tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLaura, Her Sister, and Friends Ch. 03

Laura, Her Sister, and Friends Ch. 03


Now thoroughly wiped out, the girls and I staggered upstairs to the master bedroom, collapsed on the huge king sized bed and promptly passed out.

A couple hours later I awoke to find myself spooning Meghan with my rapidly hardening cock resting between those wonderful teenage buns. I started to do a slow grind in her crack, but she turned over quickly, saying

"No way, I'm sore as hell right now!" She slapped my hands away playfully and did some sort of cat stretch that had to be seen to be believed.

Michelle and Elise were up now, Elise quietly and smoothly into my arms as she clung tightly to me, Michelle of course going right for my dick as she knelt over me, stroking it slowly. I tried to slide her into position, but she twisted out of my grip, saying

"Not a chance, cowboy. I need like a week to recover." She gave my dick a long slow lick and added

"Someone still has a virgin butt!" she laughed, but the statement hung there for a moment as Elise froze stiff in my arms.

"Yeah, that's true." Said Meghan as she took my dick from Michele, continuing to stroke it slowly and allowing my girlfriend's little sister to slide up next to Elise, whispering in her ear and roaming her hands all over her ass and tits from behind. She soon slid downwards as she used her mouth on the younger girl's most private regions.

She added a little baby oil to the mix and finally sat back, looked over her work like an artisan, seemed satisfied, and presented me with this impossibly tight rear end, glistening and ready to be taken.

Michelle and Meghan then made a long show of applying the oil to my dick, finally pronouncing me ready. There was a long silence.

"I don't know about this." I protested. Even by my own admittedly low standards this was a little crazy. Elise was clearly petrified but so used to going along with whatever the other two girls wanted she didn't know how to say no. Also, she was by now a little bit smitten with me and wanted to make me happy.

Michelle was having none of my complaints, and slowly pulled my dick into position between the shaking young cheerleader's exquisite ass cheeks.

My cock looked gigantic in comparison, like too much hot dog nestled between two small buns. I took a deep breath, centered the tip of my dick on her tiny rosebud, which I had to part those little butt cheeks to even find, as tight as she was. It didn't look possible for her to take my cock in there, but at this point I had to try it at least.

I eased just the head inside of her, which was enough to make her whimper a little and increase her shaking. Meghan stroked her hair soothingly, whispering encouragement in her ear, while Michelle was doing the same to me, telling me what a stud I was and using her hand on my butt to push me deeper into her friend's virgin ass.

I used just a little of my weight to punch another inch deeper into Elise, and that, for some reason is where she flipped out, she literally started almost screaming, she was moaning so loud. I tried to pull out, but Michelle used her weight to prevent me, and actually pushing me a little deeper, causing Elise to moaning even louder.

"Shut her the fuck up!" Said Michelle nervously. "I don't need someone calling the cops!"

Meghan couldn't calm Elise down, so I panicked and did the only thing I could think of from where I was, which was clamp my hand over the young girl's mouth to quiet her. Of course, while shutting her up, that caused her to really and truly bug out, she started bucking and fighting me like crazy, trying to get me off of her, which is when I sort of lost it.

The combination of this tiny innocent thing under me, my dick halfway up her virgin ass, my hand clamped over her mouth while she struggled, brought out the deepest darkest inner me, and I am ashamed to say, I gave him free reign.

Elise has long since forgiven me, and no one has ever said a word, but I raped that little thing right there on my girlfriend's mother's bed that day. I pinned her down to the bed and gave her every inch of cock I had, over and over and over.

Eventually, she stopped struggling and just took it, I think she may have passed out for a moment or two. Meghan had backed up a little, wary of my mood, but Michelle of course, slid over to Elise's ear and said

"You like that big dick in your ass, don't you, slut?" Which annoyed me for some reason, and as I wasn't going to last much longer, I surprised Michelle by pulling out, grabbing her by the hair, and straddling her face.

She opened her mouth to make a smart remark but I wasn't in the mood. I jammed my cock into her mouth before she could say a word. My position allowed me to dominate her, her arms pinned above her head. With a few long thrusts I was passed her gag reflex and deep in her throat, I fucked her face almost as hard as I had Elise's ass for a full minute and then blew my load down her throat without breaking my pace one bit. She swallowed and swallowed and swallowed till finally I released her, wiping my dick on her before finally sitting back and letting her up.

She seemed properly chastened, but I knew it wouldn't last for long. I was so done for the moment it wasn't funny anyway, old man that I am.

"I'm starving." I said, "Anyone want to order a pizza?"

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