tagRomanceLaura is Fucked by Her Boss

Laura is Fucked by Her Boss


After waiting for 20 minutes the receptionist finally gives me permission to go in to see Oliver Belmont. After I got the call this morning to come and see him I had been worried sick as to what it was about. I push down on the heavy door handle and enter his office.

It is big and modern with windows stretching from the floor to the ceiling. In the far corner to the door is a large dark wooden desk, behind the desk is a swivel chair. In the chair sits He. Oliver Belmont, handsome in his dark hair and dark eyes.

"Laura, good to see you", he stands revealing his choice of outfit for the day, navy pinstripe suit, powder pink shirt and yellow tie.

You'd think with his pay packet he could afford to dress a little less like an estate agent. He gestures towards the white leather padded chair placed at a diagonal opposite his desk, I totter over to it at rest myself on it. I sit, he still stands. His hands come together and rub, despite his efforts of intimidation I spot a gloss in the palm of his hands, clammy; he's nervous.

I should feel relaxed by this however I can't help but wonder why he's tense. Spotting his weakness I gain the confidence to look at him in the eyes. They are big and deep, easy to get lost in, I am certain many girls and women who have come face to face with him in the past have been lost as I am now.

He looks me over and I wonder what he is thinking. I begin to regret my shoe choice, black brogues, hardly something you'd find in a man's dreams. He works his way up my leg-filled tights and past the black pencil skirt that I struggled with this morning after the zip jammed twice. In which my white chiffon blouse is tucked in and buttoned halfway, just above my cleavage. His gaze pauses there, fixes, and then flicks back to my blue eyes.

My long blonde hair is pulled back into a pony tail, because I didn't have time to do anything different with it this morning.

Oliver Belmont's lips part slightly as if he is about to say something, he hesitates and then blurts out, "how do you like working here Laura?"

I think, why has he called me in for nine o'clock just for this?

"Fine" I respond, "I enjoy my work". I need this job, I can't let him know that in reality I am sinking into the abyss of boredom.

Mr Belmont made his way round to the front of the desk and perched lightly against the front, he folds his arms and sighs. Now, he must be less than a metre away from me and I can't help but feel like he is a bit too close for this to be professional.

"Are you excited about coming into work every morning?" How do I answer this? I can't tell what he wants to hear, my honest opinion or my fake affection for my job.

I take advantage of the situation and decide to tell the truth, "not particularly anymore."

"No?" Mr Belmont gets up and moves a step away from the desk.

"Sit on the desk", he demands softly.

I am taken aback, this kind of demand is unusual but still, I dare not hesitate. I leave my seat and stand, I step towards the desk and rest against it just next to the corner. I feel his eyes all over me as I stand and can't help but feel small underneath his gaze.

He continues in a soft voice, "you know there are many ways to maintain excitement in the workplace", as he says this he carefully rests his hand on the inside of my thigh whilst looking me still deep into my eyes. My leg flinches away against his cold touch but he just grips harder.

He loosens his hand and begins running his fingers slowly up and down my thigh, under his touch I go submissive. He goes further and further up my leg with every stroke.

I then feel his warm breath against the skin on my neck and my eyes close.

He gently kisses my neck and I pull away again, "this is wrong, you're my boss."

This just provokes him to grab my face and pull it against his. He plunges his lips to mine and kisses me hard. His hand is on my cheek to hold me in place and I eventually stop resisting and kiss him back. His tongue dives into my mouth and explores me.

His hand moves away from my face and goes to my hair, he pulls out the hair band I put in this morning and runs his fingers through my thick hair. All the time his tongue is weaving in and out with mine.

He makes his way to my blouse and slowly unbuttons it, with my shirt hanging open he cups my bra. I can feel his desire to rip my clothes off, and I want to do the same to him. I relax and push my hand against his suit jacket. He takes it off and chucks it onto the chair I was sat on; he undoes his tie and unbuttons his shirt too.

He reveals a tanned waxed body that he obviously takes great care of. His toned muscles flex and he dives back to kiss my lips. This time my hands explore him, I run my fingers across his hard chest and abs and find myself pulling him closer. I throw my shirt off and undo my bra which gives him access to my body.

He releases my lips and dives down to my nipples. He starts kissing around them gently then I feel his wet tongue circle the puffy redness. He licks and nibbles my nipple while my fingers run through his dark hair.

I can feel my panties start to get wet and an excitement start to go through me. He does the same to my other nipple, playing with the red bud with his tongue and softly nibbling. I let out a small groan in appreciation and he comes back up to kiss me, this time harder.

He pushes his body against mine and I can feel his hard cock through his trousers against my thigh.

Automatically my hands go down to undo his belt, I undo the button and zip and his trousers drop to the floor. He steps out of them and I can see the tip of his hard cock peeping out of the top of his pants. I stand up off of the desk and I suddenly notice how tall he is compared to me.

He pulls me closer to an embrace, whilst kissing me he unzips my skirt which also drops to the floor. I kick off my shoes and pull down my tights. I feel relief I had chosen my matching black lace underwear in my rush this morning. I tug at his pants and pull them down, I kneel on the floor and look at Mr Belmont's cock in awe, it must be at least 9 inches and it curves up perfectly to touch the bottom of his abs.

He looks down at me as I lean in to kiss the tip which is already glistening from pre-cum. It tastes salty and warm, I take my tongue to the base of his cock and work my way up to the tip. When my tongue gets to the tip I hold his cock and put it slowly into my mouth. He lets out a groan which encourages me to carry on. His cock goes in and out of my mouth with my hands guiding it in place. It feels big and warm against my tongue; his hand guides my head while his dick slides down my throat making me want to move harder and faster.

When he pulls it out of my mouth my tongue flits across the tip and I take it in my mouth again. His hand has a tight grip on my hair making me keep going.

Then he pulls me up and pushes his tongue hard into my mouth. He sweeps me over to the chair that I had originally been sat on quickly gets onto his knees in front of me. He puts two hands on my legs and pulls them apart so my knickers are on show to him.

He looks at me with a smile, "I like to see you made an effort."

He must be able to see my bald pussy through the thin lace fabric.

He starts by kissing the inside of my thighs, making his way further and further up my leg. He grabs my delicate body and pulls me closer towards him so he can get to my panties. I put my head back and feel light kisses on the outside of my panties.

He is teasing me through the soaked fabric, "You're so wet."

Finally he tugs at my panties and I put my legs together so he can take them off. He spreads my legs again and leans in, his hot breath against my wet pussy. He plunges his tongue to the bottom of my clit and makes a clean lick all the way up; I let out a deep groan which encourages him to carry on. He makes slow licks and then takes my whole clit into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue.

He explores and sucks my pussy whilst gripping to my thighs. I can't hold it any longer, I let out gasps and he can tell I am coming to my first orgasm. He moves faster plunging his tongue further and further inside my pussy, my head jolts back and I feel a wave of pleasure flood over me. My hips buckle but he holds them down against my will and carries on flicking his tongue against my clit, I let out a huge groan and feel for a moment paralysed with pleasure.

He pulls away and stands up, I sit up and my face is level with his cock, I suck at the tip and take it deep in my mouth. He brings me up to his level and moves me over to sit on the desk again.

He pushes my legs apart and works the swollen head of his cock up and down my wet slit mixing my saliva from his cock with the nectar from my pussy. He thrusts his cock deep into me.

I immediately let out a huge cry as his cock tears open my pussy. He doesn't stop though; he carries on going in and out, each time getting deeper and deeper. He has one hand on my leg for support and one on my breast playing with my nipple. He fucks my pussy hard, I prop myself up so I can kiss his wet lips.

He is groaning whilst kissing me and then lets go, "I'm gonna cum" he said.

I can feel the orgasm inside me building and he picks up the pace, he does one last deep thrust. The sensation of his cum in pussy mixing with my cum sends me over the edge, we both let out gasps, my eyes are shut and I lay my body down on my elbows on his desk.

He lets his cock go soft and pulls it out of me. He is heavy breathing and there is a glisten of sweat on his forehead.

Quickly he moves over to the chair and starts to put back on his clothes, I do the same. Both looking almost dressed and dishevelled we turn to each other, share one last passionate kiss.

"I ought to be heading out now" I say.

He nods and puts his tie back on, "I hope you find your job more exciting again, come and see me anytime you like".

I gather myself and go to put my hair back into a ponytail when he says, "By the way, you look gorgeous with your hair down".

I can feel myself blush, I leave it down, "Thanks for everything, Mr Belmont", I smile and walk out.

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