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Latina's Swing


Sixth Installment in the "Latina" Series of Erotic Tales

Growing up in a poor, Latin-American family, there are lots of things I dreamed of that I could never have as a kid. Even when I grew up and got married at the age of 26, life with my first husband was still a financial struggle. After my first husband died, I was able to do reasonably well supporting myself, working in electronics and running a small business on the side. But since remarrying two years ago, my financial situation has greatly improved. I still work in electronics, and so does my new husband, and between us we got pushed into a higher tax bracket, so we now live quite comfortably.

One of the things I always wanted was a swing on my own front porch. The home my husband and I bought two years ago is about half a mile from a local amusement park, and you can see the tops of the roller coasters from our front porch. Several times a year (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Veteran's Day), the amusement park puts on a spectacular, hour-long fireworks show, and we can see it quite well from our front porch. The fireworks made me more determined than ever to get that front porch swing, so my husband and I could rock on the swing and watch the fireworks from our porch.

Just before the 4th of July celebration this year, we finally bought that swing, and my husband assembled it. The fireworks began promptly at 9:30 P.M. this 4th of July, and the two of us rocked gently on the swing, huddled under a warm blanket, and watched the fireworks. The first few fireworks streaked upward, sparkled very briefly, and fizzled to the ground. The next few were brighter, and exploded over a bigger area. This was more like it. We turned to each other and smiled, wrapping our arms around each other for a moment, then releasing to turn and watch the next volley of fireworks.

To our surprise, the next rocket exploded in a big, red Valentine's heart. Seeing that, we both turned and reached for each other, and kissed. His lips were so soft and warm against mine, pressing delicately at first, but then a little harder as our mutual passion began to build. I opened my mouth, and I slowly let my tongue glide out, to lick all around his full, hot lips. Now, he opened his mouth, to let my tongue enter. I very slowly eased my tongue past his lips, past his teeth, and my tongue touched the tip of his tongue in his mouth.

Now the bottom of my tongue began its gradual roll across the top of his tongue, until I was just about touching the back of his throat. Now, I began just as slowly retracting my tongue back into my mouth: first across the top of his tongue, then retracting past his teeth, and back across those full, soft lips of his. But he was not about to let me off that easily. He was not about to let me close my mouth and end our French kissing that soon. Just as my tongue retreated past his lips, before I could even have time to close my lips, he opened his mouth fully, and quickly darted his tongue all the way into my mouth and halfway down my throat. The bottom of his very long tongue danced and swirled across the top of my tongue, then slowly retreated, even more tantalizingly slowly than I had just retreated from his mouth. When his tongue was about halfway out of my mouth, he circled and rolled it, swirling it until it slid around from the top of my tongue, to licking the underside of my tongue. As our tongues danced like this, I felt myself getting very warm just beneath my breasts, and I felt a very light, dewy moisture pleasantly starting to well up from deep within my pussy.

Now it was his turn to taunt and tease me. He slowly slid his tongue all the way back out of my mouth, rolling it from under my tongue, back to the top of my tongue, past my teeth, past my lips, and back behind his closed lips and teeth, once more out of my reach. He then sat up and turned to watch the fireworks again. I watched the fireworks, too, but I began to feel uneasy and confused. Part of me wanted to watch the spectacular fireworks show. Another part of me wanted more passion, but I was not sure what I wanted him to do next.

As we sat up prim and proper now, and watched the fireworks, he held my hand in his. His long, thin fingers began massaging each finger of my hand, and very slowly stroking my manicured and polished fingernails. His touch is always so gentle, and there is something about a slow massage of my fingers and nails that simultaneously relaxes me, and makes me want his passion. OK, I'll be honest, I wasn't REALLY so relaxed, I was getting into a very-frisky frenzy: I wanted to jump his bones, right then and there!

Still watching the fireworks, I rested my head on his shoulder, and my open palm against his chest. He kissed the top of my head, then around to my forehead, and his kisses just fluttered very lightly on my eyes. He told me that he enjoys the fluttering of my eyelashes against the very tips of his lips. After a few minutes of these light-as-a butterfly kisses on my eyelashes, he again pulled away and turned to watch the fireworks. The explosions were more frequent now, and one burst would appear before the last one had cleared away. This gave a very nice effect of a large red star, followed by a slightly smaller white star overlaying it, and then an even smaller blue star overlaying that, creating the optical illusion that the red, white, and blue appeared in the same spot in the sky, at the same time.

This patriotic explosion was very beautiful and moving, but my thoughts were increasingly on the dance that our tongues had done earlier, and on how I could turn up the volume, on the passion that we had slowly been building up on our porch swing. I decided right then and there that we would "break in" our porch swing, before the fireworks reached their finale. I began to formulate a plan, and to put it into action.

I pulled our blanket across both of our laps, so that passing motorists would not see what we were doing. I then reached under our shared blanket, to unbuckle his belt.

He turned to look at me inquisitively, and I put my finger up to my lips, to tell him to keep quiet. I let my fingers glide slowly up and down the outside of his zipper, four or five times. I could feel his bulge start to grow, but not all the way to its full length and hardness yet. "That's good," I thought, "I want him to get all the way hard in my mouth, not in my hand. Now I eased his zipper all the way down, and I glided my hand inside, to find a surprise. Since it had been very hot all day, he had on no underwear, and I was glad to be free to massage his cock, unobstructed. I let my index finger glide from the cock head, all the way down the semi-hard shaft, down to his balls. My finger glided against first one ball, then the other, then worked its way back up his shaft to the head, which was becoming reddish-purple. I ran my finger over and across the head, massaging his pee-hole. He bucked his hips up toward my finger, but luckily, was not fully hard just yet. I figured I'd better make my move now, before it was too late to feel him actually harden in my mouth.

Double-checking that the blanket was pulled up to hide what we were doing, I slid my head under the blanket and down to his lap. My tongue swirled and danced around the head of his cock, as his tongue had swirled in my mouth only a few minutes earlier. His cock began pulsing weakly against my tongue, but I knew it was gathering strength for the final pulse that would bring his cock to its full 8-inch length and 2-inch diameter. I wanted that final pulse into hardness to occur deep in my throat, so I wrapped my fist around the base of his rod, I kissed the very tip in appreciation of all that he does for me.

Then I tenderly sucked all eight tasty inches of his gorgeous two-inch-thick manhood up past my lips and teeth, while my palm delicately and lovingly massaged his wonderfully-firm balls.

He let out a soft moan in that sexy, deep baritone voice that always puts me in a swoon. When he was firmly planted in my mouth, I began swirling my tongue around the over-6-inch circumference of his not-yet-fully-hardened cock. I began licking up and down its entire length, without letting any of him exit past my lips. His moan grew deeper and louder. His pulses grew stronger, pulsing from the roof of my mouth down to my tongue and back up again. His pulses became more frequent, too. And then he stopped throbbing in my mouth, and he sat perfectly still, as my tongue continued to lick up and down his shaft inside of my mouth. I knew from past experience with him, that this lull was just the calm before the storm.

Now I switched from licking the length of his shaft, back to swirling my tongue around his entire circumference. He bucked his hips upward, into my face, driving his still partly-soft cock even deeper into my mouth, and then I felt it. With one strong and mighty pulse, his cock grew to its full stiffness in my mouth. I just love that feeling, when his cock goes from semi-soft to full hardness deep in my mouth. Sometimes I wish I had a camera in my mouth, to snap a picture of that split second when his cock springs fully to life against my tongue, so I could look at that photo when I am not with him, and masturbate myself to an orgasm while dreaming of him. But I pushed this brief daydream away, because right now, the reality of his cock growing ALL big and hard in my mouth, as I sucked him right through his open jeans, was far better than any fantasy.

Feeling his now-rigid cock against the roof of my mouth, now it was my turn to let out a throaty moan. The vibration of my moan against the tip of his cock, made him push his cock upward, deeper into my throat. My licks became more rapid, and I let out a hypnotized "mmmmm".

He now pushed himself away from me, and I felt inch after hard, throbbing inch retreat past my teeth, past my lips. I wanted to scream. I didn't want that wonderfully hard shaft to leave the warmth of my mouth, to become exposed to the cool night breeze. I let out a slow, frustrated sigh at his cock's departure. I circled my fingers around the base of his cock, twisting my wrist to pump my fist all over the exposed portion of his shaft, slowly jerking him off, up and down his shaft. Much to my relief, he stopped retreating, just as the tip of his cock was beginning to exit past my lips. Now he began rocking his hips, with a slow, upward thrust. His huge, mushroom-shaped head pushed past my teeth again, pulsing up and down, to brush first along the roof of my mouth, and then down on my tongue, and then back to the roof again, as first one inch, then two inches of steel-hard shaft slid back into my mouth. He kept pushing his way back up into my mouth, as his throbs kept his cock pushing against both the top and bottom of my mouth. Now three inches, now four. Now his throbs went sideways, against the inside of first my right cheek, and now my left, as he kept on with his relentless upward thrust. Now five inches in my mouth, now six, and seven, and still I didn't gag. Push, thrust, and throb. Finally, the eighth inch was in, and his balls rested against my lips, as his cock head was pushed into my throat.

My tongue excitedly licked and swirled at this massive, and VERY welcome, intruder into my mouth, as his moans grew deeper and louder.

He pulled his cock about halfway out again, and I again wrapped my fist around the exposed part of his shaft, and again I twisted my wrist, as I stroked up and down his very firm 8 inches. He then bucked upward, fully into my mouth, once more. This time, I didn't mind his cock leaving, as I knew it would quickly be back down my throat. He began thrusting his hips up and down very rapidly now, pulling his eight hot, loving inches halfway out, and then jamming himself back down my throat, all the way to his balls again, in and out, in and out, making love to my mouth with his powerful upward thrusts, all the while my tongue licking and swirling all over his head and shaft, both of which were completely buried in my mouth.

After about his tenth upward thrust into my mouth, as his balls rested against my lips, I felt his balls contract, and I knew that his sweet man juice was beginning its journey up his shaft, past the cock head, where it would gush into my mouth. I could hardly wait, and I began furiously licking everywhere at once: on top, bottom, left and right of his shaft, across the mushroom head, and I even curled my tongue up into his pee-hole. He quickly slid halfway out of my mouth one last time, then pushing upward mightily, he forcefully exploded his thick, white cream against the back of my throat. Forcing myself not to gag, I gulped rapidly and repeatedly, eagerly swallowing every drop, loving the feeling, as his sweet and salty cream oozed slowly down my throat and into my digestive tract. His come felt very warm, almost hot, as it glided down my throat. I let him ease his long, thick shaft slowly back out of my mouth now, until only the head was still in my mouth, and I licked the tip, to finally taste his sweet and tangy, salty mixture of warm come and cool sweat on my tongue.

Now he slid out completely, and as he retreated, I deliberately let just a little of my mouthful of fresh, warm come dribble out of my mouth, down along his thick, hard shaft, to provide lubrication for the thorough pounding I hoped he would soon give me.

I then licked the excess come off the head and shaft of his cock, and I licked the head all over, grateful for the sweet loving that he had just given to my mouth.

He stood up, with his still hard cock hanging out of his open trousers. He let his trousers fall to the porch floor, and he stepped out of his pants, leaving him naked from the waist down (he still had his T-shirt on).

Next, he sat me up on our porch swing, with my legs spread about two feet apart, and he knelt down on his knees, facing me. Luckily, I had a long peasant skirt on, that would hide our new activity from view. Being such a hot day, I had not worn panties underneath, as he would soon discover.

On his knees, he slid his head up under my skirt, and he pulled the skirt down over his shoulders, again, so that passing drivers would not see us. That wonderfully long tongue, which had slid so deeply into my mouth maybe ten minutes earlier, now licked along the entire length of my closed but dampening pussy lips. His tongue licked from the bench seat of the swing, all the way up to the oyster at the top of my pussy (which hid my pearl), and then he licked all the way back down again. His index and middle fingers slowly and gently pried my pussy lips open, and his licking gradually traveled from my outer lips, to the inside of my pussy.

As he licked, the first dewy layer of my internal lust began coating my excited inner walls, to lubricate the way for that big, stiff cock, which I just knew would eventually be rubbing SO lovingly, against those very same moist inner walls.

As his tongue licked up and down, outside and inside of my pussy, and his head bobbed up and down under my skirt, the hem of my skirt began to gradually ride up from my ankles, past my calves, up around my knees, and then inch its way up my thighs. When my skirt was about halfway up my thighs, he grabbed the hem, and he pulled it all the way up to my waist, fully exposing my legs, my pubic hair, and my now wide-open pussy to his view, and to the view of any drivers who happened to look our way as they passed. By now, our passion was so strong, that we no longer cared if we put on a show, that passers-by might find more interesting than the fireworks show, still going on half a mile away.

Now that my skirt was all the way up, my husband pulled away from me briefly, to admire my spread-apart thighs, my thick, dark pubic hair, and my opened pussy lips. He is so visually-oriented, and he appreciates this view of me. But he also doesn't like to keep me waiting, once he starts ministering to my pussy, so his admiration with his eyes, was quickly replaced with admiration by his tongue. When his tongue moved upward from my pussy lips, to touch my clit, which was just beginning to peek out from behind its hood, I sucked-in my breath, in anticipation.

Now he replaced his tongue with his fingers. As his index finger rubbed up and down against my clit, his middle finger eased its way inside of my pussy, stroking and rubbing against the moisture that was now fully coating my walls. As his middle finger slid in and out of me, and as he continued vigorously massaging my clit, I began rocking my hips from side to side, and rocking the porch swing forward against his fingers. He knew that my excitement was building, and removing his fingers, he once more pressed his face into my dripping pussy. He was still facing me on his knees, and his long, slow licks on my pussy now focused exclusively on my clit. Once his tongue had coaxed her fully out of hiding, his lips began softly kissing and sucking on my clit. Then his teeth began their familiar, gentle nibbling on my clit, and I bucked my hips wildly upward into his face, rocking the porch swing forward with me. This gave me an idea.

I began swinging the swing backward and forward, like a little girl. On the backward swing, I would be pulled away from his face, and he would gaze admiringly at my legs, thighs, pubic hair, and wide-open, soaking-wet pussy. On the forward swing, my pussy would press hard into his face, so that he could continue licking and nibbling at my clit. After five or six swings, I no longer wanted to pull backward any more, and I just pushed my hips as far forward as I could, pressing even harder against his face. My loud moans told him that I was close to the edge, and he picked up the pace of his licks and nibbles.

Then his tongue and teeth stopped, and he sucked my clit all the way up into his mouth. I pushed myself even further forward, so that my clit would get sucked up as far into his mouth as possible, and I wrapped both of my naked legs over his shoulders and around his neck, resting my feet on his back, just below his shoulders.

Satisfied that my now-hard love button was completely in his mouth, he resumed licking it. I used my feet on his back, to pull him closer and push him slightly back, rocking the porch swing forward and back with me again.

"Ohhhh!" he moaned, hungrily. "Let me taste your sweet juice!"

With my clit still fully in his mouth, after about his fifth lick, I felt my juice well up around my clit, and I screamed lustfully into his ear. As my come oozed out, it coated my clit, and his lips, tongue, and teeth. He continued licking, sucking up every drop of my juice. I was still bucking upward into his face, and I was panting heavily, gasping in uncontrollable excitement, as his tongue cleaned up my steadily-flowing ooze from around my clit and my pussy lips.

"Mmmm!" he purred. "Your juice is so-o-o-o sweet!"

When I finally calmed down, and I resumed breathing normally, he finally withdrew his tongue from against my clit. He stood up facing me, and he smoothed my long peasant skirt back down, over my knees. I could see some of my own pussy juice, leaking out past the left side of his lips. Becoming curious now, I stood up, wrapped my arms around his neck, and kissed him, so I could lick my excess juice off the corner of his mouth. My juice was not quite as salty as the thick globs of hot come that he had pumped into my mouth earlier, but I had to agree with his description, that it tasted very sweet.

Stepping back and facing him, I pulled his T-shirt over his head, leaving him completely naked in front of me, as the cool evening breeze blew past us. Now it was my turn to admire his 5'10", 170-pound, masculine body. My husband has a hairy chest, but not so furry that his hair hides his soft, smooth skin. His arms and chest are firm and toned, but not grotesquely muscular like a body-builder's. His 36-inch waist is not skinny, maybe 10 pounds overweight, not a washboard stomach, but not a protruding beer belly, either. Even semi-soft, his cock was still long and thick, and protruding almost straight out. His strong, masculine legs are long, slim, and hairy. Oh, how I wanted him on top of me, all over me, and especially, deep inside of me.

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