tagLoving WivesLearning to Swap Ch. 01

Learning to Swap Ch. 01


My wife, Susan, and I had a long flight to our "all inclusive" weeklong vacation in the Caribbean. After we had checked into the hotel, had dinner, showered and changed into our jammies I jokingly told my wife, Susan, that she could choose any porn movie on our hotel Cablevision.

"Oh goody," she replied, and smiled at me with a sexy look. I was triply surprised. First, that she would even consider watching a porn movie at all, and second, by the great detail she paid attention to in making her eventual choice.

She had never liked porn. In fact, she disliked porn. She would wrinkle up her nose and go "ooooh" whenever I brought up the subject. She even went so far as to comment disapprovingly of anything remotely having to DO with porn. She was a beautiful woman, becoming even more beautiful as she matured, and we had a loving and reasonably active sex life. But it was kind of boring. But here we were, on a vacation in paradise, and maybe things were about to change.

My normally prudish wife reviewed every porn available for content and quality. There must have been 50 or more. As my balls swelled, she painstakingly went through lurid description after lurid description, reading each aloud, before settling on my third surprise: a movie about Wife-Swapping. By the time she made her choice, I was already hard as a rock, so I started the movie right away, before she changed her mind.

The scene opened with two couples, one white and one black, sitting on an L-shaped sectional. They chatted about how nervous they were to be swapping, but it didn't take long before the blonde-haired woman reached over and began caressing the knee of the beautiful, large-breasted black woman. After a bit of mutual caressing with the encouragement of their husbands, the women swapped spots on the sofa and turned their attentions to each other's husband.

The white woman began kissing the muscular black man while rubbing the big bulge in his pants. Soon, with the other couple making out in the background, she went down on her knees in front of him and began unbuckling his pants. She pulled his pants off, revealing his huge stiff cock. She grabbed for it, stroking it up and down, then began licking and kissing it, finally taking as much of it in her mouth as she could. The big black dude reached down and began kneading her breasts as she worked on his shaft.

In the background, the other couple was taking their clothes off. When they were completely in the buff, the white guy pushed the black woman back on the sofa, pulled her legs apart, and began vigorously licking and sucking on her pussy. As the camera focused on them, the woman squirmed as the guy pushed two fingers into her shaved black cunt while he continued to lash at her clit and wet hole with his tongue.

The black man pushed the white woman away from his cock and told her to take her clothes off; he wanted to fuck her and stretch her pussy out. She jumped up and disrobed while the black dude pulled his shirt off. Her body was slim and pale, but she had huge breasts with pink areolas and nipples that were sticking out about an inch and a half. His body was black, hard, and muscular.

He stood and began kissing and stroking her body while she caressed him all over. The man in the other couple had stopped slurping pussy and had moved up and was fucking the black woman with gusto in the missionary position. She was moaning and groaning with each thrust, telling him, "oh yeah, fuck me baby, fuck me."

At this point, my wife reached over and began lightly stroking my dick through my pajama pants. I had been so enrapt in watching the action on the screen, I had almost forgotten my wife sitting next to me on the bed. She was wearing a satin teddy with frilly lace and satin panties. I reached over and lightly stroked her breast, feeling her hard nipple under the satiny texture. We continued to lightly stroke each other as we watched the action on the screen.

By this time the black man was working his huge cock into the thin white woman. He was telling her he was going to stretch her out and she was almost crying, telling him she couldn't take any more of him in. He kept slowly pushing it in and soon she was groaning and pushing against him as he began slowly thrusting in and out. She started coming, turning her head wildly from side to side, saying, "Oh, fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck." Her husband in the background looked over with a somewhat worried look on his face as she came to another crashing orgasm riding the big black pole of her new lover.

At this point the muscled black man began really pounding away at her. This drove her to new heights as she had orgasm after orgasm. Finally the black guy told her he was going to shoot his load into her. His wife, now sitting atop the white man and riding him like a horse, looked over and said, "Yeah, honey, pump her full of your hot sperm. Let her have it!" As the other couple watched, the black stud pumped his seed into the slim white girl, pulling out after a few pump-loads inside and squirting the last of his man-juice all over her shaved pussy, which looked red and raw from the workout it had just had. You could see the man's come dripping from the gaping hole of her pussy in a closeup shot. She reached out and gave him a few strokes with her hand to milk out the last of his sticky white come.

The camera switched now to the other couple, the black woman riding the white man as he lay on his back. Her huge breasts were swinging as she pumped forward and back. She looked down at him, and said, "Pump me full just like my husband just pumped your wife full of his come." She speeded up and the man announced he was about to come, then shot his load into her greedy black cunt.

By this time, I was about as worked up as a guy could be. My wife's light rubbing of my cock had become more steady, more insistent, and firmer, with her gripping me through my pajama bottoms and gently pumping. My hand wandered down from her nipples, down across her satin-covered tummy, and began to stroke her pussy through the lacy bottoms. The gusset of her panties was soaked as I rubbed up and down, along the lips of her pussy and lingered with a light up and down on her clit. I pulled her panties aside, and slipped a finger into her pussy. She immediately pressed against my hand and had an intense orgasm, making my hand gooey with her come.

"Wow," she said. "I can't believe I came that fast."

"Well, you're not done yet," I told her. As the movie went on, I gave her a few minutes to recover from her orgasm. Then I pulled her legs apart and slid down the bed, getting my face right in front of her swollen red pussy. She rocked her hips as I kept my face inches from her wet, fragrant cunt. As she watched the movie her arousal grew, and soon she was pushing her pussy towards my face and whimpering "Lick me, honey. Lick me"

I held out as long as I could, feeling her becoming more and more turned on by the movie and the anticipation of what I was about to do. I couldn't see the screen, but whatever was happening was certainly having an effect on her. Finally she reached down and took my head in her hands and pushed my face against her pussy. I began to lick her, stopping periodically to suck lightly on her clit. She was running fluids, grinding her wet cunt against my face. I could feel my entire face become wet and sticky as I honed in more and more on her swollen clitoris. She was moaning with every lick, completely worked up, and as I worked on her clit I slipped first one, then two, then three fingers into her sopping cunt. She began making her pre-cum sounds, a cross between whimpers and moans, and soon exploded on my hand again, soaking my face with the force of her orgasm.

"Oh, god that felt good. I am sooooo horny. Thank you, honey" With that she got up on her knees and pushed me down to the bed, grabbing my cock with her left hand. I moved up and turned slightly so I could see the hotel T.V. As my wife began licking my rock-hard cock, I watched as the black man fucked the white woman from behind while she blew her husband. The black woman, meanwhile, was playing with herself with her left hand while she lightly tweaked the nipples of the woman getting it in the cunt and the mouth at the same time. The black man pumped his second load of the night into the woman who immediately turned around so her husband could fuck her from behind while she and the black woman cleaned off the black man's cock with their tongues.

Meanwhile, Susan was working on my cock like a pro. She didn't blow me very often, and when she did, she didn't do it with much enthusiasm. This was different, though. This was a hungry, horny woman getting as much of my cock as she could. When I told her I was about to come, she pulled me out of her mouth and finished me with her hand. I came with my entire body, shooting hot ropes of white sperm straight up into the air. They landed in gobs on my stomach and thighs as she pumped my dick with her hand.

She ran and got a warm wet washcloth from the bathroom and cleaned me up, drying me with a fluffy hand towel. Then she got up and went into the bathroom to clean herself up. By the time she returned the movie was about over, and we watched in silence as the couples kissed their new partners goodbye, then left the room with their own spouses.

As the credits rolled at the end, I turned the T.V. off with the remote.

"That was pretty surprising and very amazing," I told Susan. "You usually won't even talk about watching a porn movie. I guess now you know what you've been missing. It sure fired you up."

"Oh my god, did it ever!" she replied. "I can't believe how horny it made me. I was, like, on fire down there!"

"Why the sudden change of mind about porn?" I asked her, touching her bare knee and making gentle circles with my fingertip.

"Something you said last time you brought it up, and I turned you down. You said that we never tried anything new....just the same old thing year after year." She paused. "I thought about it, and realized you were right. So ever since, I've been kind of wanting to experiment. It even kind of made me horny the more I thought about it, and I even fantasized a few times about things we might do. When you indicated tonight that you wanted to watch a porno, I decided it was time for a change."

"And......?" I asked.

"I'm really glad we did."

I reached over and turned off the light. She slid over next to me on the bed and we began kissing. She reached down and began stroking my dick as we kissed, and it slowly came back to life. Soon I was hard again, and I moved on top of her, sliding my dick into her warm and welcoming, familiar pussy. We made love slowly and deliberately. I made sure she came first, then with my mouth locked on hers and our tongues doing the age-old dance of love, I filled her with my man-seed, as I had so many times over the years. She held me tightly as I came, moving against me for as long as I kept moving.

When I stopped, I kissed her one more time and slid off her to my side of the bed. I felt her grab a hand towel and put it between her legs, catching my dripping sperm leaking out of her cunt. I moved close to her, spooning her body from behind. I felt satiated and content. It was going to be a good vacation, I could tell.

A few things were nagging at my mind, though, as I neared sleep. What did she mean about having fantasized about "things we might do"? What kind of things had she been fantasizing about? And why was she so turned on by a movie about mate-swapping?

My questions would be answered soon enough.


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