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Leather Exhibition


This is a fantasy story about you exhibiting yourself on a train and how things get carried away. We have been invited to a leather or denim theme night but women are not allowed to wear jeans so you say we won't go. The thing is we have been invited by one of your suppliers John and all the other girls from work are going so they are pressurising you. Plus you don't want to let him down but you haven't got a denim skirt or leather pants and you don't want to but something as a one-off.

You are thinking about it all day long and come home and tell me about it over tea. I say,

"Well why don't you try the leather skirt you have and see how that looks?"

Oh no -- I can't -- you think. I'll look so slutty. I keep going on at you to try it out and finally you cave in. So we go upstairs and you put it on and it's about your knee length, so you think it is not too short, and you try your leather boots with them.

"It looks ok babes," I say "honestly, and think it will be dark so most people won't know what material it is."

"I will feel so slutty though," you say but I butt in with, "So what, you will look hot and I reckon you will get loads of male attention!

"And what if I do? you reply.

"Well I won't mind -- it will make me feel good to see them lusting after you."

"Ok I'll wear it then."

The week flies by and before we know it, Saturday has come and you have just got in from work. You shower, and are just thinking away when a thought pops in your head of all the men at this party lusting after you and it gets you a little horny. So much so that you give your clit a quick rub and tweak your nipples. I'm gonna enjoy this you think. As you are dressing you can't decide which thong and bra too wear but with what happened in the shower fresh in your mind you decide to go commando with both. Only I will know, you think, all those men looking at me not realising I've no underwear on. So you slide the leather skirt in and it feels great going over your legs and rests perfectly on your hips. You straighten it out and the touch of the leather sends a tingle up your spine. Mmmm -- this is going to be fun. You pull on your knee-high boots and then put on a white denim jacket. Looking at yourself in the mirror you feel strange, like you don't recognise yourself. I look so slutty; normally I would want to change so why do I feel so horny? And with that the taxi beeps to take us to the train station.

On the way you see the driver looking in the mirror at you and you start to feel the pangs of sexual desire. Oh my god -- what's wrong with me you think but feel yourself opening your legs a little. The driver notices this ever so slight opening. As I am sat in the front talking to him he realises there is little chance of being caught so he adjusts his rear-view mirror. You see his lustful eyes looking at yours and then flicking to your skirt so you decide to tease the horny bastard some more. You open your legs a little bit wider thinking I'll flash him some panties but realise too late that you aren't wearing any. Oh shit! -- a taxi driver is staring at my pussy -- you think -- and quickly close them shut. His eyes catch yours and he grins wickedly licking his lips but you turn away embarrassed for exposing your pussy to him.

The rest of the drive passes without incident and we get on the train. It is standing room only so we face each other and start chatting away. I am telling you about my footy match and you are starting to switch off a bit because you know I will be talking for a while when you feel a hand brush against your arse. What was that? -- you think -- oh it was nothing -- but ten seconds later it happens again but this time, there is a little pinch to follow it. Once again the smallest thing consumes you with lust and you mentally urge the hand to continue. For the next five minutes of the journey the hand is stroking and kneading your arse, and it is driving you insane with desire. You want the hand on your clit, in your pussy, touching your arsehole. God -- I'm so horny -- you think.

Just as the train slows down to pull in to the station you feel someone stand up and push up behind you. That is when you feel it. A hard cock being pressed against your leather-skirted arse cheek. Oh that feels so big - you think. I turn away to ready myself for exiting and you reach behind and feel the cock that is sandwiched between your arse and a complete stranger. That feels so big -- I would love to sit on that -- you think, but the train stops to snap you out of your erotic fantasy and then a deep voice whispers to you,

"What I'd do to fuck you up against a wall in that skirt and boots you horny slut."

And with that he is gone and you exit the train on shaky legs.

"What did that bloke just say to you? I ask.

"That he liked my skirt," you reply. Adding mentally that he liked it in his hand, with his cock rubbing against it and with it bunched round your waist as he fucked you against a wall. Fuck -- you think -- I just held a stranger's cock with my husband a few feet away.

"I told you it would be popular! I say to snap you back to reality.

We make our way through town and we finally enter the party which is being held at a small club with loads of alcoves and a small dance floor. We go to the bar and ask for drinks and then a few from your work come in.

James says, "Like the outfit Emma -- you look hot! Pete nods in agreement saying,

"Yeah -- I wish I hadn't brought my Mrs along!

"Told you darling," I whisper in your ear.

After a couple of drinks we are dancing and I say I need the toilet but ask you to wait on the dance floor for me. So you carry on dancing when John comes up to you.

"Just thought I'd tell you that you are the sexiest in here Emma," he blurts out.

"John! -- you say in astonishment.

"No you are -- I mean you're pretty but that skirt -- I mean fuck -- I would never have let you leave the house."

That's when it hits you. He wants me and especially in this skirt, and with the earlier events already heightening your arousal and lowering your inhibitions you hear yourself reply,


He looks at you and grins mischievously (which adds to his sexual appeal) and moves closer to you placing his hands on your hips.

"Because Emma I'd be fucking you all over the goddamned house. And I mean wild. Doggy, sixty-nine, spoons, you on top, against the wall, me on top. Fuck, if you left the skirt on I might even do you up the arse."

And with that taboo word your pussy floods and you stumble forward. He grabs you by the arse quickly and says,

"Ricks at the bar. Come with me."

He leads you to a dark alcove and pins you against the wall, a hand immediately grabs an arse cheek, the other slides in to your jacket, his fingers desperately seeking a nipple. And then he talks in to your ear,

"Is that what you like a cock in your sexy arse? Or is it fingers you crave? No I bet its my tongue all over your rim."

As he says this you moan as his fingers have found your nipple and he is rubbing it between them. The words have a big effect on your pussy, making it so wet and every tweak on you nipple sends a buzz directly to your clit. That's when you become bold, totally losing yourself in the moment, your sex-fuelled desire over-ruling your inhibitions and you move a hand up inside his denim shirt. You grab at hairs on his chest until you find his nipple and begin turning it in your fingers. Your other seeks out his hard cock. You feel the bulge resting inside his leather trousers which makes you tingle inside with your new addiction to leather.

And suddenly he stops, pulling away.

"Let's not get carried away we're gonna get caught," he stammers.

"Oh God but I need it," you moan.

But he turns away, leaving you sexually stranded feeling totally teased. I come back with some drinks, none the wiser, and you pull me in to the alcove for a quick snog and a grope. However it doesn't have the same affect with me as your earlier exploits, so you realise this itch can only be scratched in one way. You come up with a plan. I'll get Rick real drunk and then he will miss my blatant teasing of any red-blooded male lusting after me and my sexy leather skirt.

So that's what you do -- forcing me to the bar for drinks, leaving yours half drunk in the toilets. About an hour later you are dancing with Pete, just chatting and you turn away from him trying to rub your arse against his crotch. He responds quickly but then pulls away which again frustrates you. You next move up to a stranger dancing in front of him, leaning down to flash him your braless tits, and he takes the bait pulling you in close sinking his fingers in to your arse. You respond by licking your lips and your hand traces its way down to his cock trying to tease him and getting him hard. I love this feeling -- you think -- knowing he will do whatever I want. Then he surprises you by forcing his leg between yours. Before you can stop him, he's pulled your skirt up to just below your arse cheeks and wedges his thigh between your legs rubbing directly on to your sopping pussy. What's happening to me? My arse is on show to half the club and a stranger is rubbing his leather panted leg on my pussy and it feels so naughty, and oh I just want him to carry on even if I cum and you feel yourself grinding your pussy in to his leg, trying to get your clit on to it but loving the feel of the smooth leather trousers on your pussy made even slicker by your juices. But that is when you see me drunkenly heading for the dance floor and you push the stranger away, quickly turn round and rub your semi- exposed arse on his bulging crotch for a quick thrill. Then you flip back, pull the skirt back down and you see him looking down at his leg where your juices cover his leather trousers in an erotic sheen. He uses his finger to scoop some of it up and places it to his lips, licking it whole-heartedly.

"Mmmm, leather and pussy, what a taste," he says and you quickly make your way towards me before you want to taste yourself. What am I doing? -- I've never wanted to taste my own pussy but that just looked so fuckin delicious spread on his leg. I wonder what cum would look like, even better taste like? I have to know.

We finally meet up and I tell you I'm drunk and need to go and explain that the last train is due so reluctantly you agree to leave. We say our goodbyes and are on our way out the door when you hear a shout,

"Emma -- are you leaving? Good -- I'll come with you; we can keep each other company."

It's John and you think great I can tease him back for earlier so we make our way to the train station.

When we get on the train, you sit across from John making sure I am sat next to you. I begin talking to him and that is when you start your teasing. First you place both hands on your legs, which John notices. Then you start to pull the skirt slowly up your thighs. You fix your eyes on his and then spread your legs flashing him you cock-hungry pussy. For five minutes you keep this up, and you can see him shifting uncomfortably in his seat. I have stopped talking and you hear me deep-breathing. Oh great he's fallen asleep, I can really start teasing him now - you think. You bring a couple of fingers to your lips and seductively wet them. You turn to your side and move your hand in to your jacket and start to tweak your nipple in front of him, showing him all the time. You notice the bulge in his trousers and he begins to rub it in approval. You are now so horny and have lost all control of your actions, your sexual need driving you further to expose yourself to this sex-crazed man.

Checking I am well asleep, you open your legs wide, the leather skirt becoming a micro-mini, your glistening pussy exposed to him. Your hand moves closer to your burning desire, a finger resting lightly on your clit, flicking it which brings a sexy moan to your lips. John then leans forwards; he places two fingers on your knee-high boots and runs them up to your pussy. Slowly he guides them in to you, the pleasure so intense. You lean in to it also grabbing a handful of his cock.

"I want this cum," you demand, squeezing harder and then unzipping him, his cock springing out of his trousers. You frantically start to wank him urging him to shoot, your other hand matching the pace on your clit. You feel yourself start to cum, the orgasm spreading from your clit throughout your body. John then quickly stands up taking his cock wanking inches from your face. You look in to his eyes and you hear yourself say,

"Cum all over me -- anywhere you want but please some on my skirt."

That sends him over the edge and he shoots a huge wad at your face. A bit hits your face, your forehead, a string down your cheek and your mouth instinctively opens and the second lot he aims there, your tongue flicking out to catch some more. You bring your hands up and open your jacket and he follows your lead firing a third lot between your tits but you want the rest on your skirt as a memento, so you take his cock from him and point it down towards the leather on your legs. His cock fires another two lots down at the skirt. The pearly white globs glistening on the soft black leather.

"Oh fuck," he murmurs, "that was fuckin great."

You are still horny though so are rubbing his cum in to your nipples, tweaking them with the wet cum. Your tongue flicks out to your cheek tasting more cum sending you further in to the horny abyss your world is centred in.

"What about that? - he asks pointing at your skirt. You scoop a huge drop up with two fingers taking them to your mouth. The taste is exquisite.

Mmmmm -- leather and cum -- you think -- I think I might come to crave this taste.

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