tagChain StoriesLaresa's World Ch. 12: Daniel

Laresa's World Ch. 12: Daniel

byBlack Tulip©

Warning: This chapter has scenes with violence and cruelty. This story also contains derogatory comments to portray the state of mind of the master. They do not reflect the opinion of the author.


Snuggling into the soft pillows, Laresa sighed. She had been around humans for a long time now, so she noticed the passage of time even if it didn't affect her. Sometimes memories of past Masters or Mistresses made her aware that she herself was not bound by the flow of history like they were. With a smile she thought of Famke, the one that had wished to be back in time. Laresa remembered the girl who had become a friend during their time together with fondness. That triggered a memory of James - the Master with whom she had shared true love. When the face of Horace popped into her head, unbidden, she quickly pushed it firmly aside. Nothing but sadness waited for her along that path. She plumped up the pillows to take a nap when a sudden tugging signaled a new owner of the ring.


Daniel caught the rattling pot before it thudded against the door. It wouldn't do to announce his presence. He was sure nobody had seen him entering the shop or the backroom, but you never knew. Before he put the pot back on the bench that ran along the entire back of the room, he looked inside to see what had caused the noise. He fished out a ring with a large amber stone, which sparkled in the dim light.

"Nice, Lee, very nice."

He pocketed the ring and turned slowly around to survey the tiny space. Dried herbs filled the air with their fragrance, and the myriad jars and bottles seemed to wink at him as they caught the light from the lantern he held above his head.

"Now where did that bastard hide his cash?"

He spotted a likely box under the bench. The surface was shiny with red lacquer, inlaid with intricate patterns of gold and black. It looked like one of those Chinese boxes you could only open when you solved some kind of puzzle. Sure enough, the lid didn't budge an inch.

Grinning, Daniel tucked the box under his arm. He cast a last look around the workspace of the healer and pushed the dead body out of the way with the tip of his boot.

"Sorry, Lee, you really should have paid my price."

Daniel patted the pocket of his silk waist-coat. The slight bulge of the merchandise he had retrieved from the corpse made him smile. There were users enough to sell the opium at a nice profit. The only thing he had to do was stay out of sight from the governor's men when he made his deal.

Slipping into the shadows of the shop in the front, Daniel doused the lantern and left it behind the counter. He stood for a few minutes, letting his eyes adjust to the darkness, listening to the sounds of the hawkers outside. It was a few hours after sundown and the Javanese were crowding the streets, selling everything from silverware to fresh coconuts and roasted meat. In fact, Daniel could smell the ever present saté from where he stood. As he closed the shop door softly behind him, he spotted the vendor across the street. The bamboo sticks with meat lay sizzling on top of the small brazier.

"Better not."

Still muttering, Daniel turned a corner, telling himself he should get out of the neighborhood as quickly as he could. It would be stupid to let the natives see him too clearly. He wasn't the only Tuan Besar, Grand Master, to visit the slums, but he was careful to hide his face. Lee had been a rather well-known healer. His death would upset the Chinese community even more, coming so close after that idiot new Governor-General had decided to make the selling of opium the prerogative of the VOC.

"Stupid Van Imhoff."

Daniel kicked a beggar out of the way as he hastened to his residence. He had to walk home. Taking a becak, a runner to bring him home in one of those two-wheel contraptions would only serve to attract attention to the fact he had been out. He clutched the box under his arm, using his free hand to wipe the sweat from his brow. The heat of the day was trapped in the alleys and tiny backstreets, the air hot and filled with the smells of food, spices and humanity.

Finally, Daniel closed the door of his library behind him. He'd shouted the babu, the maid, away. He would get to her later, after he had solved the puzzle. He tossed his straw hat on the day bed, the silk ribbon inside dark from his sweat. His coat and waist-coat followed, together with his cravat. A light clinking sound alerted him to the ring he had pocketed rolling out of his waist-coat. It came to rest in front of his boots, the amber stone a pale spot on the dark wooden floor. He picked it up and grinned as he put it on his little finger. Stretching his hand to pour a shot of gin he admired the jewel for a moment. With a sigh, he sank down in his smoking chair, stretching his legs in front of him.

He sipped from his gin from time to time as he examined the Chinese box. He knew he had to shift some part of the inlay but which one? After pushing and shoving this part and that for more than an hour he still hadn't been able to open the box. It had weight and something inside rattled a bit; he was sure it was filled with money. He put the box on the floor and sat staring at it, turning the ring on his finger round and back again.

"Yes, Master?"

Daniel jumped out of his chair, his hand reaching for the knife in his boot when he saw a strange woman standing in front of the day bed.

"Who are you? How did you get in?" His voice was low and dangerous.

"I'm Laresa, Master. You called me."

"I don't think so, missy. How did you come here?"

"You called me, Master, by turning the ring."

"The ring? What do you mean ..."

Daniel glanced from the woman to the now dull amber stone and back again.

"You're part of the ring?" He laughed then, but it was not a very pleasant sound. "I stole a ring with magic? Now that is interesting."

He sat down again and examined the figure still standing there. She was a slim woman, but with curves in all the right places. Too bad her skin was so light, and her hair! It looked like silver. Ugh!

"So, Laresa, are you what those Javanese call their spiritual force, their keramat?"

The woman shook her head. "No, Master. I'm a genie. I come from the ring." She pointed at his hand.

"A genie, eh? Does that mean I can make wishes?"

Laresa sighed. "Yes, Master. I can make most of your wishes come true, but ..."

Daniel interrupted her. "Prove it. Open that box for me." He shoved the Chinese box with his foot in her direction.

"It's done." Her voice had lost its warmth and she stood still like a statue.

Dear spirits, how did I come to someone like him? He's a killer and his soul is evil. I'm supposed to be a help for those in need. Alex made me see how I became a sacrifice, but not for people like this Daniel. I'm so sick of serving greedy men, and women. Laresa clamped her mouth shut. She wouldn't volunteer any information to this scumbag.

Daniel heard the soft click when one of the side panels on the box moved to the left and the top slid to the right. The patterns on the top had been nothing but a hoax, a clever disguise. With a grin he picked up the box and looked inside. Then the box sailed through the air, forcing the genie to duck aside. The sound of splintering wood was nearly drowned out by the venomous swearing.

"That filthy chink, the bastard hid his money someplace else."

Daniel pointed at Laresa. "You, get rid of that box. It holds nothing but worthless bones. No doubt from his whore of a mother. And fix me a decent drink. French brandy."

Fuming with anger, Daniel picked up the delicate snifter of brandy that appeared on the side table and hurled it at the wall. A shard of glass cut his cheek, but he was oblivious to the pain. He grabbed the rowan cane that stood against his desk and cut the air with vicious slashes.

"Get the babu over here." When he saw Laresa frown, he shouted: "Now!"

I'm in Batavia. It's the year 1745. He must be one of the civil servants for the VOC.

The cane whistled down and hit the genie on the shoulder, nearly breaking her collar bone.


The soft voice near the door seemed to fuel his anger even more. With a hiss Daniel ordered the meek woman into the room. He ripped the sarong from her body and licked his lips at the sight of the smooth brown skin.

"Hands on the desk. You know your position."

The babu bowed her head and placed her hands on the mahogany desk, her legs planted slightly apart and her back nearly horizontal.

The first blow landed on her buttocks and Laresa saw the woman twitch. The next one hit her on the shoulders, leaving a deep red welt. Before long the woman was screaming and pleading with Daniel to stop, but he was like a madman, hitting her until her entire backside was a mass of red and purple welts.

When he was finally done, he threw the cane to the side and opened his pants to free his erection. Without a word he shoved his cock in the babu's pussy, pounding away until he grunted his release. He gave the sobbing woman a pat on the head and sent her to her quarters as he stood rearranging his clothes.

"That's better." He sighed in contentment and sank into his smoking chair once more.

He frowned as he realized the genie had disappeared. He had wanted her to see that he was the master of this house. But then, she already called him Master, didn't she? Too bad she was so pale. He preferred his women to be brown, like his first, his very own babu who had taught him all about the pleasures of the flesh when he was considered too young by the white men's standards.

Daniel sat in his chair a long time, thinking on the possibilities of a genie that could make his every wish come true. Finally, he decided to sleep on it. He stood up and stretched, rolling the muscles in his shoulders, which gave him another idea. With a grin, he walked into his sleeping chamber, took off his clothes, and slipped under the kelambu, the net that kept the mosquitoes out.

* * *


His voice was arrogant and hinted at impatience. What good was a genie if she wasn't always there to wait on him hand and foot?

"Yes, Master."

"I did not give you permission to leave, did I?"

"No, Master, but I need to rest inside the ring to keep my powers."

"Hm, I see. But I want you to stay by my side for as long as you can. Understood?"

"Yes, Master." The genie stood with her arms folded in front of her, looking at the floor.

"I have some questions. First: you have to obey me?" When the genie nodded, Daniel continued: "Can you alter a body? Permanently?" Again the genie nodded. "Good. I wish a bit more muscle, not too much as to be noticed. Just enough to make me a lot stronger."

He watched the genie, but couldn't see her doing anything. He only felt a slight tingle coursing through his body and when he flexed his biceps he could hardly see a difference. Curious to test his strength he picked up his cane and struck it across the back of his smoking chair. The loud crack surprised him and he looked with glee at the broken furniture, half his cane hanging limp from his hand.

"Can I kill you? If I hit you with the cane, I mean."

"No, Master. You cannot destroy my body."

The cane whistled through the air and hit the genie on her thigh. The bone snapped with a sickening sound and the genie cried out. As she crumpled to the ground, Daniel laughed delightedly.

"I want you to get me two crates of opium from the VOC vault. Make sure nobody can trace the theft to me and leave them in the strong room at the back of my sleeping chamber."

"It's done, Master."

With a grin, he ordered: "Make my thing bigger."

The genie lifted her head and her eyes were a curious shade of purple, as if a fire burned behind them.

"I'm sorry, Master. I can only act upon your wishes."

Daniel glared at her. "I wish a bigger thing."

The genie stared at him with those strange burning eyes. "What thing do you mean, Master?"

"My manhood. I wish a bigger tool!"

Daniels face was getting red and sweaty as he felt the tingle in his crotch. His hands went to the front of his breeches, feeling his length through the cloth and he nodded with a satisfied smirk. Still touching himself he went to stand in front of the open louvre doors to look at the garden.

"Come here, Laresa. Watch me."

He liked the thought of this pale, suffering woman watching him playing with himself. He wouldn't let her touch him. White women were all conniving bitches. He would be stupid to let her touch his body. Satisfied that the genie had crawled to his side, those strange eyes fixed on his hands, Daniel stroked his hardening manhood. Soon, he opened his clothes and looked down at the massive penis that sprang up to reach above his belly button. His fist could barely close around its girth and the head looked like a giant mushroom.

As he gazed out at the garden, Daniel spotted one of the servants, her head bowed down as she hurried away. No doubt she was scared of him and that was exactly how he liked it. His fist moved up and down in slow moves. Sex, yes he wanted sex. But he couldn't use the babu, not after last night. A thought popped into his head.

"Can you heal people?"

"Yes, Master."

For a moment he wondered at the hiss in her voice. He thought she had sounded more musical when she first appeared. He decided that she was probably scared of him as well. As she should be.

"I wish the babu healed and available to me, right here."

"As you wish, Master." This time he was sure he could hear hatred in her voice. Good.

Yes, I hate you, you monster. I will only respond to explicit wishes from you, and I hope you wish for something impossible. Laresa was shocked by the intensity of her emotions. She had served bad masters before, callous men and women who cared about nothing but themselves. But this man, this man was filled with hatred. He thrived on fear and inflicting pain, enjoying his power over those less fortunate than him. Laresa thought he resembled nothing so much as a snake, filled with poison as he was.

He sneered at her: "You can heal yourself too, if you want to."

He turned to watch the babu come in. The woman showed no signs from her ordeal of the previous evening, except for her posture. She looked even more intimidated, her bare feet shuffling her inside the room.

"Tuan needed me?" She bowed her head even lower, her almond eyes hidden behind long lashes.

That was odd. Laresa was sure she could feel a presence. With a frown she concentrated on the babu, examining her in detail. The simple silver pins in her hair were nothing special, nor were the few bracelets on her slender arms. Strange, she thought. The hateful voice of Daniel interrupted her inspection.

"Get naked."

The servant obeyed without a word, never raising her eyes to look at her master.

"Stand in front of the doors." With a derisive laugh he added: "That way Indra can see you too."

From his mind Laresa picked up the image of a quiet man, her husband, who tended the gardens. Shifting her attention she found him outside, hovering near the louvre doors. She had no link with him, so she couldn't know his thoughts, but he looked angry. His fists were balled and his dark eyes were pools of fury.

A soft cry from the babu called Laresa's attention back inside the room. Daniel stood behind the naked babu, his fingers stretching her nipples taut while his knee kept her legs apart. He rubbed his erection on her smooth ass and one of his hands slid down to her almost hairless slit.

"You like it, don't you?"

His fingers played her body and he laughed when she shuddered from his touch. He trailed his hand up over her body, leaving a trail of wetness that glistened in the morning light.

"See, you're nothing but a bitch in heat. Loving your master's touch."

He pinched her nipple hard and when she cried out he forced his fingers in her mouth.

"Suck, bitch."

His cruel smile portrayed his delight in his power over his servants, and Laresa sensed his mind working overtime to come up with something even more degrading. It wasn't enough to make the woman come in front of her husband, he wanted a better spectacle.

"Laresa, come here."

"Master? What is your wish?"

"I wish you to come here." His voice betrayed his anger at having to repeat his wish explicitly.

"Yes, Master."

Laresa stood beside the babu and it seemed as if the woman felt her, even if she couldn't see her.

"Make yourself visible."


"I wish you to be visible", he growled.

"It is done, Master."

"Now, I wish you to lick her slit."

"No", the babu gasped in horror at the sight of the genie becoming visible. The thought of something from the spirit world touching her like that made her frantic to get away.

Daniel smacked her to the side of the head. "Quiet, bitch."

Laresa felt sorry for the woman and her husband, but she had no choice but to obey Daniel. She knelt down and reached out to hold the babu's hips, when she felt the odd presence again.

"Keramat, Tuan. Kill him."

The man Indra had stepped up to the louvre doors and stood pointing at Daniel. The intricate bracelet that circled his upper arm glowed brightly for a moment before it disappeared, leaving him standing in a stupor.

Daniel laughed mockingly, not realizing what had really transpired. "So much for your keramat, monkey."

With a quick movement he got his knife from his boot and sprang towards the gardener.

"No, suami, husband!" The babu cried out, but her warning came too late. Indra slumped on the threshold, his eyes already glazing over as his blood poured from the gash in his belly. As he cleaned his knife on the body's cotton loincloth, Daniel grinned at Laresa as if he were proud of his actions.

The desperate attack of the grief stricken babu took him by surprise. In a flash she was on him, snatching the knife from his hands as she wailed in Javanese.

"Help me ...", he gestured at the genie who watched him with raised eyebrows. "I wish ..."

"Yes, Master? What is your wish?"

Laresa's voice was cold as ice as she stared at his frightened eyes and frantic attempts to defend himself. She was disturbed by the sight of the woman stabbing at her Master and screaming her fury, but she could find no pity inside her for the cruel man.

The babu stabbed him over and over again, oblivious to the world, locked in her own universe. Laresa knew Daniels improved body was no match for the babu gone mad with grief.

"I wish ... you ..."

As his eyes broke, Laresa was glad to feel her body dissolve, slipping back into the ring, leaving the horrible scene behind her.

Too upset to rest, she pondered the presence she had felt. The Javanese had called it keramat, a spiritual force. But she was pretty sure it had been another genie. Who was the one, tied to that bracelet? Would she ever know?


I hope you enjoyed the story. Please take a minute to vote. All comments, public or not, are appreciated.

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