had the master suite and I could use the rooms as bait. I intentionally made the price very low and indicated that graduate students were preferred and I especially wanted people who followed rules and were very neat.

I figured that would do two things. Rule followers tend to be better hypnosis subjects and the neatness issue might attract more women. I intended to have mostly women. I was going to have a house full of sex slaves.

I decided that I would be up front with my interest in hypnosis. With the cheap rent I could set my terms. The first applicant was a man. His name was Harry Schmidt. . He was a good looking math major who was struggling to get a masters degree and teach in junior collage.

"Your rent is so much lower than everybody else, is there a catch?"

"As long as you asked, yes. I am trying to become a hypnotist and I want my tenants to agree to let me practice on them."

"Well. I guess that will be okay."

"I need to check to see if you can be hypnotized. Is that okay?"

"Sure, I guess so."

"First, sit in that chair and relax every muscle in your body. Now I am going to count to twenty five. With each number your trance will go deeper. As your trance deepens your left arm will rise." I decided it would be interesting to have a man, but only if he was a perfect subject. So I gave him the ultimate test to see if he could be quickly enslaved. His arm started to come up in fits. That was what happens if he is a good subject. Now I will wake him and see what he knows.

"Harry, when I count to three you will wake from a deep trance feeling terrific. You will tell me everything you remember from your trance. You will remain under my control and go into an even deeper trance when I tell you to. One two three."

He woke up and looked around. "I feel terrific, what did you do. I don't remember anything."

So far so good. Now for the final test. "Harry, go into a trance." He closed his eyes and his whole body became limp.

"Harry, take your clothes off. You will remain under my complete control, even when you are awake. Do you understand?"

"Yes." He then took off his clothes. He obviously did not work out. His penis was small and tucked into his testicles. He had a slight paunch.

"Harry, how is your sex life?"

"I have a girl friend and we have sex at least once a week."

"What is her name?"


"At your first opportunity bring her here and tell her that she will feel wonderful if I hypnotize her. Do you understand? Can you do that?"

"Yes, if I get the room." I had him get dressed and woke him up.

"We have a deal. When do you want to move in?"

"Probably on the weekend."

"That will be fine."

My next applicant was a woman of about thirty five who was a reentry person. She was working toward a doctorate in sociology. She was perfect for me, if she was a good subject. I would take more time with her. I wanted her. Her name was Alice Green. Like everyone would, she asked me why the rent was so low.

"I am rich and don't need the money. I want to be a hypnotist and I am looking for potential subjects. I figured offering cheap lodging would attract people. I just rented a room to a man named Harry Schmidt. Do you know him?"

I mentioned Harry because that would make everything seem less sexual. "No, I don't know him. Hypnosis, that is kind of scary. Can you make me do things I don't want to do?"

"Oh, no. You know that every book says that people can't be made to do what they don't want to do." I said that with a totally straight face.

"I'm just a beginner and I am sure that I wouldn't be able to do much anyway. I am hoping to get better. I want to be an entertainer."

"If I am willing, what do we do next?"

"I have been given a test to determine whether people can be good subjects. I will try it on you. If it works, I will offer you a room."

"All right. We can at least try that. I'm still not sure."

"Sit in that chair and let your whole body relax. Think of nothing and just listen to my voice. As I speak your trance will get deeper as your mind remains blank. You will almost be in a coma. A very comfortable coma. Your head will feel very heavy and fall forward."

I kept on talking. As I talked her head started to fall forward. Soon her chin was touching her chest. I checked her eyes and they were rolled up. "Your head is on your chest and you cannot lift it."

That was another test for deepness. If she moved her head she flunked. She did not move her head. "You are feeling very warm, incredibly warm."

She was wearing jeans and a university sweatshirt. She started to squirm. I kept making it hotter and hotter without any instructions a to what to do about it. Finally, she pulled her sweatshirt out and fanned her self with the edges. "Take the sweatshirt off?"

She quickly did. I made it warmer yet. She was obviously uncomfortable. I told her that her bra straps were burning her. Then I told her to take her bra off. She did. Her breasts were medium size and slightly sagging. Very nice to look at. I had her get her clothes back on. "You are feeling wonderful. Better than you can remember. When I count to three you will wake up If I say coma to you, you will go into an even deeper trance. One two three."

She woke up. "I feel wonderful and strange. What did you do to me?"

"I hypnotized you. Was it okay?"

"I don't know, I don't remember."

"Coma." She collapsed.

"When I wake you, you will remember that you were hypnotized and your body was made completely limp. More limp than you have ever experienced.. You will not think of or remember anything else."

I woke her. "I remember now, I was very limp. That's strange. How often will this happen?"

"Maybe once a week."

"All right, I need a room and this is nice and the price is right. Can I move in tomorrow?"

We completed the arrangements.

I quickly saw three other people who did not pass my criteria. The fourth person was a twenty something woman who was very attractive. Her name was Sally West. She was interested in hypnosis herself. She asked me if she could watch some of my sessions. I told her yes, if she turned out to be a good candidate.

I went through the same routine as I did with Alice. When I got to the heat I changed it. She seemed to be an extraordinary subject.

"You are feeling very hot, your whole body is very hot. Your vagina is very hot and dripping. You are feeling aroused. Being hypnotized arouses you. You like to have a man in control of you. How do you feel?"

"Hot and horny."

"Take your clothes off."

She quickly did. "Do you want me to fuck you?"


I took my pants off and approached her with my pole sticking out. I was fairly large. "Open your eyes and stick my pole into you."

She was sitting on the chair and I was leaning over her. She took my cock and directed it into her dripping cunt. I pushed in and she immediately started to contract around my cock. She was cuming already. I kept pumping through her first orgasm. After a few minutes she started up again and we came together. She would definitely do. I woke her.

"How do you feel?"

"Like I just had sex. What did you do to me?"

"We had sex and you loved it. Do you want a room?"

She smiled. "Yes."

I quietly relaxed and we did the paperwork.

I now had filled three of my seven rooms. I realized that may be enough for awhile.

The three of them moved in that week. I explained that I had decided that three was all I wanted at first. I invited them all to a Sunday brunch. I got food and made a buffet in the large dining room. I had eggs and fish and pastries. It was very nice. When the four of us were through eating, I spoke up. "I would like to practice my hypnosis now, if that is all right." It was still before noon and they all agreed. I realized that in the future I should precondition them to make sure they would be available.

I also realized I gave Alice and Harry different key words and none for Sally. Little problems I would solve. They would go under by induction anyway.

We all went into the living room. I had the chairs arranged so we could all sit around and see each other. After we were seated I asked them all to close their eyes and relax. I told Alice to go into a coma and Harry a trance. "Sally I want you to count down to twenty five, when you get there you will be in an even deeper trance than last time."

She followed instructions and was soon as limp as a dish rag. "All of you, I am going to waken you. You will feel terrific. When ever I tell you to sleep, you will go into an even deeper trance. You will be under my complete control and that will make you feel very secure and comfortable. You will do everything I tell you, even if you are not in a trance. You will not remember anything but that you were hypnotized and you feel good."

I woke them. "How do you all feel?" I was most concerned about Alice.

Harry said, "I feel terrific. That's a real upper you deliver." I was glad he went first.

Alice was next. "I don't know. I feel good, but I feel unsettled. Like I am losing control."

Sally was last. "She spoke with a twinkle in her voice and her eyes. I also feel like I am losing control and I love it."

I had to work on Alice. "Harry and Sally you can leave, I want to talk with Alice."

They wandered off. "Alice, sleep " She slumped.

" What are you thinking about?"

"I don't know. I am afraid of losing control."

"Have you ever made love with anyone?"

"Yes, only once."

"Why only once?"

"I was afraid he only wanted my body and he left me when I wouldn't make love when he wanted to. I have never tried again."

"Do you want to have sexual release?"

"I don't think about it."

"From now on you will be under my complete control. You will do what I tell you without thought. Doing that will make you feel good and satisfied. You will not be afraid. I will not leave you. Do you understand?"


"Take your clothes off." She would either do it or she would wake up in a panic. I was betting that, deep down, she wanted to be controlled.

She stood up and took off her sweat suit and underwear. She was now naked. Just then, Sally wandered in. "I told you I wanted to watch. I thought that's what you were doing. I want to play, too." She walked up to Alice who was now standing quietly and felt her cunt.

"My, my, it's sopping wet." That was interesting. I hadn't suspected that.

"Are you going to fuck her? I want you to fuck me."

"Sally, sleep." She collapsed. I needed Harry. "Alice don't move."

I went looking for Harry. He was in the kitchen drinking a soda. "Harry, follow me."

He followed me into the den. "Harry, go to sleep and then take all of your clothes off. Stay in a trance and stand up." Harry took all of his clothes off. "Alice. I want you to make love with Harry. Harry, lay on the floor, face up. Alice, wake up and remain in a trance. Suck his penis until it gets hard. Then put it into your vagina. Harry is a nice man and it will feel very good."

She went over to Harry and knelt next to him. She gently took his shriveled penis and leaned over and began sucking it. "Harry I want you to wake up and remain in a trance."

Harry began to react to Alice's amateur sucking. He extended to about five and a half inches. Alice seemed surprised. "Alice, now you will sit on Harry and put his penis in your vagina." I kept waiting for her to wake up screaming. It didn't happen.

Alice did it. She sat on Harry's soft stomach and guided his erect penis into her vagina. Without being told, she moved up and down his little pole. "Alice, that feels very good. You will have an orgasm when I tell you to." She kept it up for several minutes. Harry was starting to pant. "You may both cum now." Harry shot into her and she made little humming noises as she bounced up and down.

"Sleep, both of you. Sally wake up and stay in a trance." As if it made a difference. She stood up and looked at Harry and Alice. "So that's what you did while I was gone. Now fuck me"

She began to take her clothes off. "How about fucking Harry?"

"I'll do whatever you tell me, but I want you."

I took my clothes off. "I want to fuck you in the ass. Take the position."

She put her head on the floor and stuck her butt in the air. I pushed my cock into her cunt to moisten it and then pushed into her ass. She pushed back against me. She was cuming as soon as I entered her. She came twice while I was pumping. On her second orgasm, I came. I could get addicted to this.

"All of you, remain in a trance and wake up and stand up." They all stood up.

"From now on you will call me Master when we are alone with each other. You will always do everything I tell you and doing so will make you feel terrific, like now. You all feel terrific, right?" They all said yes.

"Harry, you were going to bring Loretta over. When can you do that?"

"I'll bring her over tonight."

"Alice are you feeling better?"

"Yes, Master, I am feeling very good." I was right about her. I also suspect she liked Harry.

"Sally, you will start sleeping with me at night."

"Yes, Master."

"Alice you will make breakfast for the group and Harry, you will clean up. That's it until tonight. Have a good day everybody." Harry and Alice picked up their clothes and wandered off. Sally came over to me and hugged me.

"I will like sleeping with you."

That night Harry came home with a mousy looking women. Loretta was about twenty four and thin with wispy hair. I suspected that with work she could be very attractive. Right now she just looked mousy in loose fitting jeans and sweater.

"Mike, this is Loretta. I told her that you could hypnotize her and help her sleep at night."

"Hi, Loretta. Do you have trouble sleeping at night?"

She had a musical voice. "I don't think I sleep at all. I always wake up tired."

"Do you live alone?"

"No, I live with roommates. That may be part of he problem. They never go to bed. I go to bed and lay there and listen to them." "Loretta, stand up. Make your whole body totally stiff." She did.

"As I tilt you, you will go into a deep trance, it will become a very peaceful trance when I have you relax your muscles. Until I tell you make them stiffer and stiffer." As I tilted her I felt her stomach. It was as stiff as oak. She was already under my control. "Limp, now!" She became like a limp noodle. I caught her in my arms. Her head, arms and legs dangled. I placed her on a chair.

"You are now under my total control. I control everything about you. I could stop your breathing. Tonight you will sleep the entire night and wake up totally refreshed. You will remain under my control and you will not remember being hypnotized. If I tell you to do something your mind will treat it as your idea. You will not be able to refuse anything I command. When you wake up you will feel terrific. You will remain under my complete control. If I tell you to sleep, you will again become totally limp. You can wake up."

She woke up. "I feel terrific."

"Loretta, let me see you naked?"

"Right here?"

"Yes." She proceeded to take her clothes off. She had a nice body, hidden by the loose clothes. Her breasts were small and well formed and her hips were slim and shapely. The hair on her pussy was trimmed and neat. This was a woman who looked her best naked.

"Harry, could you come here?"

He came in. He looked at Loretta and did not seem surprised. "Harry, I am going to fuck Loretta. Loretta, Lay on the floor so I can fuck you." She lay down and raised her knees in the missionary position. I remembered what I told Sally. At my age, I would never be able to service Sally. "Harry, you do it instead of me."

I walked out as Harry was taking his clothes off. Loretta would make the most obedient sex slave. She had a huge need to be dominated. I would tell her to move in the house. I waited a few minutes and walked into the den. Harry was still pumping Loretta. She was not doing much. "Loretta, move your hips against Harry. Increase the friction." She did as I said. Soon Harry shot into her and promptly pulled out. Quite the lover. Loretta lay there unfulfilled.

"Harry, lick Loretta's clit, until she cums."

He stared for a moment. Obviously he never did such a thing. He bent between her legs and started licking. Now Loretta reacted. She moved her hips against his mouth. He kept licking and she started bucking her hips. Soon she was screaming noises. "Harry, you can stop now."

He was clueless how to tell if Loretta came. I suspect it never happened. "Loretta, I want you to move into this house. You can stay for free." She was laying on the floor gulping air. She just nodded. I had Harry take Loretta to gather her things.

It was getting late and I went to my suite. A naked Sally awaited me. She was too easy. I liked a challenge. What could I do with her that would be a challenge? I suspected that she would walk naked in a museum, if I told her. Her motivation was different from Loretta. She didn't care about being controlled, she liked the excitement and the sex. If I controlled her and never gave her the thrills she craved, eventually she would not respond. She wanted me to provide exciting sex without her having to make any of the decisions. This way her family values could not interfere with her sexual desires.

"Sally, I want you to lick my ass hole."

She proceeded to give me a very nice licking. I heard Harry and Loretta returning. "Sally go get Loretta and bring her in here. Tell Harry that I said he should go to bed."

She quickly went out and got Loretta. She was still naked. "Here is Loretta, Harry went to bed."

Loretta looked alarmed. Sally had her by her arm and was practically dragging her. "Hello, Loretta. Relax and strip."

She looked momentarily startled and then took her clothes off. "Sally, put her on the bed and lick her cunt. Make her cum."

Sally was not gay. I had hit on the thing that would test my control. She pulled Loretta by the arm and pushed her down on the bed. She spread Loretta's legs and proceeded to eat her. At first Loretta did not respond. But, soon, she began to gyrate her hips. This might be her second orgasm today or ever. I took my clothes off while Sally was working. I went behind Sally and pushed my cock into her exposed cunt. She gasped and licked harder. She pushed back against me as I pumped. I also massaged her clit as I pumped. Soon her vagina walls were contracting around my cock. She was furiously pushing against me. Loretta must have reacted to the events because she came at that moment. She actually squirted Sally.

"Loretta, you and Sally will sleep with me tonight." I went to sleep between the two women. It was a wonderful feeling.

We woke up to the smell of breakfast. Loretta and Sally were both hugging me. Sally had her hand on my cock. I felt Loretta's cunt to see if it was wet. I felt like some variety before breakfast. When I touched it and poked inside it started to get moist. I played with her clit for a while and then mounted her. Sally watched. "Sally, lick her breasts while I fuck her."

Loretta was reacting to me. She was moving her hips in rhythm to my motions. I kept pumping for several minutes while Sally licked her erect nipples. "Loretta I want you to have an orgasm" With that she came as I shot into her.

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