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Laura Vandervoort: Fan Appreciation


Disclaimer: All right, this story is not real. NOT REAL! Not to be read by anyone under the age of 18/21 yadda yadda yadda! I'd love to hear some feedback as per usual. Please feel free to leave me a comment in the COMMENT Box at the end of the page. You see those big empty stars too? Maybe bump those up to five full ones? We wouldn't want them to be empty now would we? All alone like that? You're not a monster are you?

Also, please don't post this on any other site without my explicit permission. I've had to bring the hammer down on two thieves right as of writing and don't want to bring it down again.

Author's Note: Just a quick heads-up, the story is based in Sydney, Australia around the time of Armageddon Expo 2011. Also, since they spell things in the British mannerisms, I'm going to do it too :P


Laura flopped down on the large bed of the expensive Sydney hotel. She had flown in for the weekend to appear at a local convention, and was looking forward to checking out not only the convention but also see the country. Laura was on the road a lot due to her filming schedule and current tour of conventions. Running a hand through her long, loose blonde hair, Laura smiled and rolled her head to the right so she could look out at the harbour.

She wanted to go and see the city and maybe get some time on the beach and relax. Maybe she'd catch some local TV too, she always liked watching TV in other countries, she thought it was rather amusing to see how other people watched TV. She looked around the large, well decorated room to try and find the remote.

It was then, Laura heard it for the first time. There was a grunt and then a low moan, there was a familiar sound that the blonde Canadian instantly labelled as the sound of a man masturbating. Sitting up on the bed, Laura crawled to the head of the bed and put her ear up against the wall. The sound was coming from the owner of the room next door who was indulging in some harmless self pleasure.

Laura's filming schedule had taken her from Atlanta, back to her home of Canada, across the borderline to California for Comic-Con and now she had flown across several time zones to get to Australia. Due to this erratic travel schedule, she had lost a boyfriend and was overly horny.

As if by magic, Laura's nipples started to harden and push up against the fabric of her flowery summer dress. She didn't know what came over her, but soon she had taken the hem of her dress down and was pawing at her breasts pulling and tugging on her nipples. Letting out a breathless sigh, she moved another hand to her legs and started to move it up her leg and to her wet sex. She was already soaking wet and ready to get off. Tugging her lacy panties to the side, Laura put her right index finger on her clitoris and started slow, steady circular motions.

Keeping her ear against the wall, Laura listened carefully as the man grunted and groaned as his hand slipped up and down his shaft. She wondered about it as she touched herself, was it long and thin? Maybe short but fat so it would reach everywhere inside her? Laura wondered about his ball sac as well, was it small and tight or maybe they hung loosely and Laura would have been able to sneak her tongue out and play with the balls as she sucked his cock.

As she thought about that, a low moan escaped her lips as she started to increase the frigging on her clit. Quickly taking the finger off of her love button, she sucked on the digit before moving back to it, roughly flicking her finger against herself Laura let out a low groan as she started to get herself off even quicker.

The man stopped and Laura realised she may have been a little louder than she intended. It was then Laura understood how thin the walls were, she raised an eyebrow but waited for the man to keep masturbating and thought nothing of it. The man resumed and the blonde could hear him grunting and groaning as he started to get nearer and nearer to an orgasm.

Laura wasn't far off either. Her left hand pawed and squeezed at her tit flesh, tugging at her nipples and groping her own soft flesh eagerly. Screwing her eyes shut tightly, Laura let loose and came just as the man on the other side of the wall did as well. Achieving orgasm together, Laura panted and pulled her head off of the wall and redressed herself slowly, still basking in the after glow of an orgasm.

The blonde Canadian then heard something that made her ears prick up. The man was now watching something or had resumed watching it and she recognised her own voice! It was a scene that needed her to be in a bikini, she smiled when she thought of the man masturbating to her. She debated heading on over and knocking on the door. Masturbation always scratched her itch but never really filled her up. There was a fire burning in her groin and she needed something more. She needed to get fucked.

Climbing off of the bed, Laura walked over to the door and put her hand on the golden door knob, ready to twist it to the right and walk next door to fuck the guy. But, some common sense grabbed hold of her and she let go. Walking into the bathroom, she slipped the dress off of her young, hot body and got into the shower. Turning the large white dial inside the cubicle, she jumped out of the way of the sudden cold jet of water and waited for it to warm up. However, her mind couldn't help but wander back to the man who had been masturbating on the other side of her bedroom wall.

Would she be able to head downstairs and find out who he was? She frowned slightly as she thought about how the receptionist may question her. Would she even be allowed to tell Laura the guys name?

Sticking her right arm into the now warm stream of water, Laura stepped into the shower and aimed to wash away the jet lag of her flight and her new found desire to fuck and get fucked. Squirting a puddle of the purple shower gel the hotel had provided into the palm of her hand, she started to rub and massage it into her body. Paying particular attention to her breasts, she looked down at them as the water washed away the cleaning liquid. She didn't have anything to do tonight, her plan was to meet up with her agent once they'd both got ready and go out and try some local cuisine. She could easily say she took a power nap and Sarah, her agent, would be none the wiser. Round two was looking like a nice new option as the blonde actress inspected the shower gel bottle.

It was about seven inches long, but in a rectangular shape. The bottom was wider than the top she was certain the shape had a particular name but she couldn't quite recall it at the time. That could be due to the fact that her mind was focusing on something else. Cock. The bottle wasn't really shaped like a dick, but she thought it would do nicely. She brought the bottle down to her pussy's lips and rubbed it against her clitoris ever so briefly. The rough plastic material made her body shiver with delight as it slid along her love button. Taking a hold of her breasts again, Laura squeezed her left tit while she moved to slip the bottle inside her.

She let out a long, sexy sultry groan as the first two inches slid inside her tight cunt. Yeah, it wasn't a cock but it would certainly do the trick. Gripping the base of the shower gel bottle tightly she started to fuck herself. Her warm, wet pussy welcomed the plastic make shift dildo, sliding it in and out of herself Laura let her mind wander and started to dream about it being a man fucking her.

She imagined him roughly grabbing her tits and squeezing them as he pounded her pussy. His strokes were fast and short and the bottle in her hand mimicked the imaginary moves. The first two to three inches were frantically sliding in and out of her cunt and rubbing up against her clit as her free hand squeezed her breast. The water beat down on her skin as she played with herself, her pretty blonde head rested up against the stone wall of the shower.

Laura gasped as she slipped the dildo even further inside herself. She had nearly five of the seven inches inside her and the bottle was starting to stretch her out. Moving it so that the side of the bottle matched her lady lips, she slipped it back inside herself. Crying out in pleasure, the bottle reached a new area inside her and as her knees started to shake. She was on the precipice of an almighty orgasm and she just needed that extra kick to make her explode. Pinching her nipples, she cried out in pleasure and came over the shower bottle.

Panting and catching her breath again, Laura pulled the bottle out of herself slowly and let it fall to the floor. She caught her breath and finished her shower, but she couldn't help but shake the feeling of emptiness inside her.

Yeah. She needed a dick and soon.


After the shower, Laura had got dressed and gone out to meet her agent and see some of Sydney's night life. She had come back slightly tipsy and wondered if she should knock on the guy's door. Biting her lip, she contemplated what could happen.

She'd get a nice hard fuck.

Sober Laura started to shine through and she realised it was probably a bad idea. Besides, she could always play with herself if she needed to. She rummaged through her purse and found the key card to her door, slipping it into the lock. She opened the door and collapsed face first on the bed. She could have got under the covers but tipsy Laura decided that it was nice enough as it was and fell fast asleep on the bed.

The next morning Laura rolled to her right side and an agonizing headache assaulted her every sense. She was hungover and cursed the very notion of alcohol, crawling to the window she clumsily grabbed at the curtains and yanked them shut. Keeping the sun out of her room, Laura heard an annoying noise yelling at her.

It was her cellphone's alarm. Right! She had a convention to go to today. Groaning heavily, Laura got to her feet and walked over to the bathroom. Opening up the door, she walked into the small room and caught her reflection. Amazingly, she looked rough.

Laura walked through the large double doors of the convention hall in Sydney and saw a large throng of people who enthusiastically cheered and waved at her as she walked to her table. Smiling from ear to ear, she waved at the crowd before taking her seat behind a large table. Grabbing a silver sharpie and a quick sip of water, Laura motioned for the first person in line to come up.

He was pretty cute, clean shaven, stood at about six foot and had short, well maintained brown hair. He was clutching a season five DVD boxset of Smallville that already had numerous scrawlings over it. Laura caught a quick glimpse and instantly recognised the scrawlings as fellow cast mate signatures. She smiled and extended her right hand to shake his left, her small fingers wrapped around his larger ones as they greeted each other.

"Hi! I'm Ethan! Ethan Cole! Ethan for short but you know that now of course! Sorry. I'm super nervous!" He was stammering and probably nervous. Laura always found that to be cute. The pretty blonde also realised that they had been shaking hands for nearly half a minute. Not really a long stretch of time by anyone's standards. But, pretty unusual for a handshake. She grinned and slowly pried her fingers out of his grasp. He realised what he'd been doing and began to apologise, Laura smiled and shook her head.

"Don't worry about it Ethan!" She said with a smile. Looking over the box set, she let out a short whistle in disbelief. "Wow, you got everyone huh?" She added, a soft smile on her face.

"Yeah, I just need you... Your signature I mean!" Laura smiled and tilted her head to the side lightly. It really was cute as to just how nervous he got around her.

"Well, let's rectify that!" She beamed happily and scribbled her signature on the inner sleeve of the box set. Passing the box set back to Ethan, she smiled when she saw he was holding a camera. Standing up, she wrapped her right arm around his shoulder and leant in while one of the volunteers at the convention took the picture.

There was the camera flash and Laura's obligation was all but done. She smiled and thanked Ethan once again, who grinned like he wasn't quite all there in the head and was quickly replaced by a cute enough red headed girl with a splattering of freckles across her face.


After what seemed like twenty minutes but had in fact been two hours, Laura Vandervoort was done with the signings. One last picture and she was free to go. Sticking her thumb up in a goofy fashion, she stuck her tongue out in a funny way for the last photo. Thanking the rather dumpy guy she scooped up her handbag and was quickly escorted out of the convention room. As fun as these conventions were, it was difficult for her to fully enjoy it as she would always get mobbed by fans.

So, she was stuck with two options. 1. Brave the convention floor with this hangover or 2. go home and nurse the headache before taking in some more of Sydney. Option 2 won out as she was taken to the back of the centre and to the limousine the convention organisers had very kindly paid for.

Climbing into the back of the limo, she grabbed her phone and let out a quick courtesy tweet letting people know how much she loved Sydney and was eager to check out the local night life and culture. Really, she'd just be passing out and feeling sorry for herself. Turning her head to the left, she gazed out at the dimming Sydney skyline. The convention was one that ran all night, from nine am on Saturday to midnight on Sunday. It didn't shut down over night, so while there were a few police officers around, the locals knew that there wasn't much of a threat from drunken nerds dressed up in bathrobes pretending to be Jedi's, or a post-Baelor Ned Stark hitting on a coffee barista.

It sure had been a while since anyone had hit on her. With that thought, a short smile crept across her face as her mind lingered on and about her antics last night. Maybe she'd finally get to meet her neighbour tonight...


The drive had been a short one, short and uneventful. The driver kindly opened the door for her and escorted her out, she had travelled lightly to the convention so there wasn't any 'hand luggage' to speak of. Just her large black handbag that had been slung over Laura's right shoulder as she stepped up the three large marble steps and walked through the hotel lobby.

As she stepped into the open elevator, the doors were about to close when she heard someone call out to her.

"Hold the doors please!" Laura immediately jumped into action and jabbed at the open door button on the key pad to the right of the door. She then got to see who had called out to her. Much to her surprise it was Ethan from earlier in the day, from the convention centre who had got the boxset of Smallville signed by her and the rest of the cast. She smiled a warm smile at him as he realised who she was.


"Hey yourself Ethan!"

"Oh wow... This place must be good if you're here!" He said with a smile, he was slightly out of breath and red in the face. He was also wearing outdoor sports fashion, like he had been playing tennis or something. The hotel did have a tennis court, or so she recalled anyway.

"I guess so!" She beamed back, as he lent over to jab at the large key pad, Laura watched him closely. Much to her surprise, he hit the fourteen button, just like Laura was going to.

"Which floor are you going to?" He asked, peering over his shoulder and looking at the sexy, beautiful blonde Canadian actress.

"The same as you."

"Oh... Cool..."

As he stepped back up, Laura had a proper chance to look him over. Those baggy shorts and the frumpy shirt he had been wearing at the convention did him no favours. He was in great shape, she could see his forearms were well toned and he looked like he had strong legs. A cute butt too. Laura smirked to herself as she allowed a private thought of her grabbing it as she sucked his cock.

The doors opened and as they walked out, Laura watched him walk down the corridor but stopped a few feet away from her.

"So, we're next door to each other too huh?" She said aloud, he turned to look at her and his jaw almost visibly dropped. Swallowing a lump in his throat, he nodded.

"Guess so... Well... Uh... Goodnight!" He quickly disappeared into his room leaving Laura alone. She smirked to herself and then walked into her own room, making a quick detour to the bathroom for a shower.

As she washed herself, the water beat against her soft skin while she thought about the day. Each bead of water smashed against her sexy body, making it ripple with miniature orgasms. Grabbing one of her tits almost subconsciously, Laura thought about the man next door. If she did want to get fucked she knew she wouldn't have to go very far.

She climbed out of the small cubicle and dried herself off. Wrapping the soft, fluffy white towel around her mid-section she walked into her bedroom and flopped down on the bed. Laura sat on the bed and was about to flick the television on when she heard those familiar sounds. There was a lurid sound of flesh slapping against flesh and Ethan was masturbating, probably to her again. Her mind made a quick calculation and she decided. Climbing off of the bed, Laura quickly stripped off even losing her bra and panties and she swiftly threw a bathrobe on.

Slipping the key card into her pocket, she walked out of the room and towards Ethan's. Swallowing the lump in her throat, Laura knocked on the door. She could hear him groan and tidy himself up. One. Two. Three. Four steps later and he was at the door, she could hear the lock go and the door opened up.

"Yes?!" He was pissed. Understandable as he was getting his rocks off but damn it she wanted to as well.

"Hey. My TV's broken. Can I come in and check something?" She didn't let him respond, and walked in past him. Her eyes caught his erection pressing against his thin, tight pyjama bottoms. Her hands fell down from her chest and as she walked past him, her hand came loose and almost brushed it. She flopped down on his bed and caught that he had been watching Smallville. "Been watching me again?" Woops! She didn't acknowledge that she had heard him masturbating earlier. Did he catch that? There was a brief silence before she turned to face him. OK Laura. Do or die time! She said to herself. Her eyes roamed down his body and at his large sizeable erection.

"Wow! You must really like me huh?" She asked, a playful smirk on her face.

"Yeah... Yeah I do."

"You like me being in a bikini?" She asked, closing the gap between the two young soon to be lovers.

"... Yeah..."

"And just why do you like that?" She asked, just a whisker away from him now. She could feel his hot breath on her lips and was fighting every urge not to jump him there and then.

"It shows off your tummy..." Ethan finally found his ability to say more than 'Yeah' as Laura smiled and nodded her head.

"You like my tummy?" She asked, putting her right hand on his shoulder. When he nodded, Laura smiled and took his right hand in her left. Guiding it into her bathrobe Laura pushed it against her flat, toned stomach and smiled when he groaned in sheer disbelief.

"Do you like that Ethan?"

"God yes!" He groaned, the 's' sound slithering out like he was a serpent. Laura lifted herself up on her tip-toes suddenly, his hand jolted against her stomach as she moved into his neck. His yelp of surprise made Laura giggle, her soft lips were inches away from his ear.

"Would you like some more?" With that, Laura placed her soft smile against Ethan's cheek and softly kissed his skin. Once his hand started to explore her flat tummy of its own free will, Laura put both of hers on his shoulders and pulled the handsome, young fan closer to her.

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