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Latina Bitch

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Phoenix Arrow


Hello Miss....???

Rodriguez! But please Senora, call me by my first name...Kalina.

Ok Kalina, I'm so happy you were able to come in today for the interview. Please have a seat. My name is Tracy.

Oh a wonderful name!

Thank you. Compliments are always a good way to start. Did you have any problems finding hour house?

Ah, a little si. This is such a big campus.

Yes, our University is quite large. Our chapter is one of the largest in the country!

OH, how wonderful. Very good for you.

YEP! We're very proud. So lets get started shall we?

Si Tracy.

First of all, you are aware to what position our sorority is hiring for correct?

Yes yes, it for personal house servant?

That's correct. We are looking for a few special women who can tend to the personal needs of the many girls that live here. Do you have Sororities where you are from?

Um...well in Costa Rica they do have a few schools, but nothing like here in America. So no, I don't think they have sororities.

That's all right. What we are looking for are women with general experience with this type of work and have a deep passion for it.

Si Ma'am, I have good practice serving and I like it very very much.

We shall see. Have you ever catered to white girls before?

Oh Si, Yes, back in Costa Rica I work at hotel in the city. There many American couples stayed.

What was your position at the hotel?

I was the 'Asistente del Sitio'.

Sorry, but I know very little Portuguese.

Uh....I think you call it, yes...'The Room Attendant'. And excuse me ma'am, but I am speaking Spanish.

Oh excuse me, all you hispanics sound the same to me. So you were a room attendant then. What were your responsibilities?

I clean rooms and run errands for the guests, like bring them drinks to their suites.

And how were your experiences with these guests? Especially the American couples?

The men were nice enough, big tips, but the American women....well...

Its ok Kalina, you can tell me.

Well...please don't take offense, but they can be very demanding...even mean. They would often treat me poorly, even if I work very very hard to make them happy.

I see. We can be a bit demanding, but not without good reason. Did any of it bother you?

No ma'am.

Very good answer. That's what I like to hear, a servant who isn't bothered by the job. Please tell me why did it not bother you?

Because in Costa Rica we've come to expect American women to be....to act...better than us local girls.

Believe me, its not acting. Please tell me the absolute WORST experience you had while working at the hotel?

Oh...ah...let me think. Well...there were good and bad things while I was there. Let me see...ah yes. Once there is this white couple that visited the hotel from I think San Francisco....or is it Los Angeles?

Its not really important sweetie. Please continue.

Ok, well I remember thinking how beautiful she looks, the wife I am meaning. She looked so wealthy and pretty. Short blond hair and nice cloths. Her husband look like a movie star. Blue eyes and brown hair. Wow I thought!

Not like the local boys I suspect?

Oh no. Very handsome he was.

So what was the problem between you and the two of them?

The wife. In beginning she not even know I exist. Only the husband spoke 'thank you' when I would deliver drinks or towels. I don't mind. Then after third day she was in very bad mood. Later I find out she catch him flirting with a local girl at a party. Costa Rica has many good parties at night.

I'm sure it does, but that's an awful thing for him to have done. I would never tolerate my future husband flirting with a simple local.

Yes, well when I come up to the room later with drink she order, I believe she took notice of me for the first time. I didn't like the look on her face when she did. It looked angry.

Angry? At you? But you hadn't done anything wrong....yet!

I believe she noticed that I was a local girl to. That her husband might want to flirt with me or something. I think she want to punish me for that.

Hmmm yes, well I can understand that angle.

When I try to hand her the glass, I know she purposely let it fall to the floor. She yelled and screamed at me. I want to cry. She slap my face and kicked me in the butt as I ran out the room.

That sounds dreadful. I would never risk breaking a nail like that. No way!

I think the hotel was afraid to lose her business. That is why the hotel agreed to send me back to her room to be 'disciplined' as she called it.

Disciplined? Wow really?

Yes Ma'am. That's what the Encargado, or Manager said to me as I wept before him. I was so angry to be made to do this, but I needed the job and money. In Costa Rica its hard for a girl like me to make good money.

But Kalina, you are a very beautiful woman. It can't be that hard for you to find work.

You make me blush Miss, but I see some of the girls in this house, and they are much prettier.

No question about that. So back to the hotel?

Well I was very nervous as I make way back to her room. What would she do with me? Would she hurt me? Would her handsome husband help me?

If he were my husband, he'd better not.

So I go to her room and she first make me clean up the broken glass on the floor. The whole time I feel her mean eyes on me. Then, when finished, she says that I should be punished for what I had did.

And what was it that she said she would do?

To...to punish me...she want to....

Yes you silly, I know she wanted to punish you, so tell me what she did?

I'm sorry madam, I am a little embarrassed...

Its ok to be embarrassed, your telling a stranger how you were punished by another woman. I perfectly understand, so please continue.

She grab my chin roughly in her hand and tell me that I am a stupid Latino and that I would pay for disrespecting her the way I did. I try to plead that I was sorry, that I didn't mean to drop the glass, but she insisted on punishing me. She let go my chin and sat down on one of the chairs. When she tells me to lie across her lap, I begin trembling with fear. Only my papa has ever taken me across his lap before, but now that I was a big girl he doesn't spank me anymore. I flew to her feet and begged her not to hurt me. But when she rose and went to the phone, I surrendered.

Wise choice.

She sat back down so I could lie across her legs. I feel like a little girl when she lifted my dress over my bottom. I start to whimper when she takes off her high heel. I knew it was going to hurt bad.

She was going to spank you with her SHOE?


My goodness, how devilish. Did she at least leave your panties on?

At first yes. As she whacked my bottom I cry and cry. The pain was very great and I could not stop from shaking my butt on her knees. When she stop to roll my panties down my thighs, I do not even pay attention, only happy that she had paused her heel spanking so I could calm down. But I scream even louder when she start to spank me more.

Hmmm, you Latin girls are known for your large asses. There must have been plenty to hit for the lady.

Si. She spank me for ten minutes, always telling me how stupid and ugly I am. How I am third world and useless. She was hurting me very much.

Tisk tisk tisk, don't you mind what she was saying to you. I'm sure she was just all caught up in the moment and still upset about what her husband had done earlier. Besides, I'm sure not all of what she said can be true.

Thank you madam, you are too kind.

Was her husband there to witness the punishment?

No, he was out. But he did watch on other occasions.

Other occasions? You mean there were more?

Si. After she finally let me leave, she call front desk and tell them it would be best if I alone served her room for the remainder of their stay. For the rest of her vacation I would remain in her room and serve them any way she wished.

Oh wow, a personal servant for me and my husband. That must have been great for her, such a lucky girl. What did she have you doing?

Mostly she would have me wash her in the shower, shave her legs, comb her hair, give her foot messages, paint her nails. Things like that. By the end of her stay, I really did feel like I was her slave. She even like to call me her Latina...Butch?

You mean Bitch?

I think that is right.

Ha, that is too funny. Latina Bitch you certainly were. Too too funny. So is that all she had you do for her? Attending to her cosmetic needs?

No. Whenever her husband was not around, she would also....beat me.

Wow...um...do you mind if I ask you how?

Her favorite was still using her high heels on my bottom and making count in spanish every time she hit me. I pass treinta too often. But she also enjoyed hurting my pechos.

You mean breasts?

Si, excuse me. My english is still not so good.

My, you do have rather large breasts. How did she hurt them?

She liked to have me kneel before her, with my hands behind my head and my shirt off. Then she would hit them with a stick.

Gosh, that sounds just plan mean. Why on earth would she do that?

I think it was because in the beginning, when she had me naked while serving her, she several times caught her husband staring at my pechos.

The BASTARD, how awful for the wife.

This made her very very angry at me and she told me she would punish me for having such large ugly ..... ah...Tits!

Yes, I think that was only fair considering how rude it was for her husband to be looking at them.

Every time she would make sure they were red and sore before she would stop. I cry and cry as she hit me, but never once did I tell her to stop, even when she was aiming for my nipples.

That sounds very restrained of you Kalina. That's exactly what we are looking for her at the sorority. Servants who aren't afraid to suck it up and take what ever they've got coming to them.

Thank you Miss, I would be a good servant for you.

So what else happened?

That is all. Her husband still looked at other women and his wife still beat me for it, but after a week it all ended when they left.

Something tells me you were sad to see them, or her go?

Miss, you keep making me blush. Si, I was sad to see her and her husband leave, even though she was so very mean to me and didn't even leave a tip.

So you did enjoy it then, the abuse I mean?

Si I did. But not the actual pain. Just the experience of being disciplined by an American woman. You may not know this, but all the other girls at the hotel were very jealous of me, getting to be so close to such a couple. They always wanted to know what the wife had done to me that day.

Hmmm yes, well not all you hispanic girls can be so lucky. But if you keep playing your cards right, there are over thirty good all American girls here for you to serve.

Oh madam, that would be heavenly. I would be the happiest woman in the world. May I ask how many servants currently work here?

Well there are over ten such women here at the house. They range from different social standings, but they all have that highly required need to serve demanding young college girls. Most of them are in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties, but we do have a woman in her early forties. She's actually a mother to one of our pledging freshman girls and is here on a temporary basis as a requirement if we let her daughter into our sorority.

Really? What a wonderful mother she is to do that for her little girl!

Yes, some mothers will do anything for their daughters. She isn't as young and pretty as the rest of our servants, but she makes up for it with her enthusiasm and the girls just love her. And its just the cutest thing to watch her scamper off to do the tiniest thing her daughter orders.

How wonderful for them both.

Yes indeed. On the other end of the spectrum is a servant girl who just turned eighteen. She dropped out of high school a few years ago because she couldn't take all the teasing by the other girls. See she's a little on the heavy side and really sensitive about it. She's really not too bad once you look at her, but she'd never get into this sorority that's for sure. Any way, who would have guessed that she'd actually miss all the attention? So she came to us and now works here, getting teased and humiliated about her body 24 hours a day, seven days a week by the same types of girls who teased her in high school. Go figure.

Oh I feel so sorry for her.

Don't be. She gets off on it. We catch her touching herself all the time. Then there's our only black girl. As you'll see, we're an equal opportunity employer. Any way, I'm not too sure what her deal is exactly. Growing up I think the movie 'Roots' must have had a reverse effect on her. She's been serving white people in some fashion ever since and now serves our sorority.

I think I know where she is coming from.

Yes, well outside of those three women, the rest are pretty much the same. Twenty to thirty year old women who have that deep desire to cater to coeds like us.

Oh Seniora, you would make me the happiest woman in the world if I could join them.

But first I must inform that not everyone is cut out to work here. We expect excellence from our servants and they have to be able to do all that we ask of them.

Si, please tell me what I would have to do?

First you would be expected to serve all the normal functions of a servant. Cooking, cleaning, food shopping, and general housework.

I understand.

This will be very hard work. College girls can get very messy.

I will work as hard as it takes Madam.

Then there would be more personal activities that pampered girls must have. These things can be rubbing their tired feet when ever they get in from class, painting their nails, blow drying their hair, helping them put on their cloths. Similar to what you did with that white woman from the hotel. Would you like doing these things?

Si si, it would be my honor to help make the girls look pretty.

Very good to hear. As you know, all us girls are attending the university. That means we are often very stressed out. Whether its studying for tests or chasing boys, we need a person to help take the edge off. Can you think of a few ways you could be doing that?

Please Miss, you are making me squirm.

Just like the woman at the hotel, the girls will be taking out their aggravations on you. From spankings, to paddlings, to the occasional whippings. I must warn you that some of our girls can really get into it, so you have to be able to stand up to the task. And no part of your body will be off limits. Yes your calves, your bottom, inner thighs, between your legs, back, and breasts will always be made accessible to the girls at all times for stress relief.

Seniora Tracy, if this is what you wish of me then I will do it.

I don't mind telling you that I personally will be having quite a time with those tits of yours if hired. I so do enjoy giving it to Latin girls with big tits, just ask my father's maid back home.

It is ok Ma'am, I will understand.

Finally, you of course should expect to be servicing the girl's intimate regions when called upon. We sorority girls need to keep our image as cheerful and preppy, and that only comes with constant satisfaction. We demand nothing less.

Madam, you girls DESERVE nothing less.

Do you have any problems with oral sex?

No, I will put my lips wherever you or the other girls wish.

Good, because we will make good use of that tongue. Even though we do not condone Oral Anal, some of the girls are into that. We don't judge. There are also girls here who enjoy the freedoms of college sex, with out all the worrisome notions of being labeled a 'Lesbian'. Therefore, having sex with the help is never looked down upon, either one on one, or in a group. Contraceptives are also something that some girls are uncomfortable with using. So from time to time you may be called in to clean away any unwanted liquids inside her. We can't have any of our girls getting pregnant now can we?

Oh no, it only making sense.

Now I see it says here on your application that you are married?

Si, my husband Fernando and I arrived two weeks ago.

You realize that if you work here, you will hardly ever see him. We would expect you to start living here twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week with very few visitors.

I understand, but we are both poor and need the money. He know that I enjoy serving and doesn't mind my seeking employment here. And if things really go well, he can find a job and we can become a full citizen of this beautiful country.

You don't mind separating from your husband to come work here then?

I love my husband very much, but I am willing to do what ever it takes to get this job. Ever since I was a young girl growing up in my village I knew I'd be coming to America one day to work. Now is my chance to get the American dream and help Fernando to become a citizen.

What a noble effort. It would be my honor to help fulfill your dream by hiring you. But we must make sure you are a good fit here first. Now I know there is one more thing that I'm forgetting to tell you about the job. Oh ya, at the beginning of every semester, the fraternities throughout campus often like to entice rushing freshmen boys to join them. They do this in a variety of ways, one of which is renting several of our serving girls to pleasure the horny studs. I can assure you that this is NOT prostitution, but merely a way for our Sorority to gain a little extra cash and for them to gain pledges. As with us, I'd expect you to follow their instructions with out question when your out on loan. Does this sound ok with you?

Si. It is my job to serve, and I will serve in any fashion you wish.

You don't think your husband will mind that college boys are taking liberties with his wife?

I'm sure he will be jealous and very angry, but he will have to understand that this is my job.

My my my, I am totally impressed. When I first saw you walk through that door I just KNEW there was something special about you. In fact, I think I've seen enough here today. Perhaps its time for you to go home and inform your husband of the good news.

You mean?

That's right Kalina, welcome to our sorority. I'll be expecting you to start this coming Monday. I just know all the girls are going to be looking forward to meeting you.

And I them.

In the mean time, you may crawl underneath my desk and lick my soar feet. I have several more women to interview today and these heels are just killing me.

Si Senorita, right away!

Very good bitch. Tell me Kalina, do you mind if we start referring to you as our Latina Bitch like the woman at the hotel?


Fantastic, just keep on sucking those toes Kalina. You'll be a fine new addition to our house. NEXT? .. .. .. Yes Hello, my name is Rachel Fines and I would like my daughter to pledge your sorority.

Hmmmm....Tell me, do you have any experience serving teenage white girls?

The End!


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