**Some time in the past when the west was really wild and Indians still roamed free**

*All characters in this story are 18 or over*

Leotie was scared. She had never been this alone in her short life. She had always had her tribe around her, but she no longer had them. While she had been on her spirit trip before officially becoming a woman of the tribe, a band of Comanche had ridden into her Kiowa village and killed all the men and took the women and children as slaves. She was happy to have not been made into a Comanche slave, but she was sad at the same time because now her tribe would never be a tribe again. She was all alone and knew not how to survive for long alone on the open prairie. With only what she had taken with her for her spirit trip Leotie walked away from what had always been her life, and everything that she knew.

She had been walking for what seemed like a very long time but in reality was no more than one moon. She had been living off of berries and nuts; she could feel her stomach rumbling with hunger. As the sun was setting Leotie noticed a small fire up ahead. Very slowly with her buffalo robe over her back she crept towards the fire.

Clayton was sitting at his fire slowly roasting the sage hen he had shot for his dinner. He was sore from riding all day, and yet he knew that it would be almost a week before he could get to a town and find a soft bed and a willing woman. He laid back against his bedroll and thought of Ophelia and the fun that they had shared when he was last in San Antonio. If he closed his eyes he could almost feel her hands on his skin again; moving over his hot aroused body sending sensations through out his entire body.

As Clayton was laying against his bedroll he thought he heard something moving in the grass just to the left of where he was laying. Keeping his eyes closed he kept listening. Something was definitely roughing up the grass and Chico was nickering softly in warning. Someone was creeping up on his camp. Clayton knew his rifle was next to his side, he thought about reaching for it but decided that it would be better to have who ever was sneaking up on the camp to think that he had fell asleep.

Leotie could smell the cooking hen before she could even see where the white man lay sleeping. From the smell of the bird Leotie knew that it was done, and if it was left on the fire much longer it would be dry and tough. Moving a little faster than she had intended, do to her hunger she moved up next to the fire to remove the hen. She could already taste the flavor of the meat against her tongue. Just as she pulled it from the sticks holding it up Leotie heard the man move. As she moved to flee the camp she felt the man grab her braid.

"Put my dinner down before I hurt you," Clayton said as he pulled hard on the Indian girl's hair. Clayton was a little surprised when the girl turned to face him without setting the hen down. She stared up at him with scared large almost black eyes. It was then that he actually looked at the girl. Clayton had never thought that he would be attracted to an Indian maiden, but this one was simply beautiful. She had such dark eyes compared to her soft brown skin, and her hair, even pulled back in a braid was incredibly long. Her body let Clayton know that he was not staring at a child but a woman true. No child would have the body that this woman had. He could see the fear in the woman's stance, and she had yet to put his dinner down. "Can you understand me?"

Leotie was shocked that the man must not have been sleeping after all with the way that he caught her as she took the hen. She could feel his eyes looking her over but she was too scared to do anything more than stare up at his scruffy face. Leotie could tell he was trying to talk to her but she did not understand the white man's speech. In Kiowa she told tried to tell him she did not know what he said. She watched him shake his head side to side as she spoke, Leotie may not understand the significance of his shaking his head but she was guessing that meant that he could not understand her either.

Damn this was going to be difficult, he could not understand the young woman and she most likely could not understand him. Clayton only knew a tiny bit of Comanche and that was not what they woman was speaking. Deciding to try Comanche to see if she understood he asked her name.

Upon hearing something that she finally understood a little of, Leotie was quick to reply, she told him her name was Leotie and asked after his.

Clayton was immensely relieved to realize that they would be able to converse a little, and soon he would have his dinner back under his control. Clayton answered Leotie's question and then motioned to the bird in her hand and told her it was his.

Leotie looked down at the bird then back up at Clayton. She was so hungry she did not want to give the hen back the Clayton. That was such an odd name. She just wanted to eat something other than berries and nuts.

Seeing the look of unrestrained hunger on Leotie's face Clayton knew what he was about to do he would probably regret later. Motioning down at the hen he pointed first to Leotie then back to the hen then himself, as he did not know much Comanche beyond asking for names, and telling someone to put their weapons down.

Leotie watched Clayton's motions and figured out that he would split the chicken with her. Looking down at the bird again she decided that it would be big enough to split with him. Leotie took the chicken over to a rock and sat it down, pulling her rock knife from its holder and started to cut the hen in half. Taking half the bird Leotie sat down and started pulling the meat from the bones, eating in a hurry.

Clayton watched the young Indian woman tear into the hen. All the sudden he was not so regretful that he offered to share the hen with her. She was eating it like she had not eaten in weeks. Picking up the second half of the hen Clayton moved back to his bedroll and sat upon it to eat his dinner. He was by no means as near as ravenous as Leotie, but he was hungry too.

After they had ate the bird Leotie stared over at the strange white man. For a white man he was not as repulsive as Leotie had been lead to believe, he did not seem like he would spread a disease to an entire village in an hour. Leotie was wondering if everything that she had ever been told about white men was wrong. Well maybe not everything was wrong, Clayton definitely looked dangerous. Maybe she should leave his camp before he did something evil to her. Leotie was looking for the safest way out when another thought entered her mind. If he was going to do something evil to her why would he have allowed her to have half of his hen, she did not believe he was evil.

With the firelight playing with her hair and on her skin a guy could almost mistake her for a tanned white woman. Her skin looked incredibly soft and smooth, it was a gentle brown coloring so light it looked white in the fire light. Her dark braids hung in glossy brown strands over her shoulders, when she moved her head just right she appeared to have red highlights threading through the dark brown tresses. She was a beautiful girl.

As they each finished their halves of the hen they started to get increasingly tired. Leotie decided that since this kind white man would share his hen with her then he could share his fire for warmth this night. Taking her buffalo robe she started making her bed, next to the fire.

Clayton watched the young Indian woman prepare her bed and settle down against the shaggy fur of the buffalo robe. Making sure that his rifle was still close to his bed roll he settled in for the night. When morning came and Clayton awoke it was to the knowledge that the woman was not sleeping across the fire from him any longer. It was barely past dawn, she must have woke and left with the first chirps of the birds. As he sat up Clayton noticed that the fire was burning, and Leotie's buffalo robe was still lying on the ground where she had slept. Confused Clayton started looking around for the young woman. He noticed a trampled down trail of grass leading away from his camp towards the west. Quietly he rose and started to follow the trail.

Upon waking Leotie realized she knew the area that Clayton had set up his camp. Her family had traveled through here when they were moving their village. Deciding that a bath would be nice, especially since she had not had a proper bath since she left what was left of her village, she walked to the small spring fed pond that was not too far away. She would go bathe then go back to Clayton's camp and gather her things and continue on her journey. As she got to the pond she noticed someone had cut down the two trees that used to flank the pond giving it shade on hot days. Slipping her dress and moccasins off she walked calmly into the cool water, that was now warmer than she remembered.

Clayton was shocked to realize that the trail led to a small pond, and that Leotie was swimming naked in the water. Clayton's body's reaction was instantaneous, he felt his cock harden as he watched Leotie's young sleek body glide through the smooth water in the pond. Clayton was not really surprised by his reaction to the beautiful girl, being it had been a while since he had taken a woman. Slowly Clayton started to strip of his clothing leaving them lay in a pile next to Leotie's. Very cautiously he started entering the water, hoping that she would not hear him.

Leotie felt the change in the current of the water and looked to see what had caused it. She saw Clayton wading into the water; he was just past his waist when she saw him. Leotie was a little surprised that Clayton would be swimming with her but then again maybe that was just how white people were.

The closer that he got to the young woman Clayton knew exactly what he was going to do. It was past the time that he have a woman again, and this one was an incredible beauty. Diving beneath the water Clayton swam up to Leotie grabbing her ankle he pulled her under the water and against him. Surfacing with her pressed tight against his body Clayton scooped her legs up into his arms and carried the frightened and fighting woman to the shore. She could fight all she wanted, but Clayton was stronger, and he needed a woman badly.

Crying, screaming, biting, and hitting Leotie protested against Clayton's treatment of her. She had foolishly felt comfortable around this gentle looking man, now she could see how wrong she was. She should never have stayed at his fire last night nor gone swimming this morning.

Clayton pushed the girl down on the long plush grass of the bank of the pond. He did not want to hit her but if she did not stop trying to fight him he would have to hit her. Putting one hand around her neck Clayton held Leotie still; stifling some of her air. With the fear shining from her face Clayton got even more turned on. The fear made her eyes change from a soft chocolate brown to almost black. As Leotie continued to squirm on the grass trying to fight off his advances Clayton held his open hand up so she could see he would hit her if he hand to. Clayton smiled deviously as Leotie stilled seeing his upraised hand.

Leotie could hardly breathe and now he was going to hit her if she continued to fight for her honor. She did not want to give into this man but she did not know what else she could do. He was going to have his way with her no matter what she did. He was just too strong to fight off.

Pushing his knee between Leotie's legs Clayton spread her legs a little apart. Sliding his hand between her legs rubbing her pussy a little; he knew that she was no where near ready to take him easily into her body, but he no longer cared all he wanted was to feel her hot tight flesh surrounding his. Slipping two fingers deep into her vagina he felt the barrier that marked her virginity. This was going to be even better than he thought. Pulling his fingers from her twat he moved them up to her mouth and forced her to take his fingers in her mouth to taste her own flavor. Seeing the tears starting to form in her eyes made his cock harden harder than it had ever been in the past. Pulling his fingers from her mouth he grabbed her knee and pushed it into the grass and dirt. He could now see her pussy, slightly damp from the pond but with none of her own lubrication showing. Putting his knees between hers Clayton lined his body up and slammed his cock deep into Leotie's young virgin body. She cried out in agony as he burst through her maidenhead. The sound and sight of her crying made Clayton pump harder and faster into the young girl filling her with his hard cock. Damn but her pussy was the tightest that he had ever fuck, even without participating she had to be the best fuck he had ever had. He could tell that he was getting close to coming, letting go of her neck he grabbed both of her tits and started to rub, pinch, and pull on them, making Leotie cry out once more as he hurt her. The sound of her yelp as he pinched her right nipple hard made Clayton come hard inside of Leotie filling her with his seed.

Leotie lay beneath the evil man crying in pain from what he had done to her. She knew that now no matter if she found an Indian tribe that would take her in she could not go to them knowing that she had been so brutally violated by this horribly evil gentle looking man. She cringed as Clayton pulled himself from her body dragging her unwillingly back to his fire. Once there she was thrown onto her buffalo robe. Leotie was too deeply in shock to even realize that she could and probably should cover her body with her buffalo robe.

Clayton had thought that fucking her by the pond would have been enough to sate his body, but as he sat that there and watched her sit shivering in fright he realized that he wanted her again. Only this time he wanted to force an orgasm out of her and then cover her sleek body in his come. The only way he could figure to keep her still long enough to do what he wanted would be to tie her up. Moving to his saddle bag he grabbed his knife and cut four pieces of rope then looked from something he could drive into the ground to keep her how ever he wanted her. Finding nothing in his bags he glanced around and noticed some tree branches lying near by. Grabbing them and the rope he once again moved to Leotie's side. Grabbing her right arm he quickly had her wrist tide, pushing her onto her back on the buffalo robe he staked her arm down. He tied her other arm then both of her legs. She was spread open before him, her body open he could see her pussy; her tits were thrusting towards the sky. She really was the most beautiful woman he had ever fucked.

Clayton let his hands move over her body starting at her feet and rubbing up her legs. He skipped over her pussy knowing he was going to be spending enough time there soon enough. Clayton skimmed his hand softly over her stomach up to her breasts. This time he was not mean as he caressed her breast, he rubbed them softly then took her left nipple in his mouth to suck on it.

Leotie gasped at the feelings that Clayton's mouth on her breast was causing her, it was unlike anything that she had ever felt before, unlike earlier when Clayton had done this. Leotie was shocked by the pleasant sensations rolling from her breasts down to her womanhood.

Clayton could feel Leotie's body become relaxed and pliable. After taking her by force this was going to be perfect. Moving his mouth down her stomach Clayton headed towards her vagina he could hardly wait to taste her sweet nectar. He could feel her stiffen again as his mouth neared her honey pot. Not caring if she was willing or not Clayton buried his face in her hot vagina. It was wet and oh so sweet. He could not remember tasting a vagina quite this sweet in the past. Finding her clit protruding from it's little hood Clayton started flicking his tongue over it, listening to the sound of Leotie start moaning in pleasure. He knew that Leotie did not want to respond to his ministrations but her body had different ideas. Sliding his finger into her slit Clayton continued to flick his tongue over her sensitive clit.

Tears were running down the sides of Leotie's face, they were not tears of sadness but rather tears of embarrassment as her body betrayed her mind. The sensations flowing from her pussy were so unbelievable. As she lay spread on the ground, the sensations seemed to climb an invisible mountain. Leotie screamed as she crested the peak of the mountain.

The feeling of Leotie's pussy clenching his finger as she had an orgasm was wonderful, but it just made him want to climb on top of her and fuck her hard. Deciding to go with that urge Clayton climbed up and positioned his cock at the very wet entrance to Leotie's pussy. He wanted to go slow but his body would not let him and he slammed his cock all the way into the hot waiting pussy before him. Clayton just pounded away on the tender flesh, fucking her as hard and fast as he could.

Once more, the feeling of climbing the mountain was coming to Leotie. She did not know exactly what was causing it all that she knew was that she wanted to break free to the other side.

With a grunt, Clayton filled Leotie's pussy with his sticky semen. He pumped a couple more times then collapsed on top of her. Raising his head Clayton sneered down at the helpless Indian whore beneath him. She was going to be a lot of fun to have around.

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