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One day Maxine and Verna were playing checkers at the old retirement home they lived in. Laughing and talking about how all the men in the retirement home were lousy lovers. "Yeah, Old Joe came before he even got inside me!" laughed Verna

"And Abraham can only get his dick up once a week!" Laughed Maxine. By now they were roaring with laughter about their humorously sad sex lives.

"How did do hot broads like us get trapped in here with a bunch of limp old cripples?" said Verna, sadly. It was true though, they had aged very well. They were both quite old, and had retired years ago. Verna's natural big breasts didn't sag past her ribs, and she had a big jiggly ass. She looked healthy, but by no means overweight. She just fed herself correctly, and she had been a beautiful woman with all the right curves at one time.

Maxine was more petite, with small B breasts with almost no sag at all. Her ass was firm and sort of small, but definitely fine. She was thin, but she was fit. She went to the gym every Tuesday and Friday. Verna went with her on Fridays too. Both of them had their gray hair in neat buns in the back of their heads.

"Yeah, I can't really speak for myself, but you have an amazing body, Verna. Your breasts are so full, I wish I had your curves," said Maxine.

Verna replied with, "Are you kidding me? Maxine, you're so thin and fit, and you know I've gained a few pounds and sagged a bit since my prime."

"You're beautiful."

Then there was awkward silence. Neither of the old ladies knew how to respond to such flattery from another beautiful woman. For men, they just put out a bit. For women, they had no idea how to respond. So, they responded in the only way they knew how.

As they were moving their checkers pieces, Verna bent forward, showing truckloads of cleavage. Maxine jumped one of Verna's pieces, and then brushed one off the table. "Oh, silly me, let me get that." So she went and got the piece, bending over, sticking her firm shapely buttocks into Verna's face. To some it might seem as if these ladies were showing off that they were better than each other. But really, neither side cared; they were just enjoying the show.

After more basic seductive exercises, Verna tried using one of the older tricks in the book. "Yeah, lately I've been having trouble soaping up certain parts of my body. I was planning on taking a bath after the game, but I fear I might leave some spots unclean."

Maxine knew this trick, and knew she was being seduced, as anyone might know, but she didn't mind. She thought she would probably enjoy this new experience. "Oh, I can help you with that. Don't worry it will be no trouble at all. Actually, I've been experiencing that same problem. So, if you help me, too, it will be a fair deal."

So, they both went into Verna's room. Verna started the hot water. Maxine reached up behind Verna and began helping her unbutton her blouse. She peeled it off, revealing Verna's big basketball boobs, clad in a lacy, maroon-purple bra. Maxine began massaging Verna's tits in slow circles, just as she had done to herself so many times. Verna's nipples became very hard under her touch. Verna turned around and took off Maxine's blouse. Maxine had decided to stop wearing bras, and her breasts freely heaved with each intake of breath. Her pale pink nipples pointed out like tiny dunce caps. They then proceeded to remove the rest of each others clothes, grabbing asses, brushing careless fingers over each others labia, feeling up and down their legs. Maxine set Verna's gigantic orbs of breast free, by unclipping her bra.

They were so horny by the time the bath was done, their old weathered pussies were dripping wet like they were horny teenagers, their nipples sticking out like torpedoes ready to launch. Verna got in the bath first, sinking slowly into the steamy hot water. Maxine lowered herself behind Verna. She started by soaping up Verna's busty titties, pushing her own, small titties into Verna's back. Verna made sexy noises while this was happening, and pushed back into Maxine's subtle curves. Maxine began licking and kissing Verna's neck.

Verna became tired of this foreplay. Her pussy now hurt with arousal. She spun herself around in the tub, to face Maxine, and planted her lips hard into the lips of Maxine. Her tongue slipped between Maxine's wrinkly lips, pushing in with Maxine's tongue. Maxine pulled out her dentures after that kiss, placing them on the side of the bath.

Verna and Maxine proceeded to make out, pushing eager fingers between each other's legs. Maxine humped into Verna's fingers, and Verna followed suit, bucking into Maxine's busy hand. Maxine pushed Verna back, pushing her lips between the lips of Verna's pussy, and proceeded to eat her hard, nibbling her clitoris with her naked gums. Soon, Verna came hard onto Maxine's hungry face, and Maxine licked up all she could. They made out some more, sucking each other's hard nipples, letting wide, dripping tongues lap up the wrinkled skin.

Then, they proceeded into the bedroom for some more mature lesbian romping...

Maxine woke up with three of Verna's fingers in her pussy and a big fat boob in her mouth. This is how Verna and Maxine were able to survive in the Retirement home full of limp wrinkly dinks.

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