tagInterracial LoveLearning to Love Black Guys

Learning to Love Black Guys


When I entered college I never expected to lose my virginity. More importantly I never thought I would have lost it to a black guy. I was in my Junior year at Oklahoma University. I had my own room and shower because I was an RA (Resident Advisor). It was a school day I was on my way to class when a handsome black man named Terrence came up to me. He was dressed in saggy pants. He looked at me. I checked him out. He had a lip piercing. I think it was a Labret peircing. He looked like a tough thug or gangster. He said "baby, you look hot". I thanked him and he put his on my waist and asked what size bra did I wear. I thought that was a very strange thing to ask and I told him 36C. He started asking lots of questions.

He asked if I was interested in black men. I told him I never thought about it. He put his hands on my butt and pulled me closer. He got me against the wall and we started kissing. I told him I am starting to get more interested. I gave him my key to my dorm and told him to wait there for me. He told me he will be there. During class I could not focus on the lecture, I was thinking about Terrence. I was getting curious. I wondered what my family would think if they knew I had desires for black men . As a Southern white Christian girl it would seem that I would not be interested in black guys. I was always seen as sweet and innocent. I even wondered how my boyfriend would take it.

Once I got back to my dorm Terrence was naked on my bed. Terrence obviously does not waste time. I felt bad because I was dating a guy as named Justin, who is white, I always refused to have sex with him, I told him I was waiting. The most I gave Justin was a blowjob. I noticed a difference in Terrence's penis size. Justin had a small little dick. He was only five inches long when hard and the girth was average. Terrence had a nine inch cock with a thick girth.

I walked in to the room leaving the door open and sat on his lap. I took off my shirt and bra. Terrence started licking my breast, squeezing and sucking on my nipples. I got up pulled off my jeans and thong. He told me he loves how my pussy was shaved and pretty. I got on my knees and put his shaft between my boobs. I bounced my boobs getting him harder. I sucked his balls and licked it. I had to open wide to suck on his impressive big dick.

There were four who came in and watched as my head was bobbing up and down and my lips wrapped tightly around Terrence's cock. I was enjoying how great it was. The guy's were I got up and laid on the bed letting Terrence eat my pussy. He put his fingers in and opened my pussy and he licked deep inside. I was getting loud enjoying his tongue. After he finished I knew I was ready to have him put his dick inside me. He started rubbing the head of his dick on my pussy lips. I spread my legs wide and he pushed his dick into my pussy. I wrapped my legs around him we were kissing. He was bouncing on me real hard. We traded places; whereas I was on top grinding on him I was rubbing on his chest and he was squeezing my boobs.

As I got off he asked if I was willing to do anal. I was scared to get his big dick in my ass, but I decided to do it. I leaned over the bed and he licked my crack and shoved his dick into my ass. My ass was hurting and I was getting tears in my eyes. He pulled out and I turned facing him he lifted me up and fucked my pussy while standing. I started cumming. He sat me down and I was on my knees sucking his dick until he jizzed in my mouth. I spitted it out, but Terrence wiped it with is fingers and put it back in and I swallowed it.

We got the other guys out of the room. Terrence stayed the night and we could not keep our hands off of each other. We kept kissing until we fell asleep. In the morning we got up took a shower together and fucked one more time before heading out. Terrence is the reason I got into black guys.

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