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Leather & Pleats


My girl, beautiful with her olive skin and brown eyes, her dark brown hair in little pigtail braids.

"See," she shows her handy work, "I like to get them really tight, so when I unlace them they go all wavy, and look really cool."

She wriggles in her seat, pulling on her braids, then on her blouse. She carefully folds the pleats on her skirt.

When she's horny, she claws at things. She claws at my dashboard, she claws her thighs. She reaches for my knee and gives it a squeeze.

"I think you should pull over."

The car swerved off the road into a kind of grassy turn off. I looked into those big brown fuck me eyes of hers and found myself absolutely helpless. She was on my lap loosening my belt.

"Honey, we can't." I found myself forcing words, which lacked all truth.

"Oh yes we can," my girl always the devil on my shoulder, "you just can't tell anyone or else we'll get in trouble."

"You mean I'll get in trouble." She held my face in her tiny hands, looking up at me and grinning her little girl grin.

"Let me see it." She begs and licks her lips, she wriggles in my and dry humps my thigh in anticipation. This gets me every time. I take it out and she gasps in little girl wonderment. A smile crosses her lips and she eyes my cock like it's the first time.

She bites her lower lip and wipes her mouth with the back of her hand. Her tiny fingers twirl a lock of brown hair. She purrs a harmonious, "Yummmmm," long and drawn out, "are you gonna make it cum?" She looks back and forth from me to my cock, lending me pleading eyes.

"Do you want to see me cum?" I ask the question already knowing the answer. She nods and licks her palm offering me lubricant in exchange for the show. "You have to help me though."

She smiles and unzips her knitted sweater revealing a low cut pink velvet blouse, her tits unreal. I don't remember the girls looking like this when I was young. She lifts them up and out. Firm yet pillowy to the touch, nipples pebble hard, her breasts more than a grown man's handful.

"You like them?" She asks licking her fingers and then pinching her nipples getting them more and more erect. Her breasts become fuller as her excitement grows. She blushes. I start my show as she leans back against her passenger side door.

She licks her fingers and lifts her skirt, showing me her shaven cunt. She parts those puffy lips showing me her secret place, slick and pink. Her fingers glide up and down as she writhes in my leather seat.

"Can you see it?" She asks parting herself wide open.

I gaze gratefully.

"Is it pretty?" She asks already knowing the answer.

"Oh God yes." I muster as I beat my cock harder and faster.

"It feels so good." She licks her lips and sticks a finger in, fucks herself slowly. She moans, writhes, and rubs her clit faster and faster.

This brings me over the edge and when she hears my first hint of pleasure, she rubs herself with more vigor. She gets off knowing she's getting me off.

"Make it cum," she pants breathlessly, "make it cum." She pleads.

The first shot flows down my cock, I glance to my side and see my girls face in bliss, her finger up her cunt in a vain attempt to fill herself up. The second shot hits my steering wheel and my head hits the back of the headrest with a cushy thud.

My girl is spent and beautiful with her young tits and wrinkled pleated skirt. She looks at me in a lustful daze; drunk on orgasm.

"Can I have some?" Inquisitively asked as she eyes my hot liquid, she seems mesmerized.

I finger a drop off my cock and place that finger in her pink strawberry glossed mouth. She sucks greedily.

"Mmmm, tastes so good." She grins devilishly and looks up at me with those mock innocent eyes that con me all the time.

We grin exhaustedly, as we straighten ourselves, making ourselves tidy and neat for the drop off.

"Tell your father, Hello." I say pulling up to her house, pretending as if nothing has happened.

"I will." She speaks sweetly, fluffing her hair and pulling at her skirt before running up the drive.

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