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Learning New Words


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A beam of sunlight poured into the classroom from the westward-facing window. Noticing the glare from my desk, I caught myself daydreaming again. Our Chinese class had two teachers. One was a woman from China who was working to complete her pedagogy degree. The other was an American,

Mr. Conley, or 'Hé Laoshi' as I usually knew him.

Today, he was just sitting in on our class, observing Zeng Laoshi, and us. He was a strange man, kind of quiet. He always seemed to be taking in his surroundings. Occasionally, when teaching, he would talk to the class in with a playful tone, like he was amused by some joke that had not been spoken aloud. And he sometimes went far out of his way to help one of his students. I found him very likable. I think he must have been around fifty. He had salt and pepper hair, and he wore glasses that were like the ones I've seen in pictures of my dad when he was in his thirties. He was no George Clooney, but he had that kind of handsome look men take on when they get older.

"Fan Qi" The teacher called my Chinese name. I lost track of the drill we were doing, and told her I wasn't sure of the answer. I could feel Mr. Conley looking at me. Before my daydream I had answered a question with such fluency that I had even surprised myself, and thought he might have been impressed. I was disappointed that I probably disappointed him. Oh well.

I didn't know how a person could get her teacher's attention the right way. It could be awkward or even dangerous, and I just didn't think I had the moxie for any big stunts. What's more, there's a specific type of man I was looking for. I needed him to take control somehow, and put me in my place. Mr. Conley had a demeanor that suggested dominance, but that could just be him filling his role as teacher. 
I liked older guys, and I'd always had a fantasy that some professor would take me and dominate me, maybe in his office, or in some deserted classroom. I wanted him to think of me as an innocent little girl, and then learn about my wilder side, all while teaching me how to please and be pleased in the right ways. It was a lot to ask for.

"Fan Qi" he called on me. 
Oops, daydreaming again.
"Bu hao yisi, qing ni zai shuo yibian" I asked him to repeat himself. In Chinese, he told me that he wanted to see me after class.
I told him I'd could meet him in his office after I used the restroom. Those last ten minutes passed by so quickly, I didn't even realize class was just ending. I took a deep breath, my heart was pounding, I was caught off-guard. I went to the bathroom, checked my appearance, and headed up the stairs to his office.

Our class was in the basement, and his office was on the third floor, so I was a flushed after I finished hopping up the stairs.

I knocked on his door, he told me to sit down. My mind was spinning as I sat down, still trying to slow my heartbeat, and snap my thoughts back to reality. My palms were sweating, but I didn't really feel nervous anymore, because his patient look had such a calming effect. And anyway, he had no idea what I had been thinking of. What did he want?

"I already sent your letter of recommendation for your study abroad this summer."

"Wow, thank you!" I hadn't even asked him for one yet—

"But I wanted to talk to you about your performance in class these last few days. I've noticed that you seem pretty distracted. Has anything happened with you lately? Is everything alright?"

"Oh, no! Everything's been pretty good lately, I'm sorry I've seemed so distracted, I just have had a lot going on, and I just got caught zoning out a few times." I was touched that he was asking about me. Obviously I didn't want to tell him what was really on my mind. I thanked him for his concern, and told him I would try harder to stay focused, and then I took off down the stairs. 
With a slow breath to shake off the encounter, I popped in my earbuds and let the sounds of a Talking Heads song carry me to my next class.


Saturday night was a blast. I went dancing with my friends, and got a little tipsy. I knew I shouldn't have been walking alone, but my friends were going off to a party, and I was fairly certain my ex-boyfriend would be there, so I decided to walk home. It was a nice evening, I was in a great mood, and I thought I was sober enough then that I could even be productive on Sunday.

I walked down High Street, the main street that bordered campus. I hummed to myself as I went. Half a block ahead of me, I saw a few women walk out of a bar and head down the street, the direction I was walking, and then a man. He was walking toward me, and when he came a little closer, I realized it was Mr. Conley! I walked a little taller, trying to walk so that my hips would swing a little more. Then I noticed myself, and laughed a little. I was totally in my own world, and then suddenly, he was right in front of me. We both stopped walking.

"Laoshi hao" I greeted him as my teacher.

"Fan Qi! What are you doing out so late? Why are you alone?"

"I'm fine, I'm just heading home. What about you?" I was a little drunker than I thought. Moving maybe a little too flirtatiously, I shifted my hips toward him.
He didn't seem to notice.

"I was just having a drink with some teachers. I'm about to head home. Do you live far from here? Are you okay by yourself?"

 "I just live a few blocks from here, what about you?" I was smiling sweetly, trying to suggest more than I was saying, but doing it a little awkwardly.

He looked concerned, "Why don't I walk you to your dorm? Apartment? Where is it?"

I was delighted by his offer, even as innocent as it seemed to be. There had been a series of muggings in the area, and several students had been seriously injured. I knew he wasn't trying to make a pass at me, but still, I grew a little bolder. Stepping a closer to him, I touched his arm, and looked up at him. "Why don't I walk you to yours?"

He stopped, his mouth open. Maybe he was shocked, but I didn't want this moment to slip away. Before he could refuse my offer, I went further. I grabbed his belt loop and pulled him toward me. "Maybe you'd like to teach me something else today?" After they slipped past my lips, I was honestly shocked by my own words, but I tried to stay cool and just wait for his answer. We were teetering on the edge of something. Before my sense of shame had an opportunity to activate, I slowly slid my hand downward toward his crotch. For a split second I thought about the Chinese concept of 'saving face'. I either needed his compliance, or I needed to turn up the drunk girl routine and get the hell out of there. He seemed to be stopping to consider something, and then, to my surprise, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the building's entranceway, tucked away from the main sidewalk. 

"You're stepping into a dangerous zone, Ms. Clark. But maybe you like that?" He covered my mouth and leaned down so he could speak more softly. I could smell the alcohol on his breath, and understood why my invitation incited such a brilliant response. "But I'm going to tell you right now, if you want it—if you want me to teach you that is, it's going to be on my terms, and you're going to keep that pretty little mouth of yours shut. I mean it. If I hear one word about this from anyone else, you're going to find it very difficult to continue in this program. You're free to walk away right now, or you'll do exactly as I say from now on." My eyes wide,
I hummed an affirmation through his fingers

I was stunned. I was excited. Changes in relationships are so strange. They always happen so suddenly. A simple first kiss, for example, can make the fumbling awkwardness of a new relationship smooth out completely. I've always been fascinated by that shift. But there was no awkwardness in his actions, and he did not kiss me.

 "We're going to my office, and you're going to walk a few yards in front of me on the way there. Don't turn around, don't try to look at me-- there will be consequences if you act otherwise. Get walking."

 So I got walking. I started moving back toward campus. The walk to his office was incredible. It was everything I wanted—I had his attention! I kept thinking of the moment that he went from being my teacher to being more than my teacher. I could tell he was looking at me, into me. He knew there was more to me than my modest clothing and my rather normal student behavior, of that, at least, I was sure. Otherwise, he wouldn't be speaking to me so...directly.

I wanted him to know more of me. I'd kept my sexuality hidden from everyone except just a few guys. Aside from those few people, I was just a cute girl with bangs who smiled all the time. They had no idea that I could let my hair down, take my clothes off. They didn't know that I could arch my back and growl hungrily for them, or let them tie me up and have their way with me. I could do it all. 

We arrived at the language building, dark and empty and huge. I wasn't sure what to expect at this point. This was so strange, but I was so turned on. I just tried to wake myself up to the fact that this was real, really real. There was no one in the building, but the doors to the entranceways were usually kept unlocked. It felt nice to get out of the crisp evening air.

I entered the stairwell, and walked slowly up to the first landing.

"Wait," he ordered. I paused. I remembered that I was not to turn around, so I just stood as I was. Mr. Conley climbed the stairs behind me. As he arrived on the landing, he pushed me forward into the wall. He put his arms on the wall on either side of me, and kissed the back of my neck, moving his tongue to my earlobe for a moment. I moaned softly. I could smell his cologne, and the dusty odor of the whitewashed wall I was pressed against. He ran his hand down the length of my side to my hip.

He stepped back. "Up."

We climbed the rest of the stairs up to the office as we had walked before, with Mr. Conley a few feet behind. My ass was at his eye level the whole way up.

Mr. Conley unlocked his office door and turned on a light. 

 "Have a seat, Ms. Clark."


"That better be the last time I hear you speak to me without addressing me as 'Sir', understood?"

I was elated. "Yes, sir." He clearly wanted to take control! My heart was racing. He sat down in his chair across the desk from me. I wondered why he didn't touch me.

"Take off that pathetic little dress of yours, and sit back down. I have a question for you."

I stood up and pulled my dress over my head. It was awkward, not really sexy at all, and I sheepishly sunk into the office chair, now half naked.
I was grateful I wasn't sober. Mr. Conley must have read my mind.

"You seemed to walk fine on the way here. How much have you had to drink tonight?"

"Not so much...I think I had maybe three drinks, sir."

"Good, I think you're alright. I don't want you to get sloppy. Drink this, as much as you can." He handed me a bottle of water that he got from his drawer.

"Thank you."

He gave me a moment to drink. I gulped down about half of the bottle.

"Now, why don't you tell me why you haven't been focusing in class. I want the truth now."

"Uh...I" I couldn't say it. I didn't know what he wanted me to say. I choked.

 "You think I haven't seen your thoughts in those eyes of yours? You think you're subtle, huh? So what's the distraction? Is it that you were thinking about getting your little pussy rubbed and licked and fucked? Did you think about that?"

I looked down into my lap, my cheeks were burning. There was too much space between us, and I felt exposed. "Yes, sir."

"You've come for a good lesson tonight then. Whores like you all need to be taught a lesson. And I think I've got the materials you need." Mr. Conley just called me a whore. My teacher just called me a whore. I tried to stay focused.

He opened his bottom desk drawer and fished out a black box. Using a key from his pocket, he unlocked it. He set the box on the floor. "Now, come here."

Although his speech wasn't slurred, I could detect the smell of alcohol as I approached him.

"Sir?" He grabbed my wrists and pulled me down across his lap, then tugged down my panties.

"I think you need to be disciplined for your lack of effort in class. It's only a few months until your trip, but you don't seem to be focused at all. Just five for now, but perhaps there will be more, depending on how fast you learn." 
And without a moment's hesitation-thwack! His hand came hard down on the right side of my ass. I flinched and cried out a little.

"Now, I want you thank me for this punishment. Now!"

"Thank you"

"Good. Every time."

Whack! "Thank you! Thwack! "Thank you! Thwack! "Thank you! 


Thwack! "Thank you, sir."

"I must admit, I'm surprised you learn so quickly. Or maybe you've done this before? Little slut like you, it would make more sense." I was panting, still a little shocked by what was actually happening to me then. He spoke again. "Take off your bra, and sit on the desk." He took off his own shirt, and walked over to me. My breasts were not huge by any means, but it still felt wonderful to release them. It's always a relief to just be naked in front of someone else.

He a hand on my chin, and his other rubbed my breast. "You have a pretty mouth for such a slut. I'm sure you'd love to taste some cock. I want you to take my belt off, and pull my pants loose. Got it?" 

I did as I was told. After undoing his belt and unzipping his pants, I started to reach for his bulging erection. Immediately, my head was jerked back by my hair, and I received a sharp slap to the cheek. Startled, I opened my eyes and met his.

"Did I tell you to touch me? Listen, the rule is, you may not touch me unless I expressly order you to do so. Got that, bitch?"

His words were like another slap in the face. I just wanted him to be pleased with me. It's how I always felt in the classroom, and it was how I felt now. "I'm sorry, sir. I understand now."

"Good. I know you can learn. I might have a reward coming for you, but you will need to do exactly as I say if you want to receive it. I've seen how you sit in class; you seem fairly flexible. Put your feet up on the desk, so that they touch each other, spread your legs, and keep your eyes on me. Lie back. Now."

Wide eyed, I spread my legs for him. I was glad that I shaved the day before, I might have been mortified otherwise. Slap! His hand came down squarely on my thigh. "I like your legs, Ms. Clark. But I told you to keep your eyes on me, and that means that you cannot close them. Good. Now, let's see how wet you are."

I was indeed quite wet. I could tell he knew his way around when his fingers began to glide all over me, Rubbing all of the semi sensitive areas, and only occasionally grazing my clit. He was making me crazy. I accidently closed my eyes for a while, too focused on the feelings he was stirring in my belly. He stopped what he was doing, and my eyes flew open. He looked angry, and a little scary. His hand flew to my throat, and pressed into me forcefully.

"You ungrateful little bitch, you make me say it again and I will have you on your knees sucking my cock until your lips bleed. You want to get off? You want to taste my come later? You will listen to me, got it?"

I did my best to nod, and he finally let go. Fuck! My whole body spasmed as oxygen entered my brain again. It felt amazing: a crazy, euphoric sensation. He was intimidating, but I wanted to let him know how much had I liked that. 



"Thank you."

His eyebrows raised, and he smiled a little. "Ah, you're welcome. I thought you might get off on that. You look fucking pathetic with your legs spread and my hand on your neck though. Maybe a little more of that kind of treatment is what you'd like then?"

He began to slap my thighs with his hands. I indulged in the noise of the smacking and the pleasant tingling sensation after he removed his hand from my skin. I began to breath harder, anticipating the blows. He was slow and methodical, precise even, and it felt so goddamned good. I felt like I was experiencing an expert, fluent in Chinese, Russian, and women.

"You should see how wet you are, Ms. Clark." I shuddered with delight, hearing my name being said that way, in this context. All I could think was 'fuck, god damn, fuck,' as his hand began to occasionally slap my clitoris.

"Little slut, little fucking slut, you love this, you love it. Tell me."

"Yes I love this! I fucking love this. Ah! God! Yes" This wasn't the kind of sensation that would lead me to orgasm, but I was wet as hell and my body was heating up. And his words were carving ripples in my mind.

 "Good, good. I've got something for you, but I will need your help, and I need your cooperation." He pulled out a small plastic vibrator, in the shape of a bullet. My eyes got wide, but I smiled a little at the sight of it. "You are going to come tonight, like you've never done before. I have all night. I have a good idea of how you want this, but when I give you permission to come, you will take this from me and finish the job. I'll watch you. And you will look in my eyes and thank me when you come. Got all of that, Ms. Clark?"

"Jesus..." I whimpered, "I mean yes sir, thank you Mr. Conley. I'd give anything for that, you don't know how long I've been waiting for this, thank—"

"Shut the fuck up. And watch." He turned the vibrator on, and began to circle my clit with it. I could feel my body respond when he pressed it just below, it was like the pleasure was shooting out of me just below my clit. I was on fire. He inserted two of his fingers into my mouth. "Suck." I did, greedily. I kept my eyes locked with his the whole time. He was driving me crazy, and I wanted him to feel crazy too. I sucked his fingers like it was a promise. He continued to torture my pussy with his circling, occasionally increasing the pressure, and eventually clicking up the speed.

"Good girl. You seem like you're getting pretty close. I'm going to put my hand on your neck now, only not so hard this time, and you are going to finish yourself. Do not close your eyes. You've got my permission to come."

 I took the vibrator from him and pushed it into the area I could feel the fire coming from. My moans grew loader, and more muffled as his hand increased the pressure slightly. I was burning with it, and I circled faster and faster, invoking, inviting it to come out of me with the sound and the sensation and the rhythm. He leaned over me and began whispering in my ear. "Little slut, you like this you little whore. Come on. Come on, baby."

I felt him insert his fingers into me and slide upward, back and forth, back and forth, and I began to shake as my orgasm came, like a beast out of the sea. Sweating, panting, I tried to look at him still, but my eyes rolled back. I grabbed his wrist with my other hand.

"I'm coming...sir! Fuck, fuck! Thank you sir......" It exploded out of me with a violent shudder.. "Ah, yes, yes," I breathed. And I moaned as my body shuddered with aftershocks. 

"Very good. Well, almost good. I suppose my expectations of you are not very high, but you are going to have to learn sooner or later. Did I tell you to stop looking at me? And did I tell you that you could touch my arm? I don't recall giving my permission. Get on your knees, now. He pulled his pants down below his knees. His erection was massive. His dick was wider than my fingers could fit around without squeezing. I was pleased to see that his cock was as stiff as a telephone pole. 

He put his hand on my cheek and looked directly into my eyes.

"I want you to perform like your life depends on it. Open your mouth. You're taking it all." I pushed him into my throat and bobbed my head until I gagged. I covered the length of him in spit. I used all the tricks I could think of, gagging on him again every time I thought he wasn't wet enough. His precome tasted rather nice, I don't know how that works, perhaps he had a good diet. I had a lot of time to think while I was blowing him, and I became fixated on the idea of giving him the best he's ever had. I licked his balls, noted that they smelled nice rather than sweaty. I used my hands to stroke him, touched his inner thighs, and sucked and jerked him like it was my job.
 I looked up into his eyes.

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