Lavender and Jasmine


I saw Jazz looking at them as well.

"We're going to jail, aren't we?" I asked as we fanned out to surround the large fountain. The spray from the jets hit my skin then and the cool mist was a welcome feeling.

"Possibly, but I think we got the message out."

I looked where she's looking and saw a TV crew.

Their camera was right on me.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Travis wouldn't stop laughing as we walked out the station. The asshole hadn't stopped since he saw me sitting there in a set of county lock up orange. My white feathery paint made me look like some kind of a very strange bird.

Tugging at the shirt I'm wearing, I tried to make my nipples not show through the thin fabric. The ridiculousness of that after what I had just done came to me but I couldn't make myself stop doing it.

I looked down at the logo blazed across my breast.

'Save a tree. Eat a beaver.'

"I am so going to get you back for this you know," I told him, giving his arm a punch.

"Ow. What? I did just what you asked. I came down and bailed you out. I brought you some clothes." His smile was threatening to quiver his mustache off his lip.

I reached down and adjusted the bright orange Hooter girl shorts he had grabbed from his girlfriends closet. She must be about a half size smaller than I was and without underwear they were seriously causing problems... down in the valley, shall we say.

"Just drive me to my car!"

He went back to laughing and I got back to figuring where I was going to hide the body. When he cranked his blue mustang I swore even the car sounded like it was laughing.

We were halfway there when he looked over at me. "You made the news. I do hope you manage to get the gray blur off your breast some day soon."

"Oh, Christ."

"Well, if it's any consolation, you have been officially disowned by a large part of the family. They think you have gone insane. I do hope they don't try to get you committed before you get to put my advice to some good use."

"Travis, your mind is in the gutter." I told him after a mile more when I figured out what advice he was talking about.

"Oh hell, no! A sex rain washed my mind into the sewer years ago. If you could see some of the memories that I have behind my eyes you would know that even now you're still a bit tame and subdued next to me. Although walking buck-naked down the street in the middle of the day.... well, you're a contender for second maybe."

"I was nude," I said with a huff. "Naked is what you are with your lover."

"I saw the girl you were holding hands with, Sis." He glances over at me. "Y'all was naked!"

I leaned back in the leather seats and washed my face with my hands, wishing this day would come to an end.

With its purring rumble the cobalt blue car pulled up in front of the salon. I saw Jasmine's car was still there.

"I'll see you Travis," I said absently as I opened the door.

"I put my ass I hock to get you bailed out and that all the thanks I get?" He grinned at me then looked to the window were Jazz had appeared. Her hand was on the 'Closed' sign.

"Have a good time. She's beautiful."

I looked at her. "Yea she is."

I started to close the door but he yelled at me to wait. I looked at him.

"If the two of you need anyone to hold a camera, you got my number, right?"

I slammed the door on my perverted brother and shaking my head, walked to the salon door. It opened before me.

Jazz's chuckle was silly but nice.

"What in the world are you wearing?" she asked after a moment.

"My brother's idea of a joke." I said, giving her a once over. "How did it go? I never saw you after the cuffs were put on. We got sent to different precincts I think?"

"Yea, they hauled me all the way over to Lakeshore." She gave a shrug. "I've got to go see a judge and pay a fine. How about you?"


"See, getting arrested wasn't so bad. I'll pay your fine. It's my fault you were there; it's the least I can do."

"You don't have to do that. I got naked on my own. I knew what I was doing."

"Nude," she said in a whisper.

"No." I looked her in the eyes. Those blue eyes that almost matched my brother's car. "I hope I was naked."

She looked at me and I could see a bit of hesitation. "Flower we just met. I don't want to..."

"Make love to me?" I asked my heart crashing.

"No, that I want to do. I was your first kiss from a woman. I just don't want you to feel like you need to... rush. You might find someone else that you like more than me?"

I have never been known for my courage. I have always found its lack in myself such a terrible thing at times. When thunder scared me. When spiders scared me. When... guys scared me.

Stepping forward, tilting my lips to meet hers took all the courage I had... but I was not scared.

She was just a bit taller than me, was the first thought that came to me as our lips touched. Then, how warm and soft she was. Her arms were strong as they settled around me, pulling me tighter.

I tasted peppermint, realized it was from a breath mint. Then vanilla, from her lip gloss. The smell of her perfume, that hint of sugared jasmine came to me when our lips slowly parted. I leaned my head into the side of her neck.

I could feel her cool metal locket press against my skin. For a second it felts icy then it warmed suddenly. I leaned my head against Jazz's cheek and silently thanked Merisa for her blessing.

"I don't know what to do. With a woman I mean," I said after just holding her for a second.

She chuckled.

"Well, to begin with you take it a bit slower. There's no testosterone driven need making us want to get this over and done with. Just..." her lips brushed my neck "...just, need. Fueled with a woman's passion. I also don't recommend that we do much more than kiss and cuddle here in front of the big windows."

I looked back over my shoulder at the empty parking lot and the street in front of it. The lights had it lit to just a pale imitation of the light of the sun.

"Yea, probably not a good idea. Being arrested twice in one day would suck." I let my fingers drift down her arm till they met hers. I held her, suddenly more nervous than I had ever been in my life.

I could tell she sensed that. She smiled and holding my hand, pulled me towards the back of her shop. Past the rows of little seats with the built in foot baths. Past the door to the sauna. Into the back where the massage tables were.


" little Flower. Just relax. Let me do this part. I do know what to do."

I loved the look in her eyes even though it was sending shivers up the backs of my legs.

I was giving little nervous twitches when she turned and with a grin lifted the bottom of the stupid T-shirt. I had to fight the urge to cover myself when the shirt came off. Given that she had seen me without clothes several times now made the feeling even more stupid. I couldn't stop the shivers as she undid the snap on the little Hooter's shorts.

Her long nails raked my hips as she slid them down my thighs.

"You're still covered in feathers," she said with a smile.

"I...I used a wet towel to get most of it off but I didn't want to be rubbing around under... well under there."

I had to smile when she giggled.

I stepped out of the shorts, standing naked in front of this woman for the third time in just a few meetings.

"I want you to lie down on the table, Flower. Just stretch out... face down," she corrected me when I went to just lie back.

Turning over the cool leather was a shock to my nipples. When I leaned forward my breast pressed flat into the soft padding. I looked over when I heard her doing something, noticing a little plugged in pot almost like a crock-pot, I thought with a puzzled frown.

"Close your eyes. Relax."

I placed my face in the little hole in the table and did as she said or tried to. I kept feeling my body give those little spasms as my nerves got the better of me.

Warmth! Oh my god!

Her hands brushed my back, spilling a palm full of hot oil onto my spine and lower back. Then her other hand is there with a second hand full.

I moaned as she began to spread the warm, slick fluid up and around my back.

It was official, I was made of butter. I must have been as I just melted under the heat of her oily hands as she went to work on my back. Her strong fingers worked hard and soft at the same time. She ran her hands down across my ass to my thighs, then on down to the backs of my legs and to my feet. All I could do was moan as she worked oil into my feet for what felt like forever.

I arched up a bit when she let her nails scrape trails back through the oil up my legs.

Then her hands were on my back, grinding the tension out of the muscles along my spine. Then at my neck.

Then back at my ass.

I gave a small gasp when her oily fingers passed down the crack.

I heard a light chuckle.

"Feel good?" she asked, doing it again. Her hands kneaded my ass cheeks like she was making bread.

"Um hum," I moaned.

She laughed and ran her fingers through again. I tightened myself when I felt her fingers actually touch me back there.

Then those long nails brush my lower lips and I swear my eyes doubled in size.

I think, you know what she's going to do. Of course she's going to have to touch you there.

Then thinking was beyond me. Melting puddles of human have not the capacity for thought.

Jazz was tireless in her goal of getting me to relax and stimulated at the same time. But she also had the patience of a saint. She teased, taunted, touched, and then moved away... up onto my back or down my thighs. Then a finger ran between the lips as she came back through. I just moaned when it crossed between my ass cheeks.

I opened my thighs a little to give her better access. I was not thinking, just moving to feel more of her hands.

First the one finger returned and then a second ran across me.

Turning my head on the table, I let the leather sides of the face hole touch my lips. I gave it a little nibble when she dips a finger into me.

Then there was more oil! It was more than warm, almost painfully hot. She poured a handful of it down the crack of my ass, her fingers chasing it down between and in!

"Oh my god, Jazz."

"Feel good, my little Flower?" she asked, knowing the answer.

I panted and just moaned an affirmative as she let her fingers rest in me.

Trying to not squirm like a cat in heat, I found myself moving on the oily leather as she began to turn her fingers inside me. A thumb brushed my clit and I gave up on the cat in heat thing. Grinding my thighs into the oily leather, I moaned and begged as this woman... my lover... my...

"Oh, Jazz!"

"Yes, my Flower?"

"That feels wonderful," I said the, words mostly breath.

She hummed in agreement then chuckled.

"You know what I like about this oil?"

I gave a start when I felt her kiss the cheek of my ass.

"It's not only edible but delicious."

My legs opened wider as she placed kiss after kiss across the oil slick skin. Then her lips were burrowing their way to where her fingers were.

That was her tongue! The thought flashed through me as I felt a skilled touch just outside the lips that were so lewdly stretched around her fingers.

Her hand under me directed me without words.

I lift my ass higher till my thighs left the table and I let my knees slide across the slick leather. I crouched there my ass in the air as this woman devoured me with a skill no man has ever shown. Every little place that gave the lightest pleasure, she knew.

My eyes popped open, then closed tightly as I let the first little near scream leave me. I felt her tongue licking between my two openings. I moaned as it crosses the little swirl of wrinkles. Then she was back at my lips, lapping at the oils, letting her lounge lick around her fingers as she twisted them in me.

I didn't quite connect her finger's shifting in me to what was about to happen so when her finger, slick with both oil and my juices ran effortlessly into my ass I gasped.

I clutch the table as she let that finger turn with the other two... no, three! Inside me.

Her unencumbered hand was then under me across my belly rubbing the little pillow above my lips. Her hand moved and the holes are wide open to more than fingers.

My nails with their expertly applied polish gripped the leather table as she drove her tongue into me.

"Oh, Jazz... yes. Oh yes, that feels wonderful," I moaned. More words followed but they were nothing more than a mindless babble of begging her not to stop and praises of her wonderful tenderness and skill.

Oh my god, her tongue was in my ass!

I at first didn't believe it. I've had a few guys give the outside a lick, more by accident I thought than design. Sure, she had bushed it with her tongue earlier, but right then? Leaning my head into the leather I just wept at how wonderful what she's doing felt.

Her tongue circled, her lips kissed, her teeth gave little bites.

I was going to go mad, I thought as she left that hole and plunged deep into my other. Then her tongue went to my clit for the first time.

It felt like she just touched me with liquid fire.

"Oh fuck."

I felt myself shake, and then a sound built it's way up from deep in my body. Like the cat I must resemble, I arch my back and let my voice give play to a sound that I had never made with a lover before. Not for real anyway.

I expected her to stop, to pull away and rest her mouth, to let me just cum and relax. That's what the guys had always done when I got tired of their mouths and given my little fake sound.

Jazz? No. What she did was double her effort. Her tongue left my now super-sensitive clit and I felt my lips get sucked into her mouth. That skilled tongue, that wonderful tongue, it licked and played with the little folds of skin, batting them around like a cat with a toy.

Then her tongue was back at my ass.

"Oh god yes." I moaned as I felt a second quiver run out from within me. When did she do it? Before it had felt good but now.... now that I had orgasmed? It was heaven. Like life had given birth to fire and lightning, flashes of pleasure shivered and raced through me.

Then she was back at my lips and she started all over again.

How long she had me arched like I was I couldn't know, but finally my knees slid on the slick leather and I just collapsed onto the table like a house of falling cards. She gave my pussy one last long lick from clit all the way down to my ass.

Then she was gone. I wanted to turn and look but Jell-O has no bones or muscles to move itself. The sound of a champagne cork popping, even under the towel startled me.

"Sit up, my little Flower," she said softly.

I chuckled.

"That's asking for a lot," I said weakly.

"Well, thank you for the compliment."

I took the glass she filled and drank the bubbling wine like it was the ambrosia of the gods. She smiled, filled it again and then filled her own glass.

"Having fun so far?" she asked me after she touched her glass to mine. She paused with her flute just about to touch her lips. I looked up to see that her whole lower face was shiny with oils. It was all down her throat and on her breast. I wondered then at what point she took off her top but I couldn't remember. Hell I was doing go to remember anything just then.

"Fun? Jazz, that was the most awesome orgasm of my life!" I looked at her in near worship. "If that's what a woman's like, I've been missing out."

"Yes, you have. But..."

I lifted an eyebrow.

"But what?" I asked seeing her eyes drop down to her oil slick breast. "Oh, it's my turn?" I said more than asked.

She gave a nod.

"Don't think of it as a turn." She sipped her champagne, then sets it to the side.

I did the same when she moves forward into my arms. I felt my bare breast touch another woman's for the first time. That there is no coarse hair was the first thing I noticed.

Then her lips were on mine.

The smell of my own sex washed over me. Her lips were heavy with the smell... and the taste. I kissed her softly. Her hands continued their earlier massage on my back as she wrapped me up against her.

I felt her nipples connect with mine. They bumped past each other like little bumper cars as we moved against each other lost in the moment of passion.

"Flower... I need to cum."

She put so much into those few words. A desires for release certainly, but at the same time a nearly pleading tone for me to help her get to that point. To do to her what she did to me, not for the pleasure but for the closeness.

The nerves tried to come back but I made them go soak in the sauna. Nibbling at her skin, I gave little kisses to her dark flesh as I lowered my head till her nipple brushed my lips. Dark as midnight, dark as pitch... and sweet with oil... my sexy bitch. Sucking in her nipple, I chuckled as the old movie quote came to mind and got twisted. Then such thoughts were pushed into the sauna with my nerves.

I didn't have her skill but I did have the knowledge of what felt good when she had done it to me. I tried my best to copy what she had done as I mouthed and sucked on her breast. I must have been doing something right, I thought as she pulled my face tighter into her breast, driving her nipple into my mouth. I sucked hard, lashing it with my tongue.

Breast to breast, nipple to nipple, I let my mouth go where it wished. My hands soon got tired and decide that they had a mind of their own as well.

She was so soft. My hands caught some of the oil from her breast and I let them slide across her as I suckled. Her nipple was thick and hard. I had to fight the urge to chew on it like I would on tender steak. I could not however stop myself from at least nibbling. First the nipple, then the dark skin around it. My tongue caressed the small ring of bumps around her aureole.

Lower and lower I let my kisses travel. I felt myself starting to take gulping breaths as I felt her bellybutton pass by.

I was going to do this! Oh my god I was really going to do it!

There was a scent of warm vanilla sugar under my nose, then a second scent came to me as I felt her open her legs just a bit more. My lips brushed across her outer lips. The thought that my mouth had just touched another woman's privates was bouncing around inside my head like a squirrel trying to get out the way of an oncoming car. Left... no right... Fuck... it was left!

I licked my lips and took a slow deep breath, breathing in everything. I looked up and saw her looking down at me. She smiled.

"You are so very beautiful, my little Flower."

A warmth flowed from my center. With it came a want... no, a need to give her all the pleasure that she had given me and then more on top of that. To give her that closeness that she had not had, for so many years.

"So are you, my beautiful Jazz."

Grinning at me, she reached her hand down and let her fingers brush through my curly hair.

Smiling back, I leaned down and placed my mouth upon her. As the sweet taste of her filled my mouth, I knew that I had found what I had been looking for.

(I would like to offer my most sincere thanks to damppanties for her skill and patience as my editor. She did a wonderful job. Any mistake you saw are however still mine. Thank you D.P.)

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