tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLate Night Bus Ride

Late Night Bus Ride


I work late one night a week in my job in a fashion store and I usually catch a bus home. As a 21 year old female it isn't ideal to be catching public transport so late at night but I'm the kind of girl that can usually hold my own and after doing it for so long, I barely register the danger anymore.

After one particularly gruelling late night trade, I had missed my first bus and was waiting in the cold in just a sheer silk shirt and jeans. I was beating myself up over forgetting my coat and I could feel my nipples poking lewdly through my light shirt. My bus finally arrived, I gave the bus driver a smile as I hopped on, he was young about mid-twenties, very tall and muscular, he smiled back, and I instantly felt safer with him being the driver. I took in the other passengers, just me, one other girl and two rowdy, drunk teenagers at the back both that stared openly at my chest whilst walking past me. The hard day at work began to catch up with me and I began to doze off under the gentle vibrations of the bus. I wouldn't usually do it but I was exhausted and just couldn't control my heavy eyelids anymore.

I woke with a start as a large hand gently shook my shoulder, I rubbed my eyes and looked up to the kind eyes of the bus driver standing over me, "Sorry to wake you Love but it's the end of the line." I caught my bearings, "oh shit, I am so sorry!" Lucky for me I didn't live too far away from where the bus ended and reached for my bag. I moved past him to the driver-controlled exit doors but he didn't move towards the front of the bus to release the doors, "I can just get out here, it's no worries."

"You look cold in that shirt." I once again became aware of the exhibition I was putting on and crossed my arms.

"Yeah I forgot my coat but its fine I don't live far from here," but as I looked out the window I realised that I wasn't familiar with my surroundings...in fact there was hardly any surroundings at all "Sorry where are we? This isn't where the T20 finishes."

"No it isn't. I can help you warm up first if you like?" I didn't like where this was heading, so I thought it was best to just get out of this and get a taxi from wherever the hell I was.

"I'm fine; really, please I'll just get out here." He them moved and came up behind me and snaked his large hands around my waist to rest on my stomach.

"You are fine," his hands crept up further and cupped my breasts through my thin shirt, "very fine indeed."

I started to panic; I was frozen to the spot. "Please stop, just let me get off!"

"Oh I plan to let you get off alright, just not off my bus." I could feel his hard on against the small of my back, I tried to squirm and shake him off but he just tightened his grip and pushed me up against the door, "don't fight it baby, and just enjoy it."

He ripped my shirt open in one swift movement and pulled my bra down and massaged my nipples, tears ran down my face, as I can feel my body deceiving me and a wetness started to build up between my legs, "please don't do this, just let me go and I promise I won't tell anyone." He ignored me as one hand sneaked down my flat stomach and undid the top of my jeans.

"Mmm no underwear," He cupped my mound, "and no hair. Jackpot." I continued to sob and beg him to stop but my pleas went unheard. He slid his finger along my slit, "wet too. You like this just admit it."

"No!" He thrust one finger into my wet hole.

"This wet pussy of yours says otherwise." He added a second finger and slowly began to finger-fuck my pussy, "You are so fucking tight, I can't wait to put my cock in there."

"Oh dear God no! Please no!!"

"Don't worry baby, you'll be begging for it by the time I'm done with you." He moved his thumb and started to rhythmically rub my little nub. A moan escaped my lips. I didn't want it but I couldn't deny the feelings he was creating between my legs but I wasn't going to be begging for anything.

His fingers picked up the pace and my body shook with my first orgasm, he removed his fingers from my hole and began to solely focus on my sensitive clit. My body kept shaking but his fingers wouldn't stop, the pleasure was getting to much it hurt "please you have to stop!"

"Ok," he spun my body around and pushed my back up against the door, he pulled my jeans down and kneeled in front of me, his mouth descended upon my already over-worked clit. His tongue swirled around it, the flat of it pushed against it and his teeth nipped at it. I had to hold on to the pole next to me to keep myself upright. I was panting and moaning hard, it was getting too much, my clit was over-sensitive and my hole was feeling empty and wanting.

"Please, please, please stop! It's too much!" he removed his tongue as another orgasm tore through my body but instantly replaced it with his thumb again.

"I will stop, but only when you're begging for my cock instead, until then I'm not going to stop playing with this," his pushed on it hard and I moaned loudly, "your choice. Just admit that you want it."

"I can't," I said breathlessly.

"Your choice," he spread my lips and began tonguing my clit once again with renewed vigour.

"Oh my God!" I cried out loudly, I was still crying but I couldn't determine if it was because of the situation of the intense pleasure. His tongue kept going and going, he nipped at it again with his teeth and another orgasm hit me and my knees gave way but he didn't stop. He dragged my body along so I was lying completely horizontal; he moved my knees up and continued his assault on my pussy. The pleasure was intense but something was missing, my body was crying out for something more. He dipped his finger shallowly in my hole, teasing me, he them thrust it in hard sending shockwaves of another orgasm through my body but it wasn't enough.

"Fuck me!" I screamed. He moved his face away from my pussy, "say again"

"I said fuck me, you bastard!" I spat.

"Say again and ask my nicely," he teased.

"Please, please fuck me!" I begged

He sat up on his knees between my legs, I could see his cock straining against his pants. His looked down at me as he undid his belt and unzipped his pants, "You want to this?"

"Yes, yes I want it! Please, please give it to me!" He pulled down his pants and boxers to reveal his huge member. He could see the fear return to my eyes as I took in how big he was.

"Don't worry about it baby, you're going to love this!"

"No, no please! I can't take all of that, use my mouth, anything but I can't do it!"

"But you asked so nicely, who am I to deny what a beautiful woman such as yourself asks for. Stand up!" He demanded.

"I can't."

He grabbed me roughly by the arm and pulled me to my feet but I had no energy to stand, "put your arms up and hold onto the straps," he said firmly. I held onto the straps that hand from the roof for standing passengers and hung there limply. He grabbed my thighs and pulled them up around his hips. He positioned his member at the beginning of my hole; he dipped it in just shallowly back and forth driving me crazy.

"Tell me you want it," he breathed.

"I want it."

"What do you want?"

"The massive cock of yours, in me, right now!" With that he thrust his whole member into me, I screamed out in pleasure and pain. He was so big, it hurt but it hurt just so damn good. He didn't relent one bit; he kept thrusting hard and fast, grunting sexily into my shoulder. I had to grip the straps tightly as I was crying out in pleasure. He moved his face and took one of my nipples into his mouth, sucking and biting, it took me over the edge and I was once again screaming with pleasure but he didn't stop.

"Babe, you're so fucking tight but I need something else." At the time I couldn't figure out what more he could possibly do, "let go." I let go of the straps and collapsed onto his hard chest. He lowered me to the ground and bent my body over one of the seats with my arse facing him and then it dawned on me. "Oh shit! Please no! Please, do whatever you want to me but please don't put it there, I can't!" He slapped me arse cheek hard, it felt surprising good.

"You've protested before but I've always been able to bring you around." He spread my cheeks and spat on my puckered hole; he slipped a finger into my pussy for juices and slowly started to work it into my arse. Once again my body was letting me down and I was enjoying it but one little finger was nothing compared to the huge piece of meat waiting in-between his legs. He added a second finger and then a third and I was pushing my arse back to meet his thrusting fingers.

"I think you're ready for me, what do you say?" There was no point denying how worked up I was, the moaning and groaning I was doing gave it away already, "Put it in me, I can take it."

"I knew you'd come around." He slid his cock into my pussy again for some lubrication and then slowly started to ease it in to my arse. The pain was terrible, "fuck! Stop, I can't it's too big, take it out!" But once again, he ignored me and kept pushing until he was nearly all the way in, he waited for a bit for me to adjust and then slowly started thrusting in and out. "No! No stop, it hurts please, stop!"

"Just relax baby." He didn't stop, he moved his hand to the front of me and started to caress my clit once again and the pleasure and pain started to even out. I once again started moaning, burying my face into the seat cushion, "you like it now, baby? You want me to stop now?"

"No, don't stop, never stop!" With that he picked up the pace as he started to bottom out in my arse hole, he balls slapped lewdly against my pussy. He grunting got laboured as another orgasm took over me and my muscles started to spasm around his cock.

"Oh fuck, I'm going to cum!" he yelled.

"Yes cum, cum in my arse," I moaned, "I want to feel it empty into my bowels and slide down my crack when you take it out!"

He then grunted loudly "fuuuuck!" I could feel his cum spurting into my arse; he held firmly in place and just kept coming and coming. When the last of it came out, his body collapsed on top of mine. He nipped my ear, "that was fucking hot, wasn't it?"

"Fuck yes." I breathed.

"So, can I give you a ride somewhere?"

"I would like another ride, but right now, I think you should take me home to rest up first."

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