Learning Curve


The saliva in her mouth swirled around his pulsing dick, causing him to groan louder than before. Lana pushed her mouth all the way down like she had seen in the pornos making her gag. She withdrew, gasping for air before going down on him once more. She could feel his balls tighten in her hands but, inexperienced as she was, Lana didn't know what was about to happen. James' leg muscles tensed as he moaned loudly. Lana was still sucking when jet after jet of hot cum exploded in her mouth. The taste was alien to her but it drove her crazy with desire. Still stroking his collapsing cock, she got to her feet and looked at James who appeared to be embarrassed at having cum so soon. Lana didn't seem to care, opening her mouth to reveal all of his cum. She swallowed and opened wide again, showing her man what she had done, and then proceeded to kiss him passionately to make him taste his own juice. The water was beginning to cool, and Lana had had enough, she wanted him inside her; turning off the water she grabbed his arm and led him out of the shower.

Reaching behind herself Lana unclipped her soaking bra causing it to fall to the floor, unleashing her breasts in the centre of which her nipples stood to attention. Pressing her lips to his ear she purred "I need you." James took her in his strong arms and flung her onto the bed back first. He held her legs together and raised them above her head so that he could remove her panties and threw them to the ground, revealing her shaven cunt which was utterly drenched, although whether it was water or pussy juice he was unsure. James grasped the underside of her thighs and pushed them apart before descending upon her pussy; he was nervous but felt obliged to repay the favour. His finger began massaging her throbbing clit as his tongue darted from his mouth, only to be stopped in his tracks, Lana pushing his head away. He looked up at her somewhat puzzled and so she said in explanation "Lie down cutey." James rolled over onto his side, and Lana sat up, turned around and sat on his face before assuming the 69 position. As Lana set about reviving his deflated member, James began stroking her clit again and then began lapping at her pussy; now he was sure there was more than just shower water running from those lips. She clenched the sheets with her hands as her crush licked her out.

While she appreciated his gesture, her mind remained focused on being ploughed by his rock hard cock and so as soon as the blood had refilled the length of his dick, Lana stopped, swirling her tongue about his engorged head once before she sat up. She rolled off him and waited for James to get up before spreading her legs wide open exposing the gushing pink hole as a bulls eye for him to aim at. He took hold of her thighs and shuffled towards her on his knees before bringing his cock to her pussy lips, teasing her as he rubbed it up and down her entrance.

"Put it in me," she groaned, but James continued to tease, this time rubbing her ass hole.

"Please Jamesy, please," she whimpered. He gave Lana her wish, once again placing his cock up against her pussy before gently pressing forward. Her tight, soaking wet tunnel suffocated his cock as he plunged it in with a steady thrust; the feeling was incredible, pleasure far exceeding anything he had ever imagined he would experience. Lana's body writhed beneath him as she bit her lip to stop herself from screaming; for her it was everything she had dreamt about and more.

Their bodies slowly found a rhythm as Lana began grinding her hips against his penetrating thrusts, forcing him further inside her. James placed his hands on the bed on either side of her head and leaned forward to kiss her, still thrusting into her. She responded by throwing her arms around his back and pulling him closer in a tight embrace. It couldn't have been more than a couple minutes and he could feel the cum bubbling in his balls as he continued to plough her tight cunt, but fighting the urge to explode inside her he withdrew and lay down alongside. Lana sat up and went down on his cock, stroking the base with her hand, whilst circling the head with her tongue. When she had finished savouring the taste of her own juices that had coated his length, she took his cock in her hand and knelt over him with her pussy inches from his towering erection. Slowly Lana descended until she was sitting on top of James, his cock consumed entirely, and she began to fluidly undulate her hips, forcing him in and out of her provoking a drawn-out moan of pleasure from the man beneath her.

She rode him hard like a cowgirl on a bucking bronco. After what seemed like an eternity to them both, she dismounted her stallion again she adopted the 69 position and resumed her work on his throbbing cock, while James teased her pussy with his tongue, coaxing more juice out from within. He was grasping her ass cheeks and, spreading them wider, began circling her asshole. Lana tensed briefly, somewhat taken aback, before relaxing again and allowing his searching tongue to probe her back door. He spat on her ass and manoeuvred his middle finger into her anus causing her to yelp. Undeterred, James began pushing his finger in and out increasingly fast before adding another finger, causing another yelp from his crush. He was really struggling to contain himself with his cock repeatedly losing itself in her throat and so he sat up as best he could and reaching underneath her to cup her breasts, he turned her over with his legs; she moaned approvingly.

Lana sat up and got on all fours, burying her head in his pillow and clenched the sheets in anticipation of what was to come as James got off the bed and stood against its edge. She presented her ass to him, holding it high, and coated with spittle, pussy juice and pre-cum, he latched onto her waist with his hands, touched his engorged penis to her ass hole and with a push he entered her. It was unimaginably tight; incomparable to his entrance into her pussy and he could feel her trying to squeeze the cum out of him. Lana loosed a scream of pain and pleasure through the pillow and she clenched the sheets harder, her finger nails digging into the fabric. James withdrew and entered again, deeper this time, producing a similar result. Again he withdrew and entered deeper, further with every push until his entire cock was buried in her ass hole. He began to increase the pace until the thrusts were ferocious, balls slapping against her pussy, causing her to lift her head and scream louder than ever, all the while bucking her hips to consume even more of his cock.

She had never experienced pleasure like this. James reached for her underside and began tickling her clit with greater and greater fervour until she moved a hand to clench her aching breasts and closed her eyes, screaming again as his dick slammed against her insides. He was getting close, and so was she, Lana was begging him for more as the waves of pleasure pulsed through her body.

"Please don't stop, please, it feels so good," she groaned. James' balls tightened and he yelled, as his cock exploded harder than before deep inside her ass, spewing load after load of hot cum in her. Lana screamed again as she climaxed violently, her own cum pouring out of her spasming body. Burying her head once more in James' pillow, she raised her ass in the air, meeting his hands with which he spread her cheeks wide to reveal globs of cum running from her ass hole. Slowly but surely Lana raised her head and, breathing hard, collapsed on the bed. James collapsed beside her. They turned to face each other and looked long into each other's eyes and they locked lips once more, kissing with renewed passion and energy. James broke off first, and spun his sweetheart over, pulling her towards him into the spooning position and pulled the covers over them . Lana drifted off into sleep in his arms.

Lana was woken the next morning by James' erect cock pressing against her ass. Snuggled in his arms she turned her head over her shoulder to find he was still asleep. Lana carefully wriggled free of his embrace and slid under the covers and positioned herself between his legs. She took his cock into her mouth and began sucking, taking it in turns to swirl her tongue about its head and descend along its entire length until she began to gag. James' leg moved as he began to stir. Lana continued, beginning to pump the base of his dick with her hand. James threw back the covers and saw her going down on him. He smiled and just threw his head back. He blew his load in her mouth, she sat up and opened wide to show him how much his little cutey had taken in, closed, swallowed and opened again to show him what a good girl she'd been. James kissed her on the forehead as he ran his hands through her hair, he loved her. Lana lay cuddled up to him with her head on his chest and fell back to sleep. James smiled to himself again: life wasn't so bad after all.

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