tagGay MaleLariats and Lacrosse Sticks Ch. 01

Lariats and Lacrosse Sticks Ch. 01


Randy pulled the blankets and sheet over his head, wrapping his pillow tight around his face and ears, as he tried to escape the ghastly sounds and stench of his roommate's latest alcoholic binge. Randy's roommate was making him reconsider his decision to come to Oklahoma. He'd picked the school due in part to the fact that he'd been awarded several small scholarships, but truthfully the main reason was the chance to play college lacrosse. Lacrosse had been the one stable thing in his life, his parents having divorced when he was young. He'd lived with his mom until he was in seventh grade and he became too much for her to handle, at least that was the story she told his dad.

Actually it had been her last futile attempt at revenge for the failed marriage that was as much her fault as his dad's. Randy always suspected that she'd married his dad because she thought the Preston name still meant old money in Maryland. Unfortunately for her, the name was about all the family had left, having sold off bits and pieces of the home place over the years. His dad had been forced to sell off most of the remaining property to pay the divorce settlement. So now the Preston fortune consisted of 15 acres and an old tenant house where his dad lived.

Randy and his dad made a little extra money by boarding a few horses for wealthy newcomers in the area. Randy always felt bad for the horses, who were there mainly to give their owners the chance to work into dinner conversation that they owned a steeplechase horse, but most of them never rode their horses. Randy had taken it on himself to make sure they all got the best of care, including frequent rides. The extra attention showed, which didn't hurt their business at all.

Randy was brought back to the horrendous current situation by a final gag from the bathroom and the sound of the toilet flushing. He watched as Steve staggered into the room and toward his part of the room. Randy was glad their beds were as far apart as possible, because he could smell the booze oozing out of Steve's pores from across the room. Ramming his shins into the metal bed frame, Steve muttered an oath and fell into his bed. Randy hoped he had passed out, but soon discovered luck wasn't on his side tonight.

"Oh god, I'm dyin'. Shit, I don't know what's wrong. Damn, Randy. I feel like shit," said Steve.

Randy punched the button on his phone, only to find out it was just after 3am. Furious, he turned on his roommate, "It's fuck'n three in the morning, you asshole! You're fuck'n drunk again is what's wrong! Goddamn it, you lush!"

Steve moaned and rolled to his side, puking onto the floor just before passing out. Randy covered his face with the pillow to keep from gagging. This time he knew he had to find a solution to Steve.


"He just puked on the floor and left it? Dude! You gotta do something."

"I know! No sleep last night, and I had a test today! I gotta find somewhere else to live. That damn Steve is kill'n me!" said Randy with some heat.

Tanner was sitting quietly in the commons area, clearly hearing the conversation going on a few chairs away. He knew the two guys casually, enough to warrant a nod and a smile when they passed each other. Tanner thought both of them were on one of the college athletic teams, but he wasn't sure which one. The taller guy, Randy, he knew a little better. They'd arrived a few hours before everyone else during move-in day and had chatted a little bit. Tanner knew he was from back east somewhere, but he didn't seem to have the typical Yankee attitude.

From what he heard of the conversation, Randy's roommate was a nightmare. He could sympathize with roommate trouble since his roommate, Josiah, might be a close race with Randy's for worst in the dorm. First, Josiah was what could only be classified as ultra-religious, and worse, his interpretation of the bible was so draconian that he had already been banned from all university organizations for racist and sexist remarks.

But unlike Randy, Tanner had found out a week or so ago that his luck was improving, Josiah was leaving the university to go to a small Christian school in Georgia. Personally Tanner wasn't sure if any place was conservative enough for Josiah, but he didn't really care so long as he didn't have to endure his narrow-minded bigotry. His dad had always told him that if you couldn't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Tanner didn't talk much about Josiah.

Tanner had been a little bummed to ended up here anyway, not because there was anything wrong with the university, but it wasn't State. Tanner wanted to be a veterinarian, and State had the only vet school in the state. But he needed to stay closer to home so he could help his parents and sister when they needed it, so he was taking his pre-vet classes here. He'd hoped to make some friends, but Tanner also needed to be cautious about who he let into his life. He was gay, and he'd realized it a number of years ago, but he hadn't shared that information with anyone. His family wasn't extremely religious, but they were conservative. His dad almost had a stroke each time a Democrat became President, and when he'd went home after the first few weeks with a soul patch his dad had told him to go wash the dirt off his lip, so he wasn't sure how the news that his only son was gay would be received. Someday Tanner would tell them, but he wasn't ready right now. Tanner was brought out of his introspection by the sound of his name.

"Hey. Tanner. Didn't crazy religious boy leave the university? You have that room to yourself?"

Tanner turned in the chair and looked back at the two young men, "What?"

"Your roommate, the religious nut, he left?"

"Yup, left for that church school in Georgia. I'm not sorry either. He was making me crazy with all his bible thumping," said Tanner.

"Well you otta let Randy move in! He could dump his alkie roomie, and you don't get housing sticking you with another weirdo."

Tanner looked at Randy and smiled warmly, but inside he was concerned. This guy was sex on two legs. Josiah had been easy to deal with in that way, Tanner would sooner hump a cow than make-out with Josiah. But Randy, well he was a very different matter. And even if the athlete wasn't straight, he was way out of Tanner's league.

Randy locked eyes with Tanner and wanted to melt. He'd seen him at least once a day on the floor, and made a point to speak to him. Randy's experience with other guys was limited to a lacrosse teammate back in Maryland. They'd gotten buzzed one night while they were in high school and had messed around. It had freaked both of them out at first, but they'd decided so long as they kept it to themselves, it was fine. So they'd had a few other fuck buddy moments before he'd moved to Oklahoma. But other than Blake, no one knew. Certainly no one here, he didn't want to jeopardize his spot on the team by being out.

In Randy's opinion, Tanner was any gay boys wet dream of a cowboy. He had an amazing bubble butt that was always wrapped in tight Wranglers and his body was lean and muscular with a great tan from being outside. Tanner's dark brown eyes and long dark lashes were just a few of the highlights of the young man. But Randy was sure he wouldn't even make Tanner's top 10 list of potential boyfriends. He'd taken too many lacrosse sticks across the face for him to be noticed by someone as good looking as Tanner. But he could still enjoy the scenery, and Tanner was amazing scenery.

"Hello! Earth to Randy, earth to Tanner!"

Both men jumped. Realizing what happened, they smiled sheepishly.

"Ah, sure. Sounds good. I guess we need to tell the RA, but I can help you move tonight," said Tanner.

"Oh dude! I so owe you! Sure, we can move me after practice tonight. Man, no more puking roommate!"

Both guys chuckled, looking forward to a new, but perhaps trying, friendship.


Tanner dropped the last of Randy's stuff on his side of the room. He was having some second thoughts about his impulsive agreement to take Randy as a roommate. Not because of anything Randy was doing on purpose, just that he was so incredibly sexy. Tanner didn't know how life would be if he had to hang around their room with a constant erection due to Randy and his smoking hot good looks. But once he was able to get his mind off Randy's body, he realized he was starting to enjoy a pleasant camaraderie with the blond.

Even though it was October, the typically unpredictable Oklahoma weather had decided to revert back to summer heat, and both of them were soaked with sweat. Moving out of the way when Randy came through the door with his arms full, Tanner pulled his t-shirt off and tossed it into his laundry. Walking over, he closed their door then collapsed on his bed and watched as Randy began putting away some of his stuff. Tanner rolled to his stomach, reached down to the dorm fridge beside his bed and popped it open. Reaching in, he pulled out an icy pop. He looked up at Randy, "Hey Randy, you wanna Coke?"

"Sure!" said Randy. He plopped on the bed and lifted his shirt to wipe the sweat off his face, giving Tanner a nice view of his lightly furred stomach. Tanner enjoyed the muscular view as long as he thought it was safe, looking away just in time. As he tried to recover his slightly ruffled composure, he realized he hadn't gotten Randy the drink. Reaching back in, he grabbed a bottle and tossed it to Randy.

"This is root beer," said Randy with a puzzled look on his face.


"You asked me if I wanted a Coke."

Tanner thought a second, then started chuckling, "Coke is southern Oklahoman for pop. Sorry, I should get you an Okie dictionary if we're gonna live together."

Randy opened the bottle and chuckled, "Might not be a bad idea."


Tanner was lying on his bed reading through the assignment for tomorrow's class, when the door opened and Randy walked in with a bulging equipment bag in one hand, and his stick in the other. Tossing his equipment inside his closet, he collapsed across his bed.

"Damn, I'm exhausted. The coach was trying to kill us today. My ass is dragging," said Randy as he exhaled loudly.

Tanner closed his book and sat up, only to realize he had been studying for hours and it was long past their normal time for supper. The two young men had gotten into the habit of eating together and now it was a ritual of their friendship. In spite of the happenstance way they had become roommates, they had discovered they had a lot in common. Much more than either had suspected.

Tanner stretched his cramped muscles, working out the kinks from the hours he had sat studying, unaware he was creating an erotic show for Randy. The fact that they both enjoyed wearing as little as possible when they were in the room gave Randy frequent opportunities to admire Tanner's muscular body. As the basketball shorts Tanner was wearing slid down to show the top of his pubic hair, Randy got to admire his work-toned chest and flat stomach with its faint abdominal lines and light dusting of hair. The whole package was a potent aphrodisiac for Randy.

The bulge in Tanner's shorts looked good too, reminding Randy of mornings when Tanner had thought he was asleep and had dashed to the bathroom with his cock jutting out from his crotch, obscenely stretching the cotton midway briefs to their limit. Those early morning displays had also given Randy another piece of information, Tanner was definitely cut, the ridge of his plum-sized cockhead left no doubt in Randy's mind. Unfortunately for Randy the display in front of him only lasted a few seconds longer before Tanner dropped his arms back to his sides and grinned at him.

"Come on, drag ass, get the stink washed off so we can go to campus corner. I want to splurge and have an Okie Monster," said Tanner with a grin.

Randy smiled back at his roommate, ripped off his shirt and tossed it at Tanner, "You love my stink, I know it fuck'n turns you on, you perv. And those damn Okie Monsters are going to make you fat if you don't quit eating 'em."

"No I'm not, 'cause you keep dragging me to the gym. Between all the damn running and your 'kick my ass' workout routines there's no way I'll gain weight. Besides, Okie Monsters are delicious, like a Frito Chili Pie on steroids!" said Tanner with a chuckle. "Now, get your ass showered 'cause I'm starving!"

Randy grinned and flipped Tanner off, stripped down to his compression shorts and walked into the bathroom. Tanner watched him with a smile, his eyes locked on Randy's tight bubble butt. He loved Randy's muscular ass and gawked at it every time he got the chance. It was a sensual show for Tanner each time Randy took a step, he'd never seen a butt flex like Randy's did when he took a step. Just watching him walk had Tanner flushing with sexual arousal. And the compression shorts just made the show even more tantalizing. Tanner could see the outline of Randy's soft cock each time, giving Tanner fresh jackoff material. But nothing compared to those few times Randy had thought he was asleep and had made a rush for the bathroom with his morning hardon leading the way. Those times he saw Randy's hard cock straining against the confines of his compression shorts had Tanner grabbing his own cock in response. Randy was so sexy, Tanner didn't understand why there were not a harem of girls hanging all over him. When he'd broached the subject, Randy told him that school and lacrosse came first, they were his focus.

Tanner frowned a little as the erotic show ended when Randy closed the bathroom door. With a lusty grin, he picked up the sweat soaked shirt Randy had thrown at him and pressed it against his face. Inhaling deeply, Tanner's cock stiffened when Randy's sweaty, masculine scent curled through his nose. Taking deep breaths through the pheromone laced cloth; Tanner was soon groping his achingly hard cock through his shorts. With each inhalation, he plunged deeper and deeper in the fantasy of sex with stunningly handsome Randy. His mind drifted to sensations that he could only imagined as the scent of his dream man wafted through the air. Suddenly, he noticed the shower was off and he heard footsteps in the bathroom.

Tanner frantically threw the shirt back to the floor and launched himself into his bed, hoping he could hide his rampant erection. The door opened as he landed, with Randy picking up the conversation as if it had never stopped.

"I'm telling you, that shit is not good for you. The cheese and chili alone will clog up your arteries and you'll croak off before you're 30. I'll pick you out something at least kind of healthy. There's other stuff on the menu besides the junk that you like," said Randy as he walked into the room.

"No! I don't like that crap. You know how I feel about veggies, especially that damn kale that you love. It's all nasty, and you're never going to convince me otherwise," said Tanner as he crawled off his bed, snagged a relatively clean shirt from the floor and pulled it on.

Tanner lost the thread of the conversation when Randy dropped his towel and turned his bare ass to Tanner as he rifled through his dresser for clean underwear. Distantly, Tanner knew Randy was still going on and on about him needing to eat better, but Tanner couldn't have told anyone what was said. He was fixated on Randy's thick defined legs and the fur that swirled up them and then spread across his ass. When he reached in to grab a pair from the back of the drawer, Tanner caught the distinctive pink flash of Randy's hole. But the vision was obliterated when Randy stood up and pulled on a pair of dark red briefs, then turned to Tanner.

"What's wrong, dude. You look stoned," said Randy with a grin.

Tanner quickly tried to recover, "That's bullshit, dude, and you know it. You're the stoner!" teased Tanner.

"Yeah, right. With my luck I'd get caught in one of the NCAA's random piss tests and would be out on my ear."

"They'd let you off the hook just because you look so good," said Tanner with a smile.

Randy pulled on his pants and quickly yanked a clean hoodie over his head. Laughing as his head started through, he stopped with his head half way through the hoodie opening and turned to Tanner with a goofy look on his face. "Yeah, I'm fuck'n hot. Look at me, I'm an uncut penis!"

Tanner cracked up as his roomie started making fish-lips with the hoodie still only half way down his head.

"You goof! Come on, I'm starved," said Tanner as he grabbed his jacket and headed out the door.

Randy chuckled as he grabbed his phone, wallet and keys, shoving them into his pockets. He frowned slightly as he noticed his sweaty jersey was on the other side of the room from where he threw it at Tanner, but the thought disappeared when he heard Tanner yelling from down the hall for him to move his ass. Randy took off at a sprint and quickly caught up with his roommate, continuing the verbal harangue about healthy eating as Tanner rolled his eyes.


It was only a few days before the beginning of the spring semester, but Randy had been on campus almost a week already. The lacrosse coaches had called them back early to practice in preparation for the season, which started in a month. The intense two-a-day schedule had shredded Randy's thighs for the first several days, but now they were only slightly sore. The first few days of practice had left Randy so exhausted that he was asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow, but those days were behind him, now he was bored.

If he were completely honest with himself, he missed Tanner. The handsome cowboy made Randy's cock stiff every time he thought about him. This time when his memory started the blood pumping, Randy let the fantasy continue, imagining what it would be like to date Tanner. He fantasized them attending college sporting events, concerts, quiet dinners out, and raucous dinners in. His mind put them in all the situations heterosexual couples experience, but as his cock stiffened, he naturally drifted into what would be the intimate side of their relationship.

Randy's hand drifted down his chest as he imagined waking up curled against Tanner, their bare skin touching along the length of their bodies. Randy closed his eyes and let his finger tips caress his hard nipples as he imagined their soft good morning kiss as they woke. Randy visualized the intimate details of the encounter, their gentle kiss progressing to a hard passion-filled prelude. He slipped his hand inside his shorts and started foundling his low hanging nuts. The fantasy faded to faint impressions as the immediacy of Randy's self-exploration overrode everything else.

Randy looked up, checking that the door was locked, then slipped off his shorts and sprawled naked across his bed. With his thick legs spread wide, Randy let his hand drift between them, sliding through the dense hair between his legs. Randy gripped his aching cock hard, groping himself as his fingers rubbed against his perineum.

Soon his hands were darting from one part of his body to another as Randy lost himself in the wonderful sensations. Randy liked the feel of his hand traveling over his lightly haired chest, and then dipping into the dense hair surrounding his ample cock and low hanging nuts. Lifting one hand to his lips, he sucked on a finger, coating it with spit. Letting it drop back between his legs, he let the saliva-coated finger rub against his hole. Randy had discovered this forbidden delight years ago, but had never shared the knowledge with anyone.

Randy slowly slipped the wet finger into his ass, his fantasy rocketing forward as he imagined Tanner fucking his butt. His thick, blunt finger bumped against his prostate and Randy let out a soft moan. As his finger slid out, his ass gripped it tightly, sending vibrations of lust shimmering through him.

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