tagErotic CouplingsLast Night Dream

Last Night Dream


I didn't hear him come up the stairs; I didn't even hear him come in the door or however he got in. He came into the room. I was sleeping - lying half under the duvet. His fingers brushed my leg. Tiny kisses along my thigh and over my hip. I stir – not waking. His tongue circles my nipple and I wake further and try to brush off whatever it is tickling my skin. My hands are tied – I can't move them from over my head. I open my eyes but I still can't see. It's not dark of that I am sure. There is something over my eyes. I try to scream and I feel a hand over my mouth 'Don't make a sound' he says gruffly 'it wont hurt'. I nod my head – what else can I do? Who is this person, what is he going to do to me? A thousand thoughts run through my head. Will he hurt me; will I even be here to tell the tale tomorrow?

His hand moves from my lips and it is replaced by his mouth. He kisses me – how dare he! I try to resist him. 'Kiss me' he hisses. And forces his lips against mine again. His tongue trying to force its way into my mouth. I resist the temptation to bite it really hard fearing what the backlash might be. I open my mouth slightly and his tongue pushes against mine – gently then harder and then as I try to do as he has told me he pulls away. His lips travel down my neck, his hands holding my shoulders, squeezing my breasts, and pinching my nipples. I flinch. He bites. I flinch again.

His hand is suddenly between my legs his fingers searching out my hole. Suddenly I realise how wet I am. He pushes his fingers into me and involuntarily I push up to meet them. 'Don't move' he commands me as he thrusts them in further and harder.

'Mmmmmm' the sound has escaped from my lips before I remember he told me to stay silent. He reminds me by holding his finger to my lips. Without thinking I lick the tip and he pushes it into my mouth. His lips are still on my nipple sucking on it as hard as I am sucking his finger. He pulls it out and uses the saliva from my mouth to rub my other nipple. Pinching and rolling it between his fingers. They are so hard.

Am I enjoying this? How can I? I have no idea who this man is or what he is going to do with me.

I soon find out as he slides down the bed and forces my legs open. His mouth is against my pussy, sucking my clit, tonguing my hole. I feel a tremendous force building up – I moan – this time he doesn't stop me. My hands are straining at the ropes around my wrists but I am no longer trying to wriggle out of the blindfold around my eyes. His hands are on my bum cheeks – pulling them apart and his tongue wanders downwards nibbling and licking as it is suddenly against my arsehole. His thumb is on my clit. His tongue is probing my arsehole. My orgasm is building. My legs tremble, my breath is increasing.

And then he stops! Pulls away completely!!! I can't hide my disappointment. I can't even feel the heat of his body now. I writhe trying to make contact. Then it's there – against my lips, for a split second I think it's his hand but only because I wasn't expecting it to be his swollen cock. He pushes it into my mouth, his hand is around the back of my head pulling me into him and he thrusts into me. I love the taste, I love the hardness. Already there is pre-cum escaping. He no longer needs to pull me into him. I run my tongue around the end. My lips soft against his rigidness. He loses the ropes that were keeping my hands away from him. Straight away my hand encompasses his manhood – my excitement builds as I wank him as I suck. Mouth and hand in unison. He moans – I can feel him grow harder. He's going to cum and I'm going to swallow it all but again he deprives me!

He pulls away and pushes me onto all fours. He rubs the end of his cock down my slit and pushes with all his weight into me. I gasp, his hands on my arse pulling me into him. His balls banging against me. His thumb is probing my arsehole and I begin to quiver. There is a crescendo building from the tips of my toes, coursing through the whole of my body and I moan and whimper as it takes over me completely.

Whatever he is doing I am oblivious – freefalling from some height I've never experienced. He groans and he is cumming too. I feel his hot spunk filling me, taking me further into paradise. He thrusts as he empties his load into me - every last drop being wrung out of him as my pussy constricts around him. We collapse together his skin still tight against mine and I fall into a deep sleep.

Later I awake and open my eyes. Next to me is my fuck buddy deep in sleep lying on his back as usual with a smile playing on his lips. I sit up – there is no sign of a blindfold, no ropes. Did we come to bed together? Did he hold me the way he always does when we spend the night together? Making me feel safe and secure and cared for after making love to me downstairs with a passion I've never felt with anyone. So was it all a dream? My fingers stray between my legs – everything is so wet. Aftershocks run though my body. Was it a dream or did the man who has shown me so much intimacy just teach me something new?????


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