tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLesson Two For Lily

Lesson Two For Lily


Mr. Logan sat back on the couch and just watched me as I sat next to him on my knees. My face was hot, my ass was red with his hand prints and I felt so very exposed.

"Now Lily," he said reaching over and tugging on one of my curls, "No more bathroom visits at work do you understand?"

I nodded my head, his hand was quick as it jerked forward and slapped hard against my ass.

"Answer me!" he said sharply, his voice full of warning.

"Yes sir," I said staring up at him. My pussy contracted and dampened.

"That's better," a small smile played over his mouth. "From now on you will keep this toy in my offices' bathroom, and if you feel the need to use it you will ask is that clear?" He reached down and slowly pulled it from my ass. "take it and go put it in on the counter, you can clean yourself up, but I want you here first thing in the morning, I have court tomorrow and Ill want your help." As he spoke he slid his hand over my ass soothing the skin. "You had better turn the lights off before you get in bed with your husband tonight, or he will see my hand print all over your ass and I know you don't want that do you?"

"No sir," I answered standing up on shaky legs.

I left the office and made my way home. My bottom was tender and swollen. I took a shower quickly and began to make some dinner. By the time my husband arrived I felt more myself except for a tingling between my thighs. That night as I lay in our bed and he turned towards me I couldn't help but think about what had happened just hours earlier. I slid on top of him straddling his thighs and with one swift movement he was deep inside me. I felt my pussy closing around him sucking on him as I started to lift up, he groaned and grabbed my hips and pulled me back down onto his dick, bucking into me his fingers digging into my tender ass cheeks making me moan and eagerly begin to ride him. He leaned up and bit my breast softly and then harder sucking the nipple in. I whimpered and humped against him harder, pulling away I sat up and turned to reach behind and play with his balls, they were already tight and I could tell he was going to spill inside of me, I wasn't ready but I felt him arch up as he released inside me. I felt myself contract around him, milking him and still grinding against him not wanting to stop. My orgasm shot through me and I shuddered and clenched him again. He rolled me to my side and stroked my back as he drifted off to sleep. I lay there for a while wondering what Mr. Logan was doing before finally falling asleep.

As I entered the office in the morning I was not surprised to hear Mr. Logan pacing his office as he normally did before heading to court. I always found it exciting to watch him practice his opening statements. Quietly I hung up my coat and made coffee, listening as his fluid voice twisted words to convince, to cause doubt in the jury's mind. I poured him a cup of black coffee and tapped on his door. I tried to ignore the throbbing between my legs, and the wetness that grew with every stray thought of him. The door swung open and he took the coffee from me drinking without ever taking his eyes from mine.

"I've been waiting for you Lily," his voice sounded a bit strained, he grabbed my hand and held it to his crotch rubbing himself against me. "Is the door still locked?" he asked pulling me into his office.

"Yes sir" I answered. He pushed his own door closed and leaned me against it,

"I thought about you last night" he said quietly and leaned over rubbing his thumb over my lips, "Ill have to spank you again for being such a distraction, but first..." his voice trailed off as my tongue dared to dart out and lick over his thumb. He groaned and pushed it further between my lips. "Suck it," he said.

I felt my face heat up, remembering the same scenario from one of my emails he had discovered. I licked his thumb up and down and began to suck it between my full lips. He fumbled with his leather belt and one handedly undid his zipper. I looked up into his eyes and let go of his thumb,

"You know what I want Lily," he said.

"Yes sir," I whispered. Slowly I pulled his pants open and tugged at the waist of his boxers, the fabric was silky. I hesitantly rubbed my face against him and then pulled his cock into my hand,

"I'm going to fuck your mouth" he stated firmly. My eyes widened as he yanked me to my feet, "come sit on this" he said motioning to a hassock that would put me at perfect level, he moved it next to the wall and I sat down. He stepped to me and rubbed his dick all over my face slapping it against my cheeks. He grew harder at the slapping sounds. I tried to lean back and stop him but he shoved my hands away. He stopped and glared at me for a minute. "Don't fight me" he warned. His hands moved to my sweater, curling his fingers around the soft collar he gave them a jerk and each button popped open, exposing my see-through lace bra, showing my taunt pink nipples. His fingers reached down and pinched one nipple and twisted softly.

"Open your mouth for me" he groaned and pushed his throbbing head against my lips. I parted them and he thrust into my mouth. I gagged and tried to move away, but his fingers wrapped in my hair and pulled my head forward. I tried to relax my throat as he ground his cock into my mouth humping my face.

"Suck me Lily, suck me now!" He barked at me as he began to jerk his hips into my mouth, his swollen head bouncing against the back of my throat. My fingers moved instinctively to his balls, cupping them and stroking his upper legs, I let my nails dig into his skin as he bounced my head against the wall. His hand moved to the wall behind me he pushed harder, in and out of my mouth, I leaned back trying to brace my head against the wall as he slapped between my lips

"UHHHHH" the sound came out of my mouth, unintelligible as he filled my mouth with his huge cock. His groans got louder as he pumped furiously into me; I knew he was going to cum quickly. My head bounced against the wall again, his hands grabbed the sides of my face and he jerked his cock between my lips, the first hot jet flew against the back of my throat, I swallowed and sucked as the second stream of his cream sprayed into my mouth, I tried to swallow it all but some ran down my chin. He stayed like that holding my head keeping his twitching dick in my mouth until he had cum every drop.

"Oh baby, you suck it so good." He pulled himself slowly from between my lips and stroked it against my cheek. "That's what I thought about last night." He said smiling down at me. He rubbed his cock against my chin spreading the dribble of cum over his cock.

"Lick it clean Lily" he said and watched as I licked every drop from him. "You were too much of a distraction, last night, I could hardly prepare for trial today," he said pushing my skirt up my thighs.

"I'm sorry." I said but he knew I didn't mean it. His hands pushed my skirt to my waist and roughly he pulled my knees apart.

"At least you didn't wear panties today" he said satisfaction evident in his voice. I felt my face burning my skin tingling as he examined me, I cringed as I thought of him staring at my plump figure. At the same time I wished he would touch me, push inside me, make me wild. "I won't be here to supervise you today so I want to make sure you remember to behave," he said smiling at me and standing pulling me quickly to my feet. He sat down on the couch and pulled me back against him. "Spread your legs Lily," he warned knowing I was hesitant. He pulled me tight against him grabbing one of my breasts and pinching at the nipple, and then his fingers moved between my legs.

"Oh," I moaned, I couldn't help myself. I was throbbing and desperate to cum.

"You're getting me all wet again, he said." I heard the noise before I felt the stinging heat on my flesh, He slapped my soaking lips.

"No," I whimpered as his fingers stung my swollen lips, slapping at them again, he stopped and let one finger trail to my clit, teasing it softly and plucking at it with the tip.

"Your going to be good today aren't you?" he asked biting at my ear as he whispered into it.

"Yes," I moaned my body writhing on top of his. His fingers slapped against my puffy lips again, my body jerked in response and I whimpered. One of his fingers dipped inside. I felt my body clenching at it and tried to lift my hips to feel more. His teeth nipped into the skin of my neck and he slapped my swollen flesh again.

"You want more?" He asked his fingers pressing against me.

"Please" I gasped bucking against his fingers, needing more friction.

"I like it when you beg me Lily," he groaned and slapped harder this time, his open hand stinging my skin he reached down with his other hand pulling my thighs farther apart and slapped my upper thighs catching the edges of my swollen pussy. I cried out then, fear and excitement torturing my senses.

"Please make me cum!" I cried out, this time overcome with the waves of feeling rocking my slicked and swollen pussy, my hands moved back digging into his legs through the wool of his pants, grasping at anything I could reach

"All right baby," his smooth voice flowed over me as he thrust three fingers hard into me, I began to convulse around him my pussy sucking on his fingers grinding on them as wave after wave assaulted me. His fingers loosened their tight grip and began to sooth. He touched my thighs traced tender lines where his fingers had left marks, he eased his fingers in and out slowly, softly rubbing and caressing my tender lips, his fingers creamy with my heat as he rubbed up and down my bare stomach touching my small triangle of curls.

"I've got to get to court now." He said lifting me slowly from his lap. He held me there without saying anything, his hands just caressing my skin. His mouth kissing my neck and with a final soft rub of my pussy he turned me around to face him and stared into my eyes. "Your pretty when you cum." He said seriously without a smile. He gave my skirt a tug pulling it back over my hips. I fumbled with my sweater, feeling embarrassed and pleased at the same time.

"Will...will you be back this evening?" I asked. His turn was slow and I saw the look and way he studied me as he paused.

"I don't know, but I do have to take a trip next week and I will need you to accompany me." He waited for my reaction. I gasped as the real meaning sank in.

"H...How long will we be gone?" I asked tripping over my words my face blazing red again. His smile had a sinister quality when matched with the gleam in his eyes.

"I think three or four days will do. Leave Friday, come back Monday, I have that new client in Seattle that is hard to please..." he let the words just hang there, "You make the arrangements, and Lily?"

"Yes sir?" I asked wringing my fingers

"We will only need one room." His grin was wide as he turned and left. I stood there for a long time. Wondering what in the world had I gotten myself into.

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