tagAnalLeanna's Asshole

Leanna's Asshole


I met Leanna at a party. She was crying and when I asked what was wrong, I got her life story. She said she'd been a porn star ever since she was 18, but that she was sick of it, dying of shame, but didn't know what else to do with herself. I comforted her and we wound up fucking in the bathroom underneath her short black miniskirt. But I wasn't using her; she quit the porn business, and we ended up becoming a couple. That was a few months ago.

Leanna is every man's dreamgirl: 6-foot-1, long bleached platinum blonde hair, gorgeous face (makes me think a bit of Brianna Love) impossibly huge firm round fake tits, wasp-waist, huge flaring gorgeously sculpted ass, perfectly waxed smooth fleshy pussy, smooth long legs... you get the picture.

But my favorite thing about Leanna is her asshole; she's got a special one... I guess it's because of being in the porn business, but her shit-hole is like a fuckin' pussy. She can take a dick up there no problem, and she loves it! I mean, I always used to love anal with my past girlfriends, but I was always worried that it was hurting her, and we'd have to go real slow, and stop sometimes. I figured that what you see in porn is basically impossible. But Leanna can fuck just as easily up her butt as up her cunt, let me tell you, which is like a fantasy come true for me, and I suspect most guys would feel the same. I guess that's why she was so successful in porn. But we don't watch any of her movies, because it bothers her. Only once in a while, if she's in the mood, will we put one in.

And she's always ready for sex! She keeps her asshole ready for fucking almost all of the time, I mean she does a quick enema almost every time she uses the washroom just incase I wanna slide my cock, or my tongue, up there.

She's since been helping me launch a little yard maintenance business, which has been doing very well. Some clients will have us back as much as twice a week... Obviously those just want to ogle Leanna, but I'm always there with her, so we figure it's all good!

Oh, and did I mention, she's also the nicest, coolest chick I've ever met?

One day she said she'd have a surprise for me when I got home.

I came home and she called me upstairs to the bedroom.

She was sitting on the bed- naked- and just glistening from head to toe with lovely lavender scented massage oil.

'Hey, baby!' she purred smiling sexily...

I'd never seen a hotter chick in my whole life. My dick instantly started getting hard in my pants at the sight of her.

'Let me help you with those...'

She came over slowly, letting me drink in the sight of her oily glistening tits, pussy, arms and legs. She got down on her knees and undid my pants, taking them gently down and off.

My dick sprung up like a switchblade knife and Leanna took it straight away into her hot, wet mouth and began sucking me off. The sight of my cock with her gorgeous plump lips wrapped around it's shaft was hot as hell and making me hard as fucking steel as she blew me.

'Mmmm! Mmmm! Mmmm! Mmmm!' she let out, muffled by my cock sliding back and forth within her hugging lips.

As my dick got accustomed to this bliss she increased the speed and suction, letting my hips rock back and forth, my cock fucking her deep in her tight sucking mouth, her hands kneading my balls the whole time...

After a while, she said, 'Have a seat here, baby... I wanna show you something I think you might enjoy... watch this!'

She placed me on the foot of our bed, and I stripped off my remaining clothes.

She hit a switch and some slow electronica music came on which she began slowly, sexily, dancing to, her ass weaving gorgeous figure-eights in the air. Then she got down on all fours on our soft carpet and continued wagging her ass towards me, her back arched low, her glistening ass thrust out towards me.

My attention zeroed in on her asshole as I saw her flex it in and out, alternately pushing and relaxing her hole. I applied some of the massage oil from a bottle by the bed to my yearning cock, began jerking it slowly and stared at the beyond-gorgeous spectacle.

She pushed further and further out with her asshole until I could see something appear just inside it, something bright yellow! Her asshole slowly, teasingly, dilated more and more to a terrific, awesome diameter, until suddenly, 'plop!' She shat out a bright yellow, decent-sized lemon from up her sexy asshole that she'd had up there the whole time, right in front of me onto the carpet, with a girly sounding, 'Ooooh!' I jerked my cock ever faster.

She picked up the ejected fruit and sucked it in her mouth like it was a cock, then discarded it and faced her big, gorgeous glistening ass back towards me...

She kept on teasing me with her ass, her big ass cheeks glistening with oil... She flexed her asshole again repeatedly, until another object was visible just inside it, bright orange this time! Then again, slowly, teasingly, her arse-hole dilating to an incredible large orange circle, she shat out a bright colored orange, with a 'plop!' and another high-pitched girly 'Ooooh!'

Again, she picked up the shit fruit, licked and sucked it like it was a dick, discarded it and faced her shit-box back in my direction. Next up her ass to be shat out was a massive, smooth, hot-pink colored dildo. Without using her hands at all, she pushed out the rubber tube with her ass muscles, moaning girlishly as it slid out of her oily bum. The dildo slid, and slid, out of her ass, hanging there and beginning to coil on the floor it was so long. I'd say about twenty inches of smooth, hot-pink rubber slid out of her arse and onto the floor, with a tiny 'plip!' at the very end! Who'd have thought her ass could be so deep- the sexiness of my private little sex-show was driving me crazy! She sucked one end of the shit dildo, sliding it in and out of her lips like a cock, licked it along it's twenty inches of length, then let it fall to the carpet.

'One more, baby, then I'm yours...' she promised.

'Fuck, Leanna! I'm enjoying this so much, babe...' I said, jerking my cock like a man possessed and staring at her intently.

I could see her working her muscles, weaving her ass around, her asshole opening and closing like the mouth of a fish... When suddenly something bright green became visible up her shit-hole... Slowly, teasingly, she shat out a bright green lime onto the carpet with a 'pop!' and a sexy giggly 'Oooooh!'

She took the lime into her mouth and climbed up straddling my lap, spitting the lime to one side as she took my hard cock straight up into her drooling hot snatch...

'Oooooooh!' she gasped as my balls squashed against her asshole, her smooth cunt completely enveloping my horny rod.

I grabbed her oily ass cheeks in both my hands and slid her hips back and forth on my lap, her pussy sliding up and down the length of my cock.

I licked and sucked her tits as I fucked her, occasionally giving her ass a good smack.

'Suck my dick...' I urged, and she got down right away taking my glistening dick into her hot throat.

I grabbed her sexy white hair and fucked her mouth, her gorgeous plump lips like heaven along the length of my hard dick.

She got on the bed in doggy position, with her face in the pillow, reached around and spread her big ass cheeks wide apart for me.

'Fuck my tight little brown-hole, baby!' she urged.

I moved into position behind her, and slid my cock easily up her asshole until my balls rested on her waxed-smooth cunt lips; it was tight as hell, and there was not the slightest inhibition from either of us.

'Now fuck me!' she breathed... 'Fuck my ass!'

I began slowly pistoning my dick in and out of her backdoor, it was so fucking tight!

'Yes! Ooooooh! Don't stop! Fuck me! Be my anal dildo!' she was saying as she alternately squeezed and relaxed her asshole around my fucking cock-shaft, milking it for cum.

I slapped her big oily ass and fucked her hard... squeezed her tits as I pressed my dick deep up into her ass. Faster and faster I fucked her hole. My balls slapped against her drooling cunt with my every thrust up her bum.

'I'm gonna cum, baby; give it to me hard! Fuck my goddamn asshole!' she wailed in ecstasy.

I fucked her harder and faster than ever, bringing her over the edge.

'Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I'm cumiiiiiiiiiing!' she screamed and her pussy gushed.

'Fuuuuuuuck!' I yelled, as I pulled out, spun her 'round and with my hand jerking my cock, came all over her gorgeous face and in her mouth. She wrapped her lips around my rod and sucked me off, drinking down the last of my cum-load, both our spasming slowly subsiding.

'Holy fuck, baby,' I said catching my breath, and in lewd praise added, 'you are the hottest, most beautiful, fucking fuck I have ever fucked in the whole goddamn fucking world... Shit, you make me cum so fucking hard, babe...'

Leanna smiled... 'You too, baby,' she said.

Things are going well between us, and I get the feeling that there's no reason why she couldn't be the One.

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