byGeoff Chaucer©

Once upon a time there was a Princess called Sandra. Her father the king doted on his daughter even from the moment she was born and began giving her gifts from that very moment. Gold, jewels, toys, ponies, anything the Princess could ever have asked before she even could ask. Upon her eighteenth birthday the king noticed that she seemed disconsolate and sad though she was surrounded but priceless gifts. The king in his wisdom thought, I will give her a fool to sing songs and cut capers to amuse her.

The fool was a young dwarf named Ledger. He was short of arm and leg, but his torso was the size of a normal man's. He was black haired, bearded and dressed in fools checks including pointed hat and shoes. Ledger was not terribly bright and had never been educated in the ways of love because he was not handsome or clever, but he could sing and turn hand springs so the king thought he would be the perfect fool for his daughter.

Now Princess Sandra, though she was very beautiful, had been a cruel child from birth and had only grown worse as she aged. She had discovered that her tutors and the young men of the court were easily distracted by flashed glances of her ripening bosom, or her gracefully shaped leg and that while they were distracted she could get away with the most outrageous offenses. She delighted in sexually teasing all the men of the court and delighted more in knowing that they all desired her.

Ledger the dwarf seemed the exception. Though he was often in Princess Sandra's presence, even when she was in various states of undress, he never seemed to notice her, therefore Sandra took his neglectful attitude as a challenge.

One of Ledger's duties in the Princess' chamber was to empty the night jar in the morning, but Princess Sandra began complaining about the smell of the jar, which was left under the bed in case of need in the depths of the night. "I want the jar emptied before I retire," she said, so Ledger began waiting outside the her bed chamber until she had used the night jar. When Sandra was finished she would call Ledger and he would go in, carry out the used jar and replace it with a clean jar.

One night Ledger was waiting outside the bed chamber when the woman who had been Princess Sandra's nurse and personal maid-servant since birth came out and, with a sour look upon her face said, "the Princess wishes you to come in now."

Ledger followed the nurse and found that Princess Sandra was still squatting over the night jar. Her head was down and her lovely red-blond tresses hung loose down each side of her face. Her night dress was pulled up to her waist and her knees were wide open so that the dwarf could see her royal cunt in all its ginger fringed glory. As he watched a golden stream hissed from the slit and rang as it splashed into the metal night jar.

At last the steam dwindled except for two further squirts and a dribble. Princess Sandra looked up and startled as though she was unaware that Ledger had been watching her. She sprang to her feet, letting her night dress fall to cover her legs and pointed at the dwarf. "You have commited a grave offense Ledger," she said. "No one is allowed to see my royal pussy save my husband when I marry. To gaze upon it is to be sentenced to death!"

Ledger hardly understood. The seeing had not been his falt! He fell to his knees and began begging that the Princess forgive him.

At last she relented and said, "You may have my forgiveness if you will crawl to me and wipe my royal pussy with your tongue."

Ledger was afraid, but he did as the Princess commanded. He crawled forward on hands and knees until he had reached the hem of her night dress and stopped. He glanced up to see her smiling a cruel smile and in an instant she pulled up her night dress, and again squatted, knees open. Ledger crawled forward until his face was between the silken thighs and his mouth was an inch from her cunt. The fleshy outer lips of it were stretched open the width of a finger, pushed aside by the lush inner lips which were slightly swollen with anticipation. The salty sharp aroma of piss came from it to Ledger's nose and the deeper, richer perfume of her excitement was beneath the piss smell.

"Lick it clean," she commanded, and he did so.

The feel of his tongue sliding between the lips of her pussy was so intense that Sandra whined at the pleasure of it and the sound brought her out of the sexual reverie. She remembered she was Princess Sandra and suddenly stood leaving Ledger still on his hands and knees with his head between her ankles.

"Now, take out my night jar," she commanded. She turned and stepped up on the step stool beside the high four post bed and climbed in. She pulled the bed curtain so imperiously that Ledger and the nurse were left standing not knowing what more to do. At last the nurse indicated the night jar and Ledger picked it up and took it out. As Ledger emptied the jar and washed it he could not help but think of Princess Sandra's parted knees; of the satin smooth thighs that his cheeks had brushed; of the soft ginger curls of hair upon her cunt; of the sharp piss stink of it, or the salty sweet taste of it that was still on his lips. His cock reacted to his memory and grew harder yet as he returned to the bed chamber with the clean night jar.

The nurse, who spent the night seated upon a stool beside the princess' bed in case she should be needed, met the dwarf at the door of the chamber. She reached out and took the night jar but her eyes were fixed lower—upon the considerable lump in the front of Ledger's pantaloon tights. "What have you there sweet dwarf?" she asked.

Ledger glanced down between his legs and saw that his pantaloons were indeed bulging. His manhood was hard and thick, and he could feel the heat of it radiating back into his stomach.

"Here," whispered the maid, who was quite fat, but still lovely. "Come in and sit quietly until the princess is asleep and I will help you with this." She carefully touched Ledger's bulging manhood with her finger. It sent a thrill of pleasure through him.

A little while later when soft snores could be heard from behind Princess Sandras bed curtains the maid reached over to pet Ledger's now shrunken cock. "Ledger, you helped the Princess, now will you help me with something?" She smiled.

The dwarf nodded.

The nurse maid stood and pulled Ledger to his feet.

When Ledger stood before the nurse his face reached just a little below her waist and when the nurse saw this she smiled. "You will be perfect," she said and lifted her voluminous skirt high and dropped it over Ledger's head.

Beneath the skirt the air was warm and humid and there was a peculiar aroma which Ledger recognized . It made made his already cock harden and begin to throb.

"Ledger," the nurse said. "Can you hear me?"

"Yes," he answered.

"Good. I want you to kiss me between my legs."

Ledger remembered the curly nest between Princess Sandra's legs and the delicious aroma of it. That same delicious aroma now seemed to come from the nurses pantaloon covered privates, and it did make him want to press his lips to them, so he did. He kissed the cloth, and the flesh beneath with all his might. The smell of it was wonderful, and his lips, which were dry with nervousness, found that the cloth was damp.

"That was good Ledger, but now you must hunch down a little and find the slit in my pantaloons through which I pee. It is more underneath and between my legs." And as she said that she obliged him by setting her feet wider apart so that he could reach the area she was talking about.

Ledger found the slit and reached up with his small hands to open it wider. In the dim light that reached beneath the nurse's skirt he could see that her feminine parts were like those of the Princess', but not completely. Around these lips there were threads of curly blond hair, and some of those curls were damp and they stuck to the flesh in darkened ringlets.

"I can feel your fingers Ledger, and that is good, but now I want to feel your tongue. Lick me there Ledger. Ledger did as he was told and began licking. He ran his tongue from the top front of the nursemaid's pussy where the blond curls were thick, down across the swelling little nub, between the flaccid purplish inner lips, past the opening of her womb and to the puckery part of her asshole. He did not like that part. It tasted and smelled different and not nice or delicious like the rest of her pussy.

The nurse maid pushed out her breath in a moaning gust each time Ledger's tongue crossed the swelling nub and when he took a moment to rest his tongue and instead gently sucked on that small point the maid's hips suddenly jumped forward then came back to his mouth and she whispered urgently, "Oh Yes Ledger, Oh Yes! Do that more."

After a few moments the nurse began shaking and moaning and a trickle of salty sweet juice came from her open pussy to run down Ledger's chin. The nurses pantaloons were wet all around the pee opening both from Ledger's saliva and from the nurses juices, and the smell of it was so delicious it made the dwarf's head spin as though he had been drinking brandy.

"You may stop now Ledger." She said and lifted her skirt to let him out.

Ledger came out and the nurse saw that his chin and the front of his doublet were wet with her juices and she smiled. "You have done well small one." She dropped to her knees and kissed him on the mouth then carefully licked all her own juices from his chin.

"Now then," she whispered a moment later. "I must help you with your problem," and she ran her chubby fingers over the bulge in the front of his tights. She picked him up and stood him on the high stool where the Princess had stepped to climb into bed. She turned him around so that he faced out. When he was standing the nursemaid undid his doublet then pulled down his tights to let his swollen cock spring free.

Ledger's cock seemed enormous because of the small size of his body, and indeed it was larger than the average man was, but it was truly not the pole it appeared. Still, when it sprang free the maid's eyes popped open with delighted surprise.

"My God," she said. "You are well hung for so small a boy." She reached out and stroked the head of it, as she would have the head of a puppy. "I have a sheath for this sword," she continued, "But no time now to fit it. Instead we will simply sharpen it for now." She bent herself down and moved her mouth toward Ledger's cock.

The dwarf was surprised and frightened. His stiff cock drooped into flaccidity and he fell back against the bed trying to get away from the gobbling jaws. He thought the nurse was going to bite his cock off. "No dear nursey," he cried. "Do not bite my sausage off! I will not be able to pee! I will have to squat like a woman!"

The nurse pulled her head away. "Shh! You must be quiet," she whispered. She was astonished at what the boy said. " Foolish boy, I will not bite you. Instead I will send you to heaven. Do not worry I will not hurt you, but you must be quiet." And with that she lowered her head and took the whole of his soft penis into her mouth and began to suck gently. In a moment the stiffness which had been lost to fear returned, and the nurse could no longer take the whole of his swollen cock into her mouth.

The feeling of the nurse sucking; of her tightened lips sliding up and down the shaft; of her rough tongue cupping itself around the bottom of the shaft, was like delicious fire to Ledger. It burned in his balls and the fire rose up into his belly.

As the nurse continued to run her tongue around the head of Ledger's shaft she brought her hand up and cupped his balls. Her first finger extended and softly stroked behind them at the place between his balls and his ass hole. The touch caused his balls to draw up into tight knots like coiled springs, ready to jump forth.

Without conscious will Ledger began to hunch his hips forward, humping the nurses mouth, until, on one stroke he pushed too far and the nurse pulled away, gagging.

"You must let me do it Ledger," she said. "If you try to fuck my mouth as you will some day fuck my cunt you will choke me."

"I am sorry dear nursey. I could not help it."

"I know sweet dwarf. I know, and for that reason I must help you." She wet her chubby fore finger. ""Stand with your legs more apart," she said.

Ledger did as he was told and when he was standing, short legs akimbo the nurse carefully pushed and twisted her wet finger up his ass hole.

The feeling of the finger was not unpleasant, and might even have become pleasantly exciting if Ledger had had time to enjoy it, but the nurse gave him no such time, instead she once more began to suck gently on his swollen cock. This time she let her tongue slide forward on the underside of it and the flicking, caressing tip of it massaged the delicate sensitive area right behind the head. At the same time she moved the finger inside Ledger's ass until she touched a place which caused Ledger's knees to go weak with pleasure.

Only a few licks and a few finger strokes brought the dwarf to the edge of release. He felt the pressure building up, his guts clenching, his breath coming in short sobs and suddenly he burst forth. A fountain of pleasure squirted from his cock and the amount was so great that, though the nursemaid tried to swallow every drop she could not, and streams of pearly cum dribbled from each side of her mouth

At last she took her mouth away and slowly pulled her finger from Ledger's ass. The dwarf almost collapsed when he was released. The nurse smiled and Ledger saw that there were still gobs of his pearly cum on her chin and that sight made his knees even more rubbery.

"I will teach you much sweet dwarf." Anna said stroking her finger down the side of his face. "Yes indeed I will."

After that first time Princess Sandra made Ledger clean her cunt with his tongue every night. Ledger, having learned much from nurse Anna about how to kiss a woman's neather reigons, took more and more time with his task and Princess Sandra found more and more reason to have the dwarf near her. Sometimes she would slip away from her tutors with the excuse that she needed to relieve herself and she would make sure Ledger was there to lick when she was finished.

Often at night the Princess would allow Ledger to lick her with his new found skills until the shuddering electricity of orgasm shot through her then she would climb into bed and sleep deeply. These nights were the nights the nurse looked forward to most, for on those nights when the Princess was deep asleep she would begin stroking Ledger's short leg, which was a signal between the two that soon there would be pleasure. They quietly petted and kissed until enough time had passed to make sure the Princess was asleep before moving on to more physical and sometimes more noisy pursuits.

One night Ledger and the nurse-maid began their play, kissing and petting until they thought Sandra asleep, then the nurse-maid got down on the floor on all fours and lowered her front half down onto the carpet so that her plump round bottom stuck up in the air. Ledger then stepped behind her, lifted her volumous skirt up and laid it on her back and pulled down her pantaloons to expose the smooth white globes of her ass. They reflected the soft glow of the single candle like fine satin and Ledger softly stroked them and kissed them.

Nurse moved her knees a little apart to open the way for Ledger's small hands to pet between them and he did so, first smoothing the curls then squeezing the flesh of the Mons du Venus beneath the curls. After a little he began to squeeze and stroke the lips of Nurse's pussy and to dip his short fingers into her pussy to bring out some of the shiny, slippery tears of Venus that were inside her. He brought his wet finger to his mouth and tasted the salty sweet fluid and smiled, then bent and buried his face between Nurse's ass cheeks and began lapping at her pussy.

Unbeknownst to them Princess Sandra had been awakened by an inadvertant moan of passion and watching them through a tiny hole in the bed curtain. Now as the Princess watched Nurse Anna's plump behind hunched back to meet Ledger's mouth she sat back upon her heels, opened her knees wide and lifted her nightdress. She began stroking her smooth finger up and down her pee slit. As Princess Sandra stroked herself a moan of "Yes! Oh yes! Sweet Ledger!" Came from Nurse Anna. The Princess leaned over and put her eye to the hole in the bed curtain. Ledger had just pulled his face back from Nurse Anna's pussy and his silky beard was dripping with her love nectar and the sight of this almost made the Princess cry out. Her fingers were beginning to be wet with her own juice.

Ledger pulled down his tights and his swollen cock sprang free. Nurse did not move but remained in the same kneeling position with her round behind in the air. The dwarf stepped forward between her shins and moved the purple head of his cock up and down the crack of her ass.

"OH Sweet dwarf," nurse whined, "Do not tease! I am wet and wanton. Put your lovely dick into me until it bumps my joy spot!"

The words were no more than spoken when Ledger rammed his pole into the gapping wet slash of Nurse's cunt.

Watching every move before her, Princess Sandra stopped moving her finger up and down her own swollen and dripping cunt and began concentrating on the hard little point of pleasure at the top of her inner lips. She flipped it back and forth with her finger tip then alternated that with a hard stroke which pushed the knob against the bone beneath the flesh. The feeling was electric— shooting bolts of pleasure through her.

Ledger, mean time, was thrusting his hips forward and Nurse was thrusting her hips up and back to meet him and with each thrust she let out a tiny groan of pleasure.

Ledger had learned control from Nurse and now he held himself back though he desperately wanted to squirt his thick white cream into the depths of Nurse's pussy. He had actually done so a few times, but she had told him he must not do that any more so, after he had been pushing himself in and out of her dripping cunt for a long time and could hold back no longer, he withdrew his sword from Nurse's sheath just as the purple knob of it erupted and shot creamy white jism so far that the first spasm splatted against the wall paper above Nurse Anna's head. The other clenches squirted gobs of the luscious white nectar onto Nurse's naked bottom where it began to slide lazily down between her ass cheeks and toward that dripping slit that was it's true destination.

Princess Sandra watched all this in fascination as she twiddled her own clit. When Ledger's cock erupted she could almost feel the warm wetness of it on her own body, and she suddenly envied her nurse, and the envy gave her boldness and she threw open the bed curtains to reveal herself.

Ledger and Nurse were caught and they began to try to gather their clothes back to order so as to run away, but the Princess said, "Stop! I command you not to run or it will go hard with you."

Nurse Anna was the first to come to her senses and throw herself to her knees before the Princess. "Your Forgiveness Highness," she begged. "We only were playing a game."

"And a lovely game it was too. Stand up and take off all your clothes Nurse. I would see some more of this game."

"But Princess --" Nurse began to protest.

"Play the games I tell you or I will tell my father the King and no doubt you will lose your heads."

Nurse turned pale and began taking off her clothes.

"Now Ledger, " said the Princess. "Come here."

The Dwarf, still clutching his clothing together and barely covering his now shrunken cock, went to Princess Sandra's bedside.

"You have been my personal fool for as long as I can remember Ledger. Amuse me now by taking off your clothes and climbing up onto the bed beside me."

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