tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLara's Abduction Ch. 03

Lara's Abduction Ch. 03


Lara refused to submit to training at the sex club, so she is put to work, forced to have sex on camera.

Many men and woman have fantasies involving forced sex, and this story is intended as a fantasy. It is not meant to condone rape in any way.

* * * * *

Lara awakened slowly, feeling groggy and sick. Her eyes took in the exercise room, uncomprehending.

Then it came back to her... the horror and revulsion of the previous night. She remembered lying on the ground, covered with sweat and cum, sobbing as the men left. At some point she must have gotten up and made her way to the bathroom... the only other door from the room. She remembered that shower, the hot, scalding water, running over her body for what seemed like hours, but still not enough to wash away the memory of what had been done to her.

She didn't really remember falling asleep, but it looked like she had made a bed of the large towels she found in the bathroom. The lights had been on all night - apparently the switch was outside the room - but at some point she must have fallen asleep, exhausted by her ordeal.

Suddenly she heard the click of the door lock. She shrank back into a corner as the door opened and a woman came in, pushing a cart. She was young, with short dark hair. She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt from some band Lara had never heard of. Her "normalcy" was almost shocking, after what had happened to Lara.

The girl looked at Lara without much interest and said, "Here's your breakfast. Fruit, juice, cereal, nothing fancy. You may as well eat. I'll be back later to get the cart."

With that, she turned and left before Lara even have a chance to reply. She heard the key clicking in the door lock again.

She laid there for a few minutes, then decided to explore the breakfast cart. Surprisingly, she had an appetite, and she managed to eat a little.

Afterwards she explored the room. There was clearly no way out, other than the locked door. She found her blouse and skirt, torn and unwearable.

After a while she sat, naked, on the padded floor, a bath towel over her shoulders.

The girl came back later and retrieved the cart. Lara tried to talk to her, ask her where she was, but the girl just told her to wait.

She came back around lunch time with a tray of sandwiches and a couple of cokes, but still refused to talk. Lara thought about rushing her, trying to overpower her and escape, but noticed another figure waiting outside the door - a large man. Afraid of what he might do to her, she decide not to try anything.

She was left on her own for most of the day, her imagination and fears gradually overwhelming her, until she could no longer hold back the sobs.

Late in the day the door opened again. The girl came in, and this time the cart was piled with boxes.

"Your clothes for tonight. There's some makeup stuff here too. Mr. Evens wants you ready at 7:30, so you have about two hours to get ready."

She knew by now that the girl would't respond to questions, so she let her go. Once she was gone, Lara check out the contents of the cart. The boxes contained a long, sexy evening dress, underwear, shoes, brushes, toiletries, make-up, and even a small purse. She recognized the brands, all very expensive, and all in her sizes.

It was hard to think clearly after all that had happened. Did Evans really expect her to dress up for him?

She decided to at least take advantage of the brush and toiletries to clean up a bit. Then she decided that putting on the clothes is better than sitting around naked. Still, she was not about to give in to these monsters. So once she was dressed, she smeared eye-liner and lipstick all over the dress, ruining it.

She didn't have long to wait before the door opened yet again. Mr. Evans - the man she had worked for, never suspecting what he had in mind for she - stepped into the room.

He was dressed in a neat business suit, as if he had just come from the office - which was probably true. He looked at her with a smile, and said, "I trust you've learned a little lesson from last night. Now if you're ready to cooperate, we'll have a very nice dinner together."

She stared at him blankly, not knowing what to say as the fear and rage rose within she. He looked more closely at her - the smears on her dress, the anger on her face - and his own expression hardened.

"I see that someone has brought you a soiled dress. I'll have another brought and see that Kelly is punished."

She snapped out at him, "You know damn well it isn't her fault, you sick son of a bitch! Do you really think I'm going to have dinner with you, after you had me raped?"

He shook his head as he replied, "Ah, Lara, I had hoped you'd be smarter than this. She WILL give in, eventually, and it will all be so much nicer. But if you're not yet ready to start your new life, then you can be useful in other ways. Everyone here must earn their keep, you see."

He turned and left the room, not giving her a chance to reply. She was left alone for quite a while, and began to hope that nothing more would happen that night. But then, the door opened, and a group of men walked in, pushing carts of cameras, lights, and equipment.

Nick, her abductor, had been absent throughout the day, He had a day job, as maintenance supervisor for Evans' building. But he got away as soon as he could and came out to the club. Lara was the fourth girl he'd snatched for Evans, but she was the first he'd taken an interest in. She really was a hot little bitch, and he had to admit he really got off fucking her the previous night.

He arrived at the club just in time to hear Mr. Evans giving instructions to the crew. He really wanted her broken tonight. He noticed me listening and said, "Nick, why don't you take charge of this. I've got other things to do."

So it looked like Lara was going to be his special project...

He walked in with the rest of the crew, five guys, and a woman decked out in a little black leather outfit and heels. Nick had seen her at the club before - she catered to the guys who liked to be dominated. Not his thing, for sure.

He saw Lara standing there in her dress, her back pressed to the wall, eyes wide as she watched the guys setting up the lights and cameras. He walk over to her and stood in front of her, forcing her to focus on him.

"Looks like you're going to be in the movies, babe. Now how about a little kiss while the guys set up?"

He don't wait for a reply. He grabbed her wrists and pinned them behind her as he pressed his body against hers and began kissing she. He bite her lips, and with one hand he squeezed her jaw, forcing her mouth open and sliding his tongue in. He ran his hands all over her body, groping her, not letting her pull away, as he forced her to kiss him. He rubbed his body against her, humping her as his cock hardened in his pants and he explored her mouth with his tongue. This time Lara found her body responding almost immediately... almost like the humiliation of being helpless in Nick's hands was becoming some sort of trigger. She felt the moistness in her pussy as Nick groped her.

After a while, one of the guys, Carlos, called, "Hey Nick! We're ready over here!"

He dragged her into the middle of the room. The cameras were already running. A big black guy and another muscular guy had stripped down to their boxers, and they took her from him. She looked at Nick, pleading in her eyes. He leered at her and mimed blowing her a kiss as the two guys took her away.

Without ceremony, they begin to pull her clothes off. She knew what was coming now, and she began to moan and whimper. "No, of no, please don't... oh god not again, no..."

Their hands were all over her as they stripped her. They rubbed her tits, her thighs, her pussy, her ass. She felt them pinching her nipples, pulling at the lips of her cunt, probing her asshole as they pulled her clothes off and tossed them aside. She found herself responding, moaning, aching for their touch. The camera guys moved in closed, capturing her responses as they groped her body.

Nick was getting really hard watching them, and he started to strip, anticipating some action.

He noticed Samantha undressing too. Without the dominatrix get-up, she had a really hot body - big round tits, and a shaved pussy. Her nipples were already stiff as she joined the two guys who were groping Lara. She was still carrying a little leather whip, but other than that she was naked and ready for action.

The guys backed off a little, letting her play with Lara's nipples. Then she pulled Lara to her and kissed her roughly. She struggled and tried to pull away. Samantha motioned to the big black guy, who forced Lara down on her hands and knees, her sweet ass sticking up. Samantha lashed out with the little whip, snapping it across her ass. She let out a yelp, and Nick saw a red welt start to rise. She snapped the whip again, raising another welt, and Lara fell flat on the floor, whimpering.

Samantha had the black guy hold Lara down while she got a blindfold, and tied it securely around Lara's eyes. She said to her, "Don't try to take that off, or you'll feel the whip again!"

She motioned for the two guys to sit on the floor, cross legged, each about ten feet from her. She also sat down, forming a rough triangle. Nick decide to get in on the action and sat down as well, forcing the others to adjust their positions to make room for him in what was now a square.

"Alright, cunt," said Samantha, "start crawling."

Lara was not sure what's going on, but she began to inch her way slowly forward. She was on a rough course for the black guy, who grinned as she approached. She was still a couple of feet away, when Samantha said, "Looks like Mike wins the first round. He gets to do whatever he wants with you, cunt."

Mike quickly pulled off his boxers, revealing a thick, throbbing cock. He grabbed Lara and pulled her toward him, forcing her mouth down onto his dick. Her eyes were covered by the blindfold, but she knew the nightmare was starting again. She tasted his sweaty meat as he forced it into her mouth. She felt the slickness of the pre-cum oozing from his cock, coating her tongue as he forced her mouth onto him.

Carlos, the crew chief, was giving instructions to the camera guys: "Get a close shot of his cock in her mouth. Yeah, that's right, and get another camera behind her - get some pussy shots. God, that bitch is hot. Look at those lips on her."

Mike's hands were on her tits, holding tightly, using them like handles to pull her forward and force her to suck him. His cock was about average length, but very thick, and her mouth stretched around it as he forced her to take him deep down her throat.

Lara heard Carlos talking as Mike forced her to slurp up and down his thick cock. "Yeah, that's it Mikey - fuck her face good. Rape that little slut's face, that's what the audience likes to watch." She found herself bobbing her head, slurping at the strange cock in her mouth, wanting more and more of it.

Nick looked over at Samantha, who was sitting to his right. Her eyes were on Lara, mesmerized. With one hand she rubbed the leather whip across her nipples, as her other hand rubbed the swollen lips of her shaved pussy. Nick started to stroke his cock as he watched her, wondering if he'd get a shot at her later as well.

He turn back to Lara. She was really having trouble taking Mike's thick cock as he forced it deep into her throat. Nick could see her gagging, struggling for breath. She tried to pull back, but Mike forced her back down onto his meat, his fingers digging painfully into the soft flesh of her tits as he jammed his cock into her mouth.

He was moving fast, grunting with each thrust. Carlos said, "on the money, Mike... let's see it."

With that, Mike grabbed the back of her head, his strong black fingers tangled in her blond hair, as he pulled his cock from her mouth. It was already jerking and pulsing as he sprayed his cum across her face. Nick couldn't believe how long it went on, as Mike shot his hot sticky jizz on her. Gradually the shower subsided, and Mike pushed her head down, making her take his dick back into her mouth and suck it clean.

When he is done, he thrusts her away from him, toward Samantha. "Crawl you little slut!"

Crying, she crawled slowly forward. Samantha's legs were spread, and she was sliding two fingers in and out of her dripping cunt. She shifted position slightly as Lara approached, so that she ran right into her. As soon as Lara's body touched hers, Samantha forces Lara's head down. Lifting her hips, she drove her wet snatch into Lara's face. She rubbed Lara's face over her pussy, wiping Mike's cum on her pussy lips, and smearing Lara with her juices.

"Eat it, bitch! Suck my pussy till I cum!"

Nick saw Lara tense and freeze as a whimper escaped from her lips. Samantha lashed out with the whip, raising a welt on her back. Then she forced Lara's head down to her cunt. Nick saw her head begin to move, slowly up and down as Samantha ground herself against Lara's face.

The cameras followed every movement as Samantha growled her orders to Lara: "Give me some tongue, bitch. Let me feel you tongue-fuck me. Yeah, that's a nice little bitch. Now flick it over my clit. Not like that, you little whore! Higher. Now harder. Yeah, now suck on it. Eat me!"

Lara whimpered, but followed Samantha's instructions. She had never tasted a woman before - other than licking her own juices from her fingers. She was revolted by what Samantha was making her do, but at the same time she was excited. She could hear people moving around her, hear the cameras whirring. It turned her on to be completely exposed and humiliated in front of all the men. Without realizing it, she had started licking Samantha harder and faster, getting in to the feel and taste of the woman's wet pussy.

Samantha's hips began to buck, driving her cunt into Lara's face. Her instructions give way to moans, and then grunts, and finally a long scream as she came, pulling Lara's face tight against her.

As she relaxed, Nick imagined she'd send Lara crawling away again - hopefully to him! But instead Samantha flipped her onto her back. Forcing her legs apart, she started to run her tongue up and down her pussy lips. Nick thought it was hot watching Joey eat Lara last night, but Samantha was incredible. He watched her tongue and lips teasing Lara's pussy, playing with her, arousing her. Soon she was sliding a finger into Lara's cunt as she sucked her clit. Nick could see the juices running from her pussy, and smell the scent of her sex as Samantha rubbed her and sucked her. Lara raised her hips off the ground, moaning. Nick could tell she was really close when Samantha pulled back and said, "You like that, don't you, you little slut? You want me to eat you till she cum, don't you?"

She laid there, whimpering, but didn't answer. Samantha's whip lashed out, directly across Lara's nipples. She let out a half-strangled sob.

Samantha buried her face in Lara's pussy again, and instantly she responded, bucking her hips, driving her sopping cunt against Samantha's mouth. Before she could cum, Samantha stopped again. She let the tip of the whip rest against Lara's nipple.

"Now answer me, slut. You like me eating you, don't you?"

She stammered, barely audible, " yes "

"Yes what? Tell me what you like slut!"

"I like you eating me," she answered, a little louder.

Samantha moved the whip slightly, letting the tip brush her nipple.

"Good girl. Now say it again. Tell me what you want."

"I want you to eat my pussy" she cried, “I want you to make me cum on your face."

"mmmmm - you're a hot little bitch. I'll give you what you want. I'll eat your dripping pussy and make you cum for me."

She pressed her face to Lara's cunt, sucking, nibbling, rubbing. Nick could hear wet, sloppy noises as Samantha went down on the helpless woman. Her fingers were sliding in and out of Lara, spreading her juices. She took one of her wet fingers and pressed it into Lara's ass. Lara let out a gasp, but didn't resist as she started to move it in and out, finger-fucking her ass while eating her pussy. Soon Lara's hips were bucking again, and she screamed like an animal when she came.

Samantha didn't let her rest, however. She forced her to roll over onto her hands and knees and pushed her away.

Slowly she crawled toward Nick, still blindfolded. His cock was about to explode, and he couldn't wait to bury it in her. As she approached, Samantha said to Lara: "There's a friend of yours right in front of you, Lara. Tell him what you want."


"Are you stupid, you little slut? Tell him what to do to you. Ask him for it!"

"No - no more - just stop!"

Samantha was instantly on her feet. The little whip lashed out again and again, raising welts on Lara's back and arms. She crawled forward, trying to get away. Nick wrapped his arms around her, instinctively protecting her, and glared at Samantha as she continued to shout at Lara.

"TELL - HIM - WHAT - YOU - WANT - YOU - FUCKING - BITCH! Beg him for it!"

"Oh god, oh god," she moaned. Nick was amazed to see her hand on her cunt, rubbing, as her body trembled in his arms.


It's barely a whisper, but she answered: "fuck me"


"Fuck me! Fuck my cunt! Please fuck me!"

Nick laid her down on the floor. She opened her legs for him, and he positioned the head of his cock at her gaping hole. He rubbed it up and down, loving the feel of her cunt juice. Lara was still blindfolded - he wondered if she even knew whose cock was about to fill her?

Samantha said to him, "fuck her!" The whip flicked lightly across his ass, stinging just a bit.

He thrust his cock into Lara, hearing her moan as he penetrated her. He laid on top of her, letting the weight of his body pin her down as he fucked her. His mouth was on hers, and this time she returned his kiss, ravenous, her tongue wrestling with his.

He was driving his cock into her with long, regular strokes, feeling her pussy lips slide up and down his throbbing shaft. He slid a hand down between their bodies, rubbing his fingers over her hard clit as he fucked her. He started to move faster, driving his cock deep into her, feeling her body under him as he fucked her. She was moving with him, driving their bodies together with every thrust. He felt her cumming, her pussy spasming and milking his cock as he fucked her. Dimly he heard Carlos: "money shot, Nick. Let's see it!"

He rubbed his fingers faster over the hard little knob of her clit, sending her almost into convulsions. He pulled out his cock and stroked it with his free hand, just a few more strokes, and then he sent a shower of jizz over her. He aimed at her cunt, and watched as his sticky seed splashed onto her pussy lips, into her bush, up her belly.

He was about to let his body settle back on top of she, but Samantha motioned him back. He pulled away from she, and Samantha once again forced Lara to roll over onto her hands and knees. With a flick of the whip, she sent her crawling to the remaining guy, somebody Nick didn't know.

"Mustn't get too attached there, Nicky boy," she whispered to him. Then, as if to show there are no problems between them, she bent down and took his cock into her mouth, sucking it up and down as they watched Lara crawl to the next guy.

"Now bitch," she said, taking her mouth off Nick's cock, "let's see what you've learned. Ask for something."

"Fuck me," she said, without hesitation.

"Boring!" Samantha declared. "How many times can we watch you get fucked and eaten? Ask for something else!"

"I don't know. What do she want me to say?"

"How's your ass feeling, slut? You liked it when I had my finger there, didn't you?"

She lowered her head, blushing with shame, her body trembling, but said nothing.

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