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Lawful Conduct


Felicia closed her eyes willing the tension to ebb from her shoulders. She stretched her arms above her head causing her breasts to move against the silky fabric of her blouse. Her nipples instantly hardened sending a mild wave of pleasure to her crotch. She stood and bent over at the waist stretching out her firm thighs and full ass peaking around her legs to see if her partner, Mitch Succi was watching from his office. She smiled to herself as she watched his hand disappear to his crotch and adjust his pants. She played the innocent and stood back up adjusting her blazer. Her office intercom buzzed.

"Miss Henshaw, Mr. Gevit would like to see you in his office." Her secretary informed her.

"I'm sure he would." Felicia grimaced and re-buttoned her blazer. Playtime would have to wait.

Entering the office, Felicia made herself comfortable in the large dark leather chair sitting with its mate in front of the huge oak desk, and met eyes with the sixty something man on the other side.

"You are looking beautiful today Miss Henshaw." He leered.

If he was the least bit attractive... she just might be tempted. She answered. "You better watch yourself Mortie, other girls might find that statement harassing." Felicia smiled coldly.

The words 'Ice Princess' were written all over his face. "You called me into your office for a reason Mr. Gevit?" she prompted.

"Yes, yes, of course. You and Mr. Succi are to meet a couple of clients tonight for dinner. Apparently they have seen the two of you work together before and wish to have you on their side."

"What is the case about?" She asked crossing her long muscular legs.

"It appears that they were caught having oral sex in their back yard. The neighbors got it all on video. The couple would like to counter sue for invasion of privacy."

"If they were in their own back yard I don't see how they could lose." Felicia began frowning heavily.

"To give or receive oral sex is against the law in this state. One of those antiquated laws from the days or morality." Gevit smirked.

Felicia rose and headed for the door. "Thank you Miss Henshaw. I knew I could count on you." Gevit called. "Get the clients phone number from my secretary."

Felicia returned to her office looking in to tell Mitch about the dinner but he wasn't in his office. She sat down at her computer and typed in the client info. Her email alarm beeped and she opened her interoffice box.

"You are too much of a tease, Miss Henshaw." The note said and it was signed by Mitch. They spent the majority of the last week flirting through interoffice mail but she had never let it go further. Mitch was darkly Italian, roguishly handsome and a known playboy.

She sent him a note back. "Who me? Then she attached the note about dinner with the clients. She decided that since the firm was footing the bill, they would take the clients to Chez Ramone. The restaurant was known for its cuisine as well as its quiet discreet tables. The topic of their conversation would not be carrying to other tables. The firm had a standing reservation. Felicia noticed Mitch's return just as she hit send. A moment later, he waved at her to confirm he'd gotten the message.

****Later that evening****

Felicia had brooded over what to wear. She wanted something sexy for Mitch but not too over the top for the new clients. As she approached the table, she was aware that she had both men's attention and smiled coyly.

The couple sitting opposite of Mitch appeared to be in their thirties, the woman younger than the man and both devastatingly handsome. Mitch wasn't hiding in anyone's shadow either as his charcoal suit showed every inch of his strong Italian physique. The woman was a blonde, naturally so if Felicia judged correctly and both were dressed elegantly.

"This is my partner Felicia Henshaw. Felicia this is Nathan and Jean Rutherford." Mitch introduced.

They exchanged pleasantries and ordered food. They ate speaking only of trivial things and getting a bit acquainted. Finally moving to coffee, Nathan brought up the subject.

"Do we have a leg to stand on in court?" he asked.

"There is a law still in existence, but I believe that we should push through with the invasion of privacy issue." Mitch began. "You are married and what you do during sex is your business. The law is well out of date."

Nathan seemed relieved. Jean however had a puzzled look on her face.

"You see, oral sex was once considered improper and offensive as was practically every kind of position you can name other than the old standard missionary." Felicia smiled noticing that no one seemed uncomfortable with the topic. That made things easier. "Since no one, excuse me, I mean usually no one gets involved in what goes on in someone else's sex life without being part of the action, so to speak, there is no proof. Now, your neighbors say they have a video of the two of you. We have yet to see it, but I think we can declare it as inadmissible evidence since you two were on your own property." Felicia offered.

The couples discussed the case a bit further and Felicia and Mitch stood to leave. "We will be in contact with you as soon as we have a little better feel for what the opposite side wants to do. I highly doubt this will go to court. I really don't see the neighbors in question wanting to answer under oath exactly why they decided to video tape the two of you." Mitch smiled handsomely and shook their hands.

Felicia and Mitch both returned to the office. She was feeling a bit horny from all this sex talk and her own mental images of Nathan and Jean having oral sex in their backyard. She looked through the dividing glass of her office to Mitch's own. He was staring at a large tome on his desktop. No doubt researching the exact laws further. Felicia found a note on her desk with a manila envelope from Gevit and she opened it. A copy of the video in question dropped from the envelope to her desk. Well they'd have to watch it at some point. The idea sent another wave of lust through her. Why not now? No one else was around at this time of night and she certainly couldn't watch it in front of her roommate. Felicia stood decisively and walked to his office.

"I have the tape." Felicia offered walking to his entertainment unit. She popped in the tape and grabbed the remote dropping to the couch. "Gevit says that the neighbors are actually the supers for the apartment building on the east side of the Rutherford's property."

"You really want to watch it now?" Mitch asked his accent seemed thicker than usual.

"Can't watch it at home, I've got a roommate and it seemed silly for me to watch it and then give it over to you to watch when we are both here. Unless of course you have other plans?"

"No other plans tonight." He replied and shut off the lights before dropping down on the large leather sofa next to her.

Felicia hit play and the room lit up with the bright daylight of the video. The neighbors voice could be easily heard over the tape but the view seemed to be of his living room carpet.

"Damn! I can't believe that they are doing that in plain site!" a man's voice said sounding somewhat awed by what he was seeing.

"Turn that thing on them I want the police to know what perverts we live next to! They should be arrested for such behavior!" A shrewish woman's voice said from somewhere in the room.

The picture blurred and then focused in on a backyard some stories down. You could make out a couple obviously entangled but not clearly see what they were doing. Then the video zoomed in on them. The man's breath grew shorter and heavy as he watched the couple.

Jean was lying face up on a chaise with a bikini top on and her legs spread wide with what appeared to be Nathan's head between her thighs. Jean's face was contorted in great pleasure and Felicia felt herself growing wet as she watched. She shifted a bit on the couch making the leather creak and she peeked through her lashes at Mitch. The front of his suit pants were beginning to tent.

There was a break in the tape where everything went to static and a moment later the picture return but this time from a much closer angle and to the side instead of above. It appeared that the super had moved to a lower floor and had turned the sound up on the camera. He zoomed it in as close as he could get and then set the camera on something sturdy, maybe the windowsill Felicia guessed trying to keep her head clear of the sexual fog that was permeating it.

Jean was now sitting up on the chaise on front of her husband. Nathan's cock stood out rock hard and thick under her nose and Felicia thought she heard a slight moan from Mitch as the exquisite woman's pink tongue darted out to taste the dewy pre-cum on the head of Nathan's cock. His hips bucked slightly and Jean grinned up at her husband before popping the massive organ into her mouth. Nathan's sigh was audible on the tape.

Felicia felt her nipples growing hard under her blouse and ached to rub them. Jean seemed to be an expert cocksucker and her blonde head was bobbing furiously as Nathan fucked her mouth. She reached between her legs and began to fondle her pussy moaning slightly then sliding her fingers into her dripping twat. It was almost as if they knew the camera was there as she lifted her leg up giving the camera a perfect view of her hairless cunt.

Felicia couldn't take it much longer as Nathan pulled back and then rammed his thick cock deep into his wife's throat. Some of his seed spilled over her lips and ran down her neck.

Felicia looked over at Mitch to find he was staring at her. She bridged the gap between them in a single movement furiously kissing him and straddling his lap. She could feel his cock between her thighs and reached down to free it from its cloth prison. Her short skirt rode up to her hips as she slid it home in her dripping pussy. They both moaned as he filled her.

Felicia felt an incredible warmth as Mitch's cock filled her to bursting. She locked her hands behind his head as he grabbed her hips and began plunging roughly into her. Each thrust deep and strong making her breasts bounce against the inside of her blouse. She pulled it loose not caring if it was ruined only wanting his hands and mouth all over her.

On the screen, Nathan was back between his wife's legs. He had two fingers thrusting into her pussy as he licked her clit. Jean's hips were bucking furiously.

Mitch took that moment to stand with his cock still buried deep inside Felicia's quivering walls and he moved them both to his desk. He shoved everything aside and laid her down on the cool wood surface before he began plugging her pussy again. As he thrust, he used his thumb to rub her clit. The feeling was so intense that Felicia rushed up into a racking orgasm but he didn't stop. Faster and deeper he fucked her and within moments, she felt him growing thicker with his own orgasm. Felicia's thighs began to shake as her second orgasm shuddered in with his own. Mitch collapsed forward as she milked him of every last drop of seed then he raised his head and looked at her with a smile.

Felicia wiped the smear of lipstick from his cheek, and grinned in return then sat up saying nothing. The tape was still playing.

They watched on as Jean shudder through her own climax and a moment later heard a loud "DEAR GOD!" from the super. Jean grinned knowing that the super had enjoyed the show as much as she and Mitch had. The question in her mind was why he had turned them in if he obviously got off on it.

"The wife." Mitch answered her thoughts. "I doubt she even looked at the tape. I think the Super is our key." He dropped a kiss on her lips but finished tucking in his shirt.

"I think you are right." Jean replied running a hand over the now normal sized bulge in his pants. She was still sitting naked on his desk.

Mitch grabbed his coat and headed for the door. He turned at the last moment and smiled with charm. "Thank you." Then he left.

Felicia's jaw nearly hit the desktop. Thank you was all she got? She felt suddenly dirty and cheap and it made her angry. She stormed around the office collecting her things then stormed off to her car and home.

"I should have known better." She muttered. "Use me and lose me he thinks! Ooo is he in for it now!"

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