tagLesbian SexLesbian Polygamy: A Beginning

Lesbian Polygamy: A Beginning


Summary: The beginning of how a domme began her own lesbian harem.

Note: Thanks to J for the story idea.

Note 2: This is a summer 2014 contest story.

Note 3: Thanks to MAB7991, Robert and goamz86.

Lesbian Polygamy: A Beginning

I am a lesbian...through and through...the only cock that goes in my cunt is a strap-on, dildo or vibe.

That said, my family didn't approve of the way they found out or of the lifestyle I lived then or now.

Once I was outed, my parents having caught me in the act of lesbian domination of a very powerful married woman, I decided to use my exotic gift to my advantage.

What is an exotic gift you ask? I don't exactly know why, but older women, usually straight older women, are sexually drawn to me. I have had numerous affairs with married women in my young life, and have dominated most of them sexually. I know, through asking submissive lovelorn women, that it is a mixture of my looks, my strong personality, my body and my amazing cunt taste, which apparently based on how many women come crawling back to submit to me is pretty addicting. One of my first conquests, a married doctor, compared her addiction to eating me out and serving me to smoking or drugs...which I thought silly at the time...yet as time has passed it seems obvious she knew what she was talking about.

I am not boasting here...I know I am not the prettiest girl around (although I have a very cute, appealing, wholesome, girl next door look...which is quite ironic), nor do I have the best body (I have 34b breasts, strong arms from farming, great legs and a wide ass), yet somehow my allure and personality draw older women to me like a moth to a flame.

I am also an oxymoron in many ways. On the one hand, I look like any normal twenty year old when out on the town in a mini skirt and tight blouse that showcase my assets; on the other hand, I am a farm girl who shears sheep and have always been more comfortable with animals and wearing wranglers then I have been with humans or dressing in pretentious rich fashion.

I am the daughter of a wealthy farmer in Yorkshire, near Beverley and I ran one of the family farms which was all livestock, I can shear sheep by myself and am a very good polo player. I excelled at Agricultural College and took over a dairy farm to run when only 20.

What do I look like? In many ways like so many other girls: brunette shoulder length hair, blue-grey eyes that seem to draw people in, and a smile that disarms everyone I meet.

Anyways, enough about me...I will tell the story of how my lesbian polygamy lifestyle started all by accident. Then in future stories, if you want to hear, I will have my five submissive live-in wives tell their stories of how they went from being happily married to rich men to my live-in playthings...each always competing for my attention, my bedroom and my pussy.

Up first: the one that started the harem although she herself is not one of them now...Farrah.

I was at the Royal Ascot Championship, which we attend every year, It is a very high society horse race meeting each June attended by the Royal Family, who are major race horse owners, as is my father. He is a member there and so sits in the main stand full of royalty, aristocracy and very wealthy people. I went to play polo, watch the horse races and be shown off by my daddy because of my farming ability...very unlike most of the diva daughters of aristocracy.

It was here I met the wife of an Earl, therefore a Countess, who became the first member of my lesbian harem. She was, and is, quite popular because of her beauty and often shows up in the society pages.

Dressed in my polo uniform, having just finished competing in a match, I saw that she kept checking me out...not uncommon for me, truth be told...but uncommon here. I had chatted with her a few times in the past and I was curious if she had talked to one of my other conquests, which were also quite common. By this time, having seduced a couple dozen older women, I could tell when a woman was about to fall...and she was about to fall.

I sauntered over to her and asked, "Hungry?"

She stammered, surprised by the question, "W-w-what do you mean?"

I took a cherry from her cocktail, put it in my mouth, and shrugged, my innuendo hit-you-in-the-face obvious, "I just love taking people's cherries."

Her face flushed, obviously understanding my upfront implication. Unfortunately, her drab husband arrived and the conversation shifted to the banalities of high society chit chat. While the generic conversation transpired, I put my hand under the table and onto her nylon-clad leg, which in the ninety degree heat was crazy...but high society always has to look the part.

As expected, she didn't push my hand away and thus I moved my hand under her skirt...although not enough to touch her pussy. I lingered long enough to tease her, make her uncomfortable and horny, before I excused myself, while subtly giving her thigh a meaningful squeeze.

I always leave them wanting more as that is a seduction piece of mine that works eighty percent of the time.

I visited with friends, family and other members of aristocracy, feigning interest, while glancing back at my target.

Every time I glanced her way, she was looking at me with an unmistakable lust in her eyes. It was a look I often saw from women like her: married, straight, lonely and questioning their sexuality...all because of me.

After an hour, I sauntered over to her and I could tell by her body posture that she was excited and nervous at my approach.

Reaching her, I asked, being very blunt, "Who told you?"

"Who told me what?" She questioned, clearly feigning ignorance...but doing it poorly.

"Don't lie to me," I tersely said. "It is obvious what you want."

"I was just about to go freshen and redo my make-up for tonight's formal," she informed me, not answering the question, but instead offering herself to me.

"That's a good idea," I said with just a hint of a smile, before adding, "because when I am through with you, you will definitely need to freshen up."

She stammered, still a sliver of doubt inside her, "I-I-I'm not sure about this."

I shrugged, "Whatever," and walked away, again very confident that she would come to me.

I didn't look back, but went to grab my polo stick which I thought would make a great fuck toy this hot summer day.

Fifteen minutes later, I had just finished talking to Daddy and some very boring people when today's prey sheepishly walked to me.

I asked tersely, "And what do you want?"

"I was going to my car for a drink to get out of this heat and would love some company," she offered, clearly nervous about what she was offering.

I loved that even though she was married, rich, confident and dignified, in front of me she was just a timid, insecure woman wanting to submit.

I asked again, "Who told you?"

"Carol," she answered.

Carol was my accountant and someone I had taken just a few weeks earlier. I would have to punish her for letting our little secret out. "Lead the way," I ordered.

When we got to the car, I found that it wasn't simply a car but a specially fitted Rolls Royce.

Reaching the Rolls, she looked around to make sure no one was watching and quickly got in. I followed, amused by her attempt at secrecy.

The inside of the car was like a limo with a full range of amenities including a bar.

She poured us both a wine and tried to continue a banal conversation.

I downed the whole glass of wine, then said with intention, "I haven't come all this way, and missed races, just for idle talk."

"So," she said, trying to act innocent, which was just absurd since she invited me here with a purpose, "What have you come for?"

I laughed, "Knees, Farrah."

"Excuse me?" She said, adorably surprised by my frankness.

"Why did you invite me here?" I asked, as I joined her side.

"I don't know," she said, avoiding eye contact.

"Patience is not one of my strong suits," I sighed.

"It's just," she began, before finally saying, "You intrigue me."

"How so?" I asked, always wanting them to accept their natural place of submission. I didn't blackmail, although I had a lot of dirty secrets on many high society men and women (high society was a mirage, just like forever ever after was...both concepts built on quicksand).

"I can't explain it," she whispered.

"Try," I sighed overdramatically to make a point, before adding, "if you're not willing than I have a couple other sure things here who would drop to their knees without hesitation."

"It's just I've never done this before," she says, her body and mind fighting for control of the situation.

I leaned in and kissed her knowing one touch of intimacy would be all it took to have her brittle resistance shatter.

As anticipated she melted into me, giving in completely to the lust that confused and overwhelmed her.

I slid my hand under her skirt and wasn't surprised to feel her wetness leaking through both her pantyhose and her panties. She moaned into my mouth as I lightly teased her pussy lips.

I asked, even though I knew the answer, as I broke the kiss, "Why are you so wet, Farrah?"

She finally admitted, "All polo match I drooled over you and ever since you put your hand on my leg at the table I have been a wet mess."

"Have you munched on cunt before?" I asked, being excessively vulgar.

"No," she whispered, moaning as I put just a little pressure on her pussy.

"But you want to taste mine?" I questioned, moving to her ear.

"Yes," she admitted, clearly flushed and overwhelmed by my touch.

"Right here and now in your decadent Rolls Royce?" I asked, tugging at her ear.

"Yes," she moaned, the double assault on her by my fingers and mouth making her body tremble.

"With all those other high society bitches and assholes so close by?" I continued, loving to push my pet to be to the breaking point of lust and shame.

"Yesss," she agreed, as her breathing increased.

"Your husband out there wondering where his beautiful wife is," I continued, pushing her to the limits of guilt and desire.

"He thinks I went back to the cottage," she admitted. "I told him the heat was getting to me."

"The heat does indeed seem to be getting to you," I teased, as I continued rubbing her cunt and ordered her to unbutton her blouse.

She looked at me with a hunger I have seen many times before. A look wherein years of denial or lack of real sexual pleasure finally culminate when they give in body, mind and soul to me. Her hands trembling, she obeyed, unbuttoning her blouse.

Once undone, I instructed, "Take it off."

She obeyed, still nervous.

She handed it to me and I tossed her blouse aside.

"The bra, too," I continued, forcing her to give herself for me.

She unclasped her bra. Her tits were surprisingly small, a much padded push-up bra having given the illusion of much more.

I then returned to my side of the car and said, repeating the order from a few minutes ago, "Knees."

This time she obeyed without hesitation. I lifted my foot to her and she took off my boot. I gave her my other foot and she took off my other boot.

I gave her both feet and lifted my ass up and she pulled my tight white pants off. I always made my pets undress me the first time they submitted, again creating a clear understanding of Mistress and submissive.

"My panties too," I ordered.

Her hands no longer trembled as lust overcame trepidation and she tugged my panties down my legs.

I leaned back on the huge plush seats, getting comfortable, opened my legs, grabbed the older woman's hair and pulled her head down so that her face was so close to my cunt she could smell my unique aroma...which after a polo match would have been much stronger than usual.

"Do you want this?" I asked.

"Yes," she said, staring at my wet pussy lips.

"What do you want?" I questioned, always wanting to hear them say the words.

"To lick you," she answered, still in a hungry trance.

"To lick my what?" I questioned, pulling her deeper into her submission to me.

"Your cunt, I want to lick your cunt," she admitted, with an insatiable hunger that was sexy as hell.

I demanded, "Then lick me slut, lick me until I tell you to stop."

She obeyed instantly, diving in as if my pussy was a lake and she had been lost in the desert for days. It was obvious she had never done it before, as her technique was non-existent. Yet, what she lacked in style, she made up for in eagerness. After a few minutes she got me off and I flooded her pretty face with my cum.

Once she was finished and emerged from my legs, I was amused that her hair was awry, her lipstick smudged and her make-up smeared...she looked exactly like what she was...a lesbian slut who had just eaten pussy.

I asked her, "Do you want to come, my slut?"

"God, yes," she answered, hunger still in her eyes.

"Get out of your skirt," I demanded.

She didn't hesitate, quickly discarding her skirt with reckless abandon, which amused me as I assumed it had cost a thousand pounds or more.

"Sit down and spread those legs, Countess," I ordered, loving the power I had over someone so rich and famous.

Again she obeyed immediately like a well-trained dog.

I moved to her, ripped the expensive pantyhose at the crotch, tugged her thong to the side and easily slid two fingers into her very wet cunt. She moaned, "Oh, God, yes."

I fingered her for a few seconds before reaching for my polo stick. I always like to fuck my newest pet with something original the first time around (I have used quite a few creative things in the past, including: a curling iron, a cucumber, my foot, and the end of a stapler, among other things)...a polo stick would be a first.

I couldn't decide between the handle and the mallet. The handle would go deeper, but the mallet would be hotter. Her eyes went wide as I moved the steel mallet to her cunt. I ordered, as the one end was at her pussy lips, "Fuck yourself, slut."

She hesitated, shocked by the order, yet after a brief delay, she lifted her ass up and began awkwardly, humorously, moving back and forth, taking the small metal make-shift cock inside her.

I handed her the polo stick and watched as the last remaining shreds of her dignity faded and she began to really fuck herself with the stick, clearly frustrated the mallet head wasn't longer...just enough to tease her, but not enough to fill her cunt like she desperately wanted.

Suddenly, my phone rang. I sighed, "It's my Dad, I have to answer this."

"Where are you?" He asked, without any hello.

"Just teaching the Countess how to use a mallet," I answered, with a devious smile, he being oblivious to my true meaning.

"Well, I need you here to meet with Penny Morner," he said, his tone annoyed like it always was.

Penny was an up and coming politician and incredibly cute. I wondered if I could add her to my list of older cunt lickers. I said, "I'll be right there."

"Hurry up," my always impatient father ordered.

Hanging up, I said, "We will have to continue this another time. I have another engagement I must be at."

"Okay," she said, clearly disappointed, as I got dressed.

Once dressed, I took my polo stick and said, as I put my panties on her head, "You can finish yourself while sucking on my panties."

"Okay," she said, her fingers going directly to her cunt.

Looking at the wine bottle, I grabbed it and said, handing it to her, "Finish yourself off with this."

Again she obeyed immediately sliding the bottle into her cunt and beginning to fuck herself.

"Also, tomorrow I expect you in stockings so I can easily get to that cunt of yours," I finished.

"Yes, Miss," she moaned, as she sucked in the crotch of my panties and fucked herself with the bottle. The scene looked so hot and ludicrous I quickly took a photo with my camera without her knowing.

"Until tomorrow," I smiled, knowing there were three more days here. Three more days to really dominate her.

"I can't waiiiiit," she moaned, consumed by her own lust.

I left the car and headed back wondering if today was going to be a fuck one slut, get a second one free deal.

Unfortunately, although Penny was incredibly cute and I sensed seducible, she was heading back to London later that night, although she did offer me a personal tour of the parliament buildings if I was ever in London. I promised I would take her up on her generous offer and left the possibly of making her my bitch out there.


The next day, I was watching the races, dressed in a fun light blue dress that was just below the knee, according to Daddy's very thorough guidelines for propriety. He also insisted on pantyhose, because according to him that is what distinguishes high society from the rest. I pointed out that half the women here were bare legged, but he just went on another rant about husbands and fathers having no control over their women.

Of course, I choose to go sans panties as my own protest, plus I wondered what it would be like to be eaten out through my overpriced hosiery.

Throughout the day, as I sweated in the pantyhose, it being a sauna out there, I noticed the countess checking me out constantly. It was crazy everyone else was oblivious to the lust-filled woman. That said, the rich and aristocratic are notoriously unfussy about sexual promiscuity...except my father of course.

Excusing myself after a race, I looked over at the lust filled submissive and snapped my fingers and pointed in the direction of the washrooms. She nodded, excusing herself immediately from the group of women she was with, and followed behind me.

I didn't once glance behind me as I walked up the stairs to a second floor washroom I knew existed, (I had played there before) but was likely not occupied.

Reaching it, I went inside and as expected the bathroom was empty. A moment later, a knock followed and I said, "Come in."

She came in, closed the door and locked it.

I asked, "Hungry?"

"Yes, Miss," she nodded, already completely in submissive mode.

I hopped onto the large bathroom counter, pulled up my skirt and said, "Come and get it."

She quickly came to me and moved between my legs. She went to rip my pantyhose as I had hers yesterday but I said, "No, suck me through the pantyhose."

She nodded, "Yes, Miss," as she buried her face in my pantyhose clad crotch.

It was amusing to watch as she struggled to sucked on my pussy lips and clit through the hosiery, although not very satisfying after the initial touch. After a couple of minutes, I ripped my own crotch and ordered, "Now get it directly from the source."

She didn't hesitate, burying her face in my wetness. She presented a facade of utter propriety and was condescending to most people below her social status. So watching her eagerness, considering her social position, greatly enhanced my pleasure. When I was close, I grabbed her head and rubbed my cunt up and down her pretty perfectly done face. I came hard and covered her with my cum.

When I let go of her head, I smiled and said, "You're getting better."

"Thank you," she replied, looking up at me with her make-up again a mess.

I got off the counter and said, "I should be returning to the races. Daddy's horse should be racing soon."

"Okay," she said crestfallen.

"It's okay, I'm not cheap with my pussy," I smiled, "but only obedient sluts get rewarded."

"I'll be obedient," she said quickly.

"Good," I smiled, "No touching that cunt of yours until I give you permission."

"Yes, Miss," she nodded.

"Good pet," I smiled and walked out, leaving the door wide open while she was still on the floor.

The rest of the day I spent with polo teammates and as a result ended up getting rather shit faced.

Still hung-over the next morning, I was in a crabby mood and when I saw the Countess. I decided to test her obedience and simultaneously amuse myself. I grabbed a polo ball and sat beside her, her husband also with her.

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