tagHow ToLast Longer, Do Better Sex, Rock!

Last Longer, Do Better Sex, Rock!


This article right here, will make it impossible for women to think that you are bad in bed. No more of those women saying she was bored to death when you were inside of her or her laughing at you when you ask to get inside of her again. No, when you read this, and do what it says, you will be the dick in charge like Ronny Reagan (or was it Nixon). Yeah, if you do what this article says, then you will rock at doing it. Good luck and happy trails.


I am not a medical professional or a scientist. I am just an author who has gotten around, so to say.

This article WILL teach you how to be better at sex. You WILL be a better lover if you follow the material in this article.

Nonetheless, if you are reading this because you think that being better at intercourse will prevent a woman from cheating on you or leaving you for someone else, then you are so sadly mistaken. Most times, there is nothing that you can do; it's just how the cookie crumbles.

Growing up, I hung out with older women, in their twenties, who told me that they wouldn't sleep around on their partners because they weren't loose. Even more told me that they were satisfied with their partner's love, and that sex was their gift to them for that love. They told me that they didn't switch from the missionary position most times and on their freakiest and most special occasions they wouldn't try more than three positions but that they were sexually content. They told me that they were more than happy with ten minutes or less of penile penetration, and anything more than that was unnecessary. They told me that having more than one partner in life meant that they were a slut so they picked their men wisely, and sex was the least of their concern. They told me nothing meant more to them than being loved back. They told me that they wanted love, and searching for love does not have anything to do with immorality and stuff like that.

I recommend falling for women of this caliber and not the smut that you could easily have paid for. I am far removed from that now though and it is a long way back for me.

Still, most guys and girls don't want to hear that.

I know that you want to learn to be better at sex, which is why you are here, so I have broken down what it takes to be better at sex into these categories:

1. Exercise

2. Effort

3. Practice

1. Exercise vigorously! Exercise, Exercise, Exercise! I cannot stress this enough, my man. You need to know how much your body can take before it starts shutting down. If you're like me, (fat, short, small penis, big mouth that can hold both feet in it) then you need to know how good you can be at your best. Your maximal heartbeats per minute are a good indication of how excited you can get before you lose control of your body. No matter how well you pace yourself, you will still need to know how much you can take before you are overly excited. Also, the same way you would relax yourself during exercising to get you is the same way that you would relax yourself during sex. Try jumping rope with a weighted jump rope or using a cardio machine at the gym. It won't make you a sexual athlete or anything to use it every once in a while, but it will make you more confident as to how well you can perform under pressure. Girls don't always like when you stop penetrating her with your penis to perform oral sex on her while using your fingers, unless you already reached orgasm, so try to stay within your limits. By getting too excited, you are likely to blow! Also, try replacing parts of your diet with vegetables. Fruits are okay, but vegetables are better because they aren't as sweet and they help you learn to love things that don't taste so good, like sweat.

2. You need to put forth effort. If you don't have a male models body, then you can wear a shirt or something, unless she is totally okay with the fat you have. Effort also means that you don't give her any breathing room when it comes to her fantasies. DO NOT COMMIT RAPE OR FORCEFUL SEX on a woman. Women love aggressive males, so don't be afraid to give her what you think works. Rub her clitoris with your fingers, and her body, and kiss, lick, bite, etc. but don't ask for permission or if she likes what you are doing. When you have been together for a while, then she will tell you what she wants you to do for her. In the initial stages of a relationship, or the act itself, she wants to know what you already know about fucking, not how well you ask questions.

Read her signals though. When you are performing oral sex on a woman, try saying LALA, LELA, LULA, LOLA, while crossing your fingers and twisting your wrists clockwise and counter-clockwise in her vagina. She doesn't have to orgasm, but knowing that she could have, is just as nice sometimes. Focus on other parts of your body when you are going in and out of her vagina with your penis. Set a rhythm that you can work with then focus on your fingers that should be rubbing her clitoris in different ways. Focus on your feet that should be playing footsie with her. Focus on your tongue that should be licking and kissing her all over while you are having sex, and so on. Take everything that she is saying negatively, too (harder, faster, deeper, etc.), as if she is trying to say that you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing right.

However do not let it get to you or you might lose your erection. Kegel exercises, I find, help you ejaculate a greater distance but as for preventing you from reaching orgasm, not so much. Doing it often enough, I found that it prevented me from seeing semen but it didn't help me from feeling like I had an orgasm, which defeated the purpose as my erection went down. I had much better results with riding a bicycle on holding back my orgasm. Also, any position where she must actively use her abdominal muscles, even if you must hold her in that position, will make her orgasm, given that she is in the mood to reach it. Multiple orgasms are doing that over and over, exerting those muscles to the limit repeatedly.

Again, an earth shattering orgasm is like a level of excitement that your body reaches then gives up or out, so a man ejaculates, and a woman reaches orgasm. When a woman creams, it may just be vaginal fluid that is thicker than another woman's or so. Like a male's semen, it is different for different people, so to speak.

3. Practice with your woman or with women. One night stands are a good indication of whether or not she thought that you were good in bed. Having known good and well that it was only supposed to happen once, if she comes crawling back for more via phone call, text message, e-mail, letter, etc. then you KNOW it was good to her.

Practice with your girl by saying that you want to be good to her so you will try tirelessly day after day until you are great at it. If she doesn't exercise, then you may find it hard to get her to squirt or even reach that mind-blowing orgasm people talk about on television. I also found that a woman's squirt is nothing more than you forcing her bladder to piss. It looks like piss, it tastes like piss, it smells like piss, and if she doesn't drink water then it can be golden yellow in color too, like piss. I guess there is something to be said for a man who can make a woman pee during her most vulnerable time but, if you asked me, that is just urine (mixed with vaginal fluid because it's still sex) and I would need scientific evidence to prove otherwise.

That exercise thing works both ways, for guy and girl, because it makes for a stronger erection of the penis and clitoris, which makes for more sensation during that big moment when your body gives out and walls come crashing in, if you know what I mean.

And, if she does the things from my article titled "Please Your Man: How To Make Him Mm" (check it out) then BEG FOR MERCY.

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