tagLoving WivesLaura and Alex: The Honeymoon

Laura and Alex: The Honeymoon


Our wedding at the local Registry Office went off without a hitch. Jane, my old room mate, was my bridesmaid and Peter the best man. I was pleased to see mom again and I think she liked Alex, but then again, who wouldn't? Reception was at the hotel where Alex had spent his stag night and that brought back pleasant memories.

We stayed at the hotel overnight and, in bed that night, Alex fucked me like there was no tomorrow. He said it was his wedding present to his beautiful wife. The following day we flew to the beautiful Greek Island of Santorini for our honeymoon.

From the airport a local taxi transported us on the thirty minute drive over to the village of Oia perched high on the cliffs overlooking the volcanic islands of the Caldera basin and sparkling blue Aegean Sea.

Our home for the next fortnight was the honeymoon suite of the Kirini Suites, a luxury block of apartments, standing high on the cliff. We were shown to our rooms by an attractive olive skinned hotel porter .The rooms were perfect and complete with our spa pool located on an open patio that overlooked the black sandy beaches.

I was hot and tired after our journey and the pool looked so inviting that I quickly slipped out of my dress, discarded my bra, and slipped into the cool water. Alex quickly followed me. After a refreshing bubble, I climbed from the pool, discarded my wet panties, and lay down naked on one of the loungers. Alex stood over me smiling. "I think you should remain like that for the rest of the holiday," he said, grinning wickedly.

After a short rest, we unpacked and sorted our clothes, changed into fresh outfits, and walked hand in hand down the steep steps towards the beach in search of a place to eat. We found a nice little bar overlooking the sea. A crisp Greek salad with fresh warm bread and a bottle of the local wine soon had us both feeling more relaxed and comfortable.

As we looked out over the beach, I was excited to see that most of the women were topless. Some were wearing the popular miniscule thongs and looked almost naked. Alex smiled. "I think this place should suit us very nicely," he said, eyeing one gorgeous Scandinavian looking blond whose costume consisted of a small triangle of material no more than three inches at its widest point.

After our meal, we strolled around the small village and checked out what was available. After seeing what the locals were wearing, Alex did not argue when I dragged him into a small but expensive boutique and purchased a couple of the minute string thongs. There was no way I was going to be outdone by the local talent.

We made our way slowly back to the Kirini, and I could not wait to try on my purchases. Alex lounged on the bed as I stripped off and slipped into the first of the minute thongs. It just about covered my pussy and left very little to the imagination. Alex was delighted. The whole experience had made us both very horny and we again finished up fucking on the bed before showering and changing for dinner.

The evening meal in the Kirini's gourmet restaurant was superb, and afterwards we sat on the public patio drinking brandy and coffee and watched the sun sink in a blaze of glory over the horizon. "Makes a wonderful picture," a voice said behind me. I turned to see an attractive grey haired man with a stunning dark haired woman.

"It's wonderful," Alex said. "The People here must be very lucky to live in a place like this."

The man nodded and smiled. "Are you on holiday?"

"Honeymoon," Alex replied. "We got married in England yesterday."

The man congratulated us, and then introduced himself. "I'm Christian and this is my partner, Olive." The dark haired, well tanned woman he was with nodded and flashed a smile. "We are over here on mixing business with pleasure," Christian continued. "I'm an art dealer and I come over here to buy paintings. There are a lot of very accomplished artists living and working on this island."

Christian ordered another bottle of wine from the ever attentive waiter and we sat chatting and drinking until it got dark and began to turn cool. Before we left, Christian offered to show us around the Island during our stay. We bade them good night and made our way back to our suite and our first night on Santorini.

Back in our room, I quickly slipped out of my dress, and wearing only a brief thong, I wrapped my arms around Alex's neck. "I do love you," I said, kissing him passionately. He responded, slipping his tongue deep into my throat. "I want this to be a night to remember," I said. "I want you to fuck me out there on the patio, in the moonlight under the stars with the sound of the sea in my ears."

He smiled and held me tightly. "Your wish is my command, darling."

We spread a large towel on one of the sun loungers. I slipped out of my thong and stood watching as Alex quickly stripped off. It was cool and my nipples had already hardened to sharp points. Alex took me in his arms and pressed his naked body against mine. We kissed for a moment, and then he gently laid me on the comfortable lounger. I was wet with anticipation and he entered me quickly. I lay on my back looking up at the millions of stars as Alex fucked me with long, easy strokes. I orgasmed several times before he finally allowed himself to come. He was truly a very considerate lover.

After our long journey out here, we both slept late the following morning, and were only woken by a knock on the door. A pretty young waitress came in with a tray with fresh warm croissants, fruit juice, and coffee. She smiled and welcomed us to Santorini as she placed it on the table beside the bed.

As we ate, we decided that a relaxing day on the beach would do us both some good, and I guess Alex couldn't wait to see me in public in one of my new thongs. While Alex showered, I lay in bed and glanced through the hotel brochure. I was pleased to discover that there was a beauty treatment room where you could get a massage, and the hotel even had its own wine cellar where regular wine tastings took place.

When Alex was finished, I showered and slipped into my new thong. It was incredibly revealing, and when I checked my rear in the long mirror, I looked almost completely naked. Alex's eyes lit up when I came out. "I'm certainly going to enjoy this holiday if you're going to spend your days like that," he said.

I slipped into a loose wrap and put my sun creams and oils into a large beach bag. We made the short walk down the steep path to the beach. We were surprised to find it was already quite busy, but we found a couple of free loungers. I sat down and checked around. Many of the women around us were topless, but as far as I could see at the moment, there was no one wearing a string thong like mine.

Alex stopped a passing waiter and ordered some drinks. I lay back on the lounger and untied the wrap. Alex smiled at me, and I noticed two guys at the side of us do a quick double take. It felt very exciting to be so exposed on a public beach like this, and I was certainly the centre of attraction, much to Alex's delight. It was especially erotic when Alex offered to refresh my sun cream, and leisurely set about applying it to all the exposed parts, which was most of me.

Alex had left me for a moment to get some food when there was a voice beside me. I looked up and saw it was Christian and Olive. "On your own already?" Christian inquired. I smiled and told him that Alex had gone for some food. I began to feel excited when I realised he was looking at my almost totally exposed body. "Do you mind if we park ourselves here?" he asked, pointing to two free loungers. I smiled and shook my head as Olive spread their towels on the beds. She slipped out of her wrap and displayed her own impressive body in a brief but colorful bikini. Just then Alex returned with our food. He smiled as he recognized our two friends from the previous night.

We enjoyed our lazy day on the beach. Christian and Olive were good company. Christian and Alex got on well together, and Olive and I swam in the sparklingly clear Aegean Sea. Although a few other women had appeared on the beach in the minute string bikinis, I felt I was still the centre of attraction. I discovered that I received even more attention when I was in the sea as the water made my tiny bikini bottom even more revealing. I guess you were not really supposed to get them wet. At last it was time to make our way back to the apartments. Christian had suggested that we eat together tonight, and we thought that would be a nice idea.

Back at last in the privacy of our room, I wrapped my arms around Alex's neck. "I have missed you," I said. "It's nice being with Christian and Olive, but I would rather be with you alone." Alex smiled and pulled me close to him. He kissed me deeply, our tongues exploring. I felt his hands ease aside my wrap and then he was tugging at my brief bikini. Moments later, we were naked. He was between my legs, his hard cock sliding into to my ever welcoming hole. We had slow, leisurely sex, both of us achieving our usual satisfaction, until we fell apart sweaty and exhausted.

"Christian was very attracted to you today," he said suddenly. "He wants one of his artist friends to paint you."

I looked at him and smiled. "What do you think about it?" I asked.

He smiled. "It might be an interesting experience. He asked me if I thought you would pose naked."

I grinned. "I guess that's why you were so interested," I said. He smiled and nodded.

That evening, Christian told us that he had a yacht at his disposal, and that he was going sailing tomorrow to visit some of his artists who lived on an island. He inquired if we would like to join them. I looked at Alex and he shrugged. "Might be an interesting way to spend the day." So it was agreed. We spent another wonderful night making love under the stars before at last making our way to bed.

We had booked an early call for breakfast as Christian wanted to be off by nine a.m. It was already warm with a slight breeze as we made our way down to the harbour. I was quite taken aback when I saw the size of the yacht. I don't know quite what I was expecting, but it was beautiful, about forty feet in length with towering white sails. There was a crew of three on board and the captain, Demitri, greeted us and assisted us on board.

The main salon was large and luxurious, and a seaman in a smart white shirt and shorts offered us a cooling glass of orange juice. We set off almost immediately and were soon skimming over the clear blue sea. We all sat in a comfortably cushioned open area at the rear of the yacht. Christian explained to me where we were going and stories about the artists who lived there. Alex was in deep conversation with Olive and I was pleased to see they were getting on well together.

During a lull in the conversation, Christian turned to Alex. "Did you ask Laura about my proposal?"

Alex looked across at me and smiled. "You mean about her posing? Yes, I have spoken to her and I think she could be interested," he said.

He turned and looked at me. I shrugged. "I'm always up for something like that," I said. "It's Alex. He will do anything to get me out of my clothes."

Christian grinned. "From what I have seen of you, you will make a stunning model, and I know just the guy to paint you. Pablo has done some wonderful work for me before, and I'm sure you will find he will do you justice." I actually felt quite excited by the proposal.

It was about an hour's trip to the island and soon we were tying up at the small quay. Once off the yacht, we made our way to a small quayside bar. A bearded, good looking guy wearing shorts made from tattered cut off jeans got up and greeted Christian. He kissed Olive. Christian introduced us to Pablo and I saw the guy's rather obvious look of interest when I was introduced to him. Christian ordered a bottle of wine and we sat around chatting and drinking.

When we had finished the wine, we made our way up the steep rambling streets to a place at the top of the village where the artist, Pablo, lived and worked. His studio was large and airy and extremely untidy. It smelt of oil paint and turps and there were canvases stacked up against the walls. Alex and I sat on a veranda overlooking the sea with Olive, drinking beer from the bottles while Christian and Pablo went through the canvases.

When they were done, they came out and joined us. Pablo looked over at me. "Christian tells me you have offered to pose for me," he said. "Have you ever done any modeling before?" I shook my head. I was already beginning to feel somewhat excited at the thought of stripping in front of this interesting guy.

"If it's okay by you, I would like to take some photographs of you today to work on, and then maybe later on you could come out for a day or so and we could work together." I looked across at Alex and he smiled and nodded.

Christian looked pleased. "Good, it's all settled then." He turned to Olive. "Do you mind stopping here and sorting things out? I'll get the crew from the yacht to come up and pack up the canvases and Alex and I can go with Pablo and find some nice locations." She looked a little disappointed but did not argue. Christian called the yacht on his mobile phone and arranged things, while Pablo collected his camera and checked it out. Then we set out. As we walked up the hillside, I began getting that exciting feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was the thought of stripping naked in front of Christian and Pablo. This obviously would not be a hardship for me. Ever since we had met up with Christian, I could not help but notice the way he had looked at me with his eyes seeming to burn into me. He was one of those guys whose looks seemed to strip the clothes from your body.

In an olive grove at the top of the hill, where steep cliffs ran sharply down to the azure sea, there was a small ruined church. Pablo explained that it had fallen into disrepair when most of the islanders had left to live on the larger island. Now brambles and creepers covered its walls. It was an idyllic setting.

Christian looked around and nodded. "Yes, I think this will be an ideal location to start with." I saw Alex nod his approval.

Pablo turned to me and smiled. "If you would just slip out of your clothes, Laura, we can start." I smiled and started to unfasten my sundress. Undressing would not be a long job as I was only wearing bikini bottoms under my dress.

I looked across at Christian who was leaning against an old olive tree watching me with interest as I pulled the thin dress over my head and dropped it onto the grass. I could feel my nipples stiffen in the slight breeze, and I wanted to touch them. I knew they wanted me to strip naked, but I pretended to be a little shy. "Do I need to take everything off?" I asked in a quiet voice.

Pablo looked across at Christian who nodded. "Christian wants the girl in the pictures to be naked," he said with a smile, "so if you would."

As I pulled on the ties of my bikini bottoms, I looked across at Alex who was as usual enjoying my little show I was putting on. The bikini easily came undone and I pulled it off. It was an exciting feeling to be naked in front of the three of them and I could see that they liked what I had to offer.

Pablo quickly got down to work, professionally taking shot after shot as he got me to move around the small ruined building. Christian followed us around seemingly enjoying the sight of my total nakedness. I made sure that he got to see everything, spreading my legs provocatively at every opportunity and letting him enjoy the sight of my most private delights.

As usual, my performance quickly made me horny, and I soon could not resist the temptation to touch myself. I at first just gently stroked over my hard extended nipples, then put a hand between my thighs, cupping the moist lips of my pussy.

Christian looked over at me as we stopped to change locations. "I think Laura's in need of a break," he said. "I think the shoot is getting her a little excited." I smiled at him. "Feel free to express yourself, Laura," he said. "I'm sure we are all men of the world and know that a woman like you has needs."

I took a drink from a bottle of water Alex offered me. As I drank it, I moved one hand down between my legs and began to stroke the outer lips of my pussy. I was not surprise to feel they were damp and my juices were already running freely. I lay back against a large rock and spread my legs, closed my eyes, and began to slip my fingers into the warm wetness, enjoying the sensation and knowing that three pairs of eager eyes were intently watching my brazen display of wantonness.

I probed deeper, first with two fingers, and then with three, my thumb rubbing against my clit. Faintly I could hear the click of Pablo's camera. He was actually taking pictures of me. This turned me on even further. I groaned loudly and clutched onto my breast with my free hand, my fingers working even faster. As I neared my climax, I cried out and thrust my hand deep into my gaping pussy, coming with a cry, and felt my warm juices running over my hand.

I lay back until the waves of passion had subsided, then I opened my eyes. The three of them were still looking at me. I smiled a weak smile. "Do you feel better after that?" Christian inquired.

I nodded. "Much better." They all laughed.

I was feeling a little messy after my little display and Pablo suggested that we make our way down the hillside to where there was a small spring. Alex picked up my discarded clothes. There seemed little point in putting them on until I was able to clean myself up, and in any case, no one seemed to mind me remaining naked, especially Christian.

The small sparkling spring burst out of the hillside between some boulders, and the guys sat and watched while I bathed and washed myself clean in the clear cold water. Pablo continued to take pictures of me. Afterwards, I slipped back into my bikini bottoms, but still didn't bother with my dress so as to allow myself to dry in the hot sun.

I had redressed again by the time we arrived back at Pablo's place. Olive was sitting on the patio drinking wine. The canvases had all been packed and transported back down to the yacht.

"You guys have fun?" Olive inquired,

Christian smiled. "Yes, it was an interesting little excursion, thanks to Laura. I think Pablo managed to get what he required."

We all sat around and helped Olive dispose of the rest of the wine before we said our good-bys to Pablo and made our way back down to the yacht.

It was mid afternoon as we cast off from the small quay and the sun was hot. I guessed no one would object as I slipped out of my dress and lay back in just my bikini bottoms. "No point in wasting an opportunity to improve my tan," I said to the smiling Alex. He agreed.

Olive got up and went below to return in a few minutes also topless. I saw the expression on Alex's face when she appeared. Her breasts were larger than mine, though not quite so firm, and they moved and swayed with the movement of her body. She had large dark areolas with even darker protruding nipples. The one thing I did notice that I had not noticed before, maybe because of her dark tan, was some darker stripes across her back and exposed buttocks. I wondered how she had come by them, but I did not like to ask.

Christian produced a large bottle of champagne and we spent an interesting trip on our return back to the big island drinking the ice cool champagne as we skimmed over the clear blue waters.

We parted company with Christian when we arrived back on Santorini. He wanted to arrange some onward transportation of the pictures he had bought, so he suggested that Olive make her way back to the apartments with us and he would join us later. Alex thanked him for the trip, but Christian shrugged it off. "The pleasure was all mine," he said. "You have a very beautiful wife and I'm sure she is going to make us all some money."

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