tagIncest/TabooLast Time I Fucked My Stepsister

Last Time I Fucked My Stepsister


Sheila and I had been playing around as long as I can remember. She taught me, when we were both quite young, how to rub my penis until it was hard, or have her rub it, and then to slide it inside her.

Seemed like we were doing it all the time. "screwing" we called it. "Hey Pat, you want to go screw?" she'd whisper to me when no one was home or it seemed like we probably wouldn't get caught. We never did get caught, but we definitely screwed a lot. She even had me put it up her ass once, both of us standing up inside our garage. Surprisingly, although I like anal a lot now, i remember not liking it so much then. Her ass was so tight it hurt a little to be in there. Of course, neither of us had any idea about lube - or about real sex or technique, for that matter. We were blundering along, experimenting with each other.

Then came a time, as Sheila got older and sexier and had plenty of boyfriends, that she didn't want to screw her younger stepbrother anymore. I was bummed at first, of course, and tried for a long time to talk her into just one more time. And I spent a lot of time jerking off, thinking about her nice tits and tight pussy, just down the hall.

But in time I got used to it. I came to accept that I'd no longer be screwing my stepsister.

Until one night, something or someone got her horny, I guess, and left her unsatisfied. I've never learned what set her off that night.

All I know is that she wanted her pussy licked. She said, "Pat if you eat me out, I'll let you screw me later."

I'd never performed oral before, but she'd dropped hints that she liked it from time to time, so naturally I'd thought long and hard (and yeah, jerked long and hard) thinking about tasting her cunt. Didn't really know how, but definitely willing to give it a try.

At the appointed time, we met in our shared bathroom. The whole family was home, but with our bedroom doors both locked we were pretty sure we wouldn't be interrupted. But hell, we were both so up for it I think we would have gone ahead with it, even if we were sure the whole family would have ended up watching.

It was awkward and embarrassing at first, for both of us, but in the interest of honesty I'm going to relate it exactly as it happened.

She sat on the toilet seat and pulled off her sweatpants and panties. We were both nervous and didn't really look each other in the eyes. She spread open her legs and asked me, "Do you know what to do?"

I shrugged or mumbled something like "I think so," then I sidled up to her open gash on my hands and knees. I'd never looked at this closely, even all those times we'd screwed, but I'm sorry to say I didn't look at it and appreciate as much as I should have, as much as I wish I had. I just wanted to please her, to make her feel good...always with the hope and promise that I'd get my cock inside her once again, sometime that night.

So I gave it a lick. And recoiled. And probably said something to voice my disgust.

Her pussy was sour, it tasted horrible. I told her as much, and although she was embarrassed she seemed to know what was wrong and what to do about it.

(I've never confirmed this, but I suspect her sourness was due to poor piss-wiping practices, either that particular day, or maybe habitually. At the time, of course, I had no idea what was wrong)

She turned on the warm water in the tub, ran a few inches worth of it, then climbed in and sat down. She scooted up close to the running water, putting her feet up on either side of the faucet and spreading her knees wide, and began washing herself.

It was no doubt one of the sexiest things I've ever seen. I didn't take my cock out and start to rub it, as I stood their watching her, because I would have been far too embarrassed to ever let her see that. But I sure wish I had.

She finished, confident that everything was better down there now. I wasn't so sure, I was a little bit more nervous now and I definitely didn't want to taste anything like that again. I think I was thinking at this point that that was just how pussy tasted - and that splashing some water on it couldn't possible help much.

Thankfully she proved me wrong. She pulled on a flannel nightgown, ankle length, no panties. And asked me to climb up inside.

She was standing in front of the mirror, brushing her hair. Her legs were spread, making her look like she was going into a slight squat, but other than that, from the waist up, she was trying to look like nothing was going on, just hairbrushing.

I climbed up between her legs, and approached her pussy with my face. She had wispy brown hair all around it, in the classic sexy V-shape, but her lips and vulva were smooth, hairless and wet.

I gave it a lick, trailing my tongue up from the bottom of the slit to the top. I had no idea what I was doing, no clue to technique, but it was clear that the simple elements of tongue, saliva and pink pussyflesh were enough, or close enough, to make this exploration well worth it for both of us.

And it tasted so much better. I could see now she'd been absolutely right, whatever it was she was washing off in the tub. She tasted clean and sharp and slightly viscous, and I knew then it was a taste I'd love forever.

Looking up, through the nightgown that was covering both of us, I could see her face. The hairbrush was paused in midair by the side of her head. Her eyes were half closed and her mouth was open, and she was breathing deeply and heavily. And this whole view was framed, from my low perspective, by the twin pert mounds of her perfect breasts. It was probably the second sexiest thing I've ever seen.

At about that time, she spoke for the first time since I'd started eating her. "Suck," she said.

I know now that she was talking about her clit, but I'm afraid I didn't know anything about the existence of the clitoris then. I knew about exactly one female sex organ: the all-encompassing vagina.

Assuming that's what she meant, I opened my mouth wide, and covered all of her vagina. Then I softly began sucking on it, still licking up and down.

I guess it was good enough. She began trembling all over. Her thighs squeezed against my head. She began rubbing her breasts with one hand, the one not holding the hair brush, through her flannel nightie. This unfortunately closed off my view, from down there, of her face, so I missed my first chance to see my sweet stepsister's face as she orgasmed.

She reached down, pulling me out and up to a standing position in front of her. She smiled and hugged me and said, "We're gonna do everything."

Well she didn't quite live up to the promise, and in fact I recognized it at the time as a line from a porno we'd both watched together, a year or two prior. So I took it with a grain of salt.

What I got was good enough for me. She took my hand, led me into her bedroom. She pulled off her nightie and laid down.

I stumbled and fumbled and got naked. I came over to her, standing beside the bed, and looked her over. It was dark by then, and very dark in that room, but I could see a lot of her by the light still on in the bathroom. She was lithe and tight, with perfect tits and a pussy still visibly wet from its recent tongue-lashing and orgasm.

I climbed on top of her.

She reached down, gripped my penis and guided it toward her hole. Just outside, just barely touching her lips, she paused and smiled up at me. "Wanna screw?" she asked.

Then I slid into my sweet stepsister Sheila's tight pussy, still to this day the tightest and best pussy I've ever fucked.

I paused, when I was about halfway in her, to marvel and enjoy how tight she was and how good she felt. It's a sensation I remember clearly, have always and will always remember clearly. I even coined a name for it, alone in my musings; I called it "pussy-squeeze" - the feeling of being utterly surrounded and encased in tight, wet, hot, muscular vagina. I thought it would always feel this good, with every girl and woman I fucked - and don't get me wrong, it's always good. But it's never been that tight again, or felt as good as it did that last time thrusting in and out of my stepsisters tight cunt.

I moved slowly at first, then faster. Sheila laid still, her eyes closed, softly biting her lower lip. I slid almost all the way out of her, to where my head was just barely still inside her lips...then rocked forward until I was buried inside her.

I fucked her like that for a while, alternating between closing my eyes and reveling in the indescribably good feeling, and opening my eyes to watch her, to study her face for signs of pleasure.

Still biting her lip, breathing a bit heavier now, she said, "It's good, it feels so good. I'm gonna cum again."

She arched her back then, and sighed, and opened her eyes and looked into mine. "It feels so good when you screw me, Pat. Screw me harder and cum in me."

She wrapped her arms and legs around me, and rode with me as I thrust more urgently into her. She put her mouth on mine and began exploring me with her tongue.

I kept fucking her, harder. She broke the kiss to gasp, "Screw me good. Screw your big stepsister. Cum in my pussy."

That was enough for me. I felt the pressure well up through my balls, actually felt the crest of it surging toward my thrusting cock head.

We didn't think about pregnancy, or about the taboo of anything we were doing, let alone unprotected massive internal cumloads. We were both helplessly engrossed by then, her with the need to feel me blasting cum inside her, and me with the need to cum.

Just as I felt it leave my body, I pushed her down, flat on her bed. This time my mouth was on hers, my tongue in her mouth.

And I unloaded into her; three, four maybe five distinct hard blasts of semen. She moaned and tightened all around me (both on my legs and torso, and internally, on my cock) with each surge. I could feel it filling her up, filling her pussy to capacity and overflowing, down her ass and onto the bed.

We lay there panting, occasionally kissing, while my dick grew soft inside her. Sometime later I crept back into my bed.

I think we both knew that was going to be our last time.

But if she were here in front of me, right now, I'd screw her again.

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