tagGroup SexLeaving the Navy Ch. 10

Leaving the Navy Ch. 10


[Chapters 1 through 9 are under the authorship of Scorpio44. In this chapter there is lots of sex and even more loving. It was to be the last chapter and it may be. Or it may be a long time till number 11. As always I encourage voting and comments. I also encourage you to enjoy life, sex, each other and follow the number one rule: Love.]

The next weekend began at three in the afternoon of Friday. Della found me and led me to her bedroom. Fresh clean clothes were on her bed. A set for her and a set for me. We showered, shaved and dressed. We walked to the truck with me carrying one suitcase. It wasn't very heavy at all. Inside the truck she gave me directions step-by-step and I drove. Long before dark we were north of Atlanta and pulling into a resort. The sign said, "Shady Acres Naturist and Nudist Resort."

Della had reserved a cabin for us, made reservations for dinner and had picked everything two people who didn't need clothes might need or want. In the office I saw a folded massage table leaning against a wall. I asked if it could be rented. The woman behind the desk said it was hers and that she did massages out on the lawns during the day and sometimes in the evenings.

Della asked how often she got a massage. The woman looked at both of us and said, "It's been a very long time."

"How soon can you come to our cabin?" I asked.

"I get off at seven."

"Then come at seven oh five." Della said. "We'll give you a four hand massage."

"You're serious?"

"Yes." I said, "And I want to rent the table for the rest of the evening."

"You give me a four hand massage and you will have more than paid for the rental."

"We'll need a sheet."

"I'll bring everything; a sheet for me and sheets for the two of you. Lotion?"

"If you have some, bring it. Yours is probably better than ours."

I carried the table with me and we went to our cabin. Della said, "You know I love massage."

"It is a rare and unusual woman who doesn't."

"Did you smell her?"

"I thought that was your odor." Her lusty fragrance had touched my nose as we talked about her getting a massage.

"No. Mine is different... and you know it!" We laughed a little. I set the table up on the grass behind our cabin. I brought the bedside tables out of the cabin and put them near the massage table. We got glasses, ice and water and put them on the tables. Then Della stripped. I left my cargo shorts on.

We heard a knock at five after seven. Della let her in. They came out back and she smiled when she saw how we had things set up. I took the sheets and spread one over the table.

"Do you like starting face up or down?" I asked.


I pointed to the table and said, "You can take everything off if you'd like." She only had on sandals. She flipped them under the table and put herself face down on the table.

"Della, would you rather have the right side or the left?"

She stepped to the lotion bottle and pumped two pumps. She stood near the foot of the table and pointed at the woman's left foot. I got lotion and stepped close to her right foot.

"I need to know your first name." I said.


"Donna, take a deep breath. When you feel our hands, let it out slowly. Repeat as necessary." Della said.

We lifted her feet and began at her toes. One toe at a time, beginning with the smallest. Della had been massaging her sisters since high school. I had been massaging women since I was stationed in Japan. We were a good team. We worked slowly and lightly at first. As we repeatedly worked areas we worked deeper, but never deep enough to hurt. This was relaxation.

When Donna's legs were done Della climbed up on the table, straddling Donna's legs and began using both hands on her ass. I stepped to the head of the table and started long slow strokes on her back, working the lotion in and stretching her muscles. She moaned. When I was done with her back I did her neck.

Della climbed off the table and we helped Donna turn over. Della sensed how tight Donna's ass still was and she knew we needed to stretch those muscles. She motioned me to stay at the head of the table and she lifted Donna's legs high. When I could reach her ankles, I did and kept then coming towards me very slowly. It stretched all the muscles of her back, butt and legs. We moved her very slowly and Della kept reminding her to breathe as she used her hands to help the leg and butt muscles relax.

We lowered her legs after the long stretch and massaged lotion onto the top of her legs. Then Della lifted her legs again and we stretched the muscles again. Five times we repeated the process. The final time her knees touched her chest.

We massaged her torso. When that was complete Della slid Donna's legs off the table at the knees and she sat between Donna's legs, faced away from her. I sat Donna up and draped her over Della. I sat behind Donna and did her neck, shoulders and back. She moaned and whispered things I couldn't understand. I didn't need to understand the words.

I leaned Donna back onto her back and Della got off the table. She opened our back door. I carried Donna inside and put her on one of the two beds in the cabin. She was asleep. We went back outside.

"We should bring the tables back inside. We can do each other tomorrow."

Quietly we moved everything inside. I saw the clock on the counter. It was ten forty-five. We showered and went to the other bed. We kissed and fell asleep.

When my eyes opened Donna was looking at me. She was on top of the other bed. I could feel Della beside me and her breathing told me she was still asleep. Donna smiled and made the hand sign for eat. I grinned and made the sign for toilet. She pointed to the bathroom. I knew where it was. As soon as I moved Della woke and said, "Are you leaving me for another woman?"

"Not a chance. I'm leaving you to water the lilies. I'll be back."

When I came back I noticed they had left room for me in the middle of the bed.

I was greeted with kisses and friendly hands. Donna said, "I've never been treated like that in my life. I've never fallen asleep in a massage. You put me in bed and I didn't know I was in bed until I woke up this morning!"

"So, you liked it?" Della asked.

"Liked it? I loved it! I want the two of you to come back often! Free!"

"We just might. We came for a get-away weekend. No phones, no computers, no work." Della said.

"I like the no clothes aspect too. Makes deciding what to wear so easy."

We got up and went to the small café for breakfast. Our new friend Donna told Bette, the woman running the café, about the massage and Bette wanted to know more about it. About halfway through the meal I realized I could come here and give massage and make some money. Donna sat across from us as we ate. About my age, well taken care of body, and naturally a great tan. I had noticed a long scar on her back when we had massaged her.

"Donna, can I ask about the scar on your back?"

"Not much to tell really. My husband needed a kidney transplant a few years ago and I gave him mine. The scar reminds me to take good care of the one I have left."

"And, where is the husband? Will he be worried that you didn't come home last night?"

"Nope. He got into a car accident two years ago and we lost him."

"We're sorry." Della said.

"The tears have dried. Life moves on. I do miss him. Sleeping alone isn't as nice as with someone special."

Bette joined in from where she was cooking, "I'll second that. It's the part I dislike the most about being a widow."

I told Donna she could have the table back for the day, if she needed it. I wouldn't want to give Della her massage until evening. She volunteered to make it a four hand massage. Bette wanted to know if she could watch. I saw no reason to say no.

We swam in the pool, relaxed on their chaise lounges and relaxed all day. During the day we also met some very nice folks from all over Georgia and other states. One couple was from Minnesota. They were looking for somewhere to winter. A lot of their friends went to Arizona for the winter but they didn't want to be like all their friends.

I grilled some chicken and veggies for our dinner. We swam again and then we gave Della her massage. Della likes massage that works deep into her muscles. It is best for her when it's right at the edge of painful and sometimes gets all the way to painful. I figured since Donna was helping I wouldn't go quite so deep. As I was working the back of her thigh, Della lifted her head and said, "Dig in deep. You're treating me like I'm fragile."

Donna was working the other thigh and as she worked she saw what I was doing and matched me. Della moaned and said, "Yes!"

I crawled up on the table, straddling Della's legs and worked her ass and back. Donna did her arms and hands. As I leaned forward to put my hands on Della's shoulders my cock rested in the junction where her legs and the crack of her ass met. By the fifth stroke I was hard.

Donna got very close to Della's ear and whispered. Della responded. I kept working. Donna pumped more lotion into her hands and got it warm then she came beside the table and spread Della's ass with her hands. She spread lotion all over my cock and aimed me into Della. I kept massaging Della's back and every time I leaned forward I pushed deeper into her ass.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feelings. I also enjoyed the sounds Della was making. Moans and groans that clearly said she was enjoying the massage. I wanted to finish the massage. I wanted to cum in her ass too but that wouldn't be good as a part of the massage. Maybe later.

When I pulled back out of Della I opened my eyes and realized that Donna and Bette were right there and had watched. Hell, Donna had helped me into Della!

It was easy, getting off the table so Della could turn over. I wasn't quite ready for the warm, wet cloth that Donna wrapped around my cock to clean me. She did a careful and tender scrubbing of my still hard cock and then turned and took the cloth into our cabin.

Della had turned over and was lying on her back. I used the same stretch on her that we had used on Donna the night before. Her legs touched her chest on the second lift. She was a lot more relaxed than Donna had been.

Donna came back out and climbed onto the table facing Della's ass and the backs of her legs. I stood at the head of the table holding Della's ankles. Donna lotioned her hands and applied them to the backs of Della's thighs. She pressed deep into the stretched muscles and Della moaned in pleasant response. We worked very slowly.

I lifted Della's legs and leaned forward a little. She turned her head and found my cock, sliding it into her mouth. I leaned back and she sucked to keep my cock in her mouth. Donna had seen what Della did and in response she ran a finger in Della's crease. Della moaned and shuddered.

Donna waited a few seconds with her finger at the bottom of Della's crease. She slowly pressed in a little and moved her finger towards Della's clit. She twisted her finger slowly as she moved it upwards. I held Della's legs together, increasing the pressure of her now swelling puss on the finger touching her.

Della held my cock in her mouth but had stopped sucking. Her focus was on the slow moving finger in her puss. I watched and when Donna's finger started back towards Della's clit I said, "When she touches your clit, cum for us."

Donna leaned close and I knew Della could feel Donna's breath on her pussy. Her body began to shake and shiver. Donna touched her clit and Della gasped, shook hard and moaned from deep inside. Donna looked at me and lowered her face into the crease and I knew she was sucking on Della's clit.

Della's hand grasped the sides of the table. She thrashed a little and took breaths in great gasps, noisy gasps. Donna backed away and helped me lower Della's legs.

Donna came to me and stood close. Her hand wrapped around my cock and she softly asked if she could suck me. Della opened her eyes and whispered, "Yes!"

Donna dropped to her knees and sucked me into her wet mouth. It did not take more than seconds and I unloaded into her mouth. I attempted to be quiet. I needed to sit down and Bette had placed a chair behind me. I sat. Donna and Bette kissed and shared the juices Donna had gathered from Della and me. Their hands went to each other's pussies and very quickly they both shuddered and almost fell. I wrapped my arms around both women and held them up until they were stable.

Della sat up on the table and said, "I'm glad we came here. I'm glad we met both of you. Now, I'm thirsty."

Bette got all of us water and we all gulped it down. We had again spent over two hours on the massage and there were no regrets. We sat and talked for a while. Donna asked what time we needed to leave.

Della and I shared a look and she answered, "After lunch, I guess. We do need to be home for dinner with the family."

"The family?" Bette raised an eyebrow.

Della shrugged and said, "The family. Three sisters, one of who is pregnant and two little kids. That's our family."

"All in one house?"

"No. We share three houses, side by side."

"Where is the husband of the pregnant sister?"

"He's run off with one of the other sisters for a weekend of fun." Della said, pointing at me.

"What?" Bette and Donna said, suddenly angry.

"Calm down." Della said. "Pat knows and is quite Ok with what we're doing. Nick was married to me before he was married to Pat. He takes each of us away sometimes and pampers us as individuals. At home, he takes care of all of us."

They listened to Della but they looked at me.

Bette asked, "Are you in some cult?"

"No. We're a family." I said. "I met three loving sisters who had spent their entire lives together. Getting married normally meant breaking up the family, forcing one of them to choose the love of the family they'd known all their life or being with a husband. I think what we have is better. They keep the close connection and I get to love them all."

"Most men can't live with one woman. You're living with four?"

"Yup. I have four great coaches, four great companions, four wonderful lovers, four different challenges and I love every minute of it."

Della added, "It was tough at first. We weren't used to having a man around all the time. We all had to make adjustments. I just kept asking myself if I'd be happier without him. I never got a yes to the question. Now, I don't even ask the question. I love Nick. I know he loves me. I know he loves my sisters too. I know he was more worried about being Dad to our kids than being a husband to us. That is a big thing."

"Nick," Donna asked, "Do you have a brother?"

"Hundreds. I spent twenty years in the Navy. I have hundreds of brothers. Are they like me? I doubt it."

"Can they be trained?"

"I think many of them could be. If you showed them what life could be like if they got trained, they just might let you train them."

"When are you opening the school?" Bette asked.

"I'm not."

"Why not?"

"Men need to be trained by women. I can teach a man how to be a seaman, a warrior, fight fires and save lives. He needs to learn loving from a woman. It's just my opinion, but that's how I feel."

"Oh." Bette sat quietly thinking. Donna was already quiet. After a minute or so Donna asked, "Could you get any of your brothers to come here?"

"That, I might be able to do." I thought about who.

"How do you feel about a man with scars?"


"The last few months of being in the Navy I was in I was in the hospital. I got really close to those men. All of us were healing from injuries. Some were worse than mine. No, most were worse than mine. If I invited someone down it would be one of those guys."

"Would I end up being his nurse?"

"No. Well, maybe sometimes. Some need to be really careful about what they eat or how much time they are in the sun. Some need to be on a strict schedule of exercise. Some need to take care of their stumps, walk with a cane, or use a wheelchair."

"I'm interested. I want what I see that Della and her sisters have. It would help if he was able bodied enough to help around here."

"Ok then. I don't know if anyone will come but I'll invite a couple guys and who knows?"

"You asked what time we needed to leave. Why?"

"To be honest, I like having the two of you around. And, at that precise moment I was thinking that you did me and we did Della but you haven't had a massage."

"I took Della away for a weekend to pamper her. I get by giving to her. I already got a bonus by getting to give to you too."

"He also got a little oral care a little while ago." Della mentioned.

"Yes, thank you."

"I have to admit, working and living here, I've seen hundreds of cocks but yours is the first I've tasted since Max died. I liked his and I like yours too."

"I've never tasted a cock in my life, but I liked the taste of you. I liked watching you love my sister and your wife. When you come back I'd like to taste you directly." Bette said.

"You're sisters?" Della asked.

"Just for all her life." Donna said.

"I see the resemblance." I said.

"How? No one sees any resemblance!" Bette asked.

"The nipples. You each have two. Just like sisters."

We all laughed and Della said, "I have two."

"Are you a sister?" I asked.

She nodded and I beckoned. She straddled my lap and fed one of her nipples into my mouth. I sucked it in and wrapped my arms around her body. Bette and Donna stood up and Donna said, "Come on sis. You're too young to watch such behavior."

"What's he going to do next, sister?" Bette asked.

Della answered, "He going to leave a hickey! He's going to fuck me good and hard and hold on to me all night long, I hope."

They walked away laughing and holding hands. Della was right. When we got home the next day, the first thing she did was show Sandra the hickey on her breast. She showed Pat the one on the inside of her thigh. Pat looked at the hickey and then at me and said, "Forget throwing the die! I want you tonight! People at work and here treat me like I'll break if they even look at me strangely. I need a little rough!"

Della looked at me and said, "You bring a hard cock. I'll bring a whip! It will be fun tonight!"

"Oh! I can't wait!" Pat's eye glistened.

Margie wanted to see the hickeys and Della was happy to show them. She told her sisters all about our vacation. They conspired and left a note on my desk telling me that Pat got me every night that week. Ok by me.

In a quiet time I called Bethesda hospital and spoke to one of my friends, Mike Thompson. He was a chief who took three rounds in an accident on a helo carrier. One of his guys was repairing the weapon and when he was done he loaded it for a flight. When he closed the cover on the weapon it fired three rounds. All three stuck Mike. The three almost totally destroyed his shoulder. He had four surgeries before I left.

"Mike! It's Nick Peterson. How the hell are you?"

"Counting the days! Eighteen and a bag drag."

"They're finally cutting you loose? Where to?"

"Civilian. I can't get back to duty so they're tossing me out."

"How's the shoulder?"

"I got most of the range of motion back. It's ugly. I can swing a hammer but most of the power is gone. I needed three more surgeries after you left."

"Well, what are your plans?"

"I bought a truck from the same guy you did and it's ready to go but I have a problem."

"Which is?"

"When I drive off the base do I turn right or left?"



"I want you to come here. You won't believe my life and I want to show you what I've done."

"Tell me more."

"Ok. I'm married. I've got kids. I own a houseboat and we all have fun on it. I even have a couple women friends who want to meet you."

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