tagGroup SexLessons Ch. 05

Lessons Ch. 05


During our trip to Paris my lover/landlady Rose made a special friend named Marla. Her husband Nigel and I allowed the ladies plenty of time to know each other intimately in their hotel room while he and I chatted at the hotel bar. Marla and Rose kept in contact with each other.

During Thanksgiving vacation that same year I visited Rose and Laura at the house. I had my old room and it felt good to be there again. I was hoping to spend the week making love to Rose and maybe eating Laura's pussy. We would be the only people in the house, the others had gone home for the holiday.

Shortly after getting settled I answered the the doorbell and was surprised to see Marla standing there. She burst in, gave me a huge kiss and ran up the stairs. Loud shrieks of joy were followed by deep silence. I did not see either woman for two days.

On the third day Laura and I were invited to join them for supper at a nearby restaurant. We were enjoying the food and the company when Marla handed me an envelope. It was from her husband Nigel, who was still in England.

The note read; " Another of Marla's fantasies is a threesome with a man and a woman. We never were able to find her a woman she wanted other than your Rose, hence the trip. I could not make the journey so you need to take my place. Yes, you have my permission to fuck my wife.

Sincerely, Nigel."

I had a hardon by the time I got to the end of the note. Marla found it immediately and caressed my dick under the table.

When Laura read the note she complained loudly and swore she would not stand idly by.

In unison Rose and Marla said "we were hoping you would feel that way."

I had been set up with my first foursome, a mini-orgy.

That night as I lay on Rose's bed three sets of lips made love to my dick. When it came time to fuck, Rose positioned herself on her back, her head on a pillow. Marla went onto her knees, her mouth diving for Rose's pussy, her ass invitingly in the air. Laura lowered her pussy onto Rose's face.

I entered Marla from behind.

The scene was so sexy that all of the women had a quick and powerful cum. Marla wanted to change places with Rose and as we did I was very surprised to see that it was Laura who presented her pussy to me. I hesitated but Laura did not. She reached between her legs, grabbed my dick and placed its head at her pussy lips.

I entered her slowly, very much concerned at what her reaction would be.

She seemed to be thinking of it as an experiment.

She did not appear to mind my dick in her pussy.

Before we got very far Marla and Rose had another cum and wanted to switch again.

This time I was placed on my back and Marla sank her pussy on my dick.

Laura and Rose shared Marla's tits as she started to seriously fuck me. One long drawn out cum later she collapsed to the side of me and Rose quickly took her place and rode me hard into hers and my own climax.

We all lay panting for breath for a few minutes, each of us kissing all the others. Soon Marla and Rose were in a sixty nine ravishing each others pussy. They apparently needed more than three days of marathon sex to be satisfied.

Laura covered my body with hers and kissed me deeply. I felt her pressing her pussy onto my half deflated dick. I felt her pussy lips part enough for partial penetration.

I heard Laura sigh as she continued her kisses.

My dick rose into her pussy.

She fucked me slowly.

She climaxed.

As she dismounted me I saw a look of love mixed with confusion cross her face.

She turned over me into a sixty nine.

I was so shocked by her actions that I did not do a good job of eating her pussy so she took her pussy away from my mouth and started to give me an earthshaking blowjob. I warned her I was cumming but she kept me in her mouth through all my explosions. She left me and insinuated herself between two mouths and two pussies and shared my cum.

I was drained and bewildered.

I went to my room.

The orgy upstairs lasted the entire night. It at least saturated the sex drive of each participant for a while because for the next two days all of them exchanged soft touches and sweet kisses but little sex. Our Thanksgiving dinner had the look and the feel of a Norman Rockwell painting, not a Playboy production.

Marla came into my room Friday, and swearing me to secrecy, proceeded to try to fuck me into oblivion.

I wondered why the secrecy then thought that she had permission to fuck me as part of a threesome but she felt perhaps not one on one.

Marla returned to England on Saturday and the house returned to normal.

Except for me. All I could think of was that I had fucked Laura and she had fucked me. She had taken my cum in her mouth.

Cocks had shot their cum into her pussy and into her mouth during the years of abuse at her home. She had admitted to me that when the abuse started she had been a passive participant. When the sex became cruel she had rebelled and what followed was pure and simple rape. I fully understood her revulsion to sex with a man.

Yet, she had presented her pussy to my dick, then used it to achieve a climax. She had sucked my dick and shared my cum with Rose and Marla.

I was very much afraid that she would regret what she did and the incident would adversely affect our relationship. It seemed that whenever we came across each other for the next two days we were both walking on eggshells.

Rose, Laura and I had a quiet lunch after returning from taking Marla to the airport and made tentative plans for the night. Suddenly the weather became fierce. Strong winds with rain turning to sleet canceled our plans to go bar hopping.

For once Rose, in a concession to either her age or the frenetic sexual pace of the week, went to bed early.

Laura and I lit the fireplace in the front sitting room and for the first time in several days we cuddled in each others arms.

We shared kisses and caresses while admiring the fire. I loved being with her. Apparently she loved being with me.

She suddenly reminded me that she could read minds as she answered one of my unspoken question.

"Lacey moved out last summer while you and Rose were in Paris. One night I was so horny for her that when she came in that I immediately dove for her pussy.

There was cum in it.

I burst into tears and ran up to Rose's room. When I went down the next morning Lacey was gone. She had packed most her stuff and left me a note. All it said was that she was sorry she hurt me, but she had found the man for her."

I kissed Laura and held her tightly. I asked her if she was OK now.

"I am fine," she said. "It did not take me long to realize that I had seen it coming. I was more disappointed than hurt. We had some good years together. It was just time for her to move on. She was not gay when I met her, probably never was."

We were silent as we stared at the fire, each wondering what the recent turn of events meant to us.

It was time to feed the fire. The storm had increased its ferocity and the temperature had plummeted. I worked the flames while adding logs and Laura went to get some blankets.

When she returned she had two large blankets.

She was nude.

She placed a blanket over the sofa cushions and crawled under the second, holding one end up for me to join her. I took my sweat pants off and joined her on the sofa, naked.

We had just snuggled against each other when a bright flash of light was followed by the loss of power. The only heat and light in the house was now coming from the fireplace. I got up and went to check on Rose. She was sound asleep but her room seemed to be a bit cold. I found a blanket and spread it over her cover. After giving her a kiss I went back downstairs to Laura.

After telling her that Rose was OK we talked about how great Marla's visit had gone. Laura seemed to think Rose would be traveling to England during the Christmas break. The college girls that now lived in the house had all indicated they would be going home for the holidays.

She asked what my plans were for Christmas and I told her I was going to visit my mother and sister. We talked about my sisters impending wedding and wondered what my future brother in law was like.

As our conversation progressed Laura and I would pause between sentences for kisses. Early in our conversation my hand was caressing a tit. By the time we were discussing my sisters wedding her hand had massaged my dick into a full erection and I had two fingers in her wet pussy. There were many more kisses than words.

Somehow I found myself on my back, my head on a throw pillow against the arm of the sofa. Laura was draped over me, her pussy searching for my dick. At penetration we both groaned in pleasure. We held each other tightly, we did not move. She kissed me. I felt her love pouring into me from her kiss.

Inside of me a dam broke. My skin tingled and I felt I was radiating the heat of a volcano. My mind had allowed a long repressed thought out of its cage. I may have sobbed.

She looked at me, a tear was running down her cheek. I kissed it away.

We tried to absorb each others body into our own. The entire Universe had shrunk and included just us and the fireplace.

My dick and her pussy had concluded that there was no hurry, they had all the time in the world. They were happy with how things were.

Laura spoke first. She said, "Rose thinks I have been in love with you for five years. She thinks you have been in love with me for five years. I know she is at least half right. I am very much in love with you. I have always been."

"She is 100 per cent right" I said. "I love you, always have even though it was just a few moments ago that I realized it."

Tears mingled with our kisses.

As the storm outside subsided the torrent of emotion within us did too. We fell asleep in the position we were in, my dick in her pussy, her lips at my neck, my arms holding on to her for dear life.

We were awakened by bright sunshine pouring into the room. Power had been restored and we could hear Rose in the kitchen upstairs.

During the night our bodies made some adjustments for comfort and Laura and I were spooning. My hard dick was searching for her pussy. Laura lifted a knee and as my dick was parting her pussy lips Rose came downstairs and told us breakfast was ready.

Laura and I reluctantly separated and after a quick trip to bathrooms we joined Rose, Laura wearing one of my t shirts, me wearing sweat pants.

Rose started chattering about the storm and the plans for the day then suddenly stopped and stared at us. Something in the way Laura and I carried ourselves in relation to each other told Rose everything there was to know. She burst into tears and started hugging and kissing us indiscriminately.

After several minutes Rose regained most of her composure and we managed to finish breakfast.

During our meal I learned that when Lacey left, Laura sought comfort and advice from Rose as soon as we returned from Paris.

Rose told Laura not to get too upset at Lacey since that was not who she was in love with anyway. When Laura heard Rose tell her it was me she loved she scoffed at the idea. When Rose told her that it was her that I loved she dismissed the notion. But when Rose asked her who was the most important person in her life she had to admit that it had never been Lacey, in fact over the years Lacey stood third in line behind Rose.

And me.

Rose asked me how many girlfriends I have had the lasted more than a three weeks over the last six years. Before I could think of an answer she did it for me.

She said "none, zero. Except for Laura."

The mini orgy was a set up. Marla and Rose had conspired in the position switches so that Laura would end up with my dick in her pussy. Laura had figured out the scam but allowed it to unfold. Draping herself over me and fucking herself to a climax on my dick however had not been part of the plan. It was something she wanted to do, had to do, she said.

It took Laura months and an orgy to accept the truth of Rose's statement. It took a storm and a fireplace for me to see the light. The love of our lives had always been there.

I asked Rose if she was going to England during the Christmas break.

She answered "Yes, I will be there for two weeks. I am Nigel's Christmas present. Laura will be keeping tabs on the house while I am gone."

"No she won't, she will be with me. It's time for her to meet her other mom. You are a bad example."

Rose shot me the finger and said "am not" as she gave Laura a nearly motherly kiss while squeezing a breast.

I asked Rose, "Do you think you can get Lacey to check on the house while we are all traveling?"

"Sure, we are on her way to and from work. I will call her right now."

"Good. I'll go use the phone downstairs. I need to call the airline and my mom."

Through all of this Laura sported a very wide grin but said not a word. She may have been afraid that her emotions would overcome her.

Of course Rose told Lacey about the change in the relationship between Laura and me and was very delighted. She readily agreed to look after the house while we were gone.

The airline was unexpectedly amenable to the change in plans.

My mother again showed me that women have strange powers.

When I said there was a change in plans over Christmas her first guess was that I would not be coming. After I assured her that I would indeed be home for Christmas her second guess was that Laura would be coming with me.

Laura and Mom had spoken on the phone many times over the years, mostly while waiting for me to get on the line, (at least at first). After a while I had to wait my turn to talk to my mother after she and Laura had finished chatting. Mom liked Laura. She was very happy to learn that yes, that was the change in plans.

Mom demanded I put Laura on the phone. I went upstairs and told Laura my mother was on the phone for her. With a look of sudden apprehension she went down the stairs to the phone and I remained with Rose mapping out the rest of the calendar year.

I had to go back to work the next day and had about five hours before I had to get on the road. After Rose and I came up with a calendar of events I told Rose that our trip to the Mexican Riviera was still on. She of course protested saying I needed to take Laura on that trip.

In my most innocently bewildered tone I asked her, "Why would I take Laura on a trip as your birthday present?"

I did not give her a chance to answer as I bounded down the stairs. Laura was still on the phone, her big grin had returned. I took the phone from her hand, said "I love you Mom, Bye" and hung up the phone.

I picked Laura up into my arms and carried her to my bed. I rendered her naked by taking off her t shirt and after shedding my sweatpants I joined her in bed.

My dick had been in her pussy three times but I had yet to truly fuck her. I was going to correct that oversight at least twice before I had to go. I confirmed that she was just as anxious as me when my fingers found a very wet pussy. I immediately replaced them with my cock and proceeded to just fuck her.

It was what I wanted, it was what she wanted, a fuck.

We started in the "missionary" position but as soon as she had her first cum she maneuvered us until she was on top. She ground her pussy into my groin while my hands mauled her breasts. Her second cum came suddenly and with great intensity.

I gave her a minute to catch her breath then I changed us into "doggy style." I rammed my dick hard into her pussy while one hand played with a breast and the other pressed on her clit. My climax was of biblical proportions. The force and quantity of my cum was monumental.

Her climax overtook mine until we were both a quivering, gasping pool of flesh. We slept until it was time for me to go. Only one fuck but I was satisfied that it made up in quality what it lacked in quantity. That plus we knew it was not going to be the last one.

We would not know until six weeks later but that was when Laura became pregnant with our first child.

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