tagLoving WivesLaura Had A Bad Day

Laura Had A Bad Day


To the reader:

Here is another short one based on the tried and true formula of someone coming home early from work only to find a loved one in the bedroom doing the nasty. However, this one has a little twist. Hope you like it.

Sorry, no graphic sex.

And, thanks to jo for doing the usual great editing job.


"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

"What a fucked-up day this was. I'm just glad it's over. Shit, the whole week was a fucking disaster. Fuck!"

Laura slammed her hand down onto the steering wheel as she drove her BMW way over the speed limit hurrying to get as far away from work as possible. Jason, her dick of a boss, told her to go home and relax or get laid or do something. He didn't want her back in the office until she had her head screwed on straight and could work with customers again without pissing the majority of them off. Everything she touched this week turned to a pile of shit. She was more hurt than mad mostly because he was right. She hated it when he was right.

She steamed as she drove; paying scant attention to the beautiful countryside she roared past, thinking about one disaster after another. First thing this morning Jameson Johnson called to tell her that he was moving his account to another firm, effectively losing the third largest account the company had. After the screaming died down in the executive offices she received an email from Human Resources saying the managerial position she wanted so dearly "was filled by another candidate." And she knew exactly who that candidate was too - big tits Beverly Newman. "That skank probably spread for each and every one of the selection committee pigs. That bitch!" And just before lunch Laura wasn't paying too much attention to how she loaded the toner cartridge into the copy machine, she was so mad about being passed over for promotion again, the toner spilled out all over her new dress and down her legs. The area around the copier was off limits to anyone with delicate ears until she finished cussing and cleaning up the mess.

Laura glanced down at the giant black stain in her lap. "Fuck I hate that place!"

She fumed as she sped down the road, looking every which way for something to take her mind off her troubles. That's when Harry popped into her head. Whenever times seemed the darkest Harry was always there. She loved Harry and he'd been there for her whenever things got bad. Harry was her rock, Harry was her savior, and Harry was the man she loved since the day they said 'I do' almost 20 years ago. Now just thinking about him and all the good times they had together slowed her pulse and allowed her to let up on the gas pedal a little.

"Harry, Harry, Harry, what would I do without you?" Laura said to the empty car. "You may be boring as hell but you sure know how to make things better in times like this."

She could see Harry in her mind, but more importantly she could see both of them together. Whenever she thought of one she thought of both. Harry still made her feel loved even if they hardly saw one another. In the last few years they'd become more like roommates than husband and wife. They rarely did anything exciting or went anywhere new, they just coexisted at the same address and waved as they passed going to the bathroom. Even what they used to call sex had become tedious and boring. Every couple weeks they did the obligatory humping until they exploded, but making love went away years ago. Now they just fuck each other until one or the other of them cried 'uncle.' Lately it's been Laura giving up on Harry too early in the evening's activities. And they were so immersed in their jobs that they hardly saw each other except on the occasional weekend when both weren't traveling for work. Right now Harry was in New York sucking up to one of his clients and she was by herself.

Laura was speeding home to an empty house.

It wasn't empty until recently though. Her daughter Shailene started at the university a year ago and only came home when she ran out of clean clothes. Laura sighed as she remembered their talks. Shailene hardly says a word when she stops by now, usually just a quick, "Hi Mom. Got a date. See ya." Shailene used to be a friend, now she's just an occasional visitor to her closet.

Life just hasn't turned out as she had envisioned.

A sly little smile crossed her lips as another vision popped into her head. Malcolm.

"Oh Malcolm," she purred. "How could I ever forget about you, dear heart?"

Laura's senses tingled with the mere thought of him. She could see his tall, broad body. She could smell his haunting aroma. She could even feel his soft skin under her fingertips. The image of Malcolm made her squirm in her seat. "Oh baby," she murmured pressing down on the accelerator again. Moisture and heat appeared between her legs making her squirm even more.

Malcolm has been Laura's lover for the past six months. Every feeling, every emotion, every sense of reality she ever had with Harry transferred over to Malcolm when they started sharing a bed. He'd become the one thing to look forward to at the end of a rotten day, just like today. And tonight she was going to be in his bed with her arms wrapped around his broad chest and her legs around his waist as he drove every image of a troubled world out of her mind. He was a magician with sex. He took her to places that no man had ever taken her before. He was tender, knowledgeable, energetic, and most importantly extremely well hung. Just thinking of his long, thick cock between her legs started the juices flowing onto her panties, and the car to race faster. And Malcolm was black, or more properly African American. Not a creamy mocha type of black but a coal black black. A black so dark that light seemed to be absorbed into his body, his massive, ex-football player, strong, lovely, muscular body. Laura pressed even harder on the accelerator.

Malcolm was single, fairly wealthy, had an excellent job, treated her like a goddess, and was heaven in bed. He was just about everything she ever wanted in a man. But she had exactly the same thing with Harry, all except the single part and until recently the great sex. Laura found herself falling in love with Malcom too.

Laura had a date with Malcolm after work tonight. Since Harry was out of town she could spend the whole night in his strong arms. The vision of her white arms and legs wrapped around his ebony body stirred her juices even more. She had to hurry home, change into something sexy, Malcolm loved her in sexy clothes even if they didn't stay on very long, and meet him at The Dew Drop Inn at seven. They usually just grabbed something quick to eat before walking across the street to the Holiday Inn for the evening. But tonight she had him all night long and planned to totally wear him out.

Malcolm wasn't the first man she cheated on Harry with. About the time Shailene started elementary school there was Bob. Bob was a neighborhood handyman who did odd jobs for a lot of families in the neighborhood. A lot of his work resulted in new decks and windows, the occasional remodeled bathroom, painting, wallpaper, and the like. But for the most part, he took many a lonely housewife to heights of sexual nirvana with his long and talented tongue. And he had a long and talented cock too. Laura particularly loved his long and talented cock. But Laura was naïve. She thought she was the only one he visited during the day but found out differently when she was diagnosed with syphilis. Needless to say Bob stopped visiting the ladies of the neighborhood when several women also found out they had the disease. Fortunately, none of the husbands found out. Laura had only heard rumors about what the others did, but for herself she told Harry that she had a particularly intense vaginal infection while she was on the antibiotic treatment. She dodged a bullet. Needless to say Bob found odd jobs in another neighborhood and Laura vowed to never, ever cheat on Harry again, that is until the day she met Malcolm.

After parking her car, Laura walked up the sidewalk and repeated the discussion she'd been having with herself for a few weeks now: Whether to leave Harry and be with Malcolm full time, or to break it off with Malcolm and work on making her marriage with Harry better. She loved both men but for different reasons. She was comfortable with Harry. He was an excellent provider and they had a history and family. Malcolm ravished her body and soul whenever they made love. He made her do different things, and in different ways, that taught her about herself and the heights to which ecstasy could go. She was on the fence; she couldn't decide what to do.

The first thing she noticed when she walked in the house was music coming from upstairs. "It must be Shailene," she thought. But as she walked from the kitchen to the living room she noticed two open beer bottles sitting on the coffee table. There was also a pile of clothes on the floor in front of the couch. She picked them up and saw a woman's blouse and short skirt on top of a man's shirt and pants. She recognized the shirt; it looked like one she bought for Harry last year for his birthday. Laura turned to look upstairs in the direction of the music, standing at the bottom of the stairs thinking of what everything meant. A horrible thought came into her head like a shot of adrenalin. Her eyes widened and she started to shake. And she was starting to get mad. "He wouldn't, would he?" she growled under her breath. Quickly spinning around and dashing for the garage door she opened it only to find Harry's car there. "Bastard," she spit turning and heading upstairs. Laura started thinking evil thoughts as she climbed the stairs. "If Harry's in there with some slut, I'll cut his nuts off and jam them down his fucking throat. No, better yet I'll let the courts do it. I'll sue his ass for divorce and take him for everything he's worth. And I will definitely tell everyone and their families, all of his co-workers, and every person we ever knew that Harry's a lying, cheating bastard. Wait, I know, I'll bring Malcom home and fuck him in our bed in front of that pussy Harry. That'll teach him."

By the time Laura had devised every scenario to crucify Harry for being in bed with some bimbo she found herself in front of the guest room door breathing heavily. "At least he had the decency to use the guest room instead of our bed," she spit, standing with only the door between her and the two lovers. Noises of sex radiated through the door. The mattress squeaking, the headboard hitting the wall, bodies slapping together, rhythmic gasps, panting, moaning - all the sounds that made her madder and madder and madder. Harry was about to die. Laura burst through the door only to find...


Malcom was on top of a tiny white woman. She was lying face down on the bed, her face buried in a pillow and Malcom was lying on top. Malcom's eyes were squeezed shut in delight as he pounded his giant black cock in and out of her ass. He didn't see the stricken woman standing at the door and continued to smile, moan, and pound in and out.

"Malcom, what the fuck are you doing?" Laura screamed.

All movement stopped on the bed. The only sound in the room was the clock on the dresser ticking and tocking as the seconds passed. Slowly he turned to face her.

"Laura, what are you doing here?" He asked. The bewilderment on his face was obvious.

"I live here," she screamed back.

"Uh... How... What..."

"And who is that bitch in bed with you," she exclaimed. "I thought you loved me. I've been thinking of leaving Harry to be with you I love you so much. We've been together for six months; doesn't that mean anything to you? How could you do this to me?"

Malcom looked stricken with his cock buried in the soft ass cheeks below. "I love you too babe, it's just that I couldn't resist this little lady. Don't get all excited now, it's only sex. You aren't the only white woman I take care of, but you are the only one I love at the moment. There's Sheree, Darla, Meghan..."

"Shut up!" Laura screamed. She stood at the door watching as the man she loved extracted his cock from the ass of the little slut lying spread eagle below him. He sat on the side of the bed as the woman he had been ass fucking turned over.

"Hi Mom," Shailene said looking up with a smile.

Laura was dumbfounded when she saw Malcom in her guest bedroom but the sight of her daughter turning over and flashing her nude body made her mind go completely numb, her knees trembling and weak.

The only words able to come out of Laura's mouth were "I... I... I..." With her mind a puddle of mush she turned and slowly walked downstairs. When she got to the kitchen she pulled an open bottle of wine from the refrigerator and poured herself a tall glass. One gulp and it was gone. She grabbed a dishtowel from the sink and sat down with another full glass at the table. Tears started flowing into the towel, her heart feeling as though part of her world had ended. Maybe part of it just did.

After crying for what seemed like forever she looked up and saw Malcom standing in the doorway. "Hey Babe, we still on for tonight?" He asked.

Laura looked up at him like he had just grown a second head.

"Hey, maybe you can bring your little girl with you," he said smiling.

The bottle of wine flew by Malcom's head as he sprinted out the front door. "Fuck you, you bastard," she spit at him. Then she returned to her sobbing.

After Laura shed a load of tears, Shailene walked into the kitchen wearing a white terrycloth robe, looking like she had just been well and completely fucked. Well, she had been.

"Sorry 'bout that Mom," Shailene said. "I didn't know Malcom was your boyfriend. I only met him today down at The Dew Drop Inn. He was just leaving an older looking blond woman when he sat down at the bar next to me. We started talking and before long we were on the way back here to... Well, you saw what we were doing. Anyway, he did ask me how old I was and I truthfully told him I was 18 but he didn't believe me. He said I looked more like 16, and he liked 16-year old white women. Oops, hold it. Mom, can you pass me that dishtowel?"

Laura looked from her daughter to the towel and back before handing it to her.

"Thanks," she said standing and jamming the towel between her legs. "A great big glob of his cum just ran down my leg. That man has stamina. What you saw upstairs was our third time. My pussy was so worn out I told him to take my ass. He told me as he was getting dressed that my ass was much tighter than yours by the way."

Laura looked stricken.

"Yes Mom, he told me all about you two after you barged in on us. When he found out you were my mother he asked if I'd like to come with the two of you tonight to your regular fuck-fest at the Holiday Inn. He said he'd never had a mother and daughter at the same time before. He was really smiling thinking about that."

Laura's head fell onto her arms and her sobbing filled the room. Shailene reached over and took the half empty glass of wine for a drink. She also smiled at her mother.

After sobbing for a few minutes they both turned toward the sound of Laura's cell phone ringing in her purse on the counter. Laura got up and answered it. She listened quietly for a minute before screaming, "No you fucker, I will not bring my daughter with me tonight or any night. As for seeing you again, it will be a cold day in hell before that happens. I never want to see you again! Don't call me, don't email me, don't anything! Go straight to hell!" She threw her cell phone across the room hitting the wall behind the stove, shattering it into a thousand pieces. Then she plopped back down in her chair and continued her sobbing.

Shailene continued to finish off her glass of wine.

"God, this is the worst day of my life," Laura sobbed, lifting her head to look at her daughter.

"And I think it's going to get a lot worse," Shailene said seriously.

"Wha?" Laura mumbled.

"Daddy gave me his car to come pick him up from the airport in the morning, and you know me, I can never keep anything from him."

Laura looked over the table in horror, coming to grips with what she just said.

"And besides Mother, you said you always wanted me to grow up and be like you. Well, I did. I'm a whore just like you. And I love big, black cocks pounding away inside my pussy and ass, just like Malcolm said you did. So don't give me any of your sanctimonious crap. I may be a whore but at least I didn't break my marriage vows and cheat on my husband."

After hearing what her legacy to her daughter was going to be Laura bolted from the room and ran screaming up to her bedroom. Shailene cleaned up, finishing off the wine and the two beers before picking up her own cell phone and making a call. She also took the dishtowel and wiped between her legs again.

"Hi Daddy, it's me," she said into the phone. "I don't think you're going to have to worry about Mom leaving us any time soon. Don't ask how I did it just know that Mom's no longer cheating on you with Malcom. She ended it with him tonight with a rather spectacular display of fireworks. It was hilarious."

She listened and smiled and wiped between her legs.

"Okay Daddy, I'll see you in the morning. I love you too."

As she walked to the bathroom past her mother's bedroom door she could hear uncontrollable sobbing coming from inside. Smiling from ear to ear, and dropping the cum stained dishtowel in the hamper, she stepped into the shower and turned on the water.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/07/18

F'ed up family

Husband know his wife cheats, daughter is just as loose.....And he seems fine with how she got rid of Malcolm. And people wonder why this country is headed for the dumper......
Aaaaahhhhh to bad we don'tmore...

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by Anonymous07/01/17

tough to believe

You let everyone skate
Oh well

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by Anonymous06/26/17


Ha! That's a good one. Surprise after surprise in a lighthearted style.
Trying to fit morality into a farce like this only exposes ones own ignorance. That's to all who call, "Slut!"
For a minute I thoughtmore...

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by boatbumm06/09/17

Don't Know Why....

....Harry would want anything to do with the cheating skank!

But seriously, a funny, well-told tale. Short and not-so-sweet.... ;-)

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