tagAnalLate Night at Work

Late Night at Work

byDr. Love©

Another late night at the office. Joe rubbed his eyes as he stared at the mountain of work that was still to be done, and wondered when he'd be able to get out of there.

"Hey Joe, working late again?" came a voice from behind him.

Joe turned around and saw Kathy, the newest member of their group at the accounting firm. She gave him a smile and said, "Here Joe, I got you a cup of coffee from downstairs."

"Wow, Kathy, thanks so much!" said Joe. "The work never seems to end."

"Well, I'm here tonight too, so maybe we can help each other out." She flashed him another smile and leaned over his shoulder to place the coffee cup on his desk. He could have sworn he felt a tight nipple brush against his ear and started as he inhaled her jasmine scent. God, it had been so long since he'd...

He felt her strong hands on his shoulders and groaned from the tension.

"Here, let me take care of that," she said as she kneaded out the aches in his shoulders. That perfume was really getting to him now and giving him a bit of a hard-on. He'd broken up with his last girlfriend two months ago and had pretty much been stuck at work ever since.

"So Kathy, what do I owe you for the coffee and the backrub?"

She bent down—he swore her full breasts were just behind his head, and whispered, "How about you give me a good...hard...fuck."

He was shocked. Kathy was a great piece of ass—5'6", 38D's, long tanned legs, and a tight rear—but he always thought she had a boyfriend.

"I heard about your girl and I'm sorry—this job killed my relationship too. But maybe we'll both feel better when your dick is in my cunt. It's been so long since I've had a good fuck that I just need you to give it to me."

Joe had had it. He got up and kissed her deeply while squeezing her tight ass. She grunted as he placed her on his desk and ground his dick into her pelvis.

"Come on, stop playing around and fuck me, you bastard," she moaned into his ear.

"Hell no, I've got to taste that pussy first—I've been waiting much too long."

He pulled her hips to the edge of the desk and slid his hands up until they were cupping her asscheeks. Her pussy—with the same jasmine aroma—was right in front of his tongue, without a G-string's worth of panty covering it. He dove in, sliding her skirt up until her bare ass was rubbing the desk. He lapped up her juices and slid in and out of her cunt, and she shoved her hips back in his face. He slid a middle finger back down the crack of her ass until it got to her tight asshole, and he used the copious juices flowing out of her cunt to lube his finger and shove it into her ass all the way past the second knuckle.

"Unnnhh, fuck yes keep fucking my ass with your finger baby...I'm gonna cum all over your face you bastard, don't you dare stop licking my cunt.

"Fuck...fuck...FUCK!!!" Her legs wrapped around his head as she came and he tasted her cum on his tongue.

It took her a few minutes for her to calm down, but when she did she was just as horny as before. "Give me that big cock, let me suck you dry..." She practically ripped his slacks off and stuffed his cock down her throat, balls-deep.

Damn, this bitch could suck cock, Joe thought as he started to fuck her face. His balls were full of cum and he had to empty them in her vacuum mouth. She slurped him into her mouth as she sucked hard. He felt her middle finger at his tight anal ring as she slowly slid it into his rectum. Just as her finger began to rub his prostate, he erupted. She swallowed every last drop as he grunted out his climax.

She licked her way back up his chest and gave him a cum-filled kiss as she said, "If you make me come from fucking my pussy you can have my ass too." He was hard again almost instantly, and he bent her over his desk. In one thrust, he jammed his cock deep in her pussy and jammed a finger up her ass. He started fucking her in both holes with the same rhythm as she shoved her hips back on his dick. Her pussy was amazingly tight, and her ass was hot and even tighter. He had to struggle to hold on, despite his huge orgasm of ten minutes ago. She helped him out as her fingers worked over her clit in a frenzy. They both grunted and moaned deeply from the sensation, as it had been a long time for both of them. He could feel her pussy tighten her grip, and as she started to come, he pulled out and thrust his dick deep into her ass, turning her moan into a scream.

"Fuck, yes, fuck my ass..." He could feel how tight she was and it was unbelievable. Incredibly, he kept fucking her without cumming until her orgasm subsided. Then the pressure became too much and his cum spurted deep in her rectum.

As she cleaned off his cock and balls with deep slow licks, he asked her, "Let's continue this at my place." She grunted her assent as she felt his cum dripping out of her—formerly—tight ass.

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