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By the time her last year at High School got underway, Judith saw herself as cute rather than pretty. Her front teeth were a bit too prominent for her liking, but her hair came down past her shoulders and her figure was developing nicely at last, with the promise of a little more to come. A hormonal dysfunction had put her miles behind all the other girls in her year in her physical development, but now at just 18, her hormones were raging at last.

The Health Ed teacher said that boys think about sex all the time, and Judith sometimes wondered if that was normal for girls too. She certainly did. Sex and the development of her body were right up there with boys and romance as topics that went round and round inside her head during almost all her waking hours.

Her change from child to young woman was years overdue, but at last it was almost complete. She knew by now she was never going to have big tits, but what she had so far looked and felt quite good. Two little cupcakes, and her nipples seemed to be hard all the time lately. Her soft little twat had been gradually growing a sparse covering of fur for a few years now, but her pussy still only had a tight little slit furrowing through it. Except when she turned on and got all excited. Then her soft pink inner lips would swell and poke out through her furrow, and her clit would get all swollen and tender. She had been waiting for her first period to arrive for years. She couldn't wait to be a woman, in that way, anyway. "Becoming a woman" by having sex was something different. Or was it?

It had been a typical shitty day at school. The usual sort of stuff: teachers raving on about things they couldn't care less about. The attractive boys ignored her completely, and the drips and dweebs and retards made stupid comments and tried to stroke her bottom as they 'passed' in the corridor. All the boys in high school had been ignoring her for years, so at least some attention was better than none. It seemed she had watched enviously forever, as her girlfriends grew tits and hips and all started their periods and got boyfriends and "did it" while she stayed underdeveloped and ignored.

None of the boys trying to touch her "accidentally" would really be much of a lover anyway. at least that was what the other girls at school said. Judith joined them in talking as though she knew what sex was all about. She did know the basics from books and Health Ed and stuff. She even knew a bit about what it might feel like, but not with boys; Only with herself.

For all her big talk to the other girls, and for all the worldly attitude she demonstrated, Judith was technically as pure as the driven snow. Still a virgin! Dammit! The question of how long she would stay one was open, since she didn't know any suitable boys. There were certainly boys at school who "did it" but none of them had ever shown any interest in her.

David was the exception. Sometimes Judith wondered if he might be interested. He lived next door, and his parents had just taken him out of high school and sent him to a local military style academy to cram for College. He looked quite good in the grey uniform!

They had at least one thing in common. David was a month younger than Judith, but his puberty had also come very late and she had heard the other boys calling him "peewee." Now, it was obvious his balls were dropping at last (whatever that meant). He was quite a lot taller than her now and was getting a bit of fuzz on his chin and even a few pimples.

But lately, Judith he didn't even know him. They used to play together a bit when they were younger, but since he had started to develop, David hardly spoke to her. When he did, he always seemed embarrassed. He would sometimes drop what might have been hints about doing homework together, but he would never come right out and ask.

Besides, he was a goody goody. A bit prudish, and when she had sometimes told him a "dirty" joke, he never seemed to get it. He seemed completely uninterested in sex, and completely uninterested in her.

But David wasn't a "peewee" any more. He surely had something developing in his pants. Judith often thought about the way she had seen David's swim trunks bulge last summer at the local public pool. Was that a real stiffy? He was embarrassed though, and she had only got a glimpse of his hardness before he covered himself in a towel and made an excuse to move away from the group of girls she was with.

It was so nice to come home; even her musings about David on her walk home from school were not the curative that actually getting home was. The first thing Judith did - the first thing she always did, was to go to her room and get out of her clothes. She couldn't get out of her bra and panties fast enough. God, she hated clothes! There was nothing in the whole world as nice as the air on her naked flesh. She loved the way her pussy got all moist and tingly when she stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom and admired the way her body was changing, becoming more rounded and curved. The way her tender little titties were growing and swelling. The way the downy little patch of hair on her pubes was getting thicker and longer.

The bathroom mirror was the only one that was long enough to show her pussy and bumhole when she bent over and spread her cheeks. But it wasn't really close enough in the bathroom mirror. For a good close view she needed her hand mirror. After school, before her Mom came home from work, she would sometimes lie on her bed and look at herself.

She loved the look of her little puckered bumhole and the way the skin was all brown and smooth from there to the ends of her folds. She loved the way that just looking at herself "down there" made her feel all funny and buzzy in the middle. She loved the way that spreading her legs tightened the muscles in her groin and made them tingle and buzz even more. She loved the way that everywhere "down there" responded to clenching her buttocks and pressing her legs together.

Best of all, she loved how that little pink nubbin of flesh would start to peek out from her little girl folds when she lay there looking at herself. That was the best sight of all. Sometimes she would see moisture shining on the lips of her pussy. Sometimes she would just have to forget about studying her little tuft of fur and the swelling at the top of her slit and pleasure herself for a while.

Her fingers would find their way between her legs. She would gently brush over the soft fur that was beginning to thicken on her pussy, deliberately teasing herself by only just touching the soft folds of flesh, and avoiding her rapidly maturing little clitty as it roused itself and peeked further out.

Lying on her back, Judith would part her legs slightly. As she teased herself, her knees would pull up towards her titties, and finally, with her legs spread as wide as they would go, her fingers would begin to move rhythmically up and down her slit - tightening her folds against her swelling clit, and spreading her buzz. She would always go slowly at first, but as her feelings got stronger and stronger, and her slit got wetter and wetter, she would touch and push against herself faster and rougher. Eventually her hands would start jerking her pussy lips really fast until she would explode! That was the most delicious part.

Judith could always sense just when it was going to happen. The tightness and throbbing would start in the bottom of her stomach, right down on her pubes at the base of her groin and her little pussy would become more and more swollen and wet. The soft pink inner lips of her child-woman cunt would begin to swell and pooch outwards as if to wrap themselves around her probing, questing fingers. Her fingers would push through the outer folds of her sex and she could slip her middle finger right up inside herself. It was so hot and slippery and it felt so nice that she would almost always keep coming, and her now-rigid body would shudder and she would gasp and try not to make a noise.

It smelled and tasted so nice too that sometimes she sucked her fingers when she had finished. But somehow one hand would always find its way back to her pussy. She couldn't count how many times she had fallen asleep after such an episode, with the middle finger of her right hand resting on her tender little folds. Thank goodness Mom or Dad hadn't wandered into her room and discovered her like that. Dad never came in without knocking now, but Mom still sometimes peeked. But Judith knew she was safe for a few hours after school. Both her parents worked, and Mom wouldn't be home 'til after five, and Dad came home much later.

Of course thoughts of David were not usually foremost in Judith's mind when she pleasured herself. Today, she was half closing her eyes and thinking of Neil Harrop. He was one of the boys from school who had been shaving and ignoring her since he was fourteen. He played guitar in a band at the local dances Judith used to go to before she got tired of being ignored. Neil Harrop was cool. His hair was wavy and he had ginger sideburns. And a girlfriend. Judith had seen them at the movies, giggling in the back row. Feeling each other up! She wondered how it might feel to have Neil Harrop putting his hands on her. Nice -- she could imagine kissing him and feeling his hands on her breasts and pussy. She could almost imagine what it might be like to have him fuck her. She couldn't quite visualize his cock. Matter of fact, she couldn't quite visualize anyone's cock, because she had never seen a real one. Little boys yes, and even Peter Jones with a little stiffy a few years ago, but nothing more than that. It didn't hold her back though. Even imagining fucking made her so horny! As Judith's hands wandered over her body, moving from tits to pussy and back, she began to breathe heavily. Her pants began to end in little grunts and then as her hips began to come off the bed to the rhythm of her finger along her slit, the grunts became moans. As she began to move her finger in and out inside herself her moans became louder and she began to move her head from side to side on the pillow. In the midst of her panting and groaning, Judith half caught a movement from the side of her vision. She turned her head and opened her eyes.

There in the doorway to her room stood David! Judith's eyes bulged as sheer panic overwhelmed her. After a second or so when everything seemed to freeze, Judith clamped her legs together to hide the hand that was still buried in between them and curled into a ball to try and hide her tits. Her open mouth struggled to gasp "Get out!!" but she managed only a strangled gasp. She noticed that David's mouth was open too! He looked really strange. His eyes looked funny and his hand was on the front of his trousers. David stepped into the room. He hadn't come over to see Judith like this. He certainly hadn't come over expecting to catch her pleasuring herself. In fact, he hadn't known girls did that. He did, of course. He'd been doing it for more than a year now, every day, and sometimes more often.

He'd finally come next door to see if Judith wanted to do some homework with him. He'd knocked, and thought he'd heard a faint "come in", so he slipped in the back door and only then heard the pants and little moans from Judith's room. They were really exciting, even though he didn't know what they were about until he got to the door and saw Judith. All of Judith. Moaning softly and panting and moving her body on the bed as she fingered her cunt.

Her cunt! He had talked about cunts and dreamed about cunts and imagined cunts for a couple of years now. He had improvised cunts from cardboard tubes, from hot water bottles, and from his hands. He had shot cum all over his belly, handkerchiefs, socks, pillows, sheets and sleeping bag, but he knew a real cunt would be better than that. He had never seen a grown up girl, but he at least knew what a real cunt smelled like. Five years before, when "normal" kids in school were getting all interested in sex, John Webster would go into the resource room at school with Andrea Campbell and offer his fingers for smelling when he came out. David had often wondered about Judith -- how much hair she had on her pubes, and what she was like "down there," and here he was with Judith for real. And she was naked and playing with her cunt.

He'd thought she was keen on sex since his little brother had told him she had played "sex games " with him and Peter Jones. He had fantasized about playing "sex games" with Judith and "pashing up," but he had always been embarrassed around her since she had started to develop, so he pretended he wasn't interested in sex.

Besides, he would get stiff all the time even thinking about Judith and sex. Just being around her would sometimes make him so hard that he would have to go off to the bathroom and wank. Thinking about putting his hands down her pants or under her blouse was enough to start him stroking, and he usually squirted his cum just thinking what it would be like to put his fingers in her and feel her up. And here she was! Her eyes met his and locked with them. "Don't stop" was all he could manage to say. With that brief exchange, a whole new world opened between them.

Though her eyes never broke from David's, Judith's body began slowly, almost unconsciously, to uncurl. She became aware again of the warm, wet jelly between her legs and the buzz her fingers were still giving as they transferred the pressure of her tightly clamped thighs to all of her "down there". She half lay back on the bed and tentatively recommenced rubbing herself, looking warily at David.

He said nothing, but slowly inched forward into the bedroom, totally unconscious of his grasp on his cock and the tightness in his balls, totally unconscious of anything except his fascination with Judith and his imaginings about her hand and what it was touching between her thighs. He approached the bed and stood beside it. At first, Judith kept eye contact with him, but his face wasn't really reactive. Even when he stood beside her, his eyes were glazed and his gaze was vacant. Gradually, Judith stopped concentrating on David. Her fingers were pushing her to the edge again, and as she felt the familiar build up of tension, she began once again to moan softly, closing her eyes. But now it wasn't Neill Harrop she was imagining, it was David she was imagining doing things to cause the buzz in her clit. Her fingers increased their tempo, and she spread her legs a bit and began to arch her back and raise her hips slightly. David moved towards the foot of the bed and leaned over to get a better view. He could see Judith's fingers pulling and stroking her folds, and the pink nubbin of her clit peeping from between them. They glistened with her moisture, and he could smell the musky scent of her excitement. He clutched his cock harder and began to move his hand on it, feeling his hardness through the grey serge uniform trousers and cotton jockeys. When Judith began to slip her middle finger between her folds, David became aware of the pressure building in his own balls, and the sight of her finger disappearing up inside her caused an ache and tension that made him grab harder at himself and move faster. He was right on the edge of coming when Judith went rigid and began to shudder. Her moans gave way to a muffled noise somewhere between a gasp and a scream. She bucked a few times and then lay languorously back.

David paused in his rubbing, and became riveted on the sight of Judith's body relaxing, fascinated by the way her fingers slowed their rhythm and became almost lazy as they moved from between her folds to stoke and rub gently and slowly around her sparsely furred mons and clit. She opened her eyes and smiled up at him as he stood leaning forward by the foot of the bed. Then her eyes widened a little as she focused on the bulge in the front of his pants. "You're stiff!" she challenged, half amused and half accusingly.

"Want to see?"

Judith nodded silently, and David pulled the grey shirt over his head and slipped the new grey serge trousers down. He pulled his jockeys down and stepped out of them. He stood before her completely nude except for his uniform socks. Judith didn't know what to think. Right in front of her was the most beautiful, and yet strangest thing she had ever seen. David's cock was sticking a good six inches out from his body. The head of his cock was bare and smooth and his balls hung snugly below the base of his shaft. Judith was fascinated and scared and turned on all at once. Her hand strayed back to her pussy and again probed the slippery, puffy folds between her legs and her slippery but still virginal hole.

David sat down on the edge of Judith's bed, and his hand moved back to his still rigid cock, while her fingers were still probing her wetness. The nearness of her body and the little shiver she gave as his hip made accidental contact with her skin made him tingle and buzz all over and his cock got so hard it actually hurt!

They turned slightly towards each other, with Judith's eyes glued on David's cock, and all his attention focused on that magic part of her between her thighs. She reached out tentatively for his shaft, touching his exposed glans with one finger, and pulling back with half a giggle when his cock jerked and twitched in response. "You can touch me. It feels really nice," he whispered.

Judith took her other hand away from her pussy, and put it, still slippery with her juices, around the shaft. David writhed and pulled back a little. Judith withdrew both her hands. "Did I hurt you?

"No -- its lovely. Its just that I'm afraid I'll shoot my cum."

Judith said nothing. She knew that his cum was sperm, and as she wondered about it shooting out, she became aware of a strange feeling inside her - almost an aching feeling. The ache was a bit like the feeling that she would get just before she exploded when she rubbed herself, but at the same time, there was something that was totally new.

Judith realized with another little shiver that she wanted David to shoot his cum inside her; Not just to put his big hard cock in her slit and slip it in, not just to take her bloody virginity and make her a woman "that way", but to actually shoot his sperm in her. She was a bit scared of that big cock, as well as excited. It seemed so huge. She could get one finger inside herself easily enough, but even when she had her juices all over her hands, she was too tight for two fingers. There was no way it would go inside her without hurting. And sperm made babies!

But Judith knew, not yet. Her Health Ed teacher and all the books were really clear that she could have babies as soon as she had her first period,and she was still waiting. She had tits, and pubes, and thought about boys and sex day and night - but no period yet. Perhaps it would be all right to do it......

"Would you like to fuck me?"

She just came right out with it without even thinking. David was stopped in his tracks. Of course he wanted to. For years he had been dreaming about fucking. For months and months he had wanted to fuck every girl he saw.

"But I haven't got a condom."

"It'll be okay -- I haven't had a period yet. Do you want to? You won't tell anyone, will you?"

Of course I won't tell --my Dad would kill me."

"My Mom too. But she won't be home for another two hours, and Dad won't be home until late!"

David turned towards Judith and lay beside her, rolling over on his side with his body in contact with hers. She put her hand on his penis and his hand found its way to her swollen mons. It was just like skimming his fingers across the top of a bowl of warm jelly.

The feeling of her heat and wetness was totally new. He shuddered involuntarily, and his penis reared and jerked in Judith's hand. Judith giggled and let go, but David rolled and thrust to keep his penis in contact with her, and she held him again.

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