tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLegal Research/Hot Sex - Who Knew?!

Legal Research/Hot Sex - Who Knew?!


She looked up from her book and saw that it was dark outside. That was another reason she hated winter. It got dark so early. That and the cold, and rain and that it seemed to go on forever.

She glanced at her watch and noticed it was only 5:30 p.m. She had arrived at the Public Law Library at noon and had been at work non-stop conducting legal research. Time flew when you were having fun.

She actually enjoyed legal research, but would never admit that to any of her fellow paralegal students. Better to bitch and moan about it, just like they did. She thought of legal research as a scavenger hunt. She loved running back and forth looking through all the different books, on different floors, in different sections. The joy!

She sighed and blew her bangs out of her eyes. She had long curly light brown hair that fell to her waist. She was tall and curvy in all the right places. She crossed her long legs and rubbed her neck. A sore neck was one of the byproducts of having big breasts.

Her eyes were tired. She needed to take a break. She looked around curiously. She loved the library. She enjoyed the peace and quiet. She inhaled deeply and smiled when her lungs filled with the odor of the library. She liked the smell of so many books. Libraries smelled a bit musty like old books, but also crisp like fresh newspaper.

The Public Law Library had many conference rooms, sections, annexes, and offices throughout its five floors. It had a windowless annex that housed the reporters, decennials, treatises and congressional material, a main floor with state material, newspapers, directories and dictionaries, an attic that housed the latest editions and was adjacent to the main floor, and two other floors of offices which were closed to the public. All throughout the library were nooks and crannies one could hide in, small islands of desks and isolated workbenches for those who wanted to be alone and concentrate on their material.

She loved looking at the rows upon rows of books, in all sizes and colors. Copiers, newspapers, computers, shelves full of encyclopedias, treatises, reporters, journals, form books...the list went on forever. She felt conducting hands on research garnered better results than just turning on your computer and hoping Westlaw got you the results you wanted.

She noticed the librarians were all huddled in a group at the front desk. They were laughing, talking excitedly and seemed to be exchanging Christmas gifts. The library was decorated with tinsel, ornaments and red ribbon with a candy cane motif. Christmas was only 6 days away!

They laughed and giggled like kids even though she put the youngest librarian as nearing 60. She smiled. Christmas always brought out the best in people. Well, it did until you walked into a toy store the night before Christmas. Then it was usually "all bets are off".

She continued looking around and found herself once again focusing on "Mr. Northwestern" as she called him. She first noticed him when she went up to the attic to look through the Eleventh Decennial series. He had been hard at work on his laptop since she arrived at noon. He hadn't even gotten up to go to the restroom or take a break.

"His gorgeous ass must hurt from sitting so long." she thought to herself.

He was sitting at a table working on his laptop near the top of the attic stairs. He wore a Northwestern sweatshirt, baseball cap, shorts and tennis shoes. He looked as if he was in his mid-thirties, was tall and athletic. He had a very handsome face, a chiseled jaw, long nose and beautiful brown eyes.

Unfortunately, he also knew he was good looking. She noticed it when she walked past him to go into the library attic. He looked up and smiled at her with this wicked little smile that just screamed out, "I'm gorgeous, aren't I?"

"Humpf. You sure are cute Mr. Northwestern. Too bad you're probably also a pretentious prick. You got to be since it's obvious you're an attorney." she thought to herself.

He wasn't young enough to be a student, and his laptop, briefcase and watch were gadgets a student most certainly couldn't afford. She could feel him stare at her every time she walked by him on her way in or out of the attic. Well, to be more specific, she could feel him stare at her tits and ass.

She continued staring up at him up in the attic from her seat in the main library floor. She noticed he was squinting as he tried reading something on his computer screen. He rubbed his eyes and looked away from his computer screen. He looked down at her. She quickly looked away, blushing.

"How embarrassing! He probably thinks I've been sitting here drooling over him for the past hour..."

She couldn't help it and glanced up at him. She noticed he hadn't looked away. He smiled and raised his eyebrow at her. She hurriedly looked down at her book, embarrassed that yet again he had caught her looking at him. She focused on her assignment and soon became wrapped up in her research.


He had to stretch his legs. They were cramping up from sitting so long. He'd been hard at work on his motion for summary judgment since before noon. Normally he would have gone into his office to do it, but on a whim he'd decided to come in to the Public Law Library instead.

He'd completed his motion and was happy with what he had put together. He turned off his laptop and gathered his paperwork. He had to use the restroom before he pissed in his pants.

The library was located downtown near the justice center, federal courthouse, city prison, old courthouse, police headquarters and plentiful law offices. He loved the fact that he lived in a penthouse in one of the buildings in front of the federal courthouse. His office was several miles from his apartment, but he loved living in the heart of the downtown district among all the different buildings that housed the heart of the city's "law and order".

He was 38 and had just made partner at his firm, yet here he was sitting in the Public Law Library. He chuckled at the thought. The library brought back good memories from his law school days. It also let him see just how far he'd come in ten short years. He looked out the window and saw his pride and joy parked outside, his black convertible Porsche.

To think that in a few short years he'd gone from driving a piece of shit Hyundai, forced to use the public library to being a partner at his firm and driving a Porsche. He smiled at the thought. And then there was that gorgeous piece of ass that kept staring at him. Yessirree he was sure glad he'd come into the library!

He figured she was the same age he was. She had a gorgeous bottom that was shaped like an upside heart, small waist, big big breasts, creamy caramel colored skin, and the most beautiful face. Her ruby red little lips, big brown eyes that matched her hair and small button nose were a sight for sore eyes.

He could tell he interested her. He'd caught her staring at him a couple of times. The last time he'd been in the library all he'd run into were old attorneys or young kids barely out of high school. He finished cleaning up his work and got up to use the restroom.

As he walked down the stairs he looked over at "Miss Gorgeous Bottom", as he called her, who was enraptured in her work. Her ruby red lips were wrapped around her pencil. She was chewing on it furiously, twirling her hair with her hand and scrunching her forehead in deep concentration. She looked adorable and oh so fuckable.

"God I'd love to get that one in bed." he thought to himself. "She's probably a banshee in the bedroom. Those bookish ones usually are..."


She looked up and noticed Mr. Northwestern wasn't at his table. She thought perhaps he'd left, but noticed his laptop and briefcase were still sitting on the table.

"Wonder where he is?" she thought.

She realized she hadn't peed since she'd arrived at the library and knew she couldn't hold it any longer. She got up and went to the front desk to ask where the restrooms were located.

"Sweetie, they're down to the left past those shelves over by the copiers. You can't miss them." the librarian answered.

"So what did you get?" she asked the librarian.

"Oh, you mean the present...Well, I got the most beautiful reading lamp!" the librarian proudly replied.

She smiled at her and wished her a Merry Christmas.

She hurried to the restroom. She felt as if she would burst if she didn't get there soon. As she turned the corner she ran smack into Mr. Northwestern.

"Oh my goodness, I'm sorry. I should have looked where I was going..." she exclaimed.

He looked down at her and said, "No problem, miss. That's quite alright. No harm no foul."

She quickly ran past him mortified she'd actually run into him.

He chuckled softly when he noticed she'd blushed beet red. She ran past him without another word.

"Oh my god, how embarrassing, he probably thinks I did it on purpose..." she thought to herself.


She found herself back in the library attic reaching for "Willitson on Contracts" on the top shelf of the bookcase. She couldn't quite reach it even though she was on the stepstool the library provided for just that purpose.

"Fuck. Fuck..." she muttered under her breath.

"Need help miss?"

The deep voice startled her making her lose her footing on the stepstool. She tumbled to the ground with a yelp.

"Ouch. That hurt my aaa..."

"Miss?! Miss!? Are you okay? I'm sorry I startled you. I didn't mean to make you fall."

She looked up at his handsome face framed by his baseball hat. Of course it had to be none other than Mr. Northwestern himself.

"That's okay. No harm no foul...I guess we're even now."

He laughed and gave her his hand to help her up. She took his hand and stood up. She looked intently at him and said nothing.

"Now what book was it that you were trying so desperately to get?"

"Willitson on Contracts."

"Oh yes, an insightful and ever so exciting commentary, isn't it?"

She was so nervous she didn't respond. She turned and got back up on the stepstool to reach for the book.

He stepped up behind her to help. He placed his hands on her waist, and began raising them closer to her breasts as she raised her own hands to reach for the book.

"Well that didn't take long did it?"

He stood on the tips of his toes and reached past her and plucked the book off the shelf. She turned around and he handed her the book.

"What didn't take long miss?"

"You hitting on me, of course."

He laughed out loud and said, "ME hitting on you? Me?? Little old me? Don't you mean YOU hitting on me?"

She looked at him and smiled.

"I don't know what you're talking about mister."

"Oh, so I've got it wrong then? I could have sworn you spent a good hour of your time here today just staring at me. Of course, not all at once, but I'd figure it all accumulated to about an hour of your research time that was very diligently dedicated to staring at me."

"Please don't flatter yourself. You're imaging things."

"Oh really?! I guess I imagined you stealing glances at me every so often. Were you afraid I would leave without saying goodbye?"

She blushed and looked down at her feet.

"Thanks for the book" she said and turned on her heel to leave.

"Wait, wait...You're going to leave without even giving me your name? Come on now, am I that bad?"

She stopped and turned back around to face him.

"It's getting close to closing and I really have to finish my project. I am not done, unlike you."

"Hey, don't get mad at me just because I was able to focus on my work and not stare at you all morning..."

She blushed once again and said, "Stop it. You really are embarrassing me. I swear I didn't mean to stare at you..."

"I'm just kidding you and I'm not being mean on purpose. I just like seeing you blush. It makes your cheeks match your pretty red lips."

She smiled and on impulse reached up and placed a short butterfly kiss on his cheek. He was shocked that she'd had the nerve to kiss him.

"Well that's a first." he thought to himself.

He looked at her and quickly wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her into his body. He leaned in closely and nuzzled her neck. He whispered in her ear, "I like you too." He could have sworn she shivered and moaned.

She felt as if her knees would buckle. He smelled so good. Like a man, musky, woodsy and clean and soapy all mixed into one. She inhaled deeply and put her arms around him. She clung to him and began kissing him full on the lips. His lips were like heaven.

She began to caress his back and pulled him into her. She clung to him as if he was a lifeline. She began moaning and breathing heavily.

He couldn't believe what was happening. He pulled himself away and looked down at her. She looked almost glassy eyed and feverish. He reached out to pull a lock of her curly hair. She began kissing him once more.

It seemed as if they had been making out in the attic for over an hour when they heard footsteps approaching. They quickly tore themselves apart and began looking at the books.

The librarian turned the corner and ran smack into them.

"Sorry sweeties, but we're closing on up now. We'll open back up tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. sharp."

They looked at each other and then back at the librarian.

"Okay...let me just put this book back."

"No worries sweetie. Just gather your things because we're gonna lock up in 5 minutes sharp."

The librarian continued past them towards the back of the attic. She wanted to make sure there were no other patrons she had to usher out.

He looked at her and said, "I'm sorry you didn't finish your work. I really am..."

She stammered nervously, "Oh, don't worry. I still have a couple of days to finish it."

He gathered his things and they proceeded down the stairs to the main library floor. She walked over to her table and gathered her things. They walked quietly to the front door.

The cool night air was calming to her nerves. She looked up at the bright night sky filled with stars. They nightscape was framed by all of the tall buildings that surrounded the library. She breathed deeply and looked back and stared intently at his eyes.

He muttered, "So do you want to come back to my place? ...uuummm, I mean, I live right down the street. I could have walked here, but I drove..."

She smiled and said, "So is that as original as it gets? "You want to come back to my place?" That sounds like a cheesy pick up line!"

She laughed out loud when she noticed he was squirming.

"Aaahhh, just like a little boy with his hand caught in the cookie jar."

He couldn't believe he was behaving like a teenager instead of a successful law firm partner that he was. He blushed and looked up at her. He took her hand and began leading her towards his car. She said nothing and allowed him to take the lead.


The force with which she flung herself on him, as soon as his front door was shut, was almost violent. His baseball cap landed with a plop on the floor.

She began tearing at his shirt, tugging at his shorts. She kissed, and hugged him while murmuring in his ear, "Oh god, I want to fuck you. I can't wait to fuck you..."

He couldn't believe he responded with, "Whoa...whoa...slow down...wait slow down..."

She continued tugging at his shorts. He could feel her soft small hands reaching into his shorts. His body immediately filled with unchecked lust. He felt his dick become rigid and his balls tighten.

She kept tugging at his shorts and continued to reach into his shorts when she couldn't get him out of his clothes fast enough. He kicked off his shoes and stepped back, holding her at arms length.

"Wait, wait...give me a minute to take off my clothes. Just wait a minute..."

He used the time to try and catch his breath. How in god's name was this happening? In all the times he'd fantasized about doing something like this he never once thought it would actually happen.

She lowered her hands and stood silently, closely watching him. He squirmed under her unwavering gaze. He actually felt embarrassed and shy at having her watching him so intently. He hesitated and didn't know what to say or do.

She began unbuttoning her own shirt. She dropped it on the floor and began removing her skirt. She stood in front of him, in her underwear. She was wearing a pink sheer push up bra, and sheer pink thong underwear. The material was so sheer he could see her nipples straining underneath the fabric. He could also see her sweet mound underneath the material of her underwear. She was bare. Her pussy lips were swollen and engorged.

He noticed she was soft all over, oh so soft. She had a little belly, tiny waist, big soft round breasts and a gorgeous round ass that just begged to be cupped in both hands. He loved women to be a bit curvy and soft. He had never acquired the taste for women who were all angles, too skinny, and had huge fake hard boobs topping it all off. Oh no, he much preferred women with shapes that mimicked a violin's.

He found a woman's belly, slightly swelling over the top of her underwear, a tremendous turn-on. The way women dressed today, with low cut jeans and short tops, gave him a perpetual hard on many a day. They even had a name for the look he desired. They called it a "muffin top". Well, call him the muffin man because that drove him insane.

He slowly began to take off his sweatshirt. She watched him and reached out to help him. She raised his hands, took off his sweatshirt and dropped it on the ground. She caressed his chest and trailed her hands down towards his belly. He unconsciously tightened his abs. She followed the soft patch of hair down the middle of his belly towards his crotch. When she reached the area above the swell of his cock, she began twirling the soft hair near his dick, tugging at it gently. She was enthralled with the action.

She stopped abruptly and slowly took a step back and turned on her heel. He studied her back, her long curly golden brown hair. His eyes swept over her gorgeous bottom, and over her thighs. He noticed she was still in her high heels. Without warning, she bent over and grabbed her ankles.

Her ass was a sight to behold. Her pink sheer thong underwear was buried in the mounds of her sweet ass. The top of her underwear shaped in a "Y" helped magnify how lovely her bottom was. Her long hair swept the floor. She began rubbing her thighs and lifted her hands to her tits. She turned around and faced him.

"Do you like my behind? It's pretty, isn't it? ... Don't you want to play with it?... Or suck it? ... Or how about you just fuck it?"

His mouth went dry and he was at a loss of words.

"I'd really like you to play with it... Maybe I'll let you lick it. Would you like to stick your lovely little tongue in my asshole? ...Hhhmmm, maybe you'd rather stick your big cock in it?... Well big boy, no matter to me, I'd like either one... Oh goodness big boy, since I first laid eyes on you in the library I've had the dirtiest thoughts about you. You've had me wet since noon. My pussy hurts just thinking about it. Come here and fuck me my pretty big boy..."

He was shocked, excited and enthralled by the dirty words coming out of her sweet little ruby red mouth. Her angelic face was a sharp contrast to the words spilling out of her mouth.

"You know what my big boy?... How about we try something different? How about I stick MY finger in YOUR ass? Or maybe you'd prefer a couple of my pretty little fingers in your behind... Come here so I can bend you over and shove my pretty little fingers in your ass...Come here my big boy..."

He noticed the entire time she was talking her hand was buried deep in her crotch. She was grinding down on her fingers. He watched as she buried two fingers deep in her pussy. She was wet with desire.

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