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Karen propped herself up on her elbows before struggling up into a sitting position. It was getting harder and harder for her to do that the further along she progressed in her pregnancy. Still, she figured that she had better enjoy her mini vacation while she could, and to that end she'd gotten into the habit of visiting the beach everyday. With her husband away on an unexpected business trip, Karen decided to come out to the coast and visit with her parents one last time before her fast approaching due date. While there was plenty for them to go over, and a lot of advice to get from her mother, she was still left with little to do during the day while they worked. So she spent her days laying out in the sun and splashing in the water like she'd done all those summers growing up on the coast, only now her trademark string bikini had been traded in for something a little more maternal.

It wasn't a baggy skirt that the blonde beauty had chosen for herself however. Karen's maternity swimsuit paid homage to the spirit of the flimsy two-piece suits she had so often worn. It was a brightly colored tankini that showed off her curves quite well. Specifically, the tight fitting top accentuated her swelling bosom, and from behind the bottoms left just enough of her fine ass exposed. As for the rest, Karen didn't try to conceal her belly at all, and had quite gotten used to her condition over the last eight months. She hadn't showed the whole time, of course, but she had scarcely a month to go and was quite visible now. Only the change in her center of gravity still gave her a little trouble as she pulled herself up out of the sand and collected her things. Karen had taken a dip in the ocean earlier, and more sand than usual was sticking to the backs of her legs. She tried to brush most of it off, then decided a quick rinse would be her best bet. Besides, if she got that out of the way, she could change and do a little shopping before heading back home.

It was still early in the beach season, and the parks commission was typically unprepared. The main bathhouse was still being renovated, and the only changing facilities available were a line of temporary stalls. They stood against the back of the bathhouse next to a couple of shower nozzles. Karen saw that there would be no privacy to shower there, but at least she'd be able to rinse the sand off her body and out of her hair before changing. When she neared the stalls, Karen realized that for expediency the parks department had set up the old changing stalls for use as the temporaries. That encouraged her, for she remembered from the days of her youth that they had been on the roomy side. Closer inspection revealed why they were being replaced, many of the doors were loose and the locking mechanisms had been popped out of most of them, but Karen was able to find a suitable one and she stepped inside. She left most of her stuff before heading over to the nearest shower. There wasn't really anyone else around, just a maintenance worker mopping up so Karen felt safe leaving her things unattended.

A push of a button started a steady stream of water, which Karen cautiously tested with her hands before stepping under it. Much to her surprise, it was at a fairly comfortable temperature. That was a good thing for the type of shower wasn't adjustable. Karen had kept her swimsuit on and it clung to her body as soon as it got wet. She ducked her head under the flow and raked her fingers through her hair, trying to rinse as much sand off of herself as she could. It didn't take very long, and as the water automatically shut off, Karen arched her head back to toss her wet blonde hair behind her. She didn't notice that the slight chill of the water had hardened her nipples to the point where they poked out from her bathing suit. The maintenance guy noticed however, he'd been watching Karen surreptitiously and for a moment she was literally thrusting her heavy breasts out at him. He could feel his cock stiffening at the sight, but he maintained enough sense to turn away before Karen saw him.

Subconsciously she might have noted his presence, but Karen paid the man no mind as she headed back to her stall. Once inside she pulled off her wet swimsuit top and started drying herself off. Karen began with her hair, tying a towel around her head before moving on to the rest of her body. She rubbed herself softly with her towel, carefully lifting each of her breasts in turn to dry them completely before working on her belly. Although her condition was quite obvious, it was a safe bet to say that Karen was still gorgeous. If anything, her pregnancy had only accentuated the swell of her bosom and enhanced the curves of her lower body. True, she had gained the usual amount of weight over the last few months, but she wore it well and nowhere did it look bad on her. Like all expectant mothers, Karen caressed her belly while she dried herself. Following that, she let her hands wander down to her bottoms, which she peeled off so that she could continue. A little wetness on her breasts forced Karen to give them a little more attention, but as she brought the towel back to her hard nipples, she realized why she was wet. A little milk had spurted out of her, and this came as a surprise. She set to work on it with her towel right away. This commanded enough of Karen's attention that she failed to notice the maintenance guy standing outside her stall.

Don had been watching Karen most of the morning, when in fact he should have been attending to his other duties. Because it hadn't been all that busy, he had bored of his tasks quickly and he knew management wasn't about to come check up on him any time soon. His job really was a cushy one, for one thing it definitely beat flipping burgers while waiting for fall semester to begin at the community college. Besides, he figured that working at the beach would let him spend most of the summer eyeing up the hotties that were sure to flock there, and even now, so early in the season, he was right. Even though Karen was obviously pregnant, Don had availed himself of the opportunity to ogle her, starting while she was sunbathing and continuing on to the shower. He felt emboldened enough to peep at her in the changing stall mostly because the area was pretty much deserted. It was just his good fortune that she hadn't noticed him looking through the small round hole in the door where a locking mechanism had once been. Don couldn't tell what exactly she was doing, suffice it to say that it looked like the naked beauty was playing with her tits. She was sitting on the bench now, and her legs were spread far enough apart that Don could see a hint of her bush as well. His cock was straining at his pants now, and he was careful not to breathe too loudly or make any noise while he continued to spy on her.

Don absentmindedly licked his lips as Karen's inadvertent little peep show continued. She was still getting herself together, only now her legs were parted enough that Don could catch the occasional glimpse of her pussy if she moved just right. This was especially true when Karen dried off her legs, kicking first one then the other up into the air. She wasn't aroused in the least, but the sight of her fur trimmed slit was more than Don could handle. Besides the lip-licking Don was now stroking his cock through his pants. It was just a gentle touch, really, but it was enough to get his heart racing and his juices flowing. Spying on Karen had given him quite a rush, and the vision of her exposed body was garnering a physical reaction from Don as well. He watched for a few moments more, until Karen managed to pull on her panties, effectively ending his free show. Still, even as Karen finished getting herself dressed, Don found himself mesmerized by her beautiful body and he was still crouched by her door. Only the sight of Karen reaching for the door handle interrupted his reverie, and Don scrambled away. Fortunately for him, the next stall door was open and he concealed himself inside just in time to escape from Karen's view.

With the stall door safely closed, Don could finally allow himself to pull his cock free of its confinement and he immediately stated masturbating. Visions of the naked form he had just seen filled his mind as he stroked himself off, hand gripping his cock tight as he fantasized about fucking Karen's hot little box. Don didn't even know her name, but he was consumed with lust for the sexy blonde, pregnant or not. He visualized his cock sliding into her hot little box, imagining how good it would feel. In his mind's eye, Don could see himself sucking on her gorgeous breasts, feeling her taut nipples on his tongue. The image was real enough to him that he thought he could taste those beautiful globes as he stroked away. His mind began to wander as his hand speeded up. It was obvious that Karen was no virgin, and Don fantasized about how hot it would have been to watch her man fucking her. He could envision cum dripping out of her pussy right before shoving his own cock deep inside her wet, dripping hole...With that he came, grunting as he furiously milked his cock for all he was worth, shooting his cum all over the bench. Several globs of it splattered across the wall and slowly dripped down as Don enjoyed all the sensations of his balls emptying themselves. There was no reason to linger, and as soon as he was finished, Don stuffed his cock back in his pants and stepped out of the stall. He looked around for a moment, blowing out a puff of air when he saw no one around. Without a further thought Don casually walked back to his work station and carried on like nothing had happened. He didn't see the figure that peeked into the stall he had just vacated, then hurried off.

Karen walked straight ahead, not daring to look back. She had forgotten her sunglasses when she first left the changing area and hadn't noticed until she reached her car. Upon her return, Karen thought she heard a soft grunting from the stall next to hers, and she realized what had to be going on. Fearful that whoever it was might mean her harm, she locked her stall door and waited until the noises stopped and she could hear the man walking away. He didn't pause to look for her, and she hurriedly gathered up her things and scrambled towards her car. Curiosity got the better of her though, and Karen paused to peek inside the stall Don had just vacated. Sure enough, the gooey evidence of his jerking off was still there, splattered all over the wall, floor and seat. Karen shuddered at the thought of someone doing that so close to her and hurried home.

Karen didn't dwell on what had just happened, and by the next day it had nearly been forgotten. She got up early, as she always did and drove down to the beach. Once again the place was virtually deserted, just a few other people were availing themselves to the sun and sand. She took her usual place near the water's edge and spread out her blanket. Karen basked in the sun for some time, then decided on a quick dip in the ocean before leaving. The water was a tad chilly, but exhilarating and it wasn't long before Karen was collecting her things and heading back towards the changing stalls. She wasn't aware of it, but the cool water had definitely had a visible effect on her nipples, and they stuck out of her bathing suit prominently. This caught the attention of a maintenance worker, who smiled as Karen greeted him, even though she barely paid him any mind. His eyes followed her buns as she walked past, enjoying the sight of her swimsuit bunching up her magnificent ass. The man continued to watch as Karen quickly showered the loose sand off her body, and he was careful to stay a respectable distance away. Don turned away before Karen could catch him ogling her, but as soon as she closed her stall door he was right there.

As she had the day before, Karen stripped off her wet swimsuit in order to dry herself off completely before getting dressed. She had pretty much forgotten what had occurred in the adjoining stall the day before. Off came her tankini top, and Karen wrung it dry before hanging it on a small metal hook. She sat down on the bench to take off her bottoms, hanging them up before turning to smooth out her towel. Her back was turned to the door, giving Don quite an eyeful as she bent over to adjust her towel before sitting down on it. He could see her gorgeous ass thrust out at him, and closer inspection revealed just the barest hint of her pussy as well. Don had quite enjoyed watching her heavy breasts as she rubbed and dried them in her hands. He gasped softly while watching her, for she sat there finishing her routine. Karen was making sure she had dried her breasts completely off when she looked up and noticed his shadow in front of her stall door.

The realization that this was probably the guy from the day before hit Karen hard. For a brief moment, she considered screaming for help, but then realized that no one else was nearby. Suddenly, Karen thought of the leering maintenance worker, hoping he might help, but then it dawned on her. He was most likely her hidden admirer. Today she had noticed Don looking at her on more than one occasion on the beach, and then there was her chance meeting with him on her way to the shower. True, she had seen him around the day before, but only as part of the background, and not really as a person. From the obvious attention he was paying her now, Karen realized that he must have been eyeing her up yesterday as well, and she quickly drew the conclusion that he had been masturbating in the stall next to hers. A chill went up her spine as she surmised that somehow, he'd been spying on her, maybe even when she was getting undressed. The idea that it was more than likely that he fantasized about her while he jerked off was both haunting and alluring. Karen wondered what had to be going through the man's head as he had pleasured himself, not knowing if he truly meant her harm or if he'd solely been interested in gratification. She rationalized that if really wanted to, he could have done anything he wished to her yesterday, or even today as he peered in at her. That, and the idea that he was getting turned on by a body Karen was beginning to think most guys would find unappealing helped her make up her mind as to what to do next.

With a mischievous smile, Karen sat back down on the bench, fully aware that she was completely exposed. She spent the next few minutes primping and posing, teasing her hair and whatever else it took for her to give her voyeur an impromptu show. Through it all she made sure that nothing concealed her breasts from view, sure she might cup one in her hand for a moment, but all the more to tease the hell out of the guy who had to be drooling by now. Karen was giddy with delight at her little performance, and a quick glance at the door told her that the man was still there. She knew he had to be getting more and more aroused, in fact she could feel herself growing hotter as her exhibition progressed. Without giving it any serious thought, Karen turned up the heat another notch. Whereas until now she'd been teasing her admirer, flashing her boobs and letting a hint of her bush show, Karen slowly started to go even further. She began by manipulating her breasts even more than she had been, letting her fingers knead and caress her engorged tits. A little more of her milk leaked out as she pinched a nipple, Karen briefly toyed with the idea of licking it off but thought better of it. She figured that would be too gratuitous, but she didn't hesitate at all to spread her legs apart. Karen's pussy was red and wet, and she made sure she didn't leave that hidden from view. She sat like that for a few minutes, making sure that whoever was peeking in got a good long look at her tender little snatch. Even though it was more blatant than what she'd done before, Karen didn't feel as if she'd crossed any line. Just for an additional tease, Karen ran her fingers down there, rubbing them along her swollen pussy lips and briefly teasing her clit before her performance came to an end.

When she decided it was time to move on, Karen stood and turned her back to her 'friend'. She placed one leg up on the bench, in order to balance herself while she pulled on her shorts. Of course, she made sure her buns were wiggling at the door while she did so. As soon as that task was complete, Karen backed slowly to the door, acting as if she was trying to retrieve some of her things from a bag on the floor. Her movements were as fluid and as graceful as someone in her condition could make them, and she pressed her butt up against the latch. She knew that she could be asking for a lot of trouble with whatever was going to happen next, but she continued on. Karen took a deep breath in preparation, then crossed the threshold of no return. With a deft movement, she pushed the door latch with her buns, then stepped forward. Immediately the door swung open, revealing a very surprised young man standing there. Karen eased herself back into an upright position and turned to face him.

For a moment, Don just stood there, staring at the topless beauty in front of him, not knowing what her reaction was going to be. She didn't appear to be angry with him for peeping, and in fact had appeared to be putting on a show just for him. Her breasts were her most prominent feature (aside from her pregnant tummy), and it was all Don could do to tear his eyes away from them to take in Karen's smiling face. Seeing her smile alleviated much of the fear that had gripped Don once he realized that he'd been caught. The blonde before him was a thing of beauty, the only mar on her figure, if you could call it one, was the bulge of her expectant tummy. Besides that, she had clearly stayed in shape, maintaining her firm body as best she could. Karen's pregnancy did have the positive effect of enhancing her breasts, making them irresistible. Seeing them here, up close and unhindered was almost too much for Don to take, however Karen was willing to take charge. Even as she backed away from him, a wink and a nod enticed Don to close the stall door and follow her back to the bench. There she sat, beckoning Don to her. She reached out to take hold of his hands as he approached, guiding him to her waiting breasts.

They both gasped in unison as Don's hands cupped and cradled Karen's breasts. It was almost as if they'd both been anticipating such a move for a long time. Immediately Don's fingers were drawn to Karen's nipples, and he squeezed his hands firmly over her tits. She moaned as she felt her nipples being gently pulled and twisted in Don's gentle hands. He leaned in to kiss her, but Karen wasn't willing. She leaned further and further back as he approached, but she kept her arms wrapped around Don's back as not to discourage him. Ever the resourceful guy, Don leaned down after he got her unspoken message and brought his mouth to her breasts instead. This was something Karen was quite willing to enjoy, and she gasped upon feeling his hot mouth sucking on her tits. Don could taste the sweet goodness of the milk Karen expressed as he took her in his mouth and started to suck. It was a new sensation for him, but the feel and taste was wonderful. He kept one hand on the breast he wasn't suckling on and routinely switched sides as Karen moans grew louder and louder. Don tried to use his other hand to strip off Karen's shorts, but once again he crossed an invisible line and she drew away from his touch. By now Don was quite thoroughly aroused, and he needed something to bring himself some resolution. While Karen wasn't about to let him touch her most intimate parts, she had no aversion to letting him pleasure himself, and she took his hand in hers. Slowly, Karen guided Don to his own pants, then letting go of him unzipped his fly and reached inside.

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