tagHumor & SatireLearning the World Ch. 03

Learning the World Ch. 03


What the Rose Light Children managed to build in little June Hills and under everyone's nose was impressive by any standards. The whole compound was comprised of 14 Bungalows, with two more and a water mill under construction. All of them were connected by add-on passageways and together they walled off a large chunk of the river and a sizable creek bed from public view. It was quite the peaceful and private setting; a location chosen with careful deliberation.

The Garden's in-doors were no less impressive. Big windows and numerous sky-lights kept natural lighting high during the day (even with the curtains drawn), and soft yellow floor and wall lighting took over as the evening settled in. True to its namesake, The Garden tastefully displayed exotic and local plant life in every room and passageway. Laid throughout, and connecting each room and passageway was an empty wooden channel that ran along the walls and ceilings in most rooms, and along the floors of others. Gabrielle figured it was essentially an aqueduct built to eventually provide ambient water noise, or even perhaps to feed plant life. The lack of flowing water would likely be remedied as soon as construction on the river wheel outside was finished.

All in all, this was probably the spiffiest place in June Hills, while being completely inconspicuous about it with the town. A diamond in the rough, some would call it.

Rose Light's people were another story altogether. Spotter, Gabby's Guide, literally and figuratively, took her around Garden Outer (which was a'buzz with activity) and introduced her to many happy Rosians. Now, more often than not, pairs and groups of people were encountered mid-budding--'budding' being the generic term Rosians used to refer to sexual activity between two or more people. Naturally, "a beautiful thing need not be interrupted for a casual hello," and so introductions took place while the activity continued: Gabby might exchange names and shake hands with a man who was receiving a blowjob, or she might have done so with a women who was being fucked from behind. In one case Spotter walked her through an entire nine person orgy so that she could greet each person. That incident alone was quiet the experience for her. She even gave a lucky guy a mini-handjob while his female companion spoke a few moments with Guide Spotter.

"Thanks for holding my spot, Gabrielle, and it was nice meeting you!" the woman told the bubbly farm girl. Gabby gave the women, named Breena, her welcome and released the man's cock (to his silent disappointment) so that Breena could finish what she started, and then Gabby was off to continue her tour with Guide Spotter.

Of course they would encounter the occasional individual walking down the hall, men and women alike. When the young crop duster's daughter asked Spotter why these men--some women too--tended to catch a feel of her ass or breasts, or even probe her vagina, his response was that physical intimacy led to a greater familiarity and a deeper, more trusting bond. And indeed this was a general truth within the church; familiarity, among other things, was always encouraged between followers of the Rose.

One thing was certain, and that's that she was instantly popular with whoever she met. It made Gabrielle feel at home being so warmly welcomed and appreciated by so many smiles and friendly faces.

After she got a feel for the place, and the place got a feel of her, Spotter gave a brief description of the possible duties she might be considered for volunteering in. These included generic operational jobs, like doing the laundry, preparing meals and washing dishes, or even garden scaping (Gabrielle liked the prospect of this one the most), to more obscure duties like "stress care," and "loga/wrap refitting," and "light seeding," which Spotter promised more details on when the time came.

Eventually it came time for Gabrielle's first day in The Garden to conclude, and so Spotter notified her of one more thing she needed to do. Meet Manuel Konn: the founder of Rose Light.

Spotter took the bright-eyed teenager to the meeting spot, Garden Inner, which was outside in the cool of night. Maybe ten paces away from the flowing river there was a circle of torches, enclosing a meticulously manicured stone garden. At the center of the smooth-stoned garden sat a man, legs crossed and back straight. When the pert farm girl stopped at the edge of the torch perimeter Spotter beckoned her to walk through. Spotter followed her in and walked over to the sitting man, handing him the piece of paper with all the notes he had taken. Once the information was delivered Spotter left the two alone and went away. Outside, it was only Gabrielle and Manuel; everyone else was in-doors for the evening.

Once alone with Manuel, Gabby noted that the founder left his upper torso bare while his Loga was wrapped below the waist. Gabby smirked, thinking it looked like he just got out of the shower. She still stood behind him, but could tell from his back alone that the man was a very lean fella.

"Have a seat, Gabrielle," the man offered, his voice firm but calming. "How are you enjoying your first day with The Rose Light?"

Gabrielle joined him on the smoothly pebbled ground. "Your church is really swell, and the people too," she said thoughtfully. "I'm really excited about wetting my feet in your day-to-days around here.

"But I do wonder what made you choose June Hills to setup shop in. You folks are almost..." she searched for the right words, "glam. S'ppose I'm wondering what a small town like June Hills had to offer a group like yours."

"That's a good point," he said, scooting around to face her. "As a group, a family, we value privacy very much. This is because we deeply believe that traditions are most precious when they aren't overused. So naturally, a caring eye is kept on how much, and how often we expose ourselves to the world." Konn closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, taking a moment to think. The man could even faintly smell the scent of the new volunteer sitting some six feet in front of him. When his eyes opened again he continued, "June Hills provides the small and peaceful backdrop a religion such as ours needs to maintain relative anonymity. And it seems to have brought wonderful individuals such as your self into our fold," Konn concluded, with a smile. He also stood up and walked over to the crop duster's daughter, extending an open hand, beckoning her to stand.

"Isn't your message something you'd want to share with more people though?" Gabrielle asked, taking his hand and standing up.

"Of course, Gabrielle. The Rose Light is always open to newcomers." The Head Member eased Gabrielle's arm to her side and walked around his nubile volunteer, sizing her up with only his eyes, and hands. "But spreading the message only works when those who are on the outside are truly looking--truly receptive, you see. Because we don't want to force our beliefs on others, we must exercise caution with how we present those beliefs."

This was as good an explanation as Gabrielle could have hoped for, and so her curiosities were satisfied. She kept silent as Konn's hand trailed up her arm, then over her shoulder, and came to rest on her breast.

Manuel continued, "I expect that this place will become your home away from home, Gabrielle. But I do have a question for you," he stated, getting a squeeze of her other breast. He groped for a few moments, savoring the full weight of her tit in his palm. "Do you know why I had you brought here to meet me?"

Somewhat distracted, no answer came to mind. Gabrielle didn't really understand why Manuel was feeling her up. "Gee Mister, I'd try a guess, but am not sure I know enough to make a good one."

"That's very wise of you to say. Here we cherish tranquility of mind, and harmony of body. In achieving harmony with our environment we must understand and know it, as much as we do ourselves." Pausing a moment, Manuel lowered his face to the exposed swell of her chest and lightly pressed his lips against her flesh. Not quite kissing the skin, but feeling it. It was a brief move, and he let go of her tits and stepped back from her when he was done. "So in spirit of this, it is encouraged for Rosians to be completely open and welcoming to each other in the name of bonding. However for me, the Head Member of the church, knowing each of you is a requirement."

"I see," Gabrielle said. She was beginning to understand his actions. "Your responsibility is to each of the members, rather than the church as a whole."

"Exactly," Manuel affirmed. He read the piece of paper Spotter gave him. "Do you understand that in order to fully immerse yourself as an active volunteer you need to be able to initiate new members yourself?"

The home schooled teenager paused a moment, confused again. "Isn't that what Spo...Guide Spotter did with me?"

"What he did was the yin part of the process. He shared with you the Light of the Rose. This makes you a follower of the Light, a Rosian. Followers however, have only the responsibility of practicing our beliefs. Those who wish to directly further the Rose Light's cause are held to a higher standard. What you must now do is the yang part of the process the final step to absorbing The Rose Light into yourself so that you can seed it within others.

You did tell Spotter that you wanted to give this church your very best efforts, didn't you?" Manuel finished, feigning concern.

Not wanting to risk her shiny new opportunity, Gabriel perked up. "You might not know me well yet, Mister Konn, but it goes without saying that a Freewind gives his or her all to whatever they commit to; and we Freewinds always love a good challenge. So what'd you have in mind for me?"

"I'm so glad to hear you feel that way," answered Manuel, standing to his feet. "It's a simple process, really" he said, moving to her backside. Once again, he reached around her and grabbed two handfuls of resilient tit flesh. "Before I can connect to your spirit," he said, bringing his lips to the side of her neck, "I need familiarity with your body."

Gabrielle nodded, accepting the current ease of her role. One of Manuel's hands was now slipped under her wrap where it was groping her bare breast, and a bulge pressed firmly into the welcoming curve of her ass. Gabrielle could hear, off in the un-torchlit distance, a light splash came from the river--a fish--and yet the young home-schooler didn't even recognize the warming moisture deep within her self.

Bringing his face up to hers he asked, "do you remember how you started bonding with Spotter?" Gabrielle did. "We too need to begin like that."

So she dropped to her knees, reaching under the opening of his loga as soon as she was in place. "You're a fast learner, Gabrielle," Manuel complimented, as the teenager began massaging his balls through the fabric. She smiled at his praise, and used her other hand to begin unfastening his loga. When the loga dropped to the floor, she wrapped her slender fingers around his thickened meat and in moments Manuel Khan's head was tilted back as the Rose learner was gently massaging his penis to full girth.

The crop duster's daughter looked on in fascination as the man's penis grew between her fingers. It was completely shaved and actually quite mesmerizing. She didn't suppose most folks around June Hills completely shaved themselves below the belt, but getting to see the whole organ was surprisingly pleasing. Like a nice painting in one of her Art History books. There was even a growing drop of precum forming at the reddened tip.

Without instruction she leaned forward and took the thickening rod into her mouth, lips rolling over the skin of his shaft as she sucked Manuel in as far as she could. The bright-eyed girl used her lips and tongue to coax the rest of his length out of its slumber and into the back of her throat.

The cult leader ran his fingers through the beautiful volunteer's hair, pulling her head further into his lap. Although he was inwardly tempted to just let her finish the job she'd started with her hot mouth, he beckoned her to stand again a few minutes after she'd brought out his full erection. His shaft stood out in front of him obscenely pointing at the plump teenager as if blaming the girl for its inflamed condition.

"Wonderful Gabrielle, I can tell you're going to be invaluable in promoting our cause." Once again, the naive brunette beamed at his compliment; Gabrielle was living up to the Freewind name.

"More of you needs to be exposed, Gabrielle. Hold still and continue to do as I instruct," he said, now taking a knee in front of her as she stood. After running a hand up her thigh and pinching her well-toned butt, he lifted the part of her wrap that functioned as a skirt to expose her neatly-kept pussy.

"You're sure this is necessary?" asked the Rose Light student, realizing the irony of her question to Manuel only after it had escaped her lips.

"I wouldn't be the Head Member of this great family if I didn't know what is absolutely necessary, and what is not," he answered running his fingers over the lips of her vagina. "In order to understand how your spirit resonates within the confines of your firm body, I need to know it inside and out. Only then will I be able to properly establish the deepest of connections to you." Manuel smiled reassuringly. "You'd be hard pressed to find man more dedicated to the spark between every human being than me. Now, if you would please lean back a little and allow me to focus."

Gabrielle blushed a little, having Manuel's face right there, but kept still, as per instructed. However she wasn't given much time to think about her own nudity because the man pulled her body in by her youthfully tight ass, and began sucking on her pussy.

Now, expert was his tongue—as practice was abundant for Manuel and those followers of the Rose. So given the speed of the moment, the nubile volunteer was relishing in the new warmth and wetness Manuel was showing her. As his mouth explored the depths of her sweet insides, he was quickly bringing Gabrielle to a crucial point, which could be heard by her breathing. This was to Manuel's advantage of course, as the girl was lubricating her self quite nicely for what was to come.

Innocently she closed her eyes, not understanding everything that was taking place. Her cheeks were flushed and her lower lip was bit, but she kept trying to focus on the task at hand. Focus or not, however, she couldn't ignore the build up of a pressure in between her legs. She figured this must have been what Spotter was talking about when he mentioned spiritual connections being opened, and for the next few moments that would be the last bit of reasoning she would be able to perform. All that was left was her task: follow his instructions, and if none were given, then remain open to instruction and ready to follow. Open and ready.

"Open and ready," slipped from Gabrielle's lips without her even knowing, she was so lost in thought. By that point anything on her mind would have subconsciously been voiced aloud. Manuel smirked as he applied a skillful suction to the brunette's clitoris; he didn't know exactly why she was thinking "open and ready," but he was sharp enough to know that it was a private thought that she'd slipped out. Better yet was the irony present in that Freudian slip, because she was indeed, "open and ready."

It was only moments later when finally waves of relaxation washed up into her body from her wet depths. As her cunt began to spasm in tandem with the eb of her cumming small gasps and whimpers replaced her exterior concentration. Her knees might have buckled were it not for Manuel's firm hold on her ass keeping her standing, pelvis buried into his face. Reaching a hand to her stomach to feel her orgasm's soft internal rhythm, the cult leader looked up to her innocently misguided face.

And for a moment, Manuel had a second thought about what he was doing. She was so cute in her Naïveté that he found himself feeling like an asshole. This girl should be doing these things with a guy who actually cared about her. What teenaged boy wouldn't be this 18-year-old maiden's knight in shining loga? Had he not, himself, once been a pimple-faced dreamer wishing for a girl like this to call his sweetheart? But that was then and this is now. Pussy's a'callin and the world's made a wolf out of this dreamer. Moments are but eternally fleeting, and second thoughts are, after all, second.

As a mixture of embarrassment and confusion stalled Gabrielle's normally fast mind, Manuel got back to his feet. And before Gabrielle could half-stutter an apology for her noise and commotion, Head Member Khan interrupted her motion.

"Well then, one more step in the process, young Gabrielle," he said quickly turning her around and directing the girl until she was bent over, butt nearly touching his now slightly diminished erection.

"I hope I didn't cause too much of a disturbance a moment ago Mister," she offered, a little regretfully. Gabrielle didn't know what was, and what wasn't okay within this particular tradition. She may have very well upset a required balance to complete such a delicate initiation. Torchlight flickered around them and a couple of Rosians could be heard passing by from somewhere beyond firelight—their conversation completely oblivious to the sacred ritual within the graveled clearing.

Manuel had been so focused on his intentions that her statement momentarily confused him. "Oh!" he said casually, realizing what she was referring to. "Don't be silly," he concluded, ignoring the continuation of the matter. He ached to sign the contract he'd been writing up this whole time and he was only moments away from that precious goal.

With that, he slowly pulled the rear skirt portion of firm homeschooler's wrap over the curve of her ass and privately marveled at the sight before him. Inches away from his dick was a gorgeous girl bent over and only seconds away from being fucked to his heart's delight. The contour of her shapely hips flowed swimmingly underneath his fingers as he got one more anticipatory grope of her backside; a backside that swelled invitingly into an ass that promised a fully cushioned fucking. It was an invite he could no longer resist, if it entire Rose Light order was staked on it.

"So what happens next?" the sweet-hearted volunteer asked, to the rapid chirping of the evening crickets and the blowing of the cool night wind.

"We begin the bonding of our spirits—the budding of the Rose."

And without another word, Manuel placed his hands on her hips and nudged his half-hard dick against the opening of her vagina. Slowly, almost lovingly, he pulled her hips backwards onto his shaft, savoring the feel of her soft cunt lips as they stretched around his penis and accommodated his girth. Within moments his member had slipped completely into her wet sheath, once again at full erection before he even reached the hilt. It was probably the freshest vagina he had ever buried himself into. For whatever reason there wasn't an obstruction, which was a surprise by his expectations, but he attributed it to her growing up on a farm.

Manuel began to see-saw himself into the smooth velvet while letting out a deep sigh of relief. "Wonderful, Gabrielle!... I'm really excited... to have you... helping us... regularly." His breathing was no longer calm and meditative—as it was when his nubile visitor first entered the gravel torch-lit clearing; but composure didn't matter anymore. All that mattered to him then was enjoying the gravity of this built-to-fuck girl's vagina as it wetly enveloped his every thrust.

He gripped her hips as her firm ass therapeutically bounced up against his pelvic bone. It was the perfect spot to hit as each butt-cushioned thrust was building up that wonderful pressure. Manuel leaned forward as he fucked the girl and grabbed a handful of tit. After he had pulled the upper portion of her wrap down, he squeezed her naked flesh, feeling the nipple grow hard in his palms.

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