tagIncest/TabooLaundry Day

Laundry Day


My name is Zoe Briggs, and I own a posh health club-gym/spa in North Texas that caters to the uber rich of the Dallas high society. I am the sole proprietor of the gym, having been awarded the business after I divorced my husband of thirty years a little over half a decade ago. We started it up in a little old hole in the wall twenty five years ago and we watched it morph into a juggernaut, moving into a 15,000 square foot, three story facility that had scads of personal trainers, fitness classes, and the most beautiful clientele in the city. Great, huh? Well, not for my husband, who refused to stop fucking every receptionist that we would employ. Tired of being the laughing stock, I set up cameras (security cams, hah!), and recorded hours of video of him romping teen bitches. I took that motherfucker for everything! Stupid cocksucker.

Once the divorce was final, I took stock of myself and realized that if I was married to me, I would have cheated! I had let myself go, I wasn't fat, but, I did have a spare tire, my boobs didn't defy gravity any longer, and I looked every bit of my 50 years. When I looked in the mirror, I saw the grandmother that I had become, and not the beauty pageant winner that I was. My three children encouraged me to take advantage of my situation, being privy to the finest personal trainers that money could buy, and I certainly did that. I threw myself into my business and into getting fit. Now, five years later, I turn every head in the gym when I walk through in my daily attire, sports bra and work out tights, five foot eight, 125lbs, 34DD breasts, flat belly with a nice six pack, tight ass and firm legs. O.K., I have a good plastic surgeon, who cares? I love to show off my new hard body.

My 23 year old son Magnus had graduated college and decided to work with me to run the gym, which I loved. He was much younger than his two sisters by twelve and ten years respectively, and the only child that was interested in the family business. I started him as a personal trainer, and he quickly became my most popular, especially with the ladies. It could have been for his knowledge and skill, or that he was built like a Greek God.

Magnus inherited his father's heighth gene, he was well over 6'3" tall and was put together like a bodybuilder, well muscled and trim, and it didn't hurt that he was very handsome. Since he was a middle school child, he always had women after him, and, although he didn't confide in me, I knew that he 'scored' with plenty of women, since 'Gym Gossip' left no stone unturned.

One day, as I was leaving to go into work, I heard a rapping on the door. There was Magnus, dry cleaning hanging over his shoulder and suitcases in hand.

"What the..?" I stammered.

"Tricia kicked me out, Ma." He pouted, "I need a place to stay."

"What about the gym, there is a room there, y'know!" I protested.


"Ma!" I mimicked.

"Fine, Magnus," I relented, "But, none of your hussies in my house!"

"That's what got me booted in the first place, Ma!" Magnus wickedly grinned.

"Don't be late, and lock up when you leave." I smiled as I walked to my car. I didn't like that bitch Tricia, anyway.

We settled into a rhythm, sort of. Since I have been single for so long now, I have a habit of parading around nude, swimming in the pool nude, just being naked. Now that Magnus was here, that stopped immediately. Other than that, he seemed like he had no plans to move out, which was O.K. by me, he was my baby!

One day last week, I had a two back to back clients for training sessions, and Magnus had the day off, so he was going to do the yard work. I would have been tied up for a few hours with the sessions had one of them not called and rescheduled. Shit! Another wasted day! No, I thought, since my son was at the house doing yardwork, I could pitch in and clean out the flower bed, it was a beautiful day, anyway. I stopped on the way home at the grocery and picked up a nice bottle of wine and some shrimp and steak to throw on the grill for later that evening.

Pulling into my circle drive, the grass looked cut, the walk and drive was edged, it looked good, but Magnus's car was gone. Hmph. Alone again.

Screw it, I said to myself as I peeled off my sweaty work-out clothes, I'll throw in some wash downstairs and soak in the tub before Magnus gets back and I have him grill dinner.

I threw on a short tennis skirt and a 'wife-beater' tank top and grabbed the hamper and headed downstairs.

I slowed when I got about halfway down the hall to the laundry room as the door was ajar and light was illuminating a portion of the lower hallway. I placed the basket at my feet and shuffled the rest of the way towards the door, my bare feet not making a sound. I didn't know what was around the corner, my heart was pounding and my nipples were so stiff that my boobs ached.

I stopped at the door jamb, resting my back against the wall ala T.J. Hooker, preparing to swoop in and make a bust. The roar of both machines going drowned out my pulsating bosom. I snuck a glance into the room and saw Magnus, standing there, in front of the washer, and I breathed a sigh of relief. I went to walk in and I stopped dead in my tracks, then retreated to my haven by the door. Magnus was butt-naked!

I am used to seeing him shirtless, but he sidled over by the washer and I could see his bare ass. He was standing there, looking freshly showered, folding clothes in the buff!

My eyes were riveted on his muscular buttocks as he swayed to and fro, tossing fresh duds into his hamper. He then bent over to grab stuff from the dryer. OHMYGOSH! His huge balls dangled between his legs, they were shaven clean and gorgeous. My ticker leapt into my throat. I immediately felt like I was doing something wrong, but, I was transfixed.

He stood up and I noticed that he was unloading some of my clothes, then he disappeared from my view briefly.

I closed my eyes and leaned against the wall again. I had broken into a 'glow' and I was cottonmouth dry. I could feel the fire being stoked between my legs. I do go out on dates and I love sex, I get it whenever I want, but right at this moment, it felt like I hadn't been penetrated in months!

A shuffling noise caught my attention and I peeked slowly around the door yet again, I felt like a bad girl! There was Magnus, in a perfect profile with his cock in one hand and a pair of my soiled thong underwear in the other!

My knees quavered as I watched him hold the panties to his face and inhale deeply, flogging his rapidly expanding penis. It was fucking huge! I hadn't seen him bare since he was ten years old, and how the years have been for him! No wonder the women went crazy around him. Magnus's flesh pole had to be every bit of a foot long, wide and pink with a perfectly shaped, bulbous head generously leaking pre-cum from the tip of that magnificent shaft.

I watched in awe as his hand gripped himself and worked its way up and down that faultless, rock solid flesh piston. I couldn't help myself as my fingers found my sopping pussy hole and I inserted two fingers deep into myself. I came instantaneously as my voyeurism overtook me and my blazing passion that I felt rocked me.

I stifled a groan by biting my lower lip, my engorged clit was screaming at me for relief yet again. I could feel the juice from my swollen pussy coating my inner thigh as it trickled down my leg. I shuddered as yet another orgasm racked my body, and I had to quietly lean against the wall as my knees buckled from the throes of ecstasy coursing through my body. A brief moment later, when the stars in my eyes subsided, I peeked into the laundry room and he was still there, his beautiful cock long and hard in his hand. My son.

I pulled my soggy fingers from my dripping cunt and sucked them into my mouth, cleaning them of my juices. I peeked back at the scene in the laundry room and inhaled sharply.

Magnus was standing erect, all of his muscles tense, the cords standing out in his neck, I knew that he was close, I watched in eager anticipation, pulling on my long nipples, as his fist furiously pumped his massive member.

"Ugh, yeah, shhhhhhiiiiiittttt!!!" Magnus bellowed as the first stream of pearly white rocket fuel erupted copiously from his cock.

I could feel my eyes snap wide open as I watched him shoot stream after stream of choad into the air. I came again, without even touching myself as Magnus took my dirty thong and wiped his cock clean and I took one last, long look at that juicy cock.

I backed up slowly and turned and scooted off as quietly as I could, taking all evidence of my presence. I had to get upstairs now, I had to get my dildo.

"Ma!" Magnus yelled from the end of the hallway. "Dinner is almost ready, I didn't see you come home, c'mon!"

"Be, be right there Honey."

I leaned against the closed door to my bedroom, wondering if I could look my son in the face. My pussy was sore, I had literally brutalized it with my dildo, I couldn't get enough. I had imagined him licking every inch of me, me of him, him fucking me, his own mother.

I took a deep breath and reached for the doorknob and stole a quick glance at my desktop calendar. There was now a large red circle on that calendar.

Next weeks 'Laundry Day.'

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