tagInterracial LoveLeasa's Snatch Ch. 02

Leasa's Snatch Ch. 02


My finale regarding the hot, authoress leasaj

* * * * *

The old, fat dude spit into his hand and began wiping his spittle into Leasa's crack. I could tell he found pay dirt with his slickened fingers when she winced and sucked in her breath. He was probing her asshole loosening it, and it obviously hurt. I was glad. Feel the burn, baby, was all I could think, laughing to myself.

Then this short, pudgy, pygmy-like guy sort of jumped up on Leasa's back and started rubbing his dick into the cleft of her ass. Again, he soon struck home. Leasa's head lurched up and she grimaced with the pain of entrance. I could hear her hissing, "Oooowwww!!!"

But Pygmy Man didn't care. Now that his stubby dick had found entrance, he really went to work on the poor bitch. His ass started humping in double time—short, little, choppy jabs into her ass. It really reminded me of a dog humping another dog.

Leasa kept hissing, "Owww, Owwww, pllleeaasse don't!!!"

But again, Pygmy Man was working away on her. In fact, he was even licking the nape of her neck and nipping at her shoulder. I thought the old bastard had lost his mind and was trying to cannibalize her. But all I could do was stand and watch the once proud blonde taking her due justice, right up the ass. And from a guy she'd probably not have looked twice at on the street. Well, he sure had her attention now!

"Please, baby, no!!!" Leasa was crying out, sounding a little like a street whore begging for mercy from her pimp. Appropriate, I thought, cause that's exactly what she's gonna be turned into when I get done with her: "Leasa Jons, street-whore".

I could see Leasa sneak her hand down between her legs and was playing with her clit. Slutty, little bitch. For all her protestations, she was trying to get off with this little, old black man riding her ass.

The pygmy started whispering in Leasa's ear. Then I heard him shout:

"What's my name, bitch?"

"Mr. Taylor," Leasa struggled under him to reply.

"What you want, bitch?" Pygmy man shouted, definitely wanting everyone to hear.

"Your black dick...in my ass," Leasa whimpered, obviously feeding back to him what he demanded she respond to him with.

"How bad you want it?"

"Real bad..." Slave-Leasa moaned to the man.

"Well, you gonna get it. White slut." Pygmy man taunted her, his ass still going a mile a minute.

A few minutes more, and he started grunting. I could see his balls swell and lift, as he pumped his old, black spunk into Leasa Jon's gorgeous, white --once-tight--ass.

"Ugh, ugh," he grunted, loudly.

Leasa's ass visibly flexed several times during the long moments after Pygmy Man came in her ass, obviously milking his dick of its enema like fluids.

As he laid there on Leasa's back, the Fat Man's thick, black dick then oozed from her rectum as it deflated. Leasa struggled to maintain control of herself as he pulled away. I chuckled, watching this white princess struggling not to shit on herself.

"When we get done, you gonna need a diaper, baby," the skinny guy said, as he jumped up on the table and lay on his back with his huge erection sticking up in the air. He grabbed it and pointed it straight up, indicating for Leasa to climb on top.

"Time you did a little of the work, slut," the old, geezer chuckled.

Leasa wearily and shakily crawled over to him on the table. Slowly, she straddled the old-timer, grabbed his big dick, positioned it, and knelt down onto it.

No doubt about it. She wanted it now.

The bartender climbed up on the table and positioned himself behind her. He wedged his long dick between her cheeks and started pumping in slowly at first. But then you could see he found her hole and was working into her ass.

Leasa too stopped for a second, as you could see the seventy-ish bartender find her asshole. She knit her brow, as if concentrating on relaxing her back hole for the old man. Sure enough, then you could see the bartender's long dick slowly disappearing more and more with each thrust. Sinking well into the depths of Leasa's ass.

Like an Oreo cookie, these two old, black men began humping into Leasa's holes. One underneath, one on her back. She worked back in rhythm with them, all three sweating profusely. The heavy smell of sex was now thick in the air. The jukebox played "Dancing Queen," and I started laughing. Yeah, here was our dancing queen, taking on all comers, and "all comers" were 'all cumming'!

The old fart that had fucked Leasa on the booth-table earlier got onto the pool table, offering his dick to her mouth. After rubbing it across her lips a few times, she opened up and took him in. All three holes were now filled—by three ancient black men who were havin' the night of their lives!

I sat back with my drink and watched Leasa perform for me with her aged, ebony sex partners. I wondered if she could have ever imagined when she got up this morning how much her life would change today. Could she have ever, in a million years, imagined ending the day on a pool table with three old bro's in their late sixties, making like the blonde beast with two backs?

But as I watched, Leasa was giving as good as she was taking. Bucking back against the thrusts of the man under her and the one riding her back. Helping to jam their old, black organs deep into her wet, buttery depths.

Leasa bobbed her head on the dick offered to her mouth. I chuckled to myself, as I thought it looked like she was bobbing for apples, or in this case, bananas. Big, old, age-blackened bananas—Ha, ha—what a laugh! But let me tell ya', Leasa wasn't laughing. No sir, our gorgeous blonde worked on that old, black dick like it was the most important thing in her life. And, ya' know, I was pretty sure it was, as I watched Leasa licking it, kissing it, and then sucking it back into her mouth. The old, bro' just knelt there, kinda shocked himself to see this young blonde wife unable to get enough of him.

Fact is, the old guy just put his hand behind Leasa's head and guided the excited girl in her duties. She let him. In fact, she seemed to like his taking command of her. Several times as he guided her down lower to lick his sweaty, old balls, I could see her glancing up at him, looking for approval. She wanted his acknowledgement that she was pleasing him. The girl was a born whore. She was born to please a man. And it was dawning on me, as I could see it was on Leasa, that the blacker that man was, the better.

The old guy finally pulled out of her mouth and began jacking his fat cock in her face. Leasa opened her mouth as he let loose. I saw a streaming shot go right down her throat. She lurched back a little choking on it. A second shot got her right between the eyes. I shouted, "Good shot bro'! You got her!"

After Leasa was cumfaced, I noticed both the guys above and below her adjusting themselves somehow. Couldn't see from where I was what was going on, but Leasa was really trying to resist at this point. I could hear her whimpering, "No, guys come on...I can't...no, really, please..."

As I approached the table, I could see what was happening. The old timer below was joining the one above in Leasa's ass. They were struggling to get both their fat, old dicks into our girl's butt-hole. I thought of intervening at this point. But my fascination with the whole thing stopped me.

I also noticed something: Leasa wasn't really struggling all that hard. In fact, she kinda paused her struggles as they tried to get into her. "Shit," I thought to myself, the bitch is keeping still to help them position the second dick into her. As the homey below got it wedged in somewhat, I could see Leasa lift her head again and wrinkle her brow. Sort of concentrating on relaxing her asshole. Sure enough within seconds he popped in. Leasa's lips puckered as she sucked in a breath. Man, it hadda hurt.

The two old, geezers looked like sexual athletes at this point. They began working in unison on Leasa's asshole. The one above got to his feet and crouched above Leasa, stretching her asshole upward, while the homey below stayed flat on his back, having the effect of stretching Leasa's rectum downward. Her asshole was stretched to truly abnormal dimensions at this point. I knew that this girl would never be the same back there again.

Leasa's face was contorted with a mixture of agony and ecstasy. I could see this girl loved some pain with her pleasure. She was a born slave. Just as I was a born master. I could already see the future. She would serve me well.

The oldster below started groaning. I hoped the old guy's heart wasn't failing. But then I could see a copious flow of thick white jism flowing out of Leasa's ass and down the thick barrel of his black, pulsating dick.

Didn't take too long for the fella riding Leasa's back to do the same. As the guy below slid out, Leasa's hole hung wide open. I wondered if the combination of her stretch slackened sphincter and the jizz-enema she was getting would cause for an embarrassment that would end the evening. But as the guy on top came and pulled out, the only thing that poured out her ass was a jug load of black man's cum.

I watched the blonde beauty's sphincter trying to clench as it spasmed in orgasm. But as the cream flowed out of her backside the blonde's battered sphincter couldn't pull itself together anymore. It just hung open a good inch or two.

I chuckled to myself: this bitch once looked down on me. Look at her now. Every time she tries to sit down for the next month she'll think of me. Shit, she'll never walk the same after the ass pounding she just took. And from the look on her face, I could tell it wouldn't be the last time this blonde bitch would submit to being sodomized, even with another double penetration. The look of pleasure glowed from her sweaty face. And her slender little fingers wiggled away at her clit. She loved it! Every ass wrecking inch of it.

Leasa rolled over onto her back again. The little fat guy got up on the table and straddled her face, facing toward her feet. I thought at first that he was looking for another blowjob, but he moved a little further down and shouted:


Holy shit! I really did wonder if it was all going way too far and Leasa'd start screaming rape any minute.

There was a long pause, as we all watched her look up at his ass from just inches below. Then it happened. Leasa's beautiful head lifted from the table, trailing her blonde hair behind, her lips puckered, and she kissed one of the fat, black cheeks of Fat Boy's ass.


Leasa lifted her head again. She kissed the other sweaty, fat butt cheek. I thought, she's finished now. Nothing is off limits from here on.


Leasa lifted her head slowly toward the sweaty crack of the old, fat black man's butt, paused for a second, and then began nuzzling her nose in between his butt-cheeks, then her lips, then her face, until the girl disappeared up to her ears into the old man's ass.


At this point, all dicks were upright in the room again.

Leasa's face began to nuzzle back and forth, deep in the cleft of the old man's fat, black ass. We could hear the smooching sound of a deep kiss. Then she seemed to be kissing his asshole again...and then yet again. Leasa was, for all intent and purposes, making love to the old, man's asshole.

"Use ya' tongue, ho'" he hissed. Then he sucked in a breath and closed his eyes as if the blonde was sending him to heaven.

"Yeah, that's it, that's it, that's it..." he kept chanting in a whisper, his dick standing straight up and rigid, again.

Leasa's head was now bobbing into the cheeks of his ass. She was giving him a pro's rim job if ever there was one.

"Yeah, lick my black ass—honky ho'" he hissed.

Leasa's head now glided up and down the length of his crack, turning slightly to the left and then slightly to the right, as she apparently obeyed Fat-boy's commands.

He then started jacking his fat, black meat, and turned to face Leasa's face, letting go a torrent of black cum-juice all over the once beautiful girl's face. It hit Leasa's forehead, streaked over her nose and ran down her cheeks. When he was done he dropped it to her lips, and her lips puckered in a kiss on its sticky knob-head. Then she took it in her hand and sucked it into her mouth. Her head bobbed on it and she delicately cleaned it with her tongue. All the while, her face glistening with a coating of his old, African spunk.

Leasa appeared to be a white woman completely trained now to whore herself to any black man who wanted her.

How quickly, I thought--how easily--it all happened. I now realized what a persistent black man could do to any white woman he chose. He could literally change their whole lives in one night. Just as I had changed Leasa's—forever.

When I looked again, Leasa was on the floor kneeling before the bartender. He wanted to be sucked off again. He grabbed her head and began to violently face-fuck the girl. Her tits bounced around comically, as he would first pull her onto and then pull her off of, his lengthy cock. In effect, using her mouth to jack off with.

When the bartender came he held her deep on his pole. Leasa struggled a little, but quickly gave in, and I could even see her hands come up and lovingly stroke the old barman's asscheeks, as she guzzled down the drink he was tending to her. When he was done, he let go and pulled back from her. Leasa just slumped against the foot of the table.

We all stood around just looking at this once goddess-like blonde. Now, I thought, it's my turn.

As Leasa half sat, half slumped, against the foot of the table, I stepped up and straddled her body, one foot on either side of her hips. I looked down on this woman—this girl—who used to talk down to me in front of my co-workers. Treating me like a boy—like a fuckin' boy. As I remembered some particularly demeaning off-hand remarks she'd made to me in the past, I took hold of my 10'' hose and let loose a golden stream that arced from my pee slit and splattered along her naked frame. First splashing over her tits, I then directed it over her belly, down along her pussy, and finally, back up to her tits. I hit bulls' eyes on first the left, and then the right, nipple. Then I continued up her neckline—right into her face!

She turned her head violently. But it was too late! I peed right into Leasa Jon's face. It splashed all over. As she turned the face I used to worship, I could see her spitting drops of my pee from her lips.

When I was done, you couldn't hear a sound in the place. The old boys were all stunned. Just staring at me, then down at the soaked blonde. I shook a few piss drops over her. Then I stepped up straddling over her turned face. I squatted down, just inches over her, letting my leaking dick drip onto the side of her face.

"Leasa, clean me off!" I commanded.

A few long seconds ticked by. Then Leasa turned her face up toward me. Looked deep into my eyes. My eyes showed no mercy. Her mouth opened, and she leaned up and took the knob of my dick into her mouth. I felt her tongue wash around it and clean it off. Shit, the bitch even started frenching my pee slit. I realized at this moment: white women were made to be black men's whores.

When I was done, I got dressed and walked out leaving a dramatically different woman lying on the barroom floor than I entered the bar with earlier that evening. I left Leasa Jons lying on the barroom floor, in a puddle of my piss. Just like the slut she was. I only wish her white daddy could see her now. See what I'd reduced her to.

As I walked out to my car, I could see Leasa's little, red Mustang all jacked up, wheels off it, some graffiti written on the side, "Honky ho'!"

They must have seen me go in with her, I chuckled to my self.

Gee, wonder how she'll explain it all to pencil-dicked, white boy, hubby.

Well, not my problem. I felt great drivin' home. Couldn't wait to see Leasa again the next day— or maybe the next week, with the shape I'd left her in. But, whenever, couldn't wait to see the changes I'd wrought in this once proud, blonde, Caucasian goddess.

I wouldn't have long to wait.

Well, Leasa was out of work about a week. Seems she got a flu that she really needed to recover from, ha ha.

When she returned to work, you wouldn't have known it was the same girl. First thing I noticed was, she wasn't wearing her wedding ring anymore. And she was driving a used Ford Escort. Man, I nearly shit in my pants, I laughed so hard when I saw that.

In time, I heard that after I left, the old boys I left Ms. Jons with all took a leak on her and had her clean their old hoses off. Then, I guess the bartender had her take a shower in the back; he literally hosed her down with a water hose in the back of the place. He let her put on an old robe they had in back and drove her home. Before she left the car, he told me, she asked how she could repay him. He told her to, "get creative." At that, he said, she paused a few seconds, then just casually unzipped him, took out his long cock, and sucked him off right there in front of her house.

When he came, he told her to swallow it, and, of course, she did. As she was getting out to go in the house, he smiled at her and told her to, "give hubby a deep, long kiss," when she got inside. He drove off laughing, watching the poor bitch walkin' in the door with nothing but an old robe on.

Guess, pencil-dick didn't take to that too much, ha ha.

Well, back at work some rumors spread about little Leasa's proclivities and activities with a black co-worker after hours. Don't know how that happened, ha ha. Result was, she was busted down to Marketing Coordinator, essentially a secretarial position. Guess the head of Marketing--a woman's-libber--found it embarrassing to have a slut in a management position.

Leasa's job was now to basically say "Yes, sir," and "No, sir," to whomever addressed her—even programmers like myself in Development. I remember going down there one day and asking her to type up a report I'd done for Marketing on what our team was working on. Man, the poor bitch could hardly look me in the eye.

I remember telling her it had to be done, "and fast."

"Yes, Mr. Smith," was her response. I just fuckin' loved it! From then on, she only addressed me as, "Mr. Smith."

She actually left a voice mail or two on my home phone in the coming months, saying we needed to talk. I never returned them. The last few sounded a little hysterical. I could tell blondie was gettin' a little desperate. After about 6 months passed, I could see why.

Leasa started wearing maternity clothes to work. I stopped by her desk to give her an update report to type and "congratulated" her. Man, I'll never forget the look on her face—about as forlorn a look as ever a woman could have, while being congratulated for being blessed that she was, "in the family way."

Leasa practically begged me to meet her for dinner. Shit, she told me she'd pay. She just "had to" see me for dinner.

I told her, okay, "as long as you're pickin' up the tab, babe."

We met for dinner, and she told me the whole long, sad tale. Hubby had left her. She waited too long to do anything about the pregnancy because she was in denial that she was really pregged. That the way she behaved that night at the bar, "wasn't really her." That I, "had to understand," etc.

Well, the long and the short of it was, she virtually proposed to me. She talked about us as a couple. She was sure "the twins" were mine. Man, she practically started crying a few times. Me, I just had to suppress the big smile that was aching to bust out on my face.

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