Las Vegas: Part Three


"Show me that big fat cock." I whispered as my mouth left his zipper. "I want to see it."

Reaching into his pants with one hand, I easily found his cock as it surged towards freedom. I felt the wetness of his precum on my hand as I gingerly guided his head out of the opening in the front of his pants, freeing it to the open air at last. I felt him sigh in relief as I gave his shaft a nice hard squeeze in my fist, and giggled in delight as I was rewarded by a slimy bead of precum that oozed out to run down his shaft and onto my hand. Smiling up at him, I raised my hand to my lips, and ensuring the camera had a good angle, licked the salty fluid off. Showing it on my tongue for a moment, I slid it back into my mouth and made a show of savouring his flavour, closing my eyes and moaning with pleasure. I felt his hands begin to caress my hair unconsciously, nearer to the end of my pigtails than to my head as he struggled to keep himself from skull-fucking me wildly. I knew Colin was desperate to feel my mouth on him by now, and decided to put him out of his misery.

"I can't take it any more." I said with exaggerated impatience. "I have to feel you in my mouth "

With a flourish, and being careful to keep my hair out of my face from the angle the camera looked down on me, I thrust my mouth forward, and laid the flat of my tongue as far down the underside of his shaft as I could. In one motion, I licked wetly up his shaft, collecting precum along the way, until my tongue met his cock head. With a quick swirl of my tongue for good measure, I plunged my mouth downwards on his cock, taking all three quarters of his cock that was visible through his pants into my mouth. I felt Colin's whole body buck under my sudden onslaught, and his cock grew huge in my mouth as blood surged into it anew. I glanced up to see his head thrown back in ecstacy, and locked eyes with the camera instead as I held his cock in my lip's tight embrace. Without the extra inch or two of his thick base to deal with, I was able to continue to take shallow breaths through my nose as I bobbed my head up and down slightly on his cock, keeping it deep in my mouth for over a minute. As I finally lifted my head off, I let my mouth open, and released the built-up saliva that had pooled in my cheeks as I held his savory cock in my mouth. It rushed downwards in a sloppy torrent, some into the hole in his pants, and much of the rest creating a giant wet stain on the front of them.

I kissed Colin's cock head sloppily, as he began to regain his composure somewhat. I felt his hands leave my hair and begin to unto his pants button. In response, I thrust my mouth back down onto his cock, causing him to momentarily lose control of his fingers. Sliding back up for a moment, I felt him finally fumble the button free, and his pants seemed to open like the petals of a flower to reveal more of his engorged missile. I thrust my mouth downwards once more, taking him just shy off all the way inside me, till I felt the head of his cock begin to pressure the entrance to my throat. In his state of arousal his cock felt enormously thick, and I gagged softly as I held him deep. Just as I had planned, Colin suddenly thrust his hips upward in order to slide his pants down under his butt cheeks and towards the floor. That thrust was enough to force his cock inside my throat, and I moaned with joy as I felt him plunge in. I swallowed around him to create a tightening effect, and was able to stifle my gag reflex as I felt his dick expand even further to stretch my throat raw.

"Simply stunning." Marco said in breathless awe of my work.

I tilted my head as much as possible, and strained my eyes upwards where they could lock onto the camera. Colin stared down at me as his pants began to trail down his calves. Unable to drag them down further himself, and with his cock still lodged firmly in my throat, I pulled his pants to the floor myself, where he managed to kick them off of his feet. My throat began to convulse as my lungs grew desperate for air, and finally, with a sloppy wet gasp, I pulled my head off of Colin's cock. I drew my breath in deeply twice, saliva running freely from my bottom lip to slather onto his balls. I stared up into his eyes once more as I lowered my head back down before I even caught my breath fully. I felt the fullness of his tool fill my mouth as I slowly pushed my head down on him, and felt him cup one hand around my throat as it bulged and allowed his cock to enter. He stroked my throat, easing the pressure somewhat, and allowing me to contain the spasms of my gagging as I began to bob my head slightly, keeping the head of his cock in my throat as I forced my lips into the patch of pubic hair above his meat over and over again. The quiet sound of my controlled gagging became audible, and Marco leaned in over Colin's shoulder to make sure his camera captured noises my throat made as it stretched and gulped around the fat cock in my mouth.

Both Marco and I noticed at the same time when Colin's breathing suddenly became ragged, and his stomach began to convulse. I immediately, and reluctantly pulled myself off of his cock, and use my hand to gently tug Colin's balls away from the base of his member. Despite my personal desire for a thick mouthful of cum, I was well versed enough with pornography to know that Marco would want the scene to continue for a while longer. While Colin struggled to regain his composure Marco gave me a silent nod of thanks and began to set up for the next shot. Adjusting the angles on his tripod cameras, Marco set up to capture the area in front of the fireplace from two directions. With the tripod cameras set to capture a wide angle shot, he was free to roam with the camcorder and capture close ups of the action.

"Alright, Colin can I get you to stand over here?" Marco asking, pointing to the floor in front of the fireplace.

With a visible effort, Colin stood up on wobbly legs as I continued to caress and kiss his throbbing cock lightly. Drawing himself to his full height, Colin reached down and took my hand, helping me to my feet with him. With one hand on my lower back, and the other wrapped in mine, Colin led me to the spot that Marco had indicated. When he reached it, Colin turned to face me, bringing a hand up to stroke my cheek gently, his other hand roaming my naked body freely. He felt the growing moisture under my breasts as I had begun to sweat from my exertions, and ran his hand down my stomach and under my skirt, where he found my pussy even wetter. His hand on my face trailed to my hair, and gripping a pigtail, Colin pushed me gently back down to my knees.

"Its time to put you back to work." Colin said after clearing his throat.

"With pleasure." I replied. "I can't wait to eat your hot cum."

"Good attitude..." Marco muttered as he began to film again.

Back in a familiar position with Colin, on my knees with him standing powerfully above me, I began to worship his cock once again. I used every trick in my repertoire as I kissed, suckled, slobbered, slapped, bit, pumped, licked, and slathered every inch of his cock and balls. I formed a tight ring with both of my hands in the middle of his shaft, and smiled exaggeratedly as I stroked his cock up and down in both directions at once from the middle, twisting my hands as they corkscrewed up and down his shaft. I pointed his cock at my face as I stroked him, lashing the tip of his dick with my tongue at times, other times kissing or blowing lightly on his cock. I juggled his soaking wet nuts in my hand while smearing my face against his shaft, kissing his head, and bobbing my mouth lightly on only the first half of his cock. I took him deeply, grabbing his ass cheeks to pull him into me, securing him inside my throat. I pulled back repeatedly to let a long sticky string of saliva form, only either suck it back into my mouth, or let it fall sloppily onto my breasts. I worked like a woman possessed, with only one thing on her mind: cock.

Marco had long since ceased giving me any more direction, seemingly in awe of my abilities. He moaned and groaned along with Colin and I as he watched, and more than once I caught him out of the corner of my eye, readjusting the growing bulge in his own pants as I worked over Colin's erection. After fifteen minutes, I was a sloppy, saliva-covered mess, my hair matted, breasts dripping, and face shining with a sheen of a saliva. Colin was nearly comatose with pleasure as I worked on his unit, and struggled valiantly to hold back the ever-building flood of semen. I did what I could to help him, varying my speed and technique to allow him to cool down when he seemed too worked up, but always keeping his raging erection from flagging even slightly by pushing the pace and keeping him constantly on the edge of hosing me down. As my jaw began to tire slightly, and Colin became less and less aware of his surroundings, Marco gave me a nod of approval.

Clearing his throat, Marco announced "Whenever you're ready now Colin, feel free to let loose."

I pulled Colin's cock out of my mouth, and began to pump it in one hand while I rubbed his balls with the other.

"Oh yes baby." I said. "I want your cum. I want to taste that hot load. Give it to me. Gimmie that cum. Gimmie your load "

Colin began to gasp for air. His stomach moved in and out like a belly dancer's while his ass cheeks clenched into nearly literal buns of steel. I felt his balls tighten to the base of his cock, and a primal, final moan involuntarily escaped his lips. Reaching between my own legs, I rubbed my clit with one hand while I continued to pump his cock towards my wide open mouth.

"Oh god yes. Fill my mouth up baby " I urged, shuddering with an orgasm of my own.

My eyes were wide open, matching my cum-target mouth, when Colin unleashed his massive load. Marco had positioned himself just to the side of Colin and had a nice tight close up of my face when the first blast fired like a rocket into my mouth, and directly down my throat. It hit me with such force that I instantly and involuntarily gagged, coughing slightly and then closing my mouth to keep from losing his cum. As a result, the second stream of hot semen caught me right under the nose, spearing outwards across my left cheek, from my nostril nearly to my eye. My eyelids fluttered as I regained my composure, and I opened my mouth in time to catch the third and fourth consecutive heavy blasts of cum. So huge was each shot that the bottom of my mouth began to fill with sticky white fluid, and I was forced to tilt my head backwards to keep from spilling any of the precious seed. Colin's body seemed to bend forward with the force of his own orgasm, bringing his cock closer and closer to my mouth as his jets of cum began to lose their force. Eight blasts in all flew at my face, and I managed to catch six in my mouth, ending up with a healthy rope across my nose and right eye lid, to match the one on my left cheek.

"What do you have there baby?" Marco asked me in a mischievous tone.

"Uh mouffull uh cuhn " I replied as I tried desperately not to spill the giant mouthful of semen I held up for the camera's inspection.

Colin had sagged in front of me, nearly unconscious from the power of his orgasm. He perked up slightly to watch as Marco instructed me to swallow the big load in my mouth. I locked eyes with Colin as I slowly closed my lips with a smile, and in two big gulps, emptied my mouth. I opened it wide and turned back towards the camera again to show off what I had done.

"All gone " I announced proudly.

"You missed a spot." Colin was quick to correct me.

Using first the head of his cock, and then his fingers, Colin scooped the cum off my face, and into my mouth. I remained motionless like the good slut I was while he placed a sizable dollop of lukewarm and coagulating cum onto my tongue, and when he was done, swallowed it all down despite the unpleasant texture. I smiled up proudly yet again, my face content and serene.

"Mmm thank you so much for the feeding." I gushed for the benefit of the camera.

"Fucking amazing job, sexy." Marco exclaimed as he shut the lense on his camera. "Absolutely superb. You could have a serious future in the porn industry if you wanted a new career baby, I mean it "

"Well thank you," I giggled, "but I already have a career. I really did enjoy the experience though, and I'd love to film another."

"God you've got a great attitude." Marco stated matter-of-factly. "But I think we all need to take a break first. Why don't you go shower and clean up, and we'll all grab a bite to eat?"

"That sounds like I plan," I replied. "I must look like a total wreck."

"No, baby, you look like the perfect cum slut, and there's nothing wrong with that." Colin muttered from across the room, where he seemed to be taking a nap, naked on top of the bed.

Marco and I both laughed as Colin drifted back to sleep, and I headed back into the bathroom. A cursory examination of myself in the mirror revealed that I was indeed a mess, with my hair wet and knotted, my makeup running down my cheeks, and what seemed like my whole torso covered in saliva. All signs of a good day's work, I thought to myself with a grin. I turned on the water nice and hot, and hopped into the shower, where I began to wash myself off. Starting with my hair and working down, I lathered and rinsed my naked body, enjoying the therapeutic heat and clean smells. As I cleaned my nether regions, I let my fingers linger and reflected on what I had just done. I had starred in a professionally directed and produced, albeit small time, porno. I shivered with excitement despite the heat, and rubbed my pussy while the warm streams of water caressed my flesh. Leaning against the wall as my legs began to waver, I bit my lower lip to stifle a scream of ecstasy as I brought myself to yet another earth-shaking orgasm.

"God you never cease to impress."

I was suddenly startled back to reality by Marco's words, and opened my eyes to see him filming me in the shower as I played with my pussy.

"Sorry baby, I couldn't resist getting another look at you, and I somehow suspected what you might be up to in here."

I blushed slightly, and pushed my wet hair back out of my face as I shut off the water to the shower. "Well I have to tell you, that really got me hot and horny." I replied.

"So I see " Marco responded. "You are one insatiable slut, aren't you?"

"More than you even realize." I said with a sly grin.

Looking down, I saw that Marco was once again sporting an awkward lump in the front of his pants. What the heck, I thought, I may as well give him a thank you for all his hard work. Nonchalantly, I stepped out of the shower, dripping water all over the floor. I took the towel offered to me by Marco's outstretched hand, and surprising him, began to fold it rather than using it to dry myself. Marco looked at me in confusion as I took the neatly folded towel, and bent at the waist to place it on the tile floor at his feet. The sudden realization showed on his face when I slowly sunk to my knees in front of him, kneeling on the towel's soft folds.

"I want to properly thank you for filming this video for me." I said as I reached up to brush my hands over his raging hard on. "Do you mind if I have an appetizer before supper?"

"Baby, it was all I could do to keep from stepping in and throat-fucking you myself when I was filming." Marco said. "All I could think about was how wonderful it must feel to have your lips wrapped around a cock."

"Well now you'll be able to remember how good it felt." I said with a wink as I undid his belt, button, and zipper, letting his pants fall to the floor around his ankles.

"Oh yes that's it slut." Marco said as I began to suck on his bulging cock shaft through his boxer-briefs. "Show me what that mouth can do."

After making a nice big wet stain on the front of his shorts, I pulled them down as well, and was rewarded when Marco's cock sprung back up to strike me under the chin. Although under six inches in length, his manhood seemed impossibly hard, throbbing with bulging veins, and surprisingly thick for its length. Marco was circumcised, and his pulsing cock seemed to bob up and down with a life of its own as it danced less than an inch from my face. I smiled up at him as I extended my tongue and slathered the head of his cock with my saliva, and then spit so that a trail of it ran down the entire top side of his cock, from tip to base. He moaned as I ran my tongue in circles around the crown of his head, and flicked the triangular underside. I used my right hand to form a ring around the base of his cock with my thumb and forefinger, and marveled at how intensely hard he felt, and that I could actually feel his heartbeats in the veins on his cock. I held the base while I took him into my mouth, and slow slid my lips up and down his shaft, from kissing the very tip of his dick to pressing my lips forcefully against my hand at the base. Though he did not reach my throat, the thickness of his cock filled my mouth entirely, making my lips stretch wide to accommodate his girth.

"Oh mon dieu baby, you have a une bouche magique " Marco exclaimed, sliding into his maternal tongue as he lost self control. "Oh yes, suck on it. Choke on my fat cock."

While far from choking me, I moaned my agreement to his demands as I felt him place his hands on either side of my face, holding me as he began to pump his wide cock in and out of my mouth. I let my jaw go slack as he pistoned in and out, reveling in his wonderful hardness and the admirable flow of precum which I was continually forced to swallow. I felt his pace quicken and become more ragged as he humped my face, and drew nearer to orgasm. I felt his hands quiver and grip my head more firmly, and his cock seemed to expand, both in girth and length, so that it began to choke me and batter the entrance to my throat.

"Chalice de tabernacle " Marco cried aloud as his whole body began to quiver and convulse.

"Mmmmmm hmmmm " I eagerly moaned as I felt his cock expand to an impossible size deep in my mouth before bursting with flavorful semen.

With the head of his cock buried deep in my mouth, I was very quickly overwhelmed by the amount of cum that Marco dumped onto the entrance of my throat. It seemed that every inch of space was filled with cock, leaving very little space for cum. Despite my best efforts at swallowing, I felt his seed begin to stream from the corners of my mouth, spurting out as the pressure built from the cum shooting into my hole. I gagged and tried desperately to swallow his cum, which had a wonderfully sweet flavour which I had no time to savour. As the flow of fluid coming from his cock began to slow, he thrust his softening cock into my mouth hard, burying my nose in his pelvis with each heave, pulling my face hard into him with his hands. He gasped for air as he gyrated his hips into my oral cavity, unleashing the last few drops and spurts of cum into me. When he withdrew, my mouth was still filled with his cum, and I took my time as I swallowed it down, slowly and bit by bit, enjoying the wonderful taste. I used my hands to scoop up some of the cum that had escaped my mouth and landed on my tits, eating it up like candy.

"Fuck baby..." Marco said as he stumbled backwards to lean against the wall. "You have a vacuum of a mouth."

"And you have one of the fattest cocks, with the best tasting cum I've ever had " I complimented him honestly.

"Hahahaha thank you baby." He chuckled.

"No thank YOU." I insisted. "Now I think I need another shower so we can go get something to eat before round two "

"Mon dieu, but you are insatiable." Marco said, shaking his head with amazement. "I've seen women getting paid to swallow cum who don't do it with the gusto you do."

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