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Last Minute Seduction


Warning: Call it an anti-Valentine's story (I personally didn't look at it that way), but this is a dark tale with a dark theme. It was inspired by the work of authors like thetalkman, temptandestroy, wannabeboytoy. As the title alludes, this is a last minute submission to the contest, so if it does seem rushed and sloppy in some areas, I was probably was rushing. As always, feedback (keeping in mind of my warning) is welcomed. Enjoy!


Last Minute Seduction

By PerilEyes

"Quick! I need a dozen of your finest, freshest, reddest, prettiest roses!" Bryan said as he entered the tiny little flower shop.

"Woah, easy there," said the lady who manned (or womanned?) the counter. "Forgot about the most important day, did we, hmm? Looks like I got me another last minute Sam right before closing," she snickered.

Bryan looked her up and down and noticed she was oddly dressed for working in a sweet little store. She donned a red halter top, complete with plenty of cleavage. Around her neck hung a golden heart necklace. At least she was in the Valentine's theme in that respect. She was rather tall, raven hair, big tits...Wait, no, he couldn't say that about her. Margot would kill him. He rephrased. The salesgirl had a...noticeable bust. Yeah, that would do.

"Actually, it's a last minute Bryan," he replied. "And yeah...I was working at the firm all day, putting in a few extra hours. Bad on Valentine's Day I know, but hopefully I can pick her up something extra nice for Margot."

That flashy smile was just the tip of this man's handsome ways for Helen. He came in wearing a long overcoat over a nice suit. Black trousers, navy blue dress shirt, pink striped tie. He was certainly well-put together! A firm? He was probably a lawyer, a winner! But what about this woman of his?

"Relax, no judgements here," she laughed. "Although I must say, Margot? Hmm, interesting name..."

Bryan cocked his head at the comment. "Interesting in what way?"

"Margarite, which is the extended form of your....girlfriend? Wife?"

"Only, girlfriend...so far, anyways..."

The woman noted the "so far" comment and nodded. "Your girlfriend's name, in French, means daisy," she pointed.

"Hmm," Bryan remarked. "Did not know that...that's a pretty cool name to have then, ain't it?"

She laughed. "I don't think so personally....but some might say, yes"

"So what's your name mean, Miss...?"

"Helen." She put her hands on the counter and leaned forward so as to give a nice view of her cleavage. "As in the great Helen of Troy that launched an entire war in her name. Although I believe the story is wrong."

Bryan was baited by the gesture. She looked at her chest with the necklace as the focal point. It was a canyon! Not wanting to be so overt about paying her such close attention though he laughed at the absurdity of the comment and continued the conversation. "How can a myth be wrong?"

Helen smirked. "Well, a woman of Helen's lust, appeal...sure, Paras was drawn in enough to steal her away, but this is where the story gets awry. Everyone faults him, that he took Helen against her will...he's the devil that caused the war." The sales girl paused. "But I think she was just as guilty as he was."

"In what way?"

"Instead of an unwilling victim, I say she wanted to go with Paras. She wanted to get away from her husband."

"But he was a king! Why the hell would she do that?"

"Maybe she thought her man was not very royal in bed. Maybe Paras was a little more adequate. Or maybe she was just a slut?"

Bryan laughed again at the absurdity in her comments. "Wow, Helen, I've never heard such an erotic interpretation of Greek history,"

She smirked. "Tis what I do, Bryan."

"Apparently so," he replied. "Anyways, those flowers."

"Yes, I've get a nice bunch here for Miss Daisy, right over here" as she stepped out of the counter.

For the first time Bryan saw her lower body, which was covered by a tight black knee length skirt and a pair of knee length black heeled boots. Helen stepped past him and headed toward the front of the shop near the door. Along the way Bryan couldn't help but stare at her behind. So tight, shapely, round....wait, he couldn't do this, no more adjectives...he was here for Margot, not to check out the hot salesgirl. Wait, he didn't mean hot. Oh boy...

He watched as she bent over to sort through a few bouquets on a low table. Again her ass captured him, even more than before. The fabric just tightened on her buttocks and boasted her figure quite nicely. In fiddling her way through that table, her hips wiggled around. Bryan turned away. This was rude. He couldn't stare at her he tried to tell him.

"So what do you have planned for this evening," he heard her say.

"Umm, just dinner at a fancy restaurant downtown." He reverted back to his focus on her ass.

"Ooo, sounds very charming," she answered. "You are quite a hunk of a catch, aren't you?"

It struck him as an odd compliment. She could've mentioned something about his personality but instead she went for something physical. Maybe he was analyzing things too much. She was just a friendly flower shop girl making conversation. But man, she was taking a while with those flowers.

"Thanks," he awkwardly offered. "So why are you here? I mean, shouldn't you have closed up shop by now to scurry off for your own date?"

Helen laughed from in the flowers. "No, no, no date this year. It's solitude this year."

"I'm sorry to hear."

"It happens," she resurfaced with a bouquet. "Here we are."

She eyes sparkled as she held them out to him. She was a tall girl in her own right, but Bryan still hovered over her. From his eagled position he saw a bright infectious smile and orbs glimmering up at him. He also couldn't help but seeing a canyon of cleavage as well. This girl hid nothing. A bold move in going with a halter top, Bryan was momentarily fixated on another part of her body.

"Wow, they're beautiful," he nervously remarked.

"Margot's gonna love it. I know I would if my man gave this to me," she winked.


"Come back here and I'll ring it up."

He followed her back to the counter. She scanned up the bar code and recited the price. "65.45," she said while also showing him the price on the cash.

Bryan gasped slightly. He was not expecting it to be that high. But it had to be worth it right? Opting not to pay in cash, he fished for his credit card.

"You weren't going to get her anything, were you?"

"What?" he replied while holding out the card.

Helen didn't take it. Instead she pressed with the bold questions. "I mean, if it were up to you, you wouldn't get that bitch anything, right?"

"What?!" He was completely taken back now. Where did this nerve come from? "Bitch? Where do you get off calling my girlfriend, whom you've never even met, a bitch?!"

"Well, am I right?"

"NO YOU'RE NOT RIGHT!" He snapped. "I love her so I came here to get her these nice flowers, which NOW I'm reconsidering buying from you!"

"Love her? Are you sure?"


"Hmm, ok then," she said, taking his card. Bryan shook his head at the outrageous comments coming from this stranger. He loved Margot, he was sure. What right did a woman he just met have to pry into that? She just needed to process the sale so he could get out of there and be with his girlfriend.

Helen was about to do just that but she stopped. "But tell me this, you weren't really busy today, were you?"

Bryan sighed. "This is stupid. Of course I was. I was at work all day."

"You could've picked up everything before you started your day."

"That's a little inconvenient."

"Is it?"

"What's with the passive-aggressive follow up questions?" he flustered. "Yes, it is inconvenient."

"Fine, fine, you're right, I'll stop..." She conceded.

"Thank you," he relieved and motioned her to finally swipe his card.

"...AFTER one comment."

He sighed. "What?"

"I do find it ironic, that on the one day of the year that celebrates a couple's love and devotion to each other...you were mentally undressing another woman other than your girlfriend. AND while buying something that's supposedly supposed to show that devotion no less."

The previously line a questions were just Helen toying with Bryan. She believed him the first time when he said he was working late hours. She just wanted to test his devotion to Margot. He stood firmly and responded with cool answers. She was impressed. But now came the real experiment. Would Bryan react the same when she called out his voyeuristic ways? How much could Helen get out of him?

"I WASN'T undressing you nor was I looking at you," he retorted.

Firm delivery she thought to herself, but the obvious lie hurt his credibility. "Really, Bryan? Really?" she laughed. "It was painfully obvious from the moment you walked in here."

She called him out and now he was on the defensive. "Well fuck, you're dressed like a fuckin' slut to work at a flower shop, it's pretty hard not to see you."

"Mmm, I love when a big strong man uses such vile and powerful language." She bit her lip. "Tell me what exactly you were looking at. Was it my big beautiful breasts?" She squeezed the puppies together while jutting them forward.

"I am NOT getting into this with you. Just give me my flowers and I'll go."

"Oh, I will. As soon as you tell me: tits or ass...tits...or....ass?" she sung.

The idea of tits naturally caused him to go to the real thing, the set right in front him. He knew he shouldn't be looking. He was doing himself in and he knew it but there was something about them.

"I think it was my tits, personally and seeing as how you're devouring them now, I think you think too." She answered for him. "I mean, have you ever seen a more perfect rack than this in the flesh? I know I haven't. So round and perfect...voluptuous...succulent..."

Bryan continued to concentrate on her chest, but at this point, he was still of a split mind and heart. Logic dictated that he shouldn't be doing this. He had a girlfriend waiting for him to get her out. He loved her. But instincts kicked in that told him the opposite. Instinct told him that if an attractive woman presents herself in front of you, it's OK to look and react. At least, that's what his cock was telling him. It sprung at attention in his black dress pants.

"You know, judging by the amount of staring you're doing and have done, I'd say you haven't seen anything this good ever. Certainly not with Margot, am I right?"

"Her breasts are," he paused to choose his word. "...nice."

Helen laughed. "So in other words she's flat as board....Honey, nice is only a euphemism for petite, which is another euphemism for no tits at all."

"Hey!" he protested. "You are not talking about my girlfriend like that!"

The defense amused Helen because she knew he was ripped up inside right now. She obviously had his attention, yet he was fighting to stay faithful to Margot. It was all so cute and so much of a turn for her. It so arousing knowing that he knew he was attracted to someone who looked better than his own girlfriend. Bryan appeared to be a great catch: handsome, a snazzy dresser, an office job

"Hey what?! Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me you are completely 100% fine with the size and shape of her pathetic tits. Tell me and I'll drop it."

He said nothing. She just smiled evilly.

"I'll take that as a sign that you enjoy my tits more than hers. Say it."

"Say what?"

"That you prefer my big tits to her boyish chest."

"I won't say it. I won't do that to her!"

"What, put into words what you've been thinking all this time? That her body is inadequate for your tastes? That mine is more like the kind of woman the kind of woman you like...the body of a slut!"

"It's not like that...she's a great girl: nice, funny, smart. So what if she doesn't have the greatest body? She loves me and I love her. That's all that m-m-matters."

"M-m-matters, Bryan? You stuttering," she laughed. "Of course love is important. But it doesn't mean shit when there are no actions behind it. And not the buying flowers and candy and dinner kind of action..."

He just awed that she was cryptically talking about sex.

She redirected the conversation on a different, yet similar tangent. "Tell me Bryan, what was the plan after dinner?"

"What do you mean?" Yes, she was talking about sex, even if he expressed that he didn't know that.

"You know what I mean."

His eyes widened. "I am NOT talking about my sex life with you!"

"Why? Because there isn't one?" she coyly replied.

Bryan was taken back by this direct statement. "There is," he midly began. "It's very...nice."

"Again with that word, nice. Margot's breasts are nice. Margot's a nice girl. The sex is nice. Like I said, nice is a euphemism for just enough, barely adequate, and compared to me, inadequate! Tell me I'm wrong Bryan."

He didn't speak.

"I thought so." She snickered. "For you, nice is a code word for stale, vanilla. You probably just do one position, missionary is my guess. She probably just lies there and takes it, no return or reaction for your effort. Like fucking a board."

"She's a good lover," he said.

Helen just rolled her eyes at the pathetic statement. "She's not the slut I am in bed. I give my entire body to my men: my juicy tits, my tight cunt, my delicious ass..."

"That's why you're you and Margot is Margot."

"And I completely agree with you on that one. That's why I'm the vixen I am in bed who demands to fucked like the whore she is, to have her tight pussy fucked by a thick juicy cock, to have her breasts sucked on like a child would her mom, to have her ass fucked raw by an animal."

She continued on her tirade. "And that's why Margot is Margot: a plain, boring fuck. A woman who doesn't care enough to satisfy her man. A woman who doesn't even have the body to do so if she did care."

She then turned around and rubbed her butt as she spoke. "She doesn't have the ass I do, does she? The tight, round, juicy cheeks that I do. I forgot to ask before, are you ass and legs man? Hmm? Do you long to stare at a godly ass, my godly ass, as you take me from behind? You couldn't try anal with her and enjoy it even if you wanted to, could you?"

"It's...adequate," He didn't want to use nice again.

"So flabby, flat, and disgusting? Is that it?" Helen was enjoying insulting Margot, a woman she had never even met. A lot of the assertions she made about his girlfriend was guesswork actually. But Bryan's reactions and lack of reactions affirmed them as truth. It was fun knowing that with every word she uttered, she was changing Bryan's opinion on Margot was changing. With every word, he was hers.

A broken yet very aroused man, Bryan painfully asked, "Why are you doing this?"

"Why? Because I am out to prove something."

"That being..." he reluctantly asked.

"You see Bryan, I run this shop and I see people come in and out, a lot of people. A lot of gorgeous men like your fine self actually..." she began.

"...But then I see their girlfriend or wife or fling or whatever. And you what, Bryan? 9 times out of 10, that woman has no business being on his arm. These women are either short or fat or flat-chested or flabby skinned with a horrible sense of style and makeup job." She ended her annoyed tone and spoke with quite glee and optimism. "And then their males: tall, athletic, built, tanned...men that have gone places and will go places...men like you."

She returned to anger. "The mismatch is fuckin' disgusting! Why do so many men bother with women not in their league?! I mean, I don't get it!!"

"But there is a silver lining, fortunately," she pointed out. "At least these men have the brains to at least have a look at my body. All the while their oblivious spouses search for the flowers that supposedly symbolize their shallow form of love. Hopefully by the time they walk out the door, they realize that need woman like me in their life instead of the bitches they have."

"You're evil."

"Why thank you!!" It was a compliment to her.

"You're proud of it?"

"Of course! Why wouldn't I be? I know what I am and that is one hot, evil slut." She proudly asserted. Then she stepped around the counter so she was intimate in his personal space, a move that closed any sexual distance (however small) between them.

"And you, Brian, would love to give your manhood to this whore...right here....right now....in my shop," she seductively proposed. Then she grabbed his crotch and slightly squeezed his full member and balls.

Suddenly the world came crashing down on Bryan as she held his crotch. In one way it was quite symbolic of their time in the shop. The whole time Bryan's sexual urges could not resist being attracted to this flower girl. All that tension in his dick, she held it all in a little sack in the palm of her hand.

The glimmering eyes he first noticed on her turned to bed eyes. Her chest jutted proudly toward him. They brushed against his chest. He gulped. "Helen...I can't do this...it's Margot...and it's Valentine's Day."

He turned to make an escape, a reluctant one, but an escape nonetheless. But Helen grabbed his hand with her own soft hand (while still keeping the other on his dick) and twisted his body back to look at her.

"C'mon Bryan, you want to do this. Your cock has been point in that direction the whole time," she snickered at her horrible pun. "Mmm, such a manly hand for an office worker, must use them a lot around the house eh?" She said and then gave it a little peck.

Bryan moaned slightly. A good sign for Helen. It was only a matter of time before he became his. But for now, one final act.

"Tell you what..." she started as she guided his hand to breast and rested it on it. "You put your hand here and keep it there for a bit. And if you can honestly say that you aren't attracted to me, that you'd rather go be with your boring ass loving girlfriend, then I will let you do that. I'll give the flowers free and let you be on your way."

Thus, with that statement, Bryan stood in limbo and at a crossroads. Either go to his girlfriend, who loved him dearly, to be with her on the one day that explicitly expressed that...or be with this conniving, manipulative yet extraordinarily hot and voluptuous seductress who was purposely trying to rip him from his obligations to Margot.

The sensations in his cock heightened as she massaged it with her hand. And her breast! It was so round, so soft, so perfectly sculpted. It was like nothing he had ever felt before! A long-time admirer of breasts, Bryan never had the opportunity to experience a grand pair up close. The feeling felt good to say the least.

The longer Bryan lingered in his decision and his molestation of Helen's breast, the more she knew she had him. There was no doubt. A less confident woman would have a few reservations, but not her. She was completely satisfied in the idea that he would pick her. She was sure Bryan would turn his back on the love he shared with his girlfriend to be with her sexy self. On Valentine's Day! Oh that was selling point of it all! It was just as arousing to think about as the feeling of Bryan's hard cock and his manly digits on her tit.

"Ah, fuck it!!!" he exclaimed.

With that he took her head in his arms and took her in an embrace. Their tongues danced with one another. The lips never stopped moving. All the while Helen could only think of one thing. Well, two things: that he was an AMAZING kisser...and that she had WON! She did it! She owned him right now! Her seductive ways had paid off. She stole him away from that bitch on Valentine's Day.

She removed his coat and his suit jacket and then dropped to her knees. "I cannot wait to see this monstrous cock!" she fumbled with his pants.

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