Legends of the Fel Ch. 09


A fumbling at the ropes that bound her to the tree brought Slider back from her memories and crashing back into the present. The Amazons had finished with Talon who now lay gagging on the damp grass. A tall beauty with long flowing blond hair and a perfect triangular formation of pubic pussy hairs now guarded the distraught man. Slider eyes narrowed as she studied the woman. The outline of large full breasts were moulded into her heavy upper armour, the metal buds of her nipples looking supple and erect even in hard steel. Slider wanted to kill her, but there again she wanted to slay all of these tall, luscious Amazon bitches that had taken her company prisoner. How she would love to dance in their spilt blood as their open necks gaped outwards at a world they had departed!

The assassin could feel her hormones racing at the very idea of exacting her bloody revenge but this was cut short as her bounds were released. With a hard push she was sent reeling to the ground, the sodden grass catching her fall. Nimbly she leapt to her feet, murder foremost in her mind. Unfortunately the Fel were faster. Two tall and incredibly well proportioned warrior women were upon her immediately, their graceful movements seemingly unimpaired by their heavy upper armour. Slider let out a curse as her hands were locked to one side and she started to thrash with her legs instead. Obliviously to her struggles the two warriors flanking her lifted Slider's body clear off the ground and set off into the still heavy mist.

Greyness filled Slider's sight as she was carried off into the seemingly empty void. The Fel seemed to have little trouble navigating their way for within the span of seventy heartbeats a non natural structure appeared out of the gloom. As they neared Slider saw that it was a large tent wide with a wide curtained entrance. The material was drab in colour but as the entranceway slid by, Slider was impressed by the obviously good cut of the fabric. The inside of the tent was stiflingly warm with large metal braziers sent off at various locations around the single room. The glow from the fires within cast the interior in a ruddy red glow but before Slider could absorb all that she was seeing she was roughly turned around and thrown on a bed of stretched hide attached to a sturdy wooden frame. Hands once again bound her this time both at the wrists and ankles. Suddenly a long evil looking blade appeared in Slider's vision and she felt her heart stop at its suggestion. The blade flashed downwards and Slider fearing the end clutched her eyes tight shut, anger at the impulse flooding her brain at the same moment.

Instead of the feel of cold steel entering her flesh, Slider felt the blade cutting at her clothing. The weapon passed with little resistance through her leather top and she felt her breasts falling outwards as they were released from their bond. The feeling of rapidly revealing nudity continued as the blade traced downwards. It was a miracle or true testament to the owner's blade skill that she was not being marked as her undress continued. Her pants offered as little resistance as had her top and within moments all remnants of her clothes were being pulled away from her now completely nude body. Any second now and Slider expected to see a hairy pussy shoved in her face and a stream of piss squirted in the direction of her mouth. Her bonds were so tight she could barely move and lifting her head as high as possible off the bed revealed little to her captors' new intentions.

Suddenly Slider was aware of the presence of several bodies around her bed. Looking to her left she almost gasped in surprise at the sight that greeted her. Three Fel women were approaching her bed, each one of them completely nude. The Amazon warriors looked even more regal and incredibly stunning now devoid of their usual armour. Each woman's breasts were full and beautifully proportioned to the body they accompanied. Rose bud nipples stood erect and proud surrounded by the red welts that encircled them. The slight rise and fall of their movement as the woman walked slowly closer was mesmerising. In Slider's peripheral vision she was fully conscious of the triangular masses of pubic hair that lined each woman's crotch, hiding their pussy lips from sight. Movement to her other side caused Slider to whip her head around only to find three more naked Fel women approaching her position. Two of these women were dark skinned something Slider had never seen before. Their beauty seemed to have been carved from the ebony wood of some exotic tree; their movement's sublime in grace as they settled down softly by the side of her bed.

Slider stared entranced into the deep wells of the nearest woman's eyes as she leaned over the bed. For a second Slider registered the warmth radiating from the woman's flesh before her moist lips pressed against her own. The kiss was so unexpected that Slider started to accept it before she even registered the action. The woman's lips were an aphrodisiac; a promise of pleasures so deep and profound that the assassin was powerless to do nothing but accept the deepening and passionate press of lips upon her own. A teasing tongue slipped into her mouth seeking out a companion. Slider's mind reeled as her hormones overloading her ability to reason. Helplessly she returned the kiss, her own desperate need growing by the millisecond.

Warm hands from many locations touched her skin, carefully at first but more inquisitive by the second. In a distant part of her reeling sanity Slider registered the presence of the Fel women exploring her flesh. Her deep kiss with the ebony skinned warrior was still on-going, tongues flicking against one another with increasing passion. Slider tried to resist the manipulations being done to her body but her bonds still held her tight. Somebody was now caressing her naked breasts, the warrior woman's hands surprisingly supple and incredibly adept as they fondled with a lover's attention. Suddenly Slider felt a warm mouth settle around her left nipple. Her body involuntary tried to arch upwards in response to the stimulus. Strong hands that were still massaging and caressing her flesh pushed her downwards and Slider felt a second mouth encircle her right nipple. Probing tongues teased and caressed her buds driving the beautiful assassin's desires into sexual overload. Release was nowhere in sight and just then Slider registered an even more erotic thrill. One Fel warrior was between her legs, a moist tongue seeking out the wetness between her thighs.

Slider gasped and moaned, eyes tight shut as she momentarily broke contact with the woman kissing her. The sensation coming from her pussy as a playful tongue experimented with her protruding clit was simply too much to bear. Never had Slider experienced so much pleasure. She was oblivious to why she not already had been driven to orgasmic overload, her sexual release seeming nowhere near imminent. The soft fondling going on around her body was continuing as was the attention being delivered to her tits and pussy hole. Slider's mind reeled once again and she slipped helplessly into a new and more passionate kissing embrace with her ebony lover.

The Fel attention to her body continued without end. Passion, need and incredible sexual desire filled every fabric of Slider's body, mind and soul. One warrior woman had even slipped a hand beneath her buttocks and was probing a long digit into Slider's bum hole. It was all too much! Slider broke contact with her latest kiss and thrashed her head from side to side.

"Stop it!" she screamed. "I can't take it any more."

Collapsing back into the fold of the bed's mattress she strained with all her might at the bonds holding her. It was to no avail. Her bonds held as did her captor's interest in her sweat lined naked body. The brown skinned woman who had been kissing her so passionately gave her a seductive smile and rose from her position by the bed. With a quick motion she raised one leg and stretched it over Slider helpless body. The woman moved into position straddling the assassin's upper body and Slider caught sight of the woman's pussy. Midnight black pubic hairs curled around the woman's lower lips and Slider could easily see the slight protuberance of the woman's clit as the deep groove between the woman's pussy lips was moved into position above her mouth.

Slider held her breath firmly, locking her mouth shut. Any second she expected to feel a hot jetting stream of piss flowing over her face. She screwed her eyes tight in effort to stop the warriors' salty pee from going into them. The seconds passed but no hot gushing piss stream graced her face. The rest of her body continued to register the pleasure that the Fel were administrating in their various ways. Ecstasy continued to fill her pleasure registers, neural impulses of utter sexual joy flooding along her brains' receptacles. The dark skinned woman now sat upon her chest with her pussy up to Slider's mouth had slipped her hands around the side of assassin's head was now doing something extremely pleasurable to her ear lobes. Slider had no idea why they were doing this to her. She could smell the Fel warrior's pussy just in front of her mouth and it now simply too much to hold back now. Slider opened her eyes and gazed at the deliciously tempting sight of the pussy hole hovering just a scant distance from her lips. Gingerly Slider poked out her tongue allowing it to skip for just a second along the fleshy outline of the Amazon's pussy lips. She felt a shudder run through the warrior and then it was simply too much to hold back any longer.

Slider had never wanted something so much in her life. Burying her face in the woman's hairy muff she started to lick and play with the woman's clit as if her life depended upon it. Orgasmic stimulus ran through the course of every sensual receiver in her body but yet Slider did not climax. Her head was reeling, both from the effects of the ministrations of stimulus being performed her body and from the reeking incense that filled the tent air. Her small but perfect breasts were still being kissed and sucked by two tender and attentive mouths. Between her legs, another woman continued to lick lovingly at her now extremely wet pussy. Warm hands played around her body, massaging, caressing and stimulating her in ways Slider had never known could exist.

For her own part she was still licking away at the brown skinned woman's pussy when part of her brain registered the fact that the woman licking her own womanhood had withdrawn. Suddenly a new sense of stimulus made itself known, which almost overloaded Slider's awareness. A cold but yet deliciously smoothly object was being slowly inserted into her pussy. The shape must have resembled a long cylinder with a rounded head, its dimensions perfect for the fit of Slider's love hole. Slowly but with reassuring pressure the object slipped deeper into her body. Slider knew she was trembling now both from near exhaustion and from the incredible feeling issuing from between her legs. Just then a similar object was placed up to her bum hole which readily accepted the protuberance allowing it entrance. Now she was being fucked in both holes, the owners of the two objects handling their charge with professional care. Finally Slider could feel her body moving to orgasm. Faster and faster, the objects started to slide up and downwards inside her. The sensation was too much. Letting go from her hold on the dark skinned warrior's clit she hung her head backwards and screamed like never before.

Slider's scream was that of a new born; bitterly protesting the emergence into a bright new world. Her call echoed impossibly around her, reverberating in her ears. Her orgasm took her fully and her body racked in convulsions as pleasure beyond endurance radiated through her soul. Her world went white, her vision blinded and overloaded by the shuddering aftermath of her world ending orgasm. Joy and bliss took on new dimensions as Slider came and then came again, her multiple climaxes coming on one after another. Somewhere in the very depth of her brain, her consciousness had hidden from the invasion of pleasure being pumped through her body. It was here that Slider was becoming aware of a new sensation. Her skin was registering a multitude of extremely warm and deliciously wet streams of liquid raining over her flesh. Finally she realised that the assorted Fel around the bed were now pissing all over her and the wetness she could feel on her skin was that of their piss showers washing over her flesh. Slider had never imagined that having another woman pee over her could be so nice. Now in the aftermath of her orgasms it was like a cleansing ritual dragging her slowly back to a world that adored her. She knew instinctually what she must do now. Her new found lovers desired to give her the gift of their hot piss, to squirt it into her mouth so she could taste their very essence and belong to them entirely.

Obliging Slider opened her mouth wide. Instantly a deliciously hot stream of female piss shot inside washing over her tongue and taste buds. Slider took a deep gulp drinking the Fel's woman's piss and enjoying every second as it slid down her throat. Another mouthful and then another in a seemingly endless supply of golden pee. Slider swooned in ecstasy. She belonged to them now; heart and soul. The hot salty pee overflowing in her mouth ran over her lower lip and trickled down her throat. Meanwhile her naked, sweaty body was still being treated to a multitude of urine showers as the assorted naked Fel women peed all over her. The hot impact points where their pissed sprayed over her body was each a delectable sensation of sexual joy. This was a baptism of piss, one where Slider would be made whole with her new found lovers; her new sisters; her real family.

Finally the Fel finished using Slider's body as a receptacle for their pee. One by one as they finished pissing they took a step backwards. With eyes full of admiration and love Slider stared passionately upwards at the brown skinned woman who had just been urinating in her mouth.

"We will call you Felateen" said a silky voice in her mind. The Fel's woman's lips had not moved but Slider knew it was her who now spoke inside her head.

"You are now one of us," the soft seductive voice continued. "We need you to carry out a task for us. This task will require you to walk amongst those that once you called fellow men and women. You must always remember though that you are part of us now. Your mission is to travel to a city far away in the north. We need you to find a man for us. This man, this thief, has taken something from us and most be punished accordingly. Felateen you are to slay the one known to his kin as Tan Slander."

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