Late Shift


Lori was running closeout on one of her registers while Chuck rang out the last few customers on his.

The 27-year old Assistant Manager of the Quick Hut had never liked working nights. But it was necessary tonight. She tugged on her long black hair with her right hand as the register churned its receipts. She was a pretty woman, black hair, brown eyes. A nice body and attractive looks. Sure she was no super model, but her mother's Hispanic heritage gave her a somewhat exotic look that many men found enticing.

The store was open later tonight than usual. Normal closing hours were 10pm during the week and midnight on Friday and Saturday. But this was the day before Thanksgiving. And with that being the busiest travel day of the year, and the Quick Hut right off an interstate exit, the Manager always counted on a busy night and left the store open until midnight the night before Thanksgiving. Actually, midnight was a suggestion. Lori knew that as long as traffic was coming in that the Manager expected them to stay open. So it was shortly before 1am that Lori had made the decision to close.

Chuck closed the register after closing out the last customer. He locked the door, sending a barely noticeable single as he closed up.

Chuck had been waiting for this night for some time now. The 22-year old didn't like the job and was actively seeking something else. He had been working for the Quick Hut for over a year, always on evenings giving him little time for a personal life.

Chuck was average looking, with a thin mustache and goatee. A little overweight, but otherwise a regular guy. He had tried for the Assistant Manager position when it came up, but had been overlooked by the pretty Lori, who had only been working there for four months when she received the promotion.

Chuck resented Lori and the way she always looked down on him. He had made the mistake of asking her out once and was ridiculed for his efforts. And since her promotion, Lori had made things difficult for Chuck at every opportunity. It was no secret that she wished he would quit.

Chuck had decided that it was time to give her what she wanted. But he was going to get something out of this as well.

Remembering from his experience last year at the amount of cash that would be on hand, he came up with a plan to get a little holiday bonus and humiliate Lori at the same time.

Chuck knew two brothers who had a criminal past and shared his idea with them. Both guys agreed immediately to the idea.

Terry and Tommy Lloyd were a troublesome pair since their early high school days. Terry was 22 and had known Chuck in high school, but the two didn't become friends until they met again at a local bar. Chuck had shoulder-length brown hair and a rough looking face. He wasn't an attractive man but was far from ugly.

His brother, Tommy, was 20, and the better looking of the two. He was a little taller than Terry and was clean cut. But he had a meaner disposition than his brother.

The two were perfect for the job Chuck had in mind. And they were waiting in the bushes for the signal to go into action. Seeing Chuck's quick gesture the two of them began to cautiously move through the brush towards the building.

Lori finished with her register and started the same process on Chuck's, leaving her co-worker to gather up the trash and do everything else necessary to close up.

Once done, Lori counted the cash and placed it all in the bank deposit bag. "Let's get out of here." She said to Chuck, who was patiently waiting at the counter.

Lori readied her keys as Chuck unlocked the door for them to leave. He could see that the road beyond the parking lot was empty, much to his relief.

Just then two men in dark clothes, hoods and ski masks rushed the door. Lori screamed as the men pushed them both back inside. The first punched Chuck in the stomach, causing him to double up, then pushed him to the floor as the second man pushed Lori back.

The one who had just punched Chuck closed and locked the door. "Get behind the counter!" He ordered.

Lori was scared. She didn't see a weapon but knew better than to resist. She clutched the money bag to her breast and followed their directions.

Once the four of them were in the behind the counter Tommy found the light switch and turned everything off. There was enough light from the machines and the street lights outside for them to see each other pretty clearly. But no one could see in from outside without walking up and peering through the window.

Terry took the money bag from Lori. Then Tommy grabbed her arms from behind. "Let's see what she looks like naked."

Lori screamed as Terry began unbuttoning her shirt. Once open he grabbed her pants and unfastened them, then pulled them down to her ankles.

"Please don't hurt me." She pleaded.

"Oh we're not going to hurt you," Tommy said from behind you. "We plan on making you feel real good."

Terry jerked her panties down, exposing her almost bare pussy. He commented on her "Landing strip" of pubic hair as he ran his finger between her legs before reaching up and pulling her bra up and over her C-cup breast.

"Make her suck off her partner." Tommy ordered.

"No, please don't!" Lori begged as she was unceremoniously pushed to where Chuck lay on the floor behind the counter.

"Suck his cock!" Terry insisted.

Chuck feigned resistance as Lori's trembling hands began undoing his pants. But when her hand slipped inside the opening in his boxers his cock became instantly erect.

Lori realized that Chuck was not opposed to the idea of her being forced to suck his cock. She even imagined that he was going to enjoy it even if it was forced.

She lowered her face to his throbbing cock and slowly wrapped her lips around it.

Chuck fought to hold back a grin as he watched his manhood disappear into her mouth. Watching the pretty assistant manager's face bobbing up and down on his shaft was nearly as good as it felt.

"Suck him off, girl!" She heard one of them shout as she began blowing Chuck.

She just hoped that they would permit her to stop soon. But she could sense from the way they followed her every move that they wanted to see her finish. Soon she could feel Chuck's legs begin to twitch and felt revolted at the thought of him spewing his cum into her mouth. Knowing that he would secretly enjoy it.

Chuck relished the sensation of Lori's velvety tongue and soft lips massaging his cock. He wanted it to last longer but felt his cum rising closer and closer. Then he jerked his legs and his orgasm began as Chuck exhaled, unable to pretend that he wasn't enjoying this.

Lori felt Chuck's cum gushing into her mouth. She swallowed it down obediently as she continued milking his cock, bringing him more pleasure than she would ever have considered before.

"Damn that was hot." Terry said, as he grabbed Lori and pulled her off the floor.

"No!" She cried out as Terry shoved her, making her bend over the counter, pinning her down as he began to press his cock into her pussy. He began pounding her pussy from behind, forcing her to look in the direction of the security camera.

Lori could only imagine the looks on the faces of anyone watching the film, seeing her getting fucked by her robber so quickly after sucking off her co-worker.

"You have such a nice cunt." Terry spat as he fucked her tight hole. He slammed her harder and harder, banging her into the counter with each thrust. Lori was grunting aloud as Terry ravaged her.

Then he pulled out, grabbing the girl and forcing her onto her knees in front of him. Lori opened her mouth expectantly, only to realize that he wasn't intent on making her suck his cock just yet.

She felt his cum splatter against her left cheek first as Terry stroked his cock in front of her. The next blast landed in her open mouth followed by another on the bridge of her nose between her eyes before he shoved his cock into her mouth and made her suck him as he completed his orgasm.

Then Tommy grabbed her, pulling back up and onto the counter on her back. He stood between her legs and shoved his thick cock into her wet pussy. Tommy fucked Lori fast and hard, mauling her tits with his hands as he did so.

Lori knew that this position provided the camera an even better view of her body as she was being taken. But there was nothing she could do about it but lay there and allow Tommy to fuck her.

Surprisingly she found her pussy beginning to respond. She fought back the urge to fuck back, trying to understand how her body could be enjoying this against her will.

Tommy never noticed the change in the woman. He was too intent on his own satisfaction to care as he just banged his hard pole into her over and over again.

After a few minutes of fucking Lori's pussy he pulled her down and ordered her to jack him off on her face. Lori barely grabbed his cock before his orgasm began spewing onto her face. He sent thick gobs of cum all over her pretty face. Her left eye was nearly glued shut and burning from the warm sticky fluid.

"Looks like your partner is hard again." Tommy said as he looked over to where Chuck was laying propped up against the counter, where he had been watching every luscious moment of Lori's assault.

"Fuck him." Tommy said.

Lori didn't want to. She felt humiliated as she stood there before Chuck with cum dripping down her face. She had already sucked him off and had him watch as two men fucked her and cum all over her. But now she was going to have to fuck him too.

Tommy pushed her closer and Lori gave in. She straddled Chuck's waist and lowered herself onto him.

She took his cock and slid it into her wet pussy. "You going to enjoy this, aren't you." She whispered.

"I don't want to, but can't help it if it feels good." He tried to lie.

Lori leaned on Chuck's shoulders and began fucking his stiff cock. She could hear the two men making lewd comments at her expense as she began.

Chuck couldn't resist it any longer and began thrusting his cock up into Lori's pussy. He knew that he was getting away with the perfect crime, fucking his boss against her will and it wasn't his fault.

Lori wanted to stop, but now her pussy was throbbing. Her clit was rubbing against Chuck's shaft and she realized that after all that had already happened to her, her body needed release.

She forgot what was going on around her. She despised Chuck but wanted to cum. She began fucking him with surprise desire, hoping to bring herself to orgasm before Chuck could cum inside her.

Chuck could tell that Lori was now getting into it and that made this all the better. He began playing with her firm tits, tweaking and rolling her hard nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

That pushed Lori over the edge. She was now slamming her ass up and down onto Chuck's cock.

"Oh yes!" She heard Chuck exclaim after a few minutes of fucking. His body spasmed beneath her as he began to cum inside her pussy.

Chuck unloaded his cum into Lori's cunt, groaning with delight as he came inside her.

Then Lori's orgasm began. She thrashed about atop Chuck as her climax filled her. She continued fucking his cock until long after her orgasm had subsided and his cock finally began to go soft and slipped out of her.

Lori looked up, realizing that the two robbers were gone.

"Where are they?" She asked.

"They left a few minutes ago." Chuck said. "But I just couldn't bring myself to make you stop."

"You bastard." She said as she jumped to her feet, feeling a mixture of Chuck's cum and her own juices dripping down her inner thighs, as she rushed to the doors and locking them for calling the police, who she knew would only result in her further humiliation after everyone there would see the security video.

Chuck resigned, but enjoyed stopping by regularly. Always giving Lori a knowing smile as his former boss blushed, remembering what had happened the last time they worked together.

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