tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLapdancing Girlfriend Ch. 03

Lapdancing Girlfriend Ch. 03


Author's Note: It is recommended to read the previous chapters of this story if you have not done so already to better understand the storyline and characters...

The next morning Jen reluctantly asked Dan to help pick out her outfit for the evening. Mr. DeWight fucking her the night before last was a 'big elephant' in the room between them. She and Dan were trying to act like it was a typical day, doing what they always did, and one of their morning rituals was Dan helping Jen pick out clothes for work.

Outwardly she appeared fine, but inwardly her mind was in disarray as her thoughts kept drifting to the other night.

Although being drugged without her knowledge defended how things progressed to that point, she could not deny how aroused she had been when it taken place. What bothered her most was not the act itself, as it could be explained by the drug and her lowered inhibitions, it was how her hips had eagerly met Mr. DeWight's thrusts; the incredible sensation of his large cock spreading and filling her so completely; and how she had orgasmed at least three times from his use of her. Jen could not help but feel guilty for cheating on Dan, regardless of how he had told her it was not her fault.

She had expressed her concerns to Mary—somebody who had way more experience with drugs than Jen—who explained it was a common effect of Ecstasy to revel in then sensations of others touching you, one of the reasons it was used in raves so often. Mary had confessed allowing complete strangers to feel her up at parties when high on the drug, thinking nothing odd about it at the time. In some cases she said her arousal had been almost uncontrollable. Yet even with that explanation Jen could not help but feel guilty.

Dan usually enjoyed the process of picking out Jen's outfits for work. Although he did not like her stripping to begin with, it gave him some meager control on how she presented herself. Instead of her dressing up to seduce other men, he was picking out a sexy outfit to show her off to them. It was a fine line of distinction, but worked for them and was the least Jen could do for Dan to feel more comfortable about her job. Dan had offered to help and was making the attempt; however, she could tell he was reserved for the same reasons she herself was subdued.

As Dan went through Jen's outfits the thought of selecting something for her to look sensual in front of Chuck dampened his spirits. His mind flashed back to watching as Chuck manipulated Jenny into dancing nude for a table dance, even suggesting she allow customers to grope her. Then there was the ultimate humiliation of watching Chuck—his childhood rival and nemesis—taking Jenny into one of the VIP rooms 'for a talk,' where he had ended up fucking her.

He had been heart-stricken, but could not deny how erotic the sight had been seeing Jen used in such a fashion. When they arrived home that night, in a mixture of anger, sadness, loss, and arousal he had fucked her relentlessly until both had fallen asleep from exhaustion.

The next day they both wondered if their relationship was over until receiving a call from John, one of the bartenders at the club. John confided to them how Chuck had instructed him to spike Jen's drinks with a powder he was told contained vitamins and electrolytes to prevent the girls from getting dehydrated; however, he believed it was most likely Ecstasy, making Jen amendable to Chuck's manipulations of her.

It took the blame completely off Jen and turned it right back onto Chuck.

In Chuck's defense—playing Devil's Advocate in his mind—he did not know Dan and Jen even knew each other, let alone were engaged and soon to be married. Chuck was at fault for drugging one of his workers and sexually assaulting her, but he had not done it to spite Dan. It was Dan's fault for not speaking up and putting a stop to things. He felt he was more to blame than Jen for things getting out of hand, as she had the excuse of being drugged unknowingly. Chuck could legally be accused of date rape; however, Jen refused to even think about it. Dan finally agreed, remembering Jen's moans—definitely not those of somebody being used against her will. It would only be hearsay about her being drugged anyways.

No, Dan felt completely responsible. He had never being able to stand up to Chuck; even as Chuck manipulated Jen right in front of him he had been too weak-willed to say anything.

Deep in the back of Dan's mind he wondered even if Chuck had known Jen was his fiancée if that would have stopped him, recalling how in college Dan's relationship with girls had not prevented Chuck sleeping with them. He had wondered if Chuck purposely went after girls he was interested in; however, Chuck had always claimed innocence when Dan had accused him of it. He did not voice his concern with Jen, as she had enough to worry about, but it was still something deep in his mind he could not shake.

Yet the situation of his fiancée sleeping with his rival was not their biggest concern, which showed the seriousness of their troubles. After using Jen to his depraved satisfaction, Chuck had further manipulated her into signing an employment contract.

For most exotic dancers, including Jen and the other girls at the Satin Kitty, they were classified as 'independent contractors,' paying the club a fee to dance, sometimes giving the house an additional percentage of their tips as well, with the rest being their take-home earnings. The problem with this system was it being based entirely on tips—sometimes there were good nights, other times there were bad nights. On a good night with a convention in town, Jen could come home with almost a thousand dollars; however, on a slow night she was lucky to break even after paying the house fee.

Chuck's company—Divine Silk Attractions, Inc., or DSA for short—used a different model, actually employing the girls as salaried 'professional entertainers.' As such, the girls were asked to sign legal contracts dictating their work requirements and so forth. They were given the choice of signing and remaining at the club as a DSA employee or packing their things and leaving; however, Chuck purchasing both clubs in the area limited where they could look for jobs elsewhere. For most of the girls the club was their primary income, so they had little choice but to sign.

Being contractual employees had some positive benefits, such as the ability to provide the girls with better job security, medical and dental insurance, and other benefits of full-time employment; however, these were overshadowed by the disadvantages. One of the biggest concerns by the girls was as fulltime employees they had to pay taxes; the money they earned was no longer 'under the table' so all of their earnings were now on file to the IRS. Several girls were worried they would actually be earning less.

In addition, as independent contractors the girls had the freedom to work or even quit anytime they wanted, as well as set some of their own conditions for working at the club. Jen already had plans of quitting once Dan had earned enough in commissions to pay for their upcoming marriage and her going to school for a better job. Now she was contractually obligated to dance at the club unless she could talk Chuck into letting her go. Being legal contracts of employment, quitting the club was now more involved than just walking into his office and telling him she quit.

Although the contract made it difficult for Jen quit, that was not what was causing Dan concerns. As broker for the two clubs Chuck purchased, Dan had been privy to investigative reports performed by his real estate to verify legitimacy of perspective buyers and prevent issues stopping a sale. The reports outlined how Divine Silk Attractions, Inc. was a full adult entertainment business with investments not only in strip clubs, but a full production line of pornographic movies, websites, and magazines.

Even worse, included in the investigations were several summaries of police reports alleging the company of illegal activities such as drug trafficking and prostitution. The reports suggested girls may have been forced into more than stripping at clubs; however, since the company had never been taken to court, it was considered hearsay and only mentioned briefly, their mention only in regards to possible financial litigations against the company.

With plans for their wedding underway, as well as the bad blood between Dan and Chuck, not to mention Chuck's recent usage of Jen, the hint of further impropriety due to illegal contractual obligations was the final straw. It was imperative for her to quit so they could move forward with their lives away from Charles DeWight III.

Jen had tried to talk to Chuck yesterday to get out of the contract; however, when she arrived at the club for practice, she had discovered him out of town for the day, but that was not the worst discovery. Reinforcing the girls' anxiety about the contracts binding them to work, Chuck had left instructions stating any girls on site during the day had to perform for the construction workers renovating the club!

Normally afternoons were spent leisurely practicing their routines and getting guidance from Jen, who had taken several pole dancing fitness classes. She was the best dancer at the club and as all the girls got along, they were all thankful of Jen's assistance as was she in giving it. What was originally planned to be a routine day of light practice instead resulted in a full day of performing.

It was bad enough for Jen who had the day off and had shown up merely to practice; however, a couple of the girls were scheduled to work that evening so were being required to perform a double shift.

Typically in such situations the girls could have refused; however, due to their binding contracts as professional entertainers, refusal would result in heavy fines none of them could afford.

Making matters worse, Chuck had left additional instructions requiring each girl to earn $300.00 in tips before they could leave! Customarily the girls' earnings included both tips and a percentage of miscellaneous house amenities—table and lap dances, proceeds from customers buying them overpriced drinks, and so forth. The demand for the girls to make that much in tips alone on an afternoon was more than some girls earned in an evening.

After the initial shock of the demands wore off, they decided to pool their tips in the hopes of being able to end the impromptu performance early enough for the girls working that evening to have some time off. The guys working at the club had even offered to pitch in, but the girls took Mr. DeWight's request as a personal challenge, refusing to accept any assistance.

Then the final outrageous demand came when Jen was told being the club's "spokesmodel," she had a different set of standards and was required to earn $500.00 in tips. Although the girls were pooling their money, it was still a blatant reminder of how the contract was binding her in ways she had not predicted.

It was not until the girls walked onto the stage they realized one complication of their predicament. Earning such an amount requested by Mr. DeWight would not have been an issue on a normal evening, as customers expected to pay money in the first place; however, these were constructions workers on a job, so none of the girls knew if they could even make that amount, even if house fees WERE included in the total amount, as few people carried around so much money without expecting to spend it.

Dan was not sure of the particulars other than Jen had said the girls had made the required amount. He knew they must have worked hard, as when Jen had returned home looking like she had worked a full night of dancing.

Although tired, she was also incredibly horny, practically ravishing him in the doorway. Dan had not thought anything unusual in this, as Jen sometimes came home turned on from all the attention from guys, although last night she was insatiable. It was an incredible evening of sex, and Dan would have thought nothing else of it if not for one glaring problem. Even now standing in Jen's closet in front of her clothes he could not forget his astonishment, while Jen vigorously rode his cock on the couch, of seeing a fresh bruise in the shape of a handprint over her left breast!

Wiping the image yet again from his mind, he focused on more immediate concerns. With Chuck back in town Jen was planning to talk to him about getting out of the contract. Having signed 'under the influence,' both of them agreed she should use that as ammunition if he refused, making it much easier to get out of the contract.

Once the contact was nulled, she would give her notice to quit. The commission selling the two strip clubs would provide more than enough for their wedding and allow Jen to go to school, so it was time for her to leave, much to Dan's relief.

These thoughts and more flashed through Dan's mind as he looked over Jen's wardrobe—most of the outfits bought for her by him. Almost picking something conservative, he admitted Jen needed to look her best. If she dressed sexy enough, Chuck would probably be more interested in looking at her body than paying attention to their conversation, increasing her chance of getting out of the contract. It shamed him to think of making Jen look sexier for his rival, but in this case, the ends justified the means.

Pushing thoughts of Chuck out of his mind, Dan chose one of Jen's simpler but more erotic outfits, a deep violet low-cut halter crop top with matching cheeky cut booty shorts. It was similar to the outfit she wore the previous day, although this one had no collar and the shorts were higher cut—the overall effect exposing more of her body. The top spread wide apart, unabashedly exposing her breasts, while the shorts were cut high up her thighs to display her firm ass. The dark purple color emphasized Jen's tanned skin and Dan knew in the spotlights on the stage she would look awesome.

He almost changed his mind noticing the silver triple interlocking round buckles serving as a quick-release on the halter top and shorts. Although most stripper outfits had some type of quick release, they were usually hidden so the dancer could surprise the audience. Dan's concern was less for the top, as Jen performed topless, than the release on the shorts, which was bright silver, drawing one's eyes directly to it. He knew how emboldened some customers were towards the girls moving through the crowd, so such visibility increased the chance of somebody 'accidentally' unlatching them.

If it had not been for the other night where he had watched Chuck easily removed Jen's top and shorts, Dan would have thought nothing of the quick releases. They were part of every outfit she owned and he chastised himself for thinking differently due to what had happened when they had agreed to not change the way they acted or thought between each other.

Seeing his expression as he held the outfit, Jen asked what was wrong. Voicing his concerns, she smiled and told him she had just the thing, putting on a matching purple thong. He smiled at her acceptance of his worries, lessening his reservations, even though he noticed the thong itself had quick release catches on each side.

To complement the outfit Dan chose a pair of purple and black satin Mary-Jane-styled platform shoes with 6" spiked heels. He recalled how the shoes accentuated Jen's ass and thighs when she had modeled them for him, and seeing her smile at his choice he knew he chose well.

After putting on the outfit and looking at herself in the mirror, Jen had a last minute inspiration and pulled on one of her purple Full Flex garters over her right leg. The contrast of one leg bare and the other having the ribbon wrapping up to her thigh added to the overall sensuality and Dan had to admit she looked incredible. The shorts were low-cut, the 'V' of her pelvis drawing your eyes directly between her legs, while the top was cut wide, the material spread apart so far it almost revealed her nipples. With the shoes and leg wrapping he knew she would be earning tips long before she took anything off.

After packing her bag with an extra thong, Wet Wipes, as well as makeup and other essentials, Jen put on a cropped t-shirt and yoga pants to wear in the cab. They had decided on Dan not driving her to work to prevent Chuck discovering their relationship, forcing her to take a cab to work from now on. It may have cost extra money, but with the commission Dan would earn selling the clubs, they agreed it would be worth it.

Dan wished her good luck as he left the house for work while Jen waited for her cab. She wanted to get to the club early in order to get some practice with the girls to make up for their missed practice yesterday, as well as having the opportunity to catch Chuck in his office and get out of her contract.

When Dan arrived at his office he found two large Fed Ex packets on his desk containing all the required documents for the purchase of the two clubs by Chuck's company. With the sheer number of signatures required, he again wondered how long Chuck had been planning on buying the clubs, as a day turnaround for the papers was next to impossible without prior effort.

He spent the morning authenticating and finalizing the purchase, and once satisfied everything was in order forwarded the packages to the sellers for their perusal and signing. Dan did not foresee any difficulties, as Chuck had agreed upon the asking price. Without having to worry about a counter offer it was only a matter of the sellers signing and returning the documents for the closing of the two clubs.

The rest of the morning was a comfortable routine once he sent the packets off to the respective sellers and informed them of the purchases by phone. Having nothing else to do, he again opened up the investigative report on DSA hoping to find something to help Jen get out of her contract. Unfortunately the reports covered more on the financial viability of DSA as a purchasing organization than anything concerning their business practices.

After lunch Dan did some busy work filing some old listings when his phone rang, breaking him out of his reverie. Recognizing the number for the club on his Caller ID he picked it up, immediately saying, "So, how did things go?" he asked Jen.

His heart stopped as Chuck's voice came across the line, "What do you mean? This is 3D isn't it?"

Dan quickly recovered as he answered, "Sorry, I thought the number was from one of our other agents. How are things going Chuck?"

The last thing he wanted to do was talk to Charles DeWight III. I was bad enough he would be interacting with him at the final closing of the clubs, and he had a feeling Chuck calling had nothing to do with that, particularly since all the paperwork was now processed. This was probably a 'social call' for Chuck to meet up with Dan.

Chuck's voice came across the phone interrupting his thoughts, "Ah, ok. Well, I hope you got the papers and such for the properties?" he asked. At Dan's reassurance he continued, "Good, good. Look, I had such a nice time catching up with you the other night I was hoping you could come down to the Satin Kitty again so we could spend some more time together," he inquired, confirming Dan's earlier thoughts.

As usual when dealing with Chuck, Dan immediately agreed, regretting the words even as they left his mouth. He could never think straight around Chuck—the last thing he wanted to do was spend more time with him, particularly at the club and risk somebody saying something about him and Jen.

"Good, good," Chuck replied. "I wanted to talk to you about something I mentioned the other night," he said mysteriously. At Dan's persistence he continued, "Well, you know I had to seal the deal with the clubs here myself. That was because the guy who normally handled all our property acquisitions got caught dipping his hand into the barrel," Chuck said with some vehemence. "So we have an opening for a property representative...and I wanted to talk to you about taking it," he explained.

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